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"The servants are my friends but the masters, they are my enemy!" Monsieur Dubiard, chef de cuisine
M Dubiard
M Dubiard

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Denis: Thoughts on Entering the House

All the food for the family has to be carried upstairs from the basement
All the food for the family has to be carried upstairs from the basement

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The Chef de Cuisine: Daily Duties

Morning Duties

  • You must rise at seven o'clock when the Second Footman wakes you with a cup of tea, and hot water with which to wash.

  • You must wash, dress, shave, and adorn a fresh apron.

  • You must be downstairs in the Kitchen by half- past seven to prepare the Family's Breakfast. You should tell the Kitchen Maid what you would like her to prepare for the Servants' Breakfast.

  • Breakfast is served in the Servants' Hall at a quarter-past eight.

  • At a quarter-past nine you must attend Morning prayers in the Main Hall.

  • At just before half- past nine the Family's Breakfast should be ready and waiting for the Footmen to carry up to the Dining room.

  • After Breakfast has gone up to the Dining Room for the Footmen to serve, you should collect any ingredients you require from the stores for the rest of the day from the Housekeeper.

  • At ten o'clock the Mistress of the house will meet with you to discuss the menus for Luncheon and Dinner. The Housekeeper will also be in attendance, as will the Mistress's sister, Miss Anson, whose duty it is to write out the menus in French. The Mistress may also wish to know what you plan to serve in the Servants' Hall.

  • Menus for the Servants' meals should be displayed in the Kitchen.

  • After the meeting you must order any fresh ingredients you may need via the Housekeeper or by phone direct from the supplier. Details of all local suppliers are provided in the Household Address Book which should be kept in the Telephone Kiosk

  • Once you have informed the Kitchen Maid and Scullery Maid of their duties, you should commence preparations for the Family's Luncheon.

  • At eleven o'clock Tea is served in the Servants' Hall.

  • By half-past eleven you should be back in the Kitchen to continue preparation for Luncheon.

  • At Midday Dinner is served in the Servants' Hall. You will take the meat course along with all the other Servants in the Servants' Hall before retiring to Pug's Parlour for pudding, coffee and tea with the Upper Servants.

  • By just before one o'clock Luncheon should be ready to be carried up to the Dining Room.

  • Luncheon will be served by the Butler and Footmen on the hour.

Afternoon Duties

  • Between one and two o'clock you will begin preparations for the evening Dinner.

  • You should take charge of any left-overs which are brought back from the Dining Room.

  • Providing your work is done, you may have between half-past two and four o'clock for your leisure. It may be prudent to use this time to work on future menus. The Housekeeper is wholly responsible for the preparation of the Family's Tea.

  • Tea is served in the Servants' Hall at four o'clock.

  • At half-past four you should resume your duties in the Kitchen, making preparations for the Dinner and giving orders to the Kitchen maid for any preparations you would like her to make.

  • By just before eight o'clock you should have finished preparations for the Dinner, and it should be ready for the Footmen and Butler to serve in the Dining Room on the hour.

  • As with Luncheon, you should take charge of any left-overs brought back to the Kitchen.

  • Once Dinner is served, you may spend the rest of the evening at your leisure.

  • Supper is served in the Servants' Hall at half-past nine.

  • Last thing at night you should place your boots outside your Bedroom door for the Second Footman to collect and clean and return to you first thing in the morning.


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