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The Case of Lurita Doan and the GSA

You may have been familiar with the scrutiny of Blackwater¹s mercenary army, or followed the troubles with oversight at the State Department, but chances are you hadn¹t heard of Lurita Doan. She isn¹t exactly a household name. So it might be surprising that, as head of the General Services Administration, Doan oversees $500 billion dollars worth of federal assets.

On the JOURNAL, Rep.Henry Waxman explains how an investigation that started with leaks about possible favoritism in awarding government contracts eventually uncovered documents and testimony that convinced Waxman that Doan had violated the Hatch Act, a law prohibiting federal employees from using government resources for partisan purposes. Waxman was so shocked by what the Committee found that he took the unusual step of asking Doan to resign at the end of the hearings. The Office of Special Counsel, which conducted a separate investigation of Doan, concluded that Doan should be "disciplined to the fullest extent for her serious violation of the Hatch Act and insensitivity to cooperating fully and honestly in the course of our investigation." Yet today Doan still heads the GSA.
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Be sure to check out Exposé's coverage of the scandal.

What do you think about the Doan case? Do you think there should be another avenue of recourse for the American people to hold political appointees accountable for their behavior?


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Your show on the Congressional Oversight Committee lead by Mr. Waxman left me disgusted. Mr. Waxman is pleased with himself that he got Mr. Krongard to quit. Why isn’t Mr. Krongard in jail? Why is Lurita Doan still head of the GAO? Condoleezza Rice spins the committee like a top, with stonewalling and platitudes providing no information of substance and Mr. Waxman smiles and says she is very skilful. Why is there a directive preventing state department officials from testifying publicly about names numbers and dates of transactions he wants to investigate? Is every legitimate concern to be sacrificed to the God of National Security?? Congress is no longer an equal third of the government. Mr. Waxman and his committee aren’t bulldogs protecting our interests against an Executive Branch gone mad with power and secrecy. They are puppies who yip at their master’s heels and occasionally get to mouth a dirty sock. They are door mats on which the Executive Branch wipes its feet.

Wayne Roth

I needed two books to understand why "They Hate Us".
Authors John Perkins and Naomi Klieg have provided between them a very clear picture.

"Shock Doctrine" gives many examples showing how we as Americans try to run the world with the help of the IMF, The World Bank, and the big oil companies; Perkins "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" chronicles one man's trip through this jungle of ours.

Taken together these two books proved me with an understanding of what is going on .

READ: john perkins, 'confessions of an economic hitman'

Bill Moyers,
I watch your program every Friday and feel very strongly (I'm sure every author does) that my book might clarify many of the subjects you bring up in your weekly journal. There seems out there no-one is able to encompass the bigger picture to the real problems that we, the human race, is facing in this 21st century. I attempt (in all my audacity) to do just that. The book is "Gospel According to Jack: To deliver us from neurosis" Jack Waddington Trafford Publishing. 128 pages. I would be grateful if you would look it over. T. Y. I. A.

It was refreshing to hear Samuel Rodriquez interview and his linking social justice with the teachings of Christ. It reminded me of the liberation theology movement that was destroyed by the Roman Catholic hierarchy. Since he is a teacher of history I’m sure he understands the historical context of the immigration problem. The immigration problem is rooted in the historical legacy and continued expansion of our empire. All empires have to manage with increased immigration flows from those areas they dominate. Although, the media and most mainstream academicians shy away from the term, our leaders in the first century and up until the anti-empire movement that developed during the genocidal war to conquer the Philippines. We now only can speak in euphemism when we speak about it. It’s what Ferguson that celebrant and apologist for our imperial parent and our own empire refers to us as the empire in denial. But, remember in regard to immigration issue, it is important to remember that we stole in the first half of the nineteenth century more than half of Mexico (Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming), soon after they fought there war of independence against Spain. Our most recent pillage of Mexico begins with the debt strategy and the Washington Consensus during the 1980s that forced open markets, devalued currency to cheapen resources, privatization, and reduction in state welfare expenditures. Then the NAFTA agreement allowed for the importation of heavily subsidized US agriculture crops such as corn and wheat to further transform the Mexican agricultural system and displacement small farmers and small business sector connected to it. The large waves of immigration in the 90s ensued. Most of the immigrants are sojourners risking their lives to send money back to their impoverished families and hoping to return safely someday to be able to rebuild their lives in their homeland. The problem is not solved by creating the world’s largest gated community, but in ending the control and exploitation of other peoples through the growth of empire. Someday, I’m sure when decline has reached a point of increasing class conflict within the center, the word of empire will be discussed more openly. Let’s hope leaders like Rodriquez help this nation become educated about our past and present empire and the violence and displacement that result from it.

