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Robert Lipsyte, journalist and author of In the Country of Illness

Anne-Marie Johnson, actress
Abigail Trafford, Washington Post columnist and author of My Time
Helen Kivnick, clinical psychologist, University of Minnesota

Robert Lipsyte
: Lets talk about generation, I'm not a Boomer, I'm a codger and Abigail my much younger sister...

Abigail Trafford
: I'm a codgerette.

Robert Lipsyte: Is a codgerette and her theory is that we made the Boomers possible.

Abigail Trafford: Absolutely.

Robert Lipsyte: I won't go that far, but I think that Boomer is a generation that's never been tested...

Ann-Marie Johnson
: No.

Robert Lipsyte
: any kind of real way and I think that this kind of exercise, the competition, some of the things they do is in a way to test themselves. Helen is shaking her head. Tell us, you have a right to be wrong Helen. [laughter]

Ann-Marie Johnson
: No.
As the codger says.    

Helen Kivnick: As the codger says. Well, Boomers have not been tested in the same way that codgers have been tested and Boomers have also been raised to believe that the world need have no limits and anything is possible if you work hard enough, are smart enough, try enough and are motivated enough.

Robert Lipsyte: That's denial.

Helen Kivnick: That's how Boomer's were raised to live...

Ann-Marie Johnson: but this is the message...

Helen Kivnick
: ...there are many outcomes of that, which have been very positive and there are ways that, that can be a very effective message for one time in a lifecycle. The notion that there are no limits, absolutely doesn't work as you get older by definition. Death is a limit.