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Maybe you are married and you look with envy on the freedom enjoyed by your single friends. Or maybe you are newly single, and wondering where you start if you wish to throw your hat back into the relationship ring. Life (Part 2) considers what's good, bad, delicious, and difficult about dating in later life-and why relationships help us live longer.

Boomer Dating
Season 2 Episode

"Dating Again" sounds great - until you've got to actually get dressed and go out!

Watch Boomer Marriage
Season 2 Episode

What makes Boomer marriages go bust?

Is There Sex After 50?
Season 1 Episode

There had better be...


After inventing the lightning rod, bifocals and the Franklin stove - this was why he was too busy to be on Life (Part 2) - Benjamin Franklin invented what would come to be known three...

newseum event

Gail Sheehy and Jane Adams are two of my favorite guests on the show and I got to hang out with both of them last Sunday, one in person and the other between the covers of a smart, sexy new novel...


Just a few days from our first broadcast now and I'm particularly flattered that Channel 21 in New York thought Life (Part2) was so strong that it scheduled us on Wednesdays at 11:30...