I was disappointed to hear Kathleen Hall Jamieson say that there are no key differences between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton on policy issues. There are many. Perhaps the most critical: Senator Obama does not take money from special interest PACS and lobbyist bundlers. I am aware that Senator Clinton has called for the public funding of elections, but actions do speak louder than words.

when I listened to congressman Waxman talk about the many investigations in washington and the many people working within our government for an agenda detramental to democracy, justice and equality.
Then I look at Waxman and his fellow congresspeople and see how impotent they act and feel when dealing with this conscious attempt to remake the United States into a self serving corporation. I wonder if it is the fact that congress has no power to stop a potential dictator from subverting our government and this is due to provisions in the constitution or the lack of provisions that would give congress the power to actually stop this subversion. Or if this is due to their own desire or lack of it to act and use their powers in this case?
Waxman looked like a little kid who was being bullied on the playground, a little kid who had gone to the teacher dozens of times and was finally told not to be such a baby and a tattle tale and so he is now crying on the shoulder of the american people saying this was wrong and someone should do something about it! He wants our sympathy but plans on doing nothing but complaining about it.

Is there no legal recourse in government when people are caught lying, stealing and changing policy that is detramental to our nation and its'democracy?

He suggested that Ms. Doan resign? That was all he could do within the rules and regulations of our government through its' check and balance system?

We don't live in a functioning nation, we live on an island filled with sickness and it is everyone for themselves. We will not survive this sickness in our current denial, we will only spread it farther and deeper into ourselves leaving no chance, in the end, for a cure. we have decided we can just make our selves comfortable in awaiting our end and this in itself is the most horrible part of this sickness.

Last week you may have states what book the President should take to the White house besides to BIBLE!!!
Well this week you didn't mentision it!!!
I think that this shows a bysis on your part!!!

I reccommend 'Silent Spring by Rachel Carson....the environment is not an isolated issue from any other. The environment affects our health, education, religon, economy, culture, and just about every other issue being discussed these days..

peter elliot Feb 4 10:49am
This is the type of denial I really worry about: reactive paranoia when a flawed ideology is discredited. What? Me worry?
I've been trying to sympathize with people who can't believe Global Warming is real, that Bush-Cheney (with some Congressional acomplices) have been looting every aspect of our government while undermining our human rights, that there are many unanswered questions in crucial American history (especially surrounding 9/11). We have to admit that we can't trust our government (as a general entity), but this is a mighty difficult thing to accept. It is hard even to trust science. We can see videos of polar and glacial ice melting and hear the testimony of scientists, but at the perceptual core it takes faith because we have not been privy to the studies or visited these areas. It is frightening to believe the worst.
When the Justice Department conceals crimes, delays evidence and refuses to answer to the people it is hard to prove what has happened. We can be sure money is missing, but who got it? What court would peter elliot have us take our doubts before, when our delegated enforcers are compliscitous? Denial in one area usually creeps into others.
An elderly woman on my street told me that her independent Baptist Church teaches that Mormons, Amish, Seventh Day Adventists and other non-Baptists have multiple wives and other deviant sexual practices. I did not doubt she believed what she'd been taught. I could only ask if some of her fellow parishioners had not also been involved in affairs, serial marriage through divorce and such. She said "Yes, but they've been forgiven."
I just hate to think that when the truth comes out that the peter elliots of this world will refuse to do any reading and research on their own, that they will blame the harmless and forgive the guilty, that they will help establish an ever lower standard of responsibility that will lead to chaotic exploitation and the collapse of society. If there truly were a Creator I can't help but think S/He would want us to use reasoning and take time to sort out as much truth as we can get. It's almost like when God sent a raft, then a motorboat, then a helicopter to a drowning flood victim who would not grab on because he expected a miracle. Real people in the real world should not trust Monsters and should not expect to be saved by Miracles. Ask, Seek, Decide for yourself.

