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What are you planning for your second act? Robert Lipstye hopes it's not golf and more golf-what he calls "disappearing down the golf hole."

In fact, baby boomers are not taking retirement sitting down, according to this Life (Part 2) panel that includes author Richard Leider (Something to Live For: Finding Your Way in the Second Half of Life); J. Walker Smith (Generation Ageless: How Baby Boomers Are Changing the Way We Live Today... And They're Just Getting Started); and public radio's "personal finance guru" Chris Farrell. Boomers have always yearned for meaningful work-and that yearning doesn't disappear with age, it deepens, these experts say. And Boomers' vision for "retirement years" as a brave new era-a time for growth, new meaning, and new possibilities-is not just idle dreams. This panel has plenty of tips on how to reinvent and re-invest your talents-and examples of people who have. Boomers are re-educating themselves; learning new technologies; and legitimizing and energizing volunteerism, these experts say. And these efforts and good-will gestures frequently lead to new, good (and sometimes even paying!) jobs.

Next Lipsyte sits down with Marc Freedman, founder of the nonprofit Civic Ventures and The Purpose Prize-an award given annually to social entrepreneurs, age 60+, who take on society's biggest challenges.

Freedman speaks passionately-and offers advice-about finding work that both matters to you and helps others along the way.

Finally, veteran TV journalist Carol Jenkins describes the rewards of her own encore career. Jenkins, an Emmy winner, spent close to three decades as a news anchor in New York City. After life in front of the camera, she decided not to waste time watching her accomplishments recede in the rearview mirror. Instead, as she explains, she decided to "finish strong".


No Women?!

Shocking oversight/lapse on the expert & participant front.

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