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Robert:            Kate, after your husband died, you became what he might have become, a minister.  Was this part of the healing process for you?

Kate:               I think that... I think it probably was.  I think I certainly set out that thinking this would be a way to keep Drew near me and to keep the people who knew Drew near me, that I was very sure immediately that I was going to be a law enforcement chaplain, and I thought I was gonna work for the state police because that was his outfit.  And as I went along, I think what happened is you discover your own calling, and that's normal.  You have to have some kind of plan, and that doesn't mean that that's where you're going to end up.  It just means you have to have a way to start.  But I think that there were 2 things that came out of being married to him and then losing him that had directly to do with how I became a minister, and one was loving a police officer and knowing a police officer and being part of that community and that world and knowing the language and all of that.  And then as I got more and more into sort of studying it, being able to look back and see the ways in which Drew was being affected by his job which has some similarities to military stuff, and he would, you know, how to help the families of the officers I work with understand what's going on, you know, how they may come home different, and they won't be able to tell you why, and they won't necessarily be able to even understand it themselves,  but it will be different, and I think, you know, as I said, I think-it's always hard for me because, of course, as a religious person you have is this what God intended, and I would actually have friends say, you know, if I said I don't think I would have been a minister if Drew would have lived, they then will say it must have been God's plan.

Robert:            How do you feel about that?

Kate:   I take violent exception to a God that would kill off my husband and father of 4 children and create just a Unitarian minister.  Unitarians aren't that high on God's list.  But I think, what I prefer to think of it as is no matter what was gonna happen, what Drew and I did together as he was preparing to go into the ministry, of course, he's my husband so we're having all these conversations that you don't normally have about God and love and danger and fear and power and responsibility and why do the innocent suffer and all of these things because he was going to seminary, and those are the conversations you have.  So he actually did prepare me and prepare the way for me, and I again, I like to think that I didn't waste that.