I suggest the book John Adams by David McCullough to the next president-elect. It is not so much about theories of governing but seems to me to set a standard for any president-of love of country and Constitution, willing to sacrifice all for one' county! I think Mr. Cullough himself said at a commencement address the year his book came out-Everyone of us should do something for our country and reading the story of John Adams would be the first thing one could do!
Thank you for your valuable program! I wish it could be required viewing for every American!
Sylvia Ruppenthal

Someone was asking why the republican are not asking questions?

I think they are preoccupied with the Fair Tax proposal. They are interestingly and strangely are very concerned about the Tax Code out of the blue. Substituting the Social Security and Medic-Aid Medic-Care, eliminate tax for corporations and imposing one simple National Federal Sales tax around 23-30%. I would be very interested if Mr. Moyers could research what is that all about.

Thank you

The one book the next president should take to the White House is: "Crossing The Rubican: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil", New Society Publishers, 2004. ISBN 0-86571-540-8 by Michael C. Ruppert

PS/ I exclude certain allegedly holy texts and the U.S. Constitution for I assume that those tomes are already there.

This is just another example of the many, many, many examples of the corruption in this administration...For 'whatever reason' nothing seems to big to get swept under the rug, misplaced, erased, etc...All of this 'passing of the buck' (You can use every cliche' known to exist and still not describe even the 'tip of the iceberg'), everything morally, ethically and legally 'wrong' ends with a 'mission accomplished' congrats attached to it!...It's really unbelievable...I can't imagine the complexities of trying to write the (trilogy?) scripts for the movie 'on this one'...It's definitely gonna' be a bit more complicated than 'All the President's Men' Afterall, anything and everything incriminating has conveniently been mishandled somehow or (better yet) there's 'a new rule' made up at the last moment that protects the corruption from being exposed...
Mission Accomplished?!...God, that makes me (literally, physically) ill...It's all soo queer...just too strange to believe...I really thought (the majority of) Americans were a little smarter than this...It all seemed soo obvious from the 1st debate with Gore (nearly eight years ago now), but somehow 'the majority' didn't see it?!?...Just unbelievable...

What a biased and poor report. you seem to have missed the following:

Waxman based his entire attack on the GSA chief on the phonied up facts surved up by a corrupt IG. According to the Washington Post four new whistelblowers, representing the entire legal team of the IG, recently stepped forward and admitted that the IG did indeed make up charges, falsify data and then destroy it. Waxman, normally a great lover of whistleblowers just ignored this particular report because there was no political upside to the truth. The Special Councel guys Scott Bloch is also a piece of work and when it became clear that he doctored up much of the report on the the supposed Hatch Act violations, he quickly called up Geeks on Line to come in and perform a 7 level illegal purge of his department's computer systems. Waxman too was mute on this.

Instead, old Henry cranked up the pressure on another Bush appointee, Condi Rice and has hounded her, accusing her of all sorts of misconduct.

Funny dont ya think that the only two people that Waxman has focused on and has made the most effort to disparage are both African American women.

Maybe Henry Waxman just thinks that black women, especially if they are Republicans, are just too uppity?

I see he has once again repeated his claim that Sun Micro systems has cheated the government and overcharged for services and products. He has been saying this for over a year. Don't you think that if Sun did commit a crime that it would be better to file charges in the Justice system and hold them accountable? At least that would give them a chance to respond and if guilt ..punished. Instead, Henry, acting as judge and jury, merely repeats the claim that they are guilty of all sorts of crimes for which they have never been charged. Of course the reason they have never been charged is that no evidence (except for the notions inside the head of henry Waxman) has every been presented to formally charge them with a crime. Gee what a great example he is of fairness and objectivity.

Mr. Waxman might use 1 more question to Ms Doan, Sect. Rice, etc.: What part of your RESPONSIBILITY did you delegate?
To comments by:
Cliff Hoeft-using NSA is interesting, but if the Judicial & Congressional branches did their Constitutional duties NSA's secrets would not have to be compromised. How did the terrorist find out we learned about their activities by listening to their cell ph.?
To Gladiola-we need political parties by & for the people, so the voters must stand up for our rights-why haven't other states stood up for Mich. & Fla. when the right to participate in representative govt. was denied?
To Randy: You might find interesting, PBS's Independent Lens' AN UNREASONABLE MAN, which is about Ralph Nader & his warnings many yrs. ago of the troubles we have now.

Thanks to PBS & Mr. Moyers, & similar journalistic efforts-where else are they to be found?
Billy Bob-Fla. 2-4-08

The very first time that I heard the story of missing emails from the White House, I flashed back to the book "The Puzzle Palace" by James Bamford.

