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Dakota Encampment


"A traveler in Indian country during the summer season cannot fail to be struck with the taste of the Indians as regards the location of their villages. Even if it be a mere encampment on a hunting excursion, the point of resting is sure to be where all that is attractive in nature meets the eye.

The picture represents the camp about to be broken up. The woman on the left is uncovering her lodge, thus intimating to the party that the starting-time is approaching. No one seems inclined to follow her example. The men lie about, taking their leisure, some talking politics, some observing the progress of the game of plum-stones. A woman is bearing a heavy burden towards her small lodge, made of bark. To the right, an Indian mounted, is ready to pioneer the party." - Mary Eastman, wife

Video: Dakota elder

Rev. Gary Cavender, Dakota Elder

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