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You know the old saw: with age comes wisdom. (Hey, there might be something to that- even a three-year-old could offer some tips to a newborn.)

From the archives of season one, get a perspective from someone who's been there, done that and is still doing it.

Larry Gelbart

One of the creators of M*A*S*H talks about aging in a youth-obsessed culture.

Melvin Van Peebles

Van Peebles talks about the ironies of aging for an African-American male.

Marilyn French

Author Marilyn French "considers the alternative" to aging.

Marshall Brickman

The comedy writer with marriage math and the next best thing to pneumonia.

Gay Talese

The author talks about dressing up for life.

Larry Gelbart

The Tootsie screenwriter on the isolation and joys of old age.

Dick Cavett

Birthday musings on ignorant youth and Groucho Marx.

Dick Cavett

This time-challenged comedian doesn't feel 70.

Susan Cheever

Our brand new luxury: old age.