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Each week, Life (Part 2) offers ideas, insights, conversation-and of course, humor-on aging vitally and vibrantly.  Each week's episode will explore issues facing the 26% of the American population who are 55 and older. Hosted by actor (and backgammon champ) Alan Rosenberg, guests and contributors bring smarts, humor and experience to the art and science of aging. 


Denial has gotten such a bad rap. But, can it be useful?

The Sandwich Generation

A tale of people caring for both children and aging parents.

Adapting to Change

It's got to be faced one way or the other. Change.

The Aging Brain

Memory, Alzheimer's, and the need to teach that old dog new tricks.

Aging and Fear

Life (Part 2) isn't afraid to talk about fear.

Is There Sex After 50?

There had better be...

Aging and the Sexes

Women and men: we all get older, but in very different ways.

Language of Aging

Our team explores the words and ideas that define (and confine?) a generation.


The future is wide open.

A Conversation with Bob Newhart

America's favorite "everyman" on friends, family, and the lessons of growing older.

Don't Look Back

Frank McCourt, Nikki Giovanni, and others in a raucous round table.

Pioneer in Aging: Dr. Robert Butler

An in-depth interview with "the George Washington of geriatric care."

The Best of Life (Part 2)

Ten of the finest moments from our first season.