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Eighty-two year-old Elaine Stritch says that success came with a "pow" after age 60. She won a Tony Award when she was 77, and just this year, she was nominated for an Emmy.

Of late, Stritch has been seen on One Life To Live and Law & Order, as well as several films, like Monster-In-Law, Autumn in New York and Woody Allen's September. Over the past couple of years, she's performed her cabaret act to packed houses in New York. The list goes on.  When Life (Part 2) catches up with Stritch, she declares about all this, "I still can't believe it."

It's a glorious second act for a woman who'd already had a stellar career by the time she was 30. Stritch's Broadway debut was Angel in the Wings in 1947, and she managed to understudy Ethel Merman in Call Me Madam while appearing in the 1952 revival of Pal Joey at the same time.  Later, she starred in the original Broadway and West End productions of Company. Throw in more movies, more Broadway, British television appearances, two more Tony nominations, bouts with alcoholism and coping with diabetes, and you've got a brassy performer who ain't shy about any of it.

Stritch thinks that everyone is too preoccupied with aging. "I think the problem is that everyone is thinking too much about it, and talking too much about it, and wishing it away," she says.