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Checklist for Library Advocacy

  1. Consult with the library staff to define problem areas for your local library regarding current and pending legislation and local legislative support.

  2. Develop a clear, specific strategy with limited, easily understood objectives regarding those areas or persons you wish to influence. One or two action items a year is realistic.

  3. Find ways to communicate your story. Form a communications task force; don't hesitate to ask for pro bono help. Illuminate the issue. Produce a one-page fact sheet as a hand-out.

  4. Consider everyone in your community as a potential ally. "All politics is local."

  5. Ask politicians to be of assistance. Work with their staff. Work with potential candidates for office.

  6. Use any method you can: hand-delivered notes, phone calls, letters to local media, telegrams. Use the resources of the Friends to find local connections to decision makers.

  7. Keep in touch and involved with the opposition. Keep issue oriented; don't personalize the conflict. The next issue may be one you agree about.

  8. Plan immediately for the next issue, taking advantage of what was learned.

  9. Establish permanent contacts with political staff. The personal touch is very important.

Source: Friends Of Libraries USA.

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