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Robert:            One of the things that I found so interesting about one of the things you wrote was that walking slowly is a greater indicator of mortality than a diagnosis of a malignant cancer.  So, I guess frailty is the fear.  That's what we want to delay and push by.

Dr. Fried:        Most people, most patients, I talk to are afraid of becoming frail, losing independence, and losing their memory.  How we age is of a particular need to focus on.  And people's goal is to age healthy, for as long as possible, and to avoid frailty and loss of independence, ad hopefully to prevent loss of memory. 

Robert:            And these that you've talked about, the running and lifting weights, these are all ways of delaying frailty. 

 Dr. Fried:       I think that there is now some scientific evidence to show that staying strong, staying active, doing things to stress your system a little bit- even things like dancing and Tai Chi- help preserve your body's resilience.  Which is, I think, the opposite of being frail.