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There really is an act 3

I wrote the other day about caregiving, apparently I was the only one commenting. My proffesion has been educating, dealing with, and babysitting developmentally disabled teens 14-21, since 1980. The birth of my daughter Molly made it a 24 hour job. Job may sound a little to distant, and calling makes it a mission from god. She was my daughter and my career was my career.
I was an advocate for my daughter. I ended up being incredibly connected with people who provide services. I was the chairperson of a state funded agency, and had a budget that that gave grants to agencies. So who I am I writing. Caregivers need time to shop. Time to mow the lawn, take another kid to the movies. It just would have been nice to have the illusion of a regular life. All caregivers understand this. What has become of my life.
For me I have a 25 year old daughter in med school, a daughter who passed away at the age of six. and a daughter entering second grade. 3 acts


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