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If you're a baby boomer, you are a member of the best-educated, healthiest, most privileged generation in American history. And you're also getting older. But you have zero intention of experiencing what used to be called "the Golden Years" the same way your parents did.

No way!

No, the generation that came of age in the tumultuous 1960s is in the process of reinventing life after age 50.

And Life (Part 2) is here to help.

Host Robert Lipsyte, an Emmy winner and former New York Times columnist, uses his tough-minded journalistic instincts, ever-ready wit, and very strong opinions to ensure that baby boomers overcome their denial and face facts: the time to do something about age-related issues is right now.

Through a combination of roundtable discussions, on-location field pieces, one-on-one interviews, and provocative video essays, Life (Part 2) provides real insights and advice about "encore" careers, Boomer marriages, caregiving, finances, dating in mid-life, plastic surgery, fighting ageism-and more. Guests include Martha Stewart, Mike Huckabee, Billie Jean King, Phil Donahue, David Hyde Pierce, and Joy Behar, and some of the savviest experts who have thought long and hard about how Boomers are redefining middle age and beyond.

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