I read that book about the NSA back in the early 1980's, and have known since then that the NSA has always collected every electronic transmittal on earth and stored them for future use.

With the telecom giants providing access to their switching and routing sites to government agencies (read: NSA) in recent times, it is obvious that those emails are retrievable.

My thoughts are that a subpoena delivered to those agencies, and their sister foreign affiliates such as Echelon in England, would either deliver the content of those emails, or a denial of the existence of the data base thereby nullifying the use of that data base in future prosecutions.

I have not seen any writer bring this obvious contradiction to light, I hope it helps with your struggle to keep America free.

Thank You

Cliff Hoeft

I saw Lurita Doan testify before Rep. Waxman's committee. I enjoyed the segment, but wish you had included footage of each Republican on the committee encouraging Ms. Doan not to answer any of the questions put to her by the Chairman.

People say 9/11 could not have been faked, that such a conspiracy is too complicated. But just look at how complex the Iraq embezzlement conspiracy is. It becomes possible when lethal powers are controlled by a few ruthless people. Doan is like Eichmann, just a little scared functionary following orders, who will argue that if she hadn't obeyed traitorous criminals
Cheney, Bush, etc. someone else would have. What is occurring is pure out and out looting at the highest levels.
The idea of a political party has been transcended in this series of crimes (from the SEC and the FED all the way over to the Department of Interior, with complicity by operators in both parties).
If there ever were a time to outlaw the Money Party (both dems and reps), exclude these Baathists from government for life, and start over with neighborhood committees of correspondence, it is now, or soon, before we go under, or become a purely Nazi state.

I do believe you are what you read. I'd like to recommend to the candidates- Carroll Quigleys, "Tragedy and Hope." The Macmillian Company, London 1966.[Taken out of print by the Rockefellers.] I intend to send a copy to the next President elect

Your reporting on Rep. Waxman is so refreshing compared to the blather that constitutes most mainstream media news. I look forward to your continued reporting in search of the truth.
I think it is vital that the President bring the book titled, Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein. It gives a unique historical review of the last thirty years of bad economic theory and practice. A MUST read for any political leader. See this link -

Bill, please consider having Ms. Klein on as a guest of your Journal.

So many choices...
I recommend "Mad Cowboy", subtitled, "Plain Truth From the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat" by Howard F. Lyman.

Quote: "It all starts with the fork." If the President reads this book, he/she will truly know that darn near everything bedeviling humanity and Earth starts with the fork (or whatever utensil or means you use) and what goes into our mouths.

Once again, thanks Bill Moyers for continued outstanding work - *real* journalism for a change! Whew!

Amazing!-Condi's Multiple sentence responses to questions that demanded no more and no less than a simple "YES" or "NO". I guess she thinks she can impress everyone with statements that sound so good and at the same time say absolutely nothing. Reminds me of something Frank Zappa once said "Ponder the significance of short person behavior, in peddled depressed panchromatic residence and other highly ambient domains- ARF! She said"

Rep. Waxman has given me a new perspective on personal survival in these very disturbing times. His interview with Bill showed me an example of how, as an informed citizen, I can balance my concern for our country with the ability to hold it lightly. Waxman has been doing this work for 33 years, has honed an important skill, and has inspired me to focus on what I can actually do, without driving myself crazy. Thanks to Rep. Waxman, and my deepest appreciation for the wonderful work Bill Moyers is doing. I'll add another presidential book recommendation for Ken Wilber's writing, as it has been a very helpful influence in my own thinking.

I have thought very hard about which book the next President should take to the White House, and was only able to pare it down to two. The first is David Sirota's Hostile Takeover, How Big Money and Corruption Conquered Our Government-and How We Take It Back. The second is Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. Also, if the new President does take a Bible to the White House, I would prefer not to hear about it, or think that any decision made for the good of our country is influenced by any literal discussion in the Bible.

Thank you Congressman Waxman for doing what is right.
JFK wrote a book about you entitled "Profiles In Courage". You have given me a little faith in America again.

...and Mr. Moyers, thank you for shedding light on right, that make you JFK right too!


