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Children lean forward, eager to learn.

Part of John Stanford's success was his incredibly positive attitude and diligent work ethic. Stanford believed that his success could spread to other school systems, and there are certain steps that he saw as crucial to educational success.

Here are his "13 Steps to Success," as outlined by John Stanford, who said, "What we've done will work for you."

Printed courtesy of Seattle Public Schools

  1. Align curriculum
  2. Focus professional development
  3. Technology to move faster
  4. Strengthen early childhood education
  5. Assure funding
  6. Improve performance of minority children
  7. Keep goals clear and stick to them
  8. Assess & assess & assess
  9. Focus on reading and literacy
  10. Develop more creative ways to involve parents and teachers.
  11. Get students involved
  12. Focus on your customers (parents)
  13. Love your product! -- Love 'em and lead 'em!!

Click here for excerpts from Livelyhood's October, 1998 interview with John Stanford.

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