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The Mormon Church and History

  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    The official site of the LDS Church, primarily created for church members. It offers background information on the church, an online library of Mormon scripture, commentary from the First Presidency, and news and information on temples and genealogical services.
    An official LDS Church site designed to answer questions and introduce non-members to basic information about the church. The site offers short overviews of Mormon life and doctrine. One can explore its members' beliefs, read answers to frequently asked questions, or ask a question. There's also a map of historically significant places to visit.
  • About Mormons
    This site, unaffiliated with the LDS Church, provides in-depth, researched articles on an extensive breadth of Mormon topics. There are detailed answers to theological questions about the Mormon priesthood and premortal existence, and general information about the Mormon culture and belief system, such as fasting and interfaith relationships.
  • BeliefNet: Latter-day Saints
    This is the Mormon section of BeliefNet, a Web site about world religions. The section offers background on Mormonism and online discussions of Mormon topics, with message boards where members and non-members discuss church-related questions from politics to personal faith.
  • Temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    This site features information about Mormon temples worldwide and a collection of photos in the "downloads" section. Find temples by geographic region and read an up-to-date list of completed and proposed temples.
  • Sunstone Magazine
    A magazine focusing on intellectual and academic topics for Mormons and non-Mormons. The site features podcasts of speeches and downloadable versions of Sunstone articles.
  • American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith
    Learn more about the founder of Mormonism at this companion Web site to a PBS documentary.
  • The Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail
    The National Park Service provides information about the 1846 Mormon trip from Nauvoo to Winter Quarters and the 1847 trek to Utah. The Park Service also features an online version of a 1991 Historic Resource Study on the Trail.
  • Utah On The Web
    The official web site for the State of Utah includes the Public Pioneer, a digital library of historical and geographical resources. Don't miss the link to Utah digital collections including photographs, newspapers, dissertations and more from a consortium of libraries.
  • Mormonism
    From the PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly series, an April 2007 special report on Mormonism that includes links to its previous stories on Mormons and the Olympics, Mormon missionaries and more.

Dissent and Debate

  • Recovery from Mormonism
    Former Mormons share their stories and criticisms of the LDS Church, as well as advice for people wishing to leave or join the church. The site's bulletin boards are a resource for active and informal discussion of the doctrinal and personal issues of importance to the ex-Mormon community.
    An online community where former Mormons post news items and hold discussions related to both Mormonism and more broad questions of religious faith.
  • Shunned Ex-Mormons Form Own Communities
    A 2005 National Public Radio story about former Mormons who meet to assist one another with the transition to life outside the church.
  • Mormon No More
    A guide to the resignation process for Mormons who are considering leaving the church.
  • Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons
    Affirmation is a support organization for gay, lesbian and transgendered Mormons run by LDS members and former members who still identify with the Mormon faith. The site provides news, history, personal stories and contact information for local chapters.
  • The Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research
    A collection of articles defending or clarifying LDS Church positions on a wide variety of criticisms and disputed topics. Topics range from the lack of DNA evidence supporting the history contained in the Book of Mormon to whether it's acceptable for Mormons to drink soda.
  • LDS Newsroom: Same-Gender Attraction
    An interview in which Elders Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and Lance B. Wickman of the Quorum of the Seventy discuss the Mormon church's views on homosexuality.
  • Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies
    FARMS is a group of Mormon historical scholars, based out of Brigham Young University, whose membership includes Daniel Peterson. The site includes FARMS publications, which analyze and defend the historical accuracy of accounts written in the Book of Mormon.

Mormons and Politics

Genealogy Resources


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