What do we expect from the Corporate Representatives who TOOK power in 2000 and prevented any questioning of their ULTIMATE authority in the global domination? Is'nt this the FOURTH REICH in power now?
The saddest part of all is that our "two party" system is just an "invite only party" of, by and for the corporate elites... It is all about maximun profit return$!
Since Corporations were given the same rights as people and because corporations are immortals (they aren't people because they don't die), they just get bigger & wealthier & more powerful & immune from real prosecution... they cause corruption, destruction, death... hell, even our planet is in jepordy directly due to our corporation's insane decisions and actions. When you think about the "mindset" of a corporation it is Sociopathic in nature (only concerned with maximum profits)... How many times have you heard the expression "nothing personal.... it's just business" while someone was taking advantage of you or manipulating "the system"?

Are we not living in a Globally Controlled Corporate Empire? Is this not the worst Fascist Regime? It is the largest & most technologically advanced concentration of power that weilds it's military might globally, uses commerce and trade to coherce other nations... actively spies on everyone and anyone it chooses to including it's own citizens... detains people indefinately without due process...

Freedom from Corporatism!

From the horses mouth,

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." -- Benito Mussolini ...

Wake up Americans!

No one in power since 2000 has any accountability...

Corporatism = Terrorism as far as I can determine.

Thanks for the great coverage on Henry Waxman's investigation of the GSA and Lurita Doan's poor record.
Isn't there some charges that could be brought against her for her lack of integrity and absolute criminal behavior?
I think Henry Waxman ought to run for president - I'd like to hear more about him.
My book recommendation for our next president to take to the White House is "People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn.
Thanks for a great program Mr. Moyer!

I think the next presidents needs to read Ken Wilber's "A Theory of Everything" and have a permanent study group (with rotating members)in the White House so s/he never forgets that we're a diversified humanity making up an ever changing kaleidescope of beliefs, ideas, and values.

You know we ought to stop being "shocked!" by the actions of the criminal gang, Republicrats and Demoblicans, in power in Washington DC.

The saying is the "buck stops here" and that's where it does stop these days, with we the people. We have no enemies abroad. Our enemies are our very own political class, both R&D it really makes no difference, right here in Washington DC.

We all know it yet we do nothing about it. Waiting for Obama or Hillary to clean it up? Don't make me laugh! Don't make me snarl and curse!! Those two have taken over $100 millione EACH, and we're not even out of the primaries yet!

Absolutely NOTHING will change but the names on the doors and on the desks if we the people do not throw these criminals out!

Mike Gravel, Ron Paul. The only two mainstream candidates who can be supported in conscience.

I'm voting for Mike Gravel, and if he doesn't win I'm never going to vote for another Demoblican again.

If Ron Paul gets the Republican nomination I'll vote for him. He'll be the first Republican I ever voted for.

If not Mike or Ron I'm never looking back. It looks like a third party year. It'll take much more than a year so we better hunker down for it.

We MUST make a third party, or stand trial with the principles themselves at the Anglo-American War Crimes Tribunal when it finally comes about.

I would would like to say that I'm amazed that the Bush Administration continues to keep known crooks, incompetents, and idiots on their jobs, but it doesn't amaze me at all.

The people who really should have gotten out of town, changed their names, and moved to Dudai, are George W. Bush and Richard Cheney. Doesn't that usually happen when someone sees an angry, rope toting mob yelling at them?

But our leaders have no ears, no minds, no hearts, and most of all - no self-repesct.

Until those loonies leave office, we're stuck with them and all the cheap crooks who work for them. I know all decent citizens are counting the days until they leave office.

Wouldn't it be great if they left the country too?

The House Democrats are unwilling even to hold hearings on the impeachment of VP Cheney or of the President. The complaints of Henry Waxman echo rather hollowly against that hard wall of unwillingness.

I have no doubt, most of the people agree “The Government is
dysfunctional! There is no accountability or responsibility....”!

360,000 veterans HOMELESS etc.! All political systems, Fascism,
Socialism, Communism and Capitalism have laws, rules, regulations,
authorities to benefit the elite class. All of these Political system have
a dictatorial power with no accountability.
“AMEND THE CONSTITUTION"! The government responsibility
accountability should be in the hands of the people to express their
“ WILL on ALL MAJOR ISSUES”! I believe that the candidate for
president should have read the “Karl Marx manifest”, It provides
guidance to solving social, economic functions that are deeply embedded
in a contemporary society. Just replacing one person with another without
amending the CONSTITUTION is no solution to the accountability and

'Meditations' by Marcus Antonius Aurelius.

