Manor House Master Guy
"They are constantly saying upstairs that they understand how downstairs feel
but they haven't really got a clue"
Master Guy
Master Guy

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Guy: On Entering the House

Master Guy, unlike his parents, can go wherever he wants in the house and grounds
Master Guy, unlike his parents, can go wherever he wants in the house and grounds

Edwardian Life

A Typical Day in the House

How to Treat your Servants

The People: Guy Olliff-Cooper

Master Guy's Day


  • You will be woken at eight o'clock by the Second Footman who will help you wash and dress.

  • It is customary for the Master to conduct daily prayers. The Household will be expecting them to take place in the Main Hall at a quarter-past nine.

  • At half-past nine Breakfast will be served you, either in the Dining Room or School Room.

  • In the Summer holidays you can spend your days as you please, playing games, exploring the house and gardens, perhaps building a tree house? Miss Anson is a willing companion and playmate for you.

  • When Schooling starts lessons will begin at ten o'clock.

  • At one o'clock Luncheon will be served in the Dining Room.


  • Afternoon Tea will be served either at four o'clock in the School Room with a Tutor or companion, or at five o'clock in the Drawing Room with your Family.

  • In School time, lessons finish at half-past four, when the Second Footman will help you to change into your evening clothes. You may like to spend from then, until Dinner time with members of your Family.

  • In School time you will usually have Dinner in the School Room with your Tutor at seven o'clock. Until then you will have Dinner with the rest of your Family in the Dining Room at eight o'clock.

  • After Dinner you should retire to bed, the Second Footman will assist you to wash and undress.


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