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Moyers on the Rhetoric and the Reality

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Let's hope the next President is not a baby and not a rube. I've fried my eyes on a recurrent review of "Power Reading" and I can't believe some of the suggestions. "The Greatest Salesman in the World" or "How to Win Friends and Influence People" were trash in their heyday. There are some other ideological stinkers too numerous to mention, but I am appalled by those advocating "free trade" as the ultimate universal solution in a time of power disparity and rigged outcomes. ( Do demented billionaires have time to write in?) The founding fathers, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt never faced the cruel dilemmas of a planet populated by 7 billion hungry consumers with shrinking farmland and Frankenstein technologies.
I have been thankful not to have run across the nuclear fusion nuts yet, though several think we can move to Mars. A person under all the immediate pressure of the presidency would go insane reading religious books. And the novels (Atlas Shrugged, Of Mice and Men). Maybe Hillary will relax with a gothic bodice ripper. I can't even take The Little Prince or Ted Geisel's work (Seuess) seriously as Presidential reading. Even the best are poor substitutes for real investigations and reform (Shock Doctrine, Debunking 9/11, and Plan B 3.0).
I have made poor suggestions myself. It may have been better if Bill had just asked, "What's your favorite book, people?"

I think the next president of the United States would be the better for it if he brought along, and read a couple times, Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass with him to the White House.

A (black) friend of mine made a comment the other day, that really made me think...although we rarely (if ever) discuss politics, We ream people in positions of power quite often and call BS when we hear it, but never really discuss any rate, he stated he was concerned that Obama was 'black- first'...before he was American, he was black'...and then I said that I'd felt the same way about Mitt...that he identified with his faith, before he identified with being 'an American'...I had made the comment several years ago that I would be almost be suspicious of 'anyone's real reasons for wanting the job now'...But I think that whoever is elected this time around that person should be 1st and foremost 'American'...regardless of race, creed, beliefs or gender...They should be American...

Well Bill Maher finally said it...on Alan king's show...stating that the terrorist's weren't even in Iraq...'before the invasion'...I've said that until I'm blue in the face, but nobody seemed to care enough to give me a 2nd look...those guys wouldnt have made it through the night there with sadam in charge...Does anyone really think that paranoid freak would have stood for a bunch of terrorists within his borders?...Hell No...No way..without question...We are responsible...or rather lets finally let blame lie where it needs to...which is squarely at the feet of Jr and Dick...these guys are not only directly responsible for the terrorists in iraq, but they are also...DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the deaths of thousands of American kids and tens of thousands (if not more) of just plain people who were already struggling and living in a really crappy place under really crappy conditions...So what I'd really like now is for 'someone' to make these two pinheads take responsibility for what they've done...I mean it's not like its 'personal business' (like what you might have done, the night before in your bedroom, with another consenting it?)....No, I think this is something much larger (I think, anyway, but I really just don't know anymore)...with repercussions that are far reaching...both in time and distance...I only hope the distance into the time which still lies ahead of us all will somehow heal all..Time does still do that, right?...or has that changed to in the last seven years?...

I think it would be useful for the next president to familiarize him/herself with 1984 by George Orwell.

I'll keep this brief. I’d wish to see our next president, in fact all elected officials, read Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense.” In fact, it should be required reading for anyone representing themselves as a citizen of the United States.

I would like to see the next US president read and put into practice the information contained in the book THE WORLD PEACE DIET: EATING FOR SPIRITUAL HEALTH AND SOCIAL HARMONY. The use of the bully pulpit of the presidency to truly lead the citizens of the United States away from the exploitive and disastrous consumerism which has its roots in our food choices would have beneficial results for all of Planet Earth--and maybe beyond (given the proclivity of the human race to explore and colonize!).
Thank you, Bill Moyers for being my Friday-evening voice of sanity and transparency (aka TRUTH)!
The local PBS Station on which I see The Journal is WTCI, Chattanooga, TN.

Bill Moyers, Thanks. I'm so proud to be your friend! Wet 'em good, keep hosin', cut loose the dam. Even if they cut you off we'll always remember that you were right. If there is a Heaven, I hope it is exactly what you'd wish for: In addition to faith, you've earned it!
If we're out-gunned we'll bring out the Joshua horns!

Well, it seems the next president will have plenty to read. Let's hope he/she can do this task well.

I want to recommend: " An American Requiem - God, My Father, and the War that Came Between Us," by James Carroll. This book parallels what is currently going on in Iraq, but what transpired in Viet Nam, not so many years ago. The tragedy, and the victory is the rift between a father an son, who are so very alike - both were priests, who eventually left the order. The father: Joesph F. Carroll, became the head of the DIA, eventually testifying against the use of "nuclear" weapons in Viet Nam. This cost him his career. But saved humanity in the long run. Our government was extremely close to dropping nuclear bombs in the early 1970's. We currently are "toying" with Iran over nuclear weapons, and war with this country due to speculative evidence; mirroring a similar theme voiced from the Bush administration for war with Iraq. The son, James Carroll (a former priest in the military), is a mirror for his father, and an eventual dissenter of the Viet Nam War. Although more vocal, and strident.