The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius was perhaps the only true philosopher- king in the history of the world. A very humbling series of thoughts and stoic beliefs that can be practiced by not only the common citizen but also the the most powerful person on earth. I read it daily, sending quotes to our three children who are educators via text messaging. A very calming experience. Every day is a fresh beginning.

The Doan case is an example of what happens when words are bandied about and have no real impact other then to stir emotions.It reminds me a bit of what happens when a parent lectures a child at length and the child then goes on about his or her business as usual.The parent has vented and perhaps briefly feels better but the child is immune or considers it worth it to hear a tongue lashing as long as they have gotten away with what ever transgression inspired the chastisement.This administration is quite used to complaints and has discovered that the will does not seem to exist to back the words up with real consequences on Capital Hill..
How do I feel about the Doan case?I feel both confused and angry.I am puzzled about why an appointed official is not subjected to the same level of accountability as anyone else? What is the rationale for that?If Ms.Doan broke the law who actually has the power to discipline her If the President has the authority and is fully informed and chooses not to act on the findings that suggest a need for some kind of penalty is that the same thing as a judge having great amounts of latitude ,or at some point is the President obligated to act? If he is and does not can he be prosecuted?
The case demonstrates a need for carefully encoded procedures to ensure accountability that, if need be lead to convening a grand jury and a special prosecutor.and that takes this kind of situation out of the realm of politics and places it under the jurisdiction of the courts.Not that the courts are immune to political influence and corruption ,but there are more built in safe guards to limit it. Due process and penalties should be given an opportunity to work for justice and appointees should have to answer to more then the one(s) who appointed them.They work for us,and a jury of their peers would have them answer to us.The same could be said of the President. If he meets the criteria for impeachment then he should be subjected to the process. I am angry at the arrogance and stupidity that seem to dominate so many of the collective decisions made by some people in the administration and congress.. The media too frustrates me.It has not done enough to emphasize stories like this.I am however thankful to both Representative Waxman and to Bill Moyers for doing what they can to inform the public about this abuse of power and neglect of the common good.

Thank you, Bill Moyers first of all for coming back on the air & second for the great show with Henry Waxman. I do wonder though if perhaps he granted the interview on the basis that you not bring up the "Inconvenient Truth" that the time for impeachment proceedings was 6 years ago, when the Downing Street memo along with much other evidence was revealed. How does Waxman sit in that chair day after day, holding yet another hearing yet not supporting his colleague Dennis Kucinich in moving forward with the only option left, IMPEACHMENT. The lies that led us into Iraq, kidnapping & torture in the name of liberty, revealing the identity of a covert CIA operative, fire DOJ attorneys for not pursuing politically motivated indictments, illegal wiretapping & surveillance. These are just the few things that we ordinary citizens have learned of. Through your work we learn that is just keeps getting darker & deeper. Every good cop knows that when he catches a crook it is likely only one of many illegal acts that were committed. That is clearly the case with Bush/Cheney the rest.

Thank you interviewing Congressman Waxman. He is certainly an American patriot. He is also one of the reasons I will vote for the Democrat in my congressional district. Without a democratic majority-there would be no hearings at all.

Why isn't this Waxman guy running for President, instead of the ol' Party BS artists we're saddled with on the TV every night?

If "Cookie" Krongard really did resign
then he has time to get home to 9 Cornell Way, Montclair NJ, get his yard up to snuff, paint his disorderly looking house, (the worst looking house on the block) pick up those newspapers accumulating in his driveway, and finally make the place decent after all these years.

I think the federal government is one giant corrupt corporation that is totally out of control and doesn't give a damn about anything except their own self-serving interests. hg

Our government obviously does not work.

Congress lacks either the power or the ability to rid us of the CRIMINALS who usurped the Whitehouse through a judicial coup and corrupt voting system.

We are being bankrupt, our global integrity destroyed - while our elected officials keep talking and DO NOTHING.

Enough hearings and investigations - IT'S TIME TO PROSECUTE THE CRIMINAL BASTARDS!

If George Bush had only been in office for one or two years, Mr. Waxman's charges might have invoked great outrage. But after seven years and all of these charges thoroughly debated on various Internet Blogs, they fall into the category of Ho Hum old news. Indignation is a very brief emotion that usually leads to action to resolve the problem, not more indignation. The Democrats have even been able to regain a majority in Congress, a message from the electorate that they want these issues resolved yet the Democrat leadership continues to pander to the Administrative Branch and offer excuses of how they don’t really have a majority even though there are more of them than the other party.

