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Your brain is getting older. So are you wiser? Smarter? A bit slower? Or all of the above? What's the difference between normal age-related forgetting and memory loss as a precursor to Alzheimer's disease? And what are the secrets to keeping your brain up and running well?

Among other Life (Part 2) insights: it turns out that physical exercise actually affects the health of this most vital organ.

The New Face of Alzheimer’s
Season 2 Episode

She's 64 and in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease and eager to talk about it.

The Aging Brain
Season 1 Episode

Memory, Alzheimer's, and the need to teach that old dog new tricks.

Adapting to Change
Season 1 Episode

It's got to be faced one way or the other. Change.

Web Exclusive

What happens to the plugged-in brain?