Both men in their own way, put the war into the public light, and cause the nation to think about their government's cause in another country. Albeit, one more privately, than the other. A rift between parent and child, coinciding with a rift between the public trust, and the impudent will of an
unguided/misguided government. History repeating itself with a small twist - this time for oil, not a communist threat based on a difference of theology: Buddhists verses a new Catholic/Democratic state residing in Viet Nam.

Please, learn from these mistakes, and if need be reread the book over more than a few times, it can't hurt. What would hurt is a nuclear threat via the United States fabricated on unclear evidence. Mr. Carroll new this fully, and stopped the funding for a misguided mission. Thank God!

I would recommend Noam Chomsky's 'Failed States' as a reminder to our next president that abuse of executive power places our country, and, indeed, the entire world, in jeopardy

Our next president should definitely read both of Chalmers Johnson's monumental books: 1) The Sorrows of Empire: On Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic and 2) Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic. Having done so, the new president may actually be on the side of those trying to save the republic!

Our next president should definitely read both of Chalmers Johnson's monumental books: 1) The Sorrows of Empire: On Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic and 2) Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic. Having done so, the new president may actually be on the side of those trying to save the republic!

Our next president should definitely read both of Chalmers Johnson's monumental books: 1) The Sorrows of Empire: On Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic and 2) Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic. Having done so, the new president may actually be on the side of those trying to save the republic!

Alas! John Edwards Dropped Out Because Heartless America is Near-Sighted; Veto Power for Iran!; and American Elections
Are we condemned to have another 4-year disastrous Republican Presidency?
By: Dr. Murray M. Morgan

An Open Letter to Senators Obama, Clinton and My Fellow Americans

Dear Senator Obama,

I do NOT want to see Presidency remains in the vicious/racist/cruel Republicans turf/hand for another four years. I wonder if those [who really are in charge, the corporative-military Industrial machinery, are the ones who, through our sold/bought-press/media , prevented Dennis Kucinich and John Edwards from being heard and become as known as you and Hillary; the eventuality of which would be another disastrous 4-yr Republican Presidency.

Please, believe and accept it from me that it is my dream to see you as the President of the United States. Because, the only event that might make people of other country to, once again, look at America with envy and admiration is that American people elect a "Black" as their President.

You can NOT imagine the teardrop that slid down my cheek when I heard about the uplifting news of your first win. Because of the WRONGS and trauma that is continuously/still being inflicted on African Americans, election of you as the President of the United States would not only has soothing/healing effect on African Americans, but also, it would bring back the LOST good reputation that our country, undeservedly, used to enjoy in the past; that was lost/vanished because of the BLATATANT/NAKED atrocities that, during King George's reign, people of Iraq, Iran [the most civilized nation on the face of earth -- read a little bit more about Iran to know why] and other countries of Middle East have endured and suffered from.

Such event makes people of other countries to believe that America is, really, sorry for her vicious acts in the past; the attack on Iraq [with 1000000 casualty, ... ], the fabrication of American-Embassy-Hostages-taking-in Tehran [by Kissinger, Rockefeller, Ashraf Pahlavi, and one other person -- who thought of it to happen by "radical-students" as a "revolutionary"-like-act so that America uses the excuse to by freezing Iran's assets, imposing sanctions, and having Saddam to attack Iran cause PROBLEM for the revolution fail/not-become-successful in establishing Mardom-Saalari/Democracy in Iran AND that other countries in the region think twice to emulate it.

We, hypocritically, state/shout/pretend that we want to export/establish Democracy to the region yet we cause/make so many problems to prevent its establishment in Iran that its people[, with inspiration of independence and aim of removal of resources-plundering-tentacles/suckers/hooks from their land], had dared to revolt and topple the brutal government that we had helped to be established in there by our CIA-guided Cout d'Etats of 1953 against Dr. Mohammad Mossaddegh; the DEMOCRATICALLY-elected Prime Minister of our puppet in there; naming "Shah" ["Shahanshah"-e-Iran/"the King of the Kings" Mohammadreza Pahlavi].

