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  Employee Lounge

Welcome to the employee lounge! While you're here you can find out some stuff that might make your day go a little easier. Click around the lounge and when you're done, get back to work!

The Message Board is a place to share your thoughts, ask for advice, or simply inquire about the nature of the universe.

The Worker's Hotline is a guaranteed stress reliever. Got a work-related problem or story to tell? Get it out of your system, and tell it to Dr. Livelyhood here.

The Almanac provides a page from Will Durst's diary. Be sure to visit for a glimpse into the mind of the man in front of the camera, behind the show, on the road, out of his mind, and, well . . . you get the point. This month's special feature: Hot Dogs-on-a-Stick.

Durst's Nap Hole: Doze off with Host Will Durst in his secret workplace "nap hole". Stop by Durst's Breakroom for the inside scoop on the mystical qualities of a certain bean and other keys to workplace survival.

Are you addicted to work? Jane Louise Boursaw takes a look at the increasingly blurry line between weekdays and weekends. If you don't know the difference, you should read this article.

And, finally, Links is Livelyhood's running list of sites galore -- sites to kill time, sites for when you get sick of computer solitaire, sites for when you're climbing the walls of your cubicle. Got a favorite site you think we should add? Be sure to pick up the Worker's Hotline and let us know.


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