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Getting old is a million laughs, right? Well, it can be, and the experts agree that a sense of humor will definitely help you through all the creaks and crankiness, small successes and big losses that are part of aging. And that's why Life (Part 2) offers up smart and funny insights on the ironies of getting older.

Dick Cavett
Season 1 Episode

Birthday musings on ignorant youth and Groucho Marx.

Larry Gelbart
Season 1 Episode

The Tootsie screenwriter on the isolation and joys of old age.

Marshall Brickman
Season 1 Episode

The comedy writer with marriage math and the next best thing to pneumonia.

A Conversation with Bob Newhart
Season 1 Episode

America's favorite "everyman" on friends, family, and the lessons of growing older.


Just a few days from our first broadcast now and I'm particularly flattered that Channel 21 in New York thought Life (Part2) was so strong that it scheduled us on Wednesdays at 11:30...