In that event (joyous Obama as President), one thing that I want you to promise me is that you would be treating Iran and other countries as equals and that you would treat them with respect without attitudes and condescending-treatment. If you do that, then people of Iran themselves[assured of absence of any kind of outside danger/pressure] without asking for outside-help, would rise against their oppressive/tyrannical government and, peacefully, convince/persuade the tyrants-in-charge to step down and return the power back to the people and to their real representatives; without having to, any longer, tolerate the insult of somebody at the top of power-pyramid whose title, "GUARDIANship of Faghih/Savant" over people/the-whole-nation" [an ultimate insult to people of Iran], means the "Faghih"/"leader" represents, as [the "Faghih/Savant" or "leader" Khomeini and other self-declared savants without any shame dared to utter it] to be the Guardian of all the members of society -- except for few self-declared-savants-- that is, every member of the people of Iran are minor/stupid/retards who need to have a Guardian to decide for them. When outside pressure/danger threatens the country, to diffuse it, people of Iran tend to gather, around whatever government they have in their country; even if it is a brutal/tyrannical/oppressive government such as the one that is ruling in Iran right now. You should NOT listen to what those blue-blooded Pro-Shah individuals who, no longer, are in charge -- not able to suck life out of people -- who live abroad [in LA, Van Couver, London, Paris, ...]. You, having have had several-century-long history of suffrage of brutal tic/oppressive exploitation, [I am sure that] understand the resentment that is ensued as the result of 110-years long resources-plunder and humiliating treatments (by West of Iran).

Does it make sense to go to a shop and, instead of saying "HIGH"/asking "HOW ARE YOU", BULLYINGLY with a blue-blooded condescending attitude humiliate, threaten and demand the shop-keeper that has something that we need so badly to give it to us? I am sure that if we treat people of Iran with respect and equals, they would be more than happy to be friends and trade with us. Let us "not do what we would not appreciate others do to us".

You should bow to the will of people of Iran regarding their decision to have [or not to have] full nuclear fuel cycle capability and NOT wanting to be dependant on the outsiders that, for several time, have amassed their money but broke their contract with Iran without compensation [like France, Germany, USA]. People of Iran have the same right as we, for several times, have stated to have; the right of not reliance on others to give us our nuclear fuel.

Please, let [together with your Secretary of State] us ask for and pray for forgiveness of God and people of Iran for our tresspassings that have inflicted harm and WRONGS on them. Promise me that you will put an end to our political abuses of the United Nations and its security arm, namely, the United Nations Security Council AND by removal of the illegally obtained sanctions-imposing resolutions and release of Iran's assets together with compensating Iran for our TRESSPASSes/Wrongs ask them to, once again, become our friend

What I am seeing [because of what I have seen of the racist people of our country] is that Republicans love to have you or Hillary as the NOMINEE of the Democratic Party because they believe that they can beat you both easily because of the color of skin and gender prejudice/discrimination. I believe that Republicans are very happy; now that John Edwards pulled out of the race.

Although I crave for seeing your popularity to be genuine and true, because of the ignorance and embedded racism in our country, I am a kind of worried that it is the racist tactic of Republican party that might have instructed their members to vote for you so that they make you the nominee of the Democratic Party for to, then [during the face-to-face competition], by turning on their vicious attack machine and having their members [amongst which the most racist ones who normally do not vote] to cast their votes for Republican nominee; and once again very easily [for another four years] steal the Presidency from the people.

I hope I am wrong. Call me skeptic, ... but I think it is a very wishful thinking [of Caroline and Senator Kennedy] to think that racist Republicans, as well as Asians/Hispanics -- who seem not to like "Blacks -- and prejudiced White Democrats, would vote for an African American even at this day and age [in 21st century].

Also, though, it sounds idealistic, let us remove the Veto right that, unfairly, we have given ourselves OR let us make Iran a member of UN Security Council with VETO power to bring balance in the decisions of UNSC because, as a kind/fair nation (that in its past history has given shelter to oppressed people an example of which is her current stance viz à vie Israel/Palestinian issue; the same stance that, 2500 years ago, Cyrus The Great of Iran, in upholding justice/fairness, took/had and gave shelter to the oppressed Jews that were fleeing/escaping the brutal Ferro of Egypt. It is ironic that, nowadays, in their name (in the name of Jewish people) Israel has engaged in brutal racist apartheid oppression on Palestinians AND the same Iran, since 1979, for the sake of upholding JUSTICE/FAIRNESS, is rejecting brutal treatment of Palestinians by Israel.

This way, people of the world would see our sincere regret that would, gradually, make them to, once again, look up upon us with admiration, respect and envy.


Mr. Moyers,

Keep up the truth telling about Iraq-don't stop. Biggest lie and mistake our country has ever made. The main thing that continues to be over looked though, by all, is that we not only attacked a sovereign nation but we had TWO no fly and no drive zones occupied by the world's strongest militaries. Where was Saddam going to go or how could he even use WMD?

