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Abigail Trafford, Washington Post columnist and author of My Time
Jesse Kornbluth, curator of
Jane Juska, author of A Round-Heeled Woman and Unaccompanied Women
Professor Bean Robinson, University of Minnesota's Program in Human Sexuality

Abigail Trafford: But I think sex is a language.  It's a language of intimacy, so that never stops.  Each of us has a sexual identity.  It's part of our energy, it's part of well you know the glow in our eyes about life and we have to claim that and just because we get a little older doesn't mean we're going to lose that and in fact I find it gets more so, because we've got more confidence and I think a lot of a sexual identity is about a confidence, who you are, who you love and a sense of willingness, a courage to say you know life is short let's love.

Jesse Kornbluth: Some foolish 18 year old is saying "I can do this all night."  Well you know, if you do it right, once is really quite sufficient.

Alan: You know I find as I get older I have more desire. It surprises me sometimes, I expected things to slow down and they really haven't.

Jesse Kornbluth: We certainly have more emotional capacity.  You have a better appreciation of the person you're with. I mean you are not dealing suddenly with some cute piece of flesh you're dealing with someone you really know and really care for.

Jane Juska: I think sex between older people is quite, it's a hell of a lot better than it was when I was 16.