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I didn’t even know what

I didn’t even know what Alzheimers was until this national support group for those suffering from Alzheimers and their families set up their office in the building where I work. Since then, I have heard many stories. The President and Founder of the support group is one whose father had Alzheimers. He knew first hand how difficult it was coping with someone who has Alzheimers that he started the support group for others in the same boat. Initially he received a lot of assistance from doctors and nurses where his father was treated but now the group has grown so large that they are able to be self sufficient and have their own counselors and care givers.

I can not imagine how it must feel to have Alzheimers, it seems scary to slowly lose your memory and not even realize it is happening. I truly admire the caregivers of those who suffer from Alzheimers. What a heart-wrenching thing to go through; seeing your loved one slowly easing away into oblivion. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I wonder where the memory of those having this disease disappears to; and with medical science being so advanced - will a cure be soon found?

John Cole,


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