Blessings, John Adams Social Scientist LA, CA

You are doing fantastic work Mr. Moyers, I've been watching you since I was a kid, and am now 32 years old. I was watching a rerun of your interview with Keith Olberman, and he mentions in one of his responses that he's not "an anarchist, and don't believe in no government", and occurred to me that someone needs to do a program on anarchism's history and philosophy. I'm tired of the ignorant popular consensus of what the word refers to (chaos)instead of what it really means (no heirarchy). It's ideals are actually closer in philosophy to libertarian/true conservative ideas of individual freedom, and would make for a very informative program. It's actually very similar to what the american do it yourself spirit is all about. Check out an old documentary from 1983 called "Anarchism in America". Thank you

I'd like to see some alternative progressives on your show. People like Fritzjoff Capra, John Todd, Members of the SantFe Institute, J.E.Lovelock, Murry Gellmann, Dawkins, and even Bishop Spong.

Bill Ellis

Here's the reality. We've got Clinton scandal fatigue redux already?!

Here are Clinton scandals that just hit the paper today. We are getting Clinton scandal fatigue and the Primaries aren't even over!

We've got a serious electability issue. After seven years of incompetent, corrupt government, America is extra sensitive to this type of stuff. Look what just happened to Rudy. This kind of baggage would weigh the Clintons way down in a run against McCain, who has always stood for cleaning up government.

The illusion that U.S. citizens decide who is to be the presidential candidate for their party was dispelled this week when most all dropped out of the race. Bear in mind, this before Super Tuesday. So our choices for the next president have been severely limited by Iowa, Idaho, New Hampshire, S. Carolina, and Florida. No more need be said.

please keep up the good work Bill!

Last week you said that I believe it was 77% of American disapprove of media coverage.

In the last week I have heard that one of Senator Obama's comments was meant to emphisize the fact that Ronald Reagan made a good president besides having no experience. Although no fan of Reagan he was a two term governor of California the state whose economy is 1/4 of the US GNP. That is probably the best qualificatins a person can have for becoming President of the US. What Obama was talking about was a personal quality Reagan had.

Now I am hearing that Florida doesn't count because the people were unable to have the candidates campaign in Florida. Where do they think these people who voted were located, in the Everglades. Floridians made up their minds by reading & watching the news, and then getting accurate information from the web. I would guess they made up their minds like 90% of Americans will have to do prior to the November election.

Where do these "pundits" come from? Did they not take at least one high school history class - Do they teach history any more - I am beginning to doubt it.

I'm truly grateful to you Bill Moyer for hanging with us.
Perhaps the worst thing the Bush Corporation has done to us as a people, is to take away our hope for a safe and peaceful world. We know that our "newest" enemies will never let there be peace between us, and environmentally, the BC has greated disaster. So many of us feel hopeless to change the status quo and have lulled ourselves to sleep with excess of something, food, drugs,possessions, sex, etc. Last night, as I observed the State of the Union Address on TV, coming from every major station, I was reminded of the black and white clips from the "Soviet Union" from the 50s and 60s, that we used to see. Propaganda all. The Russian people believed they had no power and here we are, having given our power away to a corporation that only has it's own interest within. America, where are You?
I AM in that intellectual/political minority group that is comforted only by the courage of others to speak and act on the truth.

Forget Bush - What about the rhetoric and reality of the primaries? Do we have to wait until after the election to watch a program that details how Karl Rove, the G.O.P. and the establishment media have manuevered a political novice into position to take the nomination away from the candidate they most fear? Anyone who thinks Obama has a snowball's chance with all that baggage around the Rezco indictment is kidding themselves. This has been a set-up ever since that bizarre senate election in Chicago in 2004. Progressives are ignoring the facts (just as Rove knew you would) and people like Mr. Moyers who are in position to expose the covert operation are not doing so.

Forget Bush - What about the rhetoric and reality of the primaries? Do we have to wait until after the election to watch a program that details how Karl Rove, the G.O.P. and the establishment media have manuevered a political novice into position to take the nomination away from the candidate they most fear? Anyone who thinks Obama has a snowball's chance with all that baggage around the Rezco indictment is kidding themselves. This has been a set-up ever since that bizarre senate election in Chicago in 2004 and ignoring the facts (just as Rove knew you would) doesn't help. I wish people like Mr. Moyers would do more to expose this textbook covert operation.

What a contrast to Bill Moyers' weekly Journal was Bush's 'State of the Union' last evening! On the one hand, Bush's continuing ode to an ideology which has trashed this country, and on the other, Bill Moyers' enthusiasm in presenting Truth to a nation that most assuredly need a good strong dose of it.

MY highest compliment to Mr. Moyers is to say that he expresses the innate liberal leanings of my father. And perhaps one of the most admirable characteristics of a liberal is the concession that THE OTHER GUY JUST MIGHT BE RIGHT -- SO LET'S CONSIDER HIS POSITION.

I am thoroughly impressed by Moyers' questions to his guests that embody (and expose!) the 'other' guy's stance.

His Journal (that I never miss on Friday evenings) is by far the most intelligent and ADULT program that I have ever seen in my 60 years of observing the American political scene. Last week's program and his opening remarks, as well as John Grisham's compelling commentary, literally made my heart race: I'll be damned, I think that the old republic is still kicking!

