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Can baby boomers approach aging with the same spirit we used to redefine youth in the 60s and 70s? We think so, and Life (Part 2) helps point the way. In each episode, host Robert Lipsyte-author and former New York Times columnist-challenges, prods, and even jokes with experts on the art of aging, and he sits down with a wide range of "boomer" guests who tell us how to grow older with style.

Watch Boomer Marriage

What makes Boomer marriages go bust?

Generation Gaps

Do you sound like your parents when you talk about your own kids? 


Can taking care of someone you love make you sick?

Dancing with Doctors

Are doctors difficult-or is it you? Getting what you want-and need-from doctors...

Money is Love

What’s harder than talking about sex with your family? …Talking about money.

Fighting Ageism

You feel great - then why are others at work trying to make you feel your age?

Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery: Why everyone is doing it... and what you should know... 

Boomer Dating

"Dating Again" sounds great - until you've got to actually get dressed and go out!

Spirituality and Aging

Are you more spiritual than your parents? ...What is spirituality anyway?

The Science of Happiness

Are you happy - or just resigned?  What is happiness?

The New Face of Alzheimer’s

She's 64 and in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease and eager to talk about it.

Brain Exercise

As your brain gets older, can you make it sharper?

Martha Stewart

Is your body falling apart?  What actually happens as you age?

Boomer Belly Panel

Why does the bathroom scale go up with your age?

Encore Careers Panel

Not your parent's retirement:  Boomers reinvent Life (Part 2)

purpose prize winner

Haven't you waited long enough to do something important in your life? 

stay or go panel

You like where you live - but will you stay on to the end?


Getting older in Multi-Cultural America. 


Can boomers make it cool to be a grandparent?  ...Of course! Watch full episode

survive and thrive

When the going gets truly tough:  Advice from survivors...