Livelyhood is a public television series about work life and it's relationship to our families, communities and the larger questions the country faces as the economy shifts at light speed.

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About Our Towns

Featured Stories from Our Towns
Saving Seattle's Public Schools
The Living Wage in San Jose
Public Libraries in New Orleans
At Home with the Cheeseheads in Green Bay

More Stories from Our Towns
Bush Pilot for a Day (Nome, Alaska)
Not Another Ghost Town (Alliance, Nebraska)
Al Vento's Dairy and Pizza (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Shrimp and Petroleum Festival (Morgan City, Louisiana)
Volunteer: Be a Firefighter! (Westminster, Maryland)

Lunchbreak With Durst
Hanging with Da Mayor in San Francisco

Trends Affecting Our Towns
Work Changing Our Towns
Our Changing American Cities
The New Face Of Rural America
Civic Life And Volunteerism In America
Corporate Volunteering & Corporate/Civic Partners

Resources for Our Towns
Organizations strengthening small towns and rural America
A look at some bold and new community initiatives
Learn more about getting involved in civic life and volunteering