As the candidate "Bob Roberts" (Tim Robbins) used to sing,"Some people will work. Some people will not. But they'll complain, and complain, and complain, and complain, and compla-a-ain."
Undoubtedly a great deal of labor goes into making the Journal each week, and Bill Moyers sets some pretty high standards. This blog itself may be one of the best open discussion boards in the world right now, and no doubt the moderators put in great effort to keep it that way. It is far more accessable than the Now boards ever were and it is costly. So far the effort has paid off in well thought and well communicated material from people all around the country, with the occasional crank or commercial vendor. It would be a shame to lose this wonderful venue of ideas because of irresponsible behaviors. My friends and I here in Dallas promise today to take greater care in its use, respecting Bill and the moderators and appreciating their efforts.
On another tangent: How many of you articulate people are able to share your ideas with others in person or be part of a warm bodied group or organization? It is so much more satisfying to have someone to discuss these Moyers-level issues with eye to eye. If you have the courage to write on this blog take it the next step to be candid with your close life associates. I'm not saying correspondents here are mostly hermits, but you'd assume so when you compare Moyers-speech with daily political rhetoric in the community.
If Bill Moyers ever fell short or transgressed anywhere in his life he has certainly redeemed himself a thousand times over with this current program. We don't have to relish every morsel of the salad he serves to agree it is the best salad bar in the business. If this program is ever threatened, let us all be resolved to raise Hell like we never have before until it is restored or expanded.

Ironically, just before listing to your program on the misstatements of the Bush administration, I was listening to the Jan 18 podcast of "On the Media" where they described administrations falsification of the incident between the US Navy and the Iranian boats in the Straits of Hormuz where a reporter for the Washington Post alleged that the audio and video came from different sources. Again, it appears our government is intending to deceive the public in order to promote a climate leading toward war with Iran. Again, the media largely missed the story. Shocking and disappointing to say the least.

Dear Mr. Moyers: I have watched your reporting for many, many years and want to say "Thank You". It is a sad and freightening time we live in. As difficult as it is for our worst fears of our Government to be confirmed, your reporting delivered the truth with such a sense of great compassion for what this means for the America People, the Media, and the individual Journalists trying to make sense out of WHO WE ARE in these deeply troubling and uncertain times. You, Mr. Moyers, seem to have a great gift of engaging those who have found the answer... from Joseph Campbell to this week's John Grisham, and the Jounalists who came forth in "the Rhetoric to the Reality". You are a mirror to that innermost question: "How do I stand for what I stand for, without disregard for those who may disagree?"

Moyers on "Rhetoric & Reality" has spoken what many of us have felt from the very beginning. Wathcing from Canada, the rush to war was apparent the moment Vice President Chenney started sabre rattling in a speech the August before the invasion was launched. Still, it was difficult to believe that the mistakes of Vietnam, which I had personally seen as an 11-year-old living in N.Y. state, were about to be repeated.

The lack of critical rigour in U.S. journalism, Mr. Moyers included, was baffling then. What good is a free press that will not think independently? The lack of intellectual curiousity about what should have been done, and should be done, is the missing element now. What good is getting the facts right in the rear view mirror, if we are not going to use them to steer into a correction?

This too may be more easily appreciated at the distance afforded by a foreign passport.

After reading the transcript of the Jan 25 program, the politically censored version of the transcript was extremely upsetting to read. Bill Moyers comments about taking public television to task for not covering the important political races and the candidates but instead creating more programs on the Monarchy were excluded from the text. PBS has a responsibility to report all of the information. If we want biased reporting there are already too many venues doing that. Doesn't PBS need to take a closer look at itself?

We have nothing to fear but the Clintons themselves.

This is an election about who we are, who we want to be. If America does not regain its can-do, we’re in it together, no man is an island spirit in its greatest traditions, it will soon fade into a shadow of its former self. Here is an analysis of the latest on the Clintons versus Obama.

We have nothing to fear but the Clintons themselves.

This is an election about who we are, who we want to be. If America does not regain its can-do, we’re in it together, no man is an island spirit in its greatest traditions, it will soon fade into a shadow of its former self. Here is an analysis of the latest on the Clintons versus Obama.

Congratulations to Bill Moyers for exposing the lies of the current administration. Also, I was impressed with the intelligent comments from your listeners. A few mentioned Dennis Kucinich as an individual who wants change in our government. I was very disappointed to not find a single reference to Dr. Ron Paul who is running for President on the Republican ticket. Dr. Paul is the most conservative, anti-war, pro-life, fiscally responsible of all the candidates. He is a 20+ year veteran US Congressman from Texas. He understands the economy and how to remedy it. How I pray that people will check him out at He is a statesman and truly the LAST HOPE for our beloved United States.

