Manor House Lucy
"I've never had to cook for myself or do my own washing. My mum does everything so this is quite a challenge for me." Lucy, scullery maid

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The People: Lucy Garside

Edwardian Role: Scullery Maid
Age: 18
Home: Hertfordshire
Occupation: Waitress

Life before Manor House
Lucy lives at home with her parents and older sister in Harpenden. She left school after GCSE's and has since done a bit of waitressing at TGI Fridays, and was a breakfast waitress in a local hotel. She likes clubbing, drinking and late nights. She speaks French and is interested in acting, music and drawing.

On entering the hosue, she said "I've never had to cook for myself or do my own washing. My mum does everything - so this is going to be quite a challenge for me."

Life in Manor House
The rules make it quite clear - a scullery maid should know her place. "As scullery maid you are the lowest ranking servant of all the female Staff. Positioned directly below the kitchen maid in order of seniority, you answer directly to her and the chef de cuisine who is head of the Kitchen Department."

It has been estimated that in Manor House, the scullery maid had to clean, scour and scrub over four hundred knives, forks, pots and pans every day. And all this was without washing-up liquid. All she had to work with was soda crystals - really hard on the hands.

The scullery maid had the smallest bedroom, ate with the hall boy on a separate table from the other servants, and would only ever be allowed upstairs for morning prayers


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