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"To run this house, you, you need discipline. The young people are finding that very hard but I make sure they're kept busy! Mrs Davies, housekeeper
Mrs Davies
Mrs Davies

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Jean: On Entering the House

After eating in the Servants' Hall, the Upper Servants may retire to the housekeeper's room (Pug's Parlour) for dessert
After eating in the Servants' Hall, the Upper Servants may retire to the housekeeper's room (Pug's Parlour) for dessert

Edwardian Life

A Typical Day in the House

How to Address the Family

The People: Jean Davies

The Housekeeper: Daily Duties

Morning Duties

  • You must rise at seven o'clock when the First Housemaid wakes you with a cup of tea and hot water with which to wash.

  • Your duties begin at half-past seven, when you give out linen and the china to the First Footman so that he may lay the Dining Room table for Breakfast.

  • Breakfast is served in the Servants' Hall at a quarter-past eight. The Butler sits at the head of the table and you sit at the opposite end. This is the case at all Servant meals.

  • At around half-past eight you should inspect the Reception rooms, which should have been cleaned by the Housemaids, to check that they are ready for when the Family come down for prayers and Breakfast at a quarter- past nine.

  • Attendance at Morning prayers in the Main Hall at a quarter- past nine is compulsory for all Servants. It is your and the Butler's responsibility to see that all are present.

  • Your duties resume at half- past nine when you must give out the food stores for the day to the Chef de Cuisine. When required you should also give out fresh linen to the First Housemaid for the Bedrooms.

  • The Household accounts are an ongoing responsibility, however it would be prudent to go through them before your daily meeting with the Mistress of the House.

  • At ten o'clock the Mistress of the House will meet with you in the Morning room to discuss the arrangements for the day. The Mistress' Sister Miss Anson will also be in attendance, as will the Chef de Cuisine and possibly the Butler.

  • Following the meeting, at around half-past ten, you should check back the linen, china and preserves used at Breakfast and continue to go through the household accounts.

  • At eleven o'clock you should preside over Tea in the Servants' Hall. This is an opportunity for you to relay any necessary information to members of Staff.

  • After Tea, having given out china and linen for the Luncheon table to the First Footman, you will then make your rounds of the Family's Bedrooms. You must ensure that the beds have been properly made and that both the Bedrooms and Bathrooms have been satisfactorily cleaned and aired and provided with fresh soap and towels. The Servants' Dinner is served at Midday. You will take the meat course with all the other Servants in the Servants' Hall before retiring to the Housekeeper's Room (Pug's Parlour) for pudding, coffee and tea with the other Upper Servants.

Afternoon Duties

  • At one o'clock you should resume your rounds of the Family's Bedrooms. You should also inspect the service quarters and Upper Servants' Bedrooms to ensure that the Second Housemaid has cleaned them to your satisfaction.

  • After Luncheon, check back the china and linen.

  • Unless you have duties outstanding, you may take your leisure between half-past two and four o'clock.

  • Servants' Tea is to be taken in the Servants' Hall at four o'clock.

  • Family Tea, for which you are expected to provide cakes, scones and other fancies, is served at five o'clock.

  • From five o'clock to six o'clock you may work upon the household accounts.

  • At six o'clock you must give out the linen and china for the Family's Dinner to the First Footman.

  • Between half-past six and half-past eight you should busy yourself with ongoing tasks such as the household accounts or preparations for Afternoon Tea the following day.

  • At half-past eight, while the Family are at Dinner, you should inspect the bedrooms of the Family and their Guests. The First Housemaid should have turned the top sheets down, made up fires and left everything in perfect order.

  • You are responsible for preparing coffee and tea for the Family after Dinner.

  • Supper is served in the Servants' Hall at half-past nine.

  • After the Dinner table has been cleared, and the china washed, you should ensure that all items are checked back and undamaged.

  • The rest of the evening may be spent at your leisure.

  • Last thing at night you should place your boots outside your Bedroom door for the Second Footman to collect and clean and return to you first thing in the morning.


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