Chris Wisehart (Jan. 27- 11:51) You illustrate perfectly a phenomenon known as the "colonized mind." You have mistaken the needs of billionaires for your own. When you look at the lake surface you perceive a shiny glare. Maybe you'd prefer not to know that there are fishes, snails, clams, and life-giving plants under there dying from toxic nitrogen runoff from golf course fertilizer. You need to polarize your worldview and see the monsters behind the curtain. You need to look back at history and see the consequences of business as usual and the "race to the bottom." George W. himself is a dupe of international financial criminals as well as their servant. If you don't understand, why not go down to your local outlet and take out a payday loan. As the interest accrues you will begin to understand the taxpayer's situation.
We don't hate you: You may have been brainwashed in the military, a backward home or private school, a church of hate or maybe your employer has your genitals in a vice. Please Sir, wake up from your coma before they insert the tubes and wires, because then you will lose any ability to communicate. We are praying for you at Beret Folkschool.

I am sick of your calling the President of this great country a liar. You presume to know his heart but know little even of your own.
I am also sick of your poo pooing those at Davos. These are people who have made a difference and have abilities to continue to do so. They appear to me to want to make the world a better place. You seem to oppose these efforts and call their sincerity a lie.

First, to Bill Moyers and company I wish to express my deep gratitude for the courage and compassion to speak truth to power. The healing of this nation requires people like Mr. Moyers who see clearly through the cancerous web of governmental and corporate deception and who , with surgical precision can apply the therapeutic truth.
While many of us long for someone like Bill Moyers to run for the Presidency ( possible?), perhaps we need to ask ourselves what role we ourselves can play which is equally courageous in redirecting our country's path from violence and deception toward peacemaking and integrity.

In Gratitude and in Hope,
Stefan Andre Waligur

Once again, Bill Moyers put all this insanity into proper perspective. One day perhaps, hopefully not too late, the American people will be as angry about all this just as our forefathers once were and see our futures are in our own hands. Certainly we don't want our futures in the hands of the leadership we have now. Sadly, though, many other empires had the opportunity to turn things around, in Rome, in dynastic China, in Tsarist Russia, and instead of doing so crumbled into the history books. The only thing that saves us from this possibility is our democracy, and it is excellent that such great minds as Moyers still continue to remind us of this.

When does spin become a spin?
When young people die for a lie.
It is the sin of the spinner to spin,
It is the sin of the spun to be spun.

What can be done? Dont' stop talking. Be uncomfortable. Alienation is a gift. Do not self-edit. Kucinich is about truth. We must honor his candidacy and integrity. And that of big Bill Moyers.

Bill, You got my adrenalin running with Campaign Advertising last night (1/25). Though appalled by the news itself, I am even more appalled by your apparent endorsement of the entire campaign process as it stands. Do you seriously think we should be stuck with this billion-dollar industry that borders on pathogenesis? I am disappointed every week that you do not take it to task. The amount of money spent is obscene when there are so many pressing issues of survival around the world; the length of time is absurd; the ability to "do campaigning" is not the best criterion for leadership; the list is endless. As your program stated, even with $2.5 billion spent on TV ads, we still do not know the candidates.
The only way to stop the supply (campaign moguls and their employees) would be to remove the demand (the voters), but getting 100% cooperation in a voting boycott is rather unrealistic.
What do you think anyway?

