Manor House Mrs Davies
"To run this house, you need discipline. The young people are finding that very hard but I make sure they're kept busy! Mrs Davies, housekeeper
Mrs Davies
Mrs Davies

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The Housekeeper: Daily Duties

Much of the servants' free time is spent writing to their families
Much of the servants' free time is spent writing to their families

Edwardian Life

A Typical Day in the House

How to Address the Family

The People: Jean Davies

Why do you think that you would be an ideal Housekeeper in Manor House?
"I think I would be ideal as it is already as I think of myself. I run a large farmhouse, and cook for a large family."

"My husband and I owned an English restaurant, where I had to control the kitchen staff. I have the ability to be very strict when necessary, especially in an 'Edwardian Upper Class' manner. I will, however, know my place with my mistress."

"When we sold our restaurant in 1990, my husband and I started a new business called Living History for Schools. I take the role of the cook and advise the children playing maids on their etiquette, the importance of respect for their employers, the rules of the house, plus deportment and cleanliness at all times."

"I am used to long hours and seven days a week and am physically strong. I also find it easy and interesting to mix and relate with people."

What do you think you will gain from the experience?
"I would like to gain from this experience a climax to my life. This would fulfil all my dreams and to be able to record a way of life, that I have acted out for years, in the correct environment, would be wonderful."

"I know I will be totally absorbed in this programme, with real people in a real house. This is an opportunity I've waited for over many years."


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