I go back a long ways, having just started Social Security, and can hardly be classified as an Internet Geek, yet I can read the King’s English and have been able to followed many of these stories on the Internet since we first became entangled in this so-called war on Terror. If you’re not a Washington insider, it’s crystal clear that the 06 election was a mandate to clean up the mess in our government. So much for the election process, is revolution the only action remaining?

I suspect that the main problem in D.C. is the takeover of Congress by the lawyers and millionaires, the effect of money on what now passes for our Democracy. An interesting fact that came to my attention several months ago was that one out of every three members of Congress has a law degree; Thomas Jefferson once wrote a warning to the citizens to never let lawyers take control of your government. Another fact that arose was that House Leader Pelosi just happens to be the seventh richest person in Congress, 20 plus years in Congress have hardly sent many of them to the poor house. It was originally hoped that the makeup of Congress would reflect the average American city and neighborhood, I don’t know about you but I don’t have a lawyer living in every third house on my block and none of my neighbors have a staff of illegal aliens to maintain their yards, take care of their children, and carry their trash to the curb. Main Street America can only lament our former Democracy for and by the people as K Street and Wall Street now hold all the cards.

You whiney libs crying again? Republicans just need to load up on future campaign contributions. You complain about earmarks and porkbarreling, and now you complain about these sweetheart deals.
Then you whine again to try and limit free speech when using that money directed at friendlies when it is recycled into campaign contributions. Grow up!

You got to love this Government and what goes on. Can you imagine being pulled over by a cop and refusing to give him your license? Off to jail you go until bail is set. Mr. Shrub and his cronies continue to refuse any and all requests by Mr. Waxman or anyone else. Why? There is no punishment for doing so. Keep using whatever works. Sometimes; I think that it’s just built into the game plan and the rules. The Republic has morphed into meetings and disclosures and as long as the public think the Government is working, everything is ok. However; the end results are the same. We all suffer….

When credible people talk and write about Nixon’s impeachment and that he was a choir boy next to B$$H and his administration, one has to wonder why nothing is done. Personally; I think the talk about the difference between Republicans and Democrats is true. There all the same, they should form one party and call it the Demo-Republic…or better yet as my friend Lou says; Dumb-Republicans. Do away with elections and just run the country into the ground. It is headed that way. There are so many issues that just seem to fall off the table. Illegal immigration, the illegal Iraq War, Veteran care, job outsourcing are just a few and lets not forget enough evidence of wrong doing by B$$h to put on one of us behind bars for life if we were so charged….

Bill, as usual great reporting and interviewing!

Thanks Dennis

Mr. Moyers,
If I could watch only one program a week it would be yours. I wish that in a future program you would address the question, why have there been no impeachment proceedings against this administration? This is a mystery to me. Perhaps you could enlighten us on this.

Dear Mr. Moyers,
Thank you for your keen understanding of those in Congress who are doing their job, and for your investigative journalism in bringing these messages to us. My wife says regularly that you are single-handedly rescuing our democracy. The piece on Rep. Waxman's inquiries was informative and heartening to us. Our suggestion for the book our next president should read (bringing to the White House is not sufficient) is "The Long Emergency," Kunstler. Eric & Cynthia Anderson

Please excuse my ignorance but why were all the questions posed from Democrats? There didn't seem to be any Republicans with questions for Rice, Prince or others. I was under the understanding that this was a "congressional" hearing...not a "partisan" hearing. I mean isn't there outrage on both sides of the aisle...or are politicians more concerned with their partisan stand than with justice and truth?

With regard to the military contractors ie; Blackwater.
A line from a popular hollywood movie comes to mind, "We want the truth"...."You can't handle the truth!!". Everyone wants to know the truth, but do they really? Why is the government using them? Scahill refers to this in his book. Interesting book.

And one more thing, Waxman says he wants a 'good deal' for the American public...he wants to know that America is getting their money's worth, would his stand be just as staunch if this were a
Democratic Administration?
Seems to me the problems incurred are not partisan but human.

