Manor House Master Guy
"They are constantly saying upstairs that they understand how downstairs feel
but they haven't really got a clue"
Master Guy
Master Guy

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Guy: On Entering the House

Master Guy's Day

Edwardian schoolboys were educated to become servants of the British Empire
Edwardian schoolboys were educated to become servants of the British Empire

Edwardian Life

A Typical Day in the House

How to Treat your Servants

The People: Guy Olliff-Cooper

Edwardian Role: Master Guy (youngest son)
Age: 9
Home: New Forest
Occupation: John and Anna Olliff-Cooper's son

Life before Manor House
Guy is a pupil at a public school called Twyford Boys. He likes computer games and television, but in his Edwardian life thinks he will enjoying flying kites in the garden and playing with toy soldiers.

Anna describes Guy as being a bit like Just William, noisy and mischievous, and she anticipates he will keep a tutor on their toes. Although Guy thinks the clothing might be itchy and difficult to get on, he is particularly looking forward to having servants and ringing for the footman to say "Oi, servant, get me a cup of tea!"

"It would be good to have someone to clear up my toys, because at home Mummy insists that I have to clear them up piece by piece by piece."

Life in Manor House
Master Guy is the only person in Manor House who has free access to both the upstairs and downstairs areas of the house. In fact, he probably has more daily contact with the servants than he does with his parents, as would have been the case for the son of such a family.

Master Guy is dressed, fed, entertained and put to bed every day not by his mother or father but by Rob the second footman.

Master Guy is told by the house rules, "As the Youngest Son, you should look up to your elder Brother Mr Jonathan, and the Master of the House and follow their example."


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