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"The servants are my friends but the masters, they are my enemy!" Monsieur Dubiard, chef de cuisine
M Dubiard
M Dubiard

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The Chef de Cuisine: Daily Duties

Monsieur Dubiard prepares his own meat in the meat larder
Monsieur Dubiard prepares his own meat in the meat larder

Edwardian Life

A Typical Day in the House

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How to Address the Family

The People: Denis Dubiard

Denis' Thoughts on Entering the House

Why do you think that you would be a good chef de cuisine in Manor House?
"Because of my knowledge of Country House rules and cooking (English Fayre cookery, traditional cooking, Escoffier, and Careme (earlier period). I have also become accustomed with Mrs Beeton's cookbook. I am always trying to utilize as little as possible technologies for food preparation."

"I have a book about the old traditions of cookery, the fundamental basics. The book has encouraged me to use marinades, which were used to preserve meats, with the addition of salting fishes and other methods. It gives me an insight into the world of service."

"I have created breakfasts, breads, tarts, pies, tea cakes, petit fours, etc, in the traditional way, making sure of not cutting corners, which is very difficult with modern technology. To do this I had to change my pattern of work, adjusting my timing for the good running of a house."

"I have good knowledge of some good old traditional dishes - I've found enjoyment re-arranging the recipes, and I've also experience using period utensils and putting them to good use with great care and respect."

"I can imagine the difficulties that lie ahead, which make me very curious and quite intrigued."

What do you think you will gain from the experience?
"I would hope to fulfil one of my dreams by building a meal in the style of Babette's Feast, gain the experience of living as an Edwardian Cook in service to a well to do family, gain the sharpening of my instincts, which have been eroded by modern conditions gain a wealth of experience in social behaviour both above and below stairs in addition to some unforgettable memories."


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