Manor House Tristan Adrich
"I'm a carriage driver in real life, so it's interesting to see how much riding skills have changed". Tristan, groom
Tristan Adrich
Tristan Adrich

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The groom's appearance, like that of the footmen, should bring prestige to the household
The groom's appearance, like that of the footmen, should bring prestige to the household

Edwardian Life

A Typical Day in the House

How to Address the Family

The People:
Tristan Aldrich

The Groom: Daily Duties

Morning Duties

  • You must rise at half-past six and wash and dress.

  • Your bed must be made and you must be at work in the stables for seven o'clock.

  • Your morning should be spent mucking out the stables and feeding and cleaning the horses.

  • Breakfast is served in the Servants' Hall at a quarter-past eight.

  • It is compulsory for all members of Staff to attend Family prayers in the Main Hall at a quarter-past nine.

  • After the Butler has had his morning meeting with the Master of the house at half-past ten, a Footman will run across to the stables to inform you if, or when the any members of the Family would like to go out riding or in the carriage.

  • You should try to make sure that all carriages and harnesses are cleaned straight away after use, so that you can prepare the horses and carriages for use in the shortest possible time.

  • Tea is served in the Servants' Hall at eleven o'clock.

  • You should return to the stables and continue your duties. You remain on call for the Family all day.

  • Dinner is served in the Servants' Hall at Midday.

Afternoon Duties

  • Any horses that have been out on a morning ride must be returned to the stables and groomed.

  • Between half-past two and four o'clock you have time available for your leisure, unless the Family require the horses and carriages.

  • At Four o'clock Tea is served in the Servants' Hall.

  • If the Family have been out in their carriages in the afternoon, it is likely that they will return for their Afternoon Tea. The carriage may need cleaning, and the horses grooming.

  • If the horses have not been used by the Family you should exercise them yourself.

  • Unless the Family are going out for the evening and need the carriage, you should feed the horses and put then to stable for the evening.

  • Supper is served in the Servants' Hall at half-past nine.

  • The rest of the evening until you retire to bed is to be spent at your leisure.


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