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Jesse Kornbluth,
Ronni Bennett,
Eric Kornfeld, comedy writer
Professor Michael Smyer, Boston College Center on Aging and Work

Alan: Are these all rational fears and how do we avoid letting these fears paralyze us?

Eric Kornfeld: Drugs and alcohol. It worked for me.

Jesse Kornbluth
: Well the point is the things you prepare for are not the things that happen. So you know beyond very few things you know you really need to just give it up and try and live in the moment. I mean the overhang of death and the overhang of you know being disabled there, there, but there's no point in bringing them on in advance I mean you can't predict and you may avoid them so why put yourself through them.

Michael Smyer: You know I think you're right Jesse, you can't predict them. I mean my sister had a brain aneurism at age 55, nowhere on her life plan, nowhere on her worry list was her brain aneurism. And she became overnight a disabled individual and that was a really tough transition for her and for her family. I think what she did to prepare for it though was she had really good connections in her community, really good friends, really good connections with her family and all of that helped her get through that very tough time.

Jesse Kornbluth: Right, she wasn't preparing for disaster, she was living her life.

Michael Smyer: Right, exactly, exactly.