Mr. Moyers,
I agree wholeheartedly that words do count. So let's parse them. A dictionary definition of accountability -"responsibility, liability, answerability". So the Administration and its minions have taken responsibility - "I am the decider", been answerable, in their own fashion, and accepted liability (definition - "state of being responsible for something"). Mr. Waxman's committee has done its job! Yippee! It's postured for the public, demonstrated its righteous indignation and even asked for resignations! Holy cow!
So what? These administration folks are only doing just what their Boss appointed them to do and will not leave until they themselves become a liability ("hindrance, handicap, albatross", etc.) to their Boss, at which point he will only appoint someone else to do the same thing. Been there, done that. This is not rocket science.
Mr. Waxman will be holding new hearings... Oh goody!
You have had several guests on your show who have pointed out we already have more than enough "information" to go beyond the accountability phase and begin the next phase - indictment, which in this case would be impeachment by the House, and enough evidence for trial by the Senate. Holding more "hearings" is rather like bringing coals to Newcastle..
The only Pres. candidate who has called for this remedy, Kucinich, has been conveniently removed from the stage and so we hear no more talk in the media about this issue. So, sir, why didn't you ask the most obvious questions of Mr. Waxman - "Do you support impeachment? If not, why not?
In all your hearings so far, the administration has only dug itself deeper, so how many more do you need before proceeding with a remedy?"
This whole drama is rather like establishing that an individual is a crook, i.e. establishing that he is responsible ("accountable") for a robbery, and then failing to bring him to trial. What's the point?
Why aren't you asking these questions?
Without a trial, establishing "accountability" at this point, when the only other political remedy, losing an election, is a nullity, is no more than a dog and pony show. The crook is going scot-free. We, the people, have been robbed. We want more than "the judgement of history"; we want our day in court. These guys are dragging it out, and, I suggest, deliberately so, guaranteeing, for political reasons, that we will not get one. I had hoped that your analysis might at least have hinted at such.
Frankly, looking at the "major" (which raises a whole other issue) Pres. candidates left in the field, I think the only works they will take with them are those by Machiavelli. Rather I think it might be more instructive to give members of Congress a few books (perhaps they might read them - why not - they have the time they should be spending reading the legislation they are voting on). My suggestion is that they pick up a book, even Cliff's notes might do, on Greek mythology and look up the story of the terrible many-headed Hydra in which the "good guys" kept whacking off its heads, only to have 2 grow back for each one whacked off. The hero of the tale was the one who understood that the only way to vanquish the beast was to cut off the head at the center...
Or, if they prefer something a bit more "modern", let them peruse the legend of the Gordian knot....
(Where's Joseph Campbell when we need him?)

Posted by: Sue | February 2, 2008 11:28 AM

Thank you Mr. Moyers. If only more of our citizens would wakeup to reality and demand impeachment procedures on this administration. They have made a mockery out of our constitution, our military and the american people. Mr. Nixon and Mr. Clinton, were brought up on impeachment charges for much less offenses. As a military veteran, I am broken hearted with what's being allowed to happen, with country that I sacrificed and risked my life for.

Here is a book that the next president and all candidates should read BEFORE going to the white house. Some of us need to be reminded that infinite growth on a finite planet as advocated by most economists is not working. We all need to read "Money, life and illusion, living on earth as if we want to stay”, by Mike Nickerson. It might be enlightening to have Mr. Nickerson on your show for a perspective of what our future could be if we can make the needed changes. Another book to recommend is "The Party is Over" by Richard Heinberg, a realistic perspective on the American Dream foundering on the shoals of energy depletion and overpopulation.

I think the hearings are a waste of time as no one is punished, so what's the point? The book I would recommend is "Atomic Suicide" by Walter Russel, a 20th century American genius. He has been stricken from the record of our history because he was a threat to business interests. He gave science the formulas for Hydrogen enrgy and how to create water. At Westinghouse Labs he made 17 different compounds from water. He developed a new periodic table because the one we have was incomplete. He was the true discoverer of plutnium. He explained the relationship of God and the Universe. His work would solve our most pressing global problems. His biography is "The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe".

THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION SHOULD BE BROADCAST AS WIDELY AS POSSIBLE ASAP: Please type in THE CLINTON BODY-COUNT in the Google Search and read the 23 pages listing all the scandals the Clintons pulled off and got away with in the late 80's and early 90's. Why weren't the Clintons held accountable for all these wrongdoings?? This information MUST BE MADE AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC VOTERS ASAP BEFORE THEY CAST THEIR FINAL VOTE. WE MUST DO THE RIGHT THING FOR OUR COUNTRY. WE CANNOT ALLOW ANYONE WITH THIS BACKGROUND TO LEAD OUR COUