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How to Organize a "Friends of the Library" Group

  1. Determine purpose of group and need for group. This should be done with the librarian and a small core of concerned citizens.

  2. Select steering committee to reflect your community, and the needs of the group. It is important to have access to an attorney, PR and advertising talent, and high profile leaders.

  3. Work on Federal and State tax-exempt status with lawyer's help, so that when you collect dues they will be deductible. At the same time work on a constitution and by-laws.

  4. Define your dues structure and membership categories.

  5. Decide on membership brochure, art work, and how you reproduce.

  6. Begin publicity campaign in community. Be sure to involve elected officials, trustees, other interested parties.

  7. Decide on tentative schedule for first year, in order to involve new members on committees as soon as they join.

  8. If fund raising is important, have campaign in place and goals set. People like to know where their money is going.

  9. Set opening meeting. Plan program carefully. Have brief agenda for first annual meeting.

  10. Develop long-range plan for Friends.

  11. Re-evaluate.

Source: Friends Of Libraries USA.

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