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Carl Reiner says, "Laughter is not only good for longevity, it's good for everything."  He should know: he's a writer, an actor and the director of many comedy classics  including Oh, God! and The Jerk, - He's funny, and he's in his mid-eighties. He's worked with Sid Caesar on Your Show of Shows, he created the Dick Van Dyke Show. And, of course, there are The 2000 Year Old Man albums, which he created with his old pal and Your Show of Shows colleague Mel Brooks.  And that's just for starters.
Host Alan Rosenberg talks to Reiner about his life today. Reiner makes this observation about being old. "Mentally, you can do more," he says.  "You have more thoughts, you have more experience."  He adds, "You also have more disappointment, more anger, more everything." Reiner also believes that getting older can help an actor, making one better at one's craft.

The recipient of nine Emmy awards, Reiner thinks there's no such thing as "retirement."  His philosophy is to keep working and keep connected until you die.  "Life retires you," he says. He himself is currently co-starring in the film Oceans 13, reprising his role from Oceans 11 and Oceans 12.  

The hard part, Reiner says, comes when you start losing your friends. "No one wants to live past their era," he says.  "It gets lonely - no one knows you, you don't know anyone."

    Reiner's wife Estelle is in her nineties, and she's no slouch either.  She has recorded five jazz albums and still performs in nightclubs. They've been married for almost sixty years, and Reiner quotes the missus on the secret to a long marriage. "Marry somebody who can stand you."