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Gay Talese: Writers who are looking for evidence of their aging process have to look only to the covers of their own books. When I was 27 there's a wonderful photograph of me as a young man writing a book called New York: A Serendipiter's Journey. I certainly don't exactly look that way now and sometimes it's like I'm looking at a young stranger. When I was 10 years older I was writing Honor Thy Father hanging around with gangsters and I had a kind of gangster look about me then. In the most recent book published when I was 74 called A Writer's Life I'm looking like I'm going to be the next foreign minister into the state of Bulgaria. One thing that I do want to say though to people who are my age and older they should dress up a bit. They go to a funeral they probably would dress up or to a wedding of their grandchildren they probably would dress up, but I think they should dress up for not going to a funeral, dress up for life, because it's celebratory. When you're able to be as old as I am, move around the city and drive a car and go to a doctors office. Well dress up for the doctor, dress up for your dream that's what I think - you'll live longer.