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"Our Towns"

Keeping towns working takes more than collecting taxes and delivering newspapers -- it takes community members realizing that what they do from 9 to 5 impacts the community, not just the bottom line. When businesses and local citizens work together for the future of their community, everyone wins. In Our Towns, part four of the PBS series Livelyhood, we meet citizens who are banding together to weather economic turbulence and celebrate what it means to be a community. Hosted by humorist Will Durst, Our Towns premieres nationally on January 26th, 1999 (check your local listings).
Two children raise their hands high, sure of the right answer, in a Seattle public school classroom.

In this hour-long PBS special, "Our Towns" host Will Durst travels the country's metropolises and small towns to meet hardworking Americans dedicated to building healthier communities.

We follow a city librarian with a passion for bringing knowledge and new technology to her patrons; a pizzeria owner who has stayed committed to his neighborhood and loyal customers throughout five decades of industry booms and busts; and a few unlikely professionals who improved the quality of life for working families amidst exponential growth in their city. The people we will encounter share their hard-learned lessons for communities' growth and survival -- and offer some smart solutions for the towns and cities where we live and work.

Welcome to Our Towns. For a closer look, go on the road with the Livelyhood crew to:
Seattle, Washington, where one man helped saved the ailing public school system.

Alliance, Nebraska, where two women commited to maintaining their small-town quality of life found a creative business solution to living, and working, in rural America.

San Jose, California, where workers, civic leaders, labor unions and others embarked on a public dialogue that led to the establishment of a "living wage."

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