Manor House Tristan Adrich
"I'm a carriage driver in real life, so it's interesting to see how much riding skills have changed". Tristan, groom
Tristan Adrich
Tristan Aldrich

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The Groom: Daily Duties

Tristan is expected to saddle a horse whenever a member of the family wants a ride
Tristan is expected to saddle a horse whenever a member of the family wants a ride

Edwardian Life

A Typical Day in the House

How to Address the Family

The People: Tristan Aldrich

Edwardian Role: Groom
Age: 18
Home: Norfolk
Occupation: Carriage Driver

Life before Manor House
Tristan lives and trains in Norfolk under Olympic carriage driver, John Parker. He is currently looking after 24 horses, and has been driving carriages since he was eleven. He also makes and mends harnesses and is qualified to teach children how to ride.

Until he found a job which allowed him to work with horses, Tristan wanted to be an Air Force pilot. He is still a part time Air Force Cadet. His parents live in Germany and his father works in off-shore oil.

Life in Manor House
Tristan has driven a variety of horse-drawn vehicles and is knowledgeable about the landau, the brougham, the wagonette and the dog cart that are housed at Manderston and that he uses to transport the Olliff-Coopers on their social round. His role also involves teaching Master Guy and Mr Jonathan equestrian skills.

The Rule Book states: "As the Coachman/Groom you are the only outdoor member of Staff on the estate, and as such you will not live in the main house, but have accommodation above the stables. You will however take your meals in the Servants' Hall with the other House Servants. You have sole charge of three horses and a pony and an assortment of carriages. Although your duties do not fall into their departments, you answer to the butler and housekeeper and should expect to take orders from them.


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