I tuned in last night, as always these days, to Mr. Moyers' Journal for my dose of reality amidst the cacaphony of misinformation blaring from the boob- tube empowered by that never quitting, insanely irritating pink bunny/energizer battery demon of a corporate logo. His opening statement on "connecting the dots" was again forthright and honest in its attempt to emphasize to his audience WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN the leading story in all legitimately(not many of those around) investigated and analyzed news reports. The report released by the Center for Public Integrity on the not so shocking number of blatantly FALSE public proclamations by our illegitamately "sworn-in"(HOO-HA!) President and his crony club admistration talking heads, leading up to the dishonorable capitulation by most of our legitimately elected but fear addicted Congressional seat holders in the leadup to this immoral war and assault on human rights(both in the bombed out streets of Iraq and in the cozy atmosphere of our own homes), should have drowned out all the political/primary hyperbole running rampant and refocused the nation's attention on the need to demand total accountablility from those false flag wavers(media, print journalists included) who took part in this conning of America. The families of killed loved ones sent on duty over there to implement an agenda and strategy mired in hidden agendas and sold by outright lies shoulkd be massing on the steps of the Capitol building and demanding MEANINGFUL(as in IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS) action on it. And WE who recognize that report as being just the "tip of an iceberg" should BE THERE WITH THEM!..I literally sometimes get nauseated as (on ESPN usually) I witness the White House "DEPRESSED CORPS" bend over and just take it at press briefings, Once again, this new "STEPFORD Press Secretary" spokeswoman whatever her name is, when asked about this report just blew it off with a sweep of the hand and a comment something like "no one should take seriously this completely FLAWED study"...and on to the next creampuff question with no general uproar of protest in the room... In Great Britain they would eat such a response for lunch and regurgitate it back in their faces....That insulting response was made by a woman who reports have it that she could not comment on the "Cuban Missile Crisis" because she was UNAWARE of the facts about it or that she even had never heard of it..(I do not know this is for certain. but I BELIEVE it to be possible as I have watched her incredulous facial expressions and completely brainwashed responses as she has been trained to be the present day "SCHTICK" performer in the grand "Karl Rove School of Vaudevillian Political Puppetry"). It is frightening to watch how even these stick puppet "underlings" treat the press from a maniacally assumed position of being the "C.E.O." at a staff meeting. This "Bush Punk" (sorry, but that is MY nickname for him) has treated and interacted with the American public in that "C.E.O." persona from the get-go, which is why , as a person with what I believe is an unstable personality in terms of his "self-image", he holds ALL who don't agree with him or symbollically "bow" to him in utter disdain and that includes the CONSTITUTION itself. It is almost like watching a 21st Century President flip the bird at the very intentions and ideologies of the FOUNDING FATHERS themselves. Hence, just lie to them all, they can't or don't have the courage to stop me anyway in the long run....It's a visceral thing (with me at least) these days and KUDOS to Mr. Moyers for trying his professional best to bring onto centerstage the relity of what is being jammed down our cerebral pathways...painfully so...just ask those families I made reference to above...I light candles in my heart for them and for the uncountable destroyed lives in Iraq as well. If my emotions reared their angry head in this soliloquy I apologize...but lately this whole thing is getting more visceral in my interactiion with it.

Will Democrats vote to end Washington style politics and the cheap shots and low blows we have seen the Clintons dole out since Hillary Clinton declared a few months ago that the "fun" is starting?

Thank you for speaking truth to power, Mr. Moyers. Ms. Newman said:

" I think this issue of inequality, which sounds like an arcane concept that only people in the universities worry about, is going to hit home with people when they see those kinds of headlines. They're going to want to know why the pain isn't broadly shared, why it is that some people seem to be even profiting off the pain of others. It's not fair. And fairness is actually a concept that Americans care about. They don't mind if people at the top share in prosperity, but if we're going to hit this downturn and only the little guy suffers, yeah, we're going to hear again that in the ballot box and every other way that Americans can express themselves. "

And didn't the powers that be foresee that the people would be doing exactly that? Hence the onslaught against that one power of government we the people have left, the ballot box. It was no accident that the worst happenings of vote stealing in a generally orchestrated way have happened with the origination of this corrupt and lying administration, and the collusion of the press, which kept the lid on the telling data incriminating the Republican party from 2000 on, effectively hamstringing the people in the one power they had left, short of insurrection. I don't think that even with the robber barons of the Teddy Roosevelt era such a thing had been possible before, and it is not fixed yet.

The second major conscientious effort of the criminal administration was to destroy the judicial system, and they have so far succeeded in that effort as to delay retribution and consequent restoration of orderly process.

What a herculean task lies before us, and who will listen to this small and shrinking man on Monday? Not I.

Rosy Scenarios, We are truley in deep do do !!!

Dear Mr. Moyers,

Mankind lives in denial,
Nature lives in truth,
And the truth is living equally as one.
Someday soon,
Mankind will shed the darkness of denial,
And live naturally and truly,
In the light as one.
Nature's truth will not be denied.
Truth has no doubt!


CBS's new environmental blogger would also have to be "Fair and Balanced".

Fair- just so-so intellectually, but eager to please and advance, defanged and unable to question corporate needs.
Balanced-as in bank balance, acutely aware of the target numbers projected by "Mitch & Murray Downtown" (Glengary-Glen Ross).

Whoever the previous correspondent, she/he got some good news and some bad news. Bad: You've just been fired. Good:You have the chance to redeem yourself by accomplishing the unreasonable. Conclusion: You've got to have brass balls to push corporate environmental policy because, "My (management's)
platinum I-phone costs more than your net worth."

The corporation must be cut down to size- legally depersonhooded, and other forms of enterprise organization (co-ops, worker owned, government owned, and so on) must be championed before we can overcome our sick Franken-economy.
Everyone agrees that disparity of wealth is making democracy impossible, but do they realize the reciprocal truth? It is nearly impossible to become or remain tremendously wealthy in an economic democracy. Wealthy people are taught this from birth, and they force their game show brainwashing onto our children.
I was gladdened and shocked to hear this as the consensus of a Carter Center panel discussing human rights in Putin's Russia last week on C-span. The lone dissenter was Andrew Young who has been reduced to working for WalMart. beretco.op@gmail (Grady's shop)

On "Rhetoric & Reality":
I think that we (the American public) are, ultimately, to blame because we have neglected to express outrage when our elected officials lie to us, and we have abdicated our responsibility to demand that our leaders account for their actions (or inactions). We can no longer sit back and "let someone else do it" (i.e. protest, complain, etc.). Our apathy can only lead us further down the road to ruin and our silence only emboldens those in power to do as they please. Thank you for being that voice that cries out in the wilderness.

