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The Alliance for Education:
Business Involvement in Seattle Public Schools

What is the Alliance for Education?

John Warner shares his point of view.

"The quality of life, the economics of a community depend on the school system more than any. And the community leaders are going to be people who come out of those public schools, right? By rolling up my sleeves, by encouraging others to volunteer, by contributing money I can make a difference. "
--John Warner, President, Boeing

Mission: The Alliance for Education works in partnership with the Seattle Public Schools to ensure that the District has the essential resources and leadership to prepare Seattle students for success in post-secondary education and the world of work.

Program: Some of the efforts undertaken by the Alliance for Education to enhance the Seattle Public Schools include:

  • development of partnerships among schools and business, government and non-profit organizations to enhance student learning;

  • support of pilot school-based efforts to integrate technology into the curriculum;

  • mobilization of volunteers & resources to support Seattle's reading campaign;

  • provision of technical assistance to support the District's restructuring and movement towards school-based management;

  • sponsorship of a job-readiness program to link at-risk students to the world of work through specialized training, internships and scholarships;

  • and enhancement of individual school capacity to raise private funds and effectively focus external resources.

    Leadership: The Alliance for Education is led by a 52-member Board of Directors chaired by John D. Warner, President, Information & Support Services, The Boeing Company. The Board's membership includes the chief executives of major Seattle area businesses, the Mayor, the Superintendent of Schools, the School Board President, and other community leaders.

    For more information visit the Alliance for Education or write: 500 Union Street, Suite 320, Seattle, Washington 98101-2332.

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