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A grand mother and A Mom to 40 years adult son

Dear Dr, Coleman

I have been a loving and wonderful mother for all my son 's life. I sacrificed my whole life and was totally devoted to my son who was loved and admired by everyone. After my husband passed away 5 and half years ago he made 300o turn and estranged himself. I have never been able to have a straight conversation or an intelligent response to why. He has avoided being alone with me so I won't bring any personal question. I don't wish anyone tyo go thru the pains, hurt and crying everyday.
My motif to write is the cause of estrangement you mentioned, The children want to bring up their children and give them different education. I don't agree, in my case. my son is trying to bting up his son like h e received.
I am puzzled, I have no answer to my son actions. It is difficult to do anything that I didn't try as I leave 3500 miles away
It is a tragic and sad situation.
Thank you.


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