I also thought the show last night (Fri, 1/25) was great. And I tend to agree
with many of the comments here, particularly Andrea's comment relating your
show being an oasis of intelligent life. The segment on campaign
financing was also of particular interest to me, as, for the last few years, I no longer watch any commercial TV at all. I have recently discovered the convenience and pleasure of watching (or re-watching) PBS shows on the web. I have to admit to watching your segment with Ron Paul probably three or four times. While I tend not to miss the Journal, I've recently caught up on numerous Frontline episodes. While much of the substance of what we discuss here is overwhelmingly depressing, the fact that you, FrontLine, other PBS shows, and the folks that contribute here, can and do discuss these topics
is re-assuring. I don't know how to address trog69's question about 'What can we do as private citizens to help get our country back on a positive road'
but whatever it turns out to be, I feel confident I'll sense it here first.

In regards to medical expenses and bankruptcy, please see Michael Moore's Sicko.

Our country is in a mess; the failing economy, continued growing debt, $100.00 for a barrel of oil; a declining housing market and the war in Iraq have all contributed to the downturn of America, but what should the American people expect when they elect and re-elect a -C student as their President.

George W. Bush has left this nation much worst off then when it was handed to him, but even though I primarily blame George W., and his Administration.

Elect a -C student as President, and in time, he has given us a -C country. When are people going to realize that the first priority of the Bush family, is the Bush family, not America.

All those sycophants who voted (2 times) for Bush, well here you go. When are you going to realize that the Bush family is the "Most Dangerous Family in America", and that their own concern is for themselves and their Saudi friends.

Posted by: NOA & CHRIS KATOPOTHIS | January 26, 2008 02:12 AM What can we do as private citizens to help get our country back on a positive road that helps ALL our citizens.

Dear NOA & CHRIS - Here's what we can all do - this is a paragraph taken from what was sent out today by Dennis Kucinich in his letter to supporters as he ended his run in the presidential race:

"...all of the energies of all of the people who have been involved in
this campaign will be transitioned into a new, national effort to
regain control of our government, which seems more and more
inaccessible. We are calling that effort "Integrity Now", and there is
a website - -- where we can begin to
channel all of that enthusiasm and that commitment from people just
like you, and just like me, so we can take positive steps to do what
we know is right and in the best interests of this nation."



Thank you Bill - every segment was interesting, relevant and timely in your journal tonight. There are times when I turn on your show that I feel it is the one of the few places left with intelligent life.

Dennis Kucinich left the presidential field today - the only candidate that based his dialogue entirely on real solutions to the mess tearing our county apart and we are all diminished by the loss of his voice! Not that we were allowed to hear it very often, but that is another issue. Thank you and your guests for touching on some of the topics I am used to hearing about only from him. Now if more would have listened to some of his solutions...

Keep up the good work, Bill.

Final Note: Here in Honolulu it's 10:17 pm.
I never go to bed till I watch Charlie Rose.
braddah mike

Oh, by the way -- I found out what happened to Scott Ritter (your Vice-Presidential running mate on my dream Dem 2008 ticket) -- check out
I kid you not ... for about a year now my desktop has been a Google Images downloaded jpg: "Draft Bill Moyers President 2008". Like Bill Clinton, I've got a dream !!.

Hey Bill -- for the past (6 ?) years I've grieved any time I was not able to catch you on "NOW with Bill Moyers" and any other PBS appearance. The BM Journal (forgive me) is now my best friend, and Friday night TV on PBS is the high point of every week (well, that's a bit over the top!)
Your "Jon Stewart / Comedy Central" quip tonight made me laugh almost as hard as Debra Dickerson did on last night's Colbert Report ( "sphincter-like" will now become a much used addition to my vocabulary, I predict. )
Mahalo for the John Grisham appearance. Bring him back as often as you can.

And there they all sit in Davos, not one standing up and calling out the liar. Some world leaders. Does this administration truly believe that they are convincing the world that our lying eyes are deceiving us again?

What can we do as private citizens to help get our country back on a positive road that helps ALL our citizens.

I have always had a feeling that the #1 cause of personal bankruptcy was becuase of medical expenses. We really do have socialized medicine - we just pay for in a different way. Unfortunately, the stress bankruptcy causes to households and the cripling affect one credit scores does nothing to help one heal, but rather has the opposite effect.

Goes to show that a successful, supposedly intelligent writer like john Grisham can be an illiterate,
political bigot.

Too typical for a multi, multi,..millionaire leftist, talking of the horrible inequities of his home country.

He can write but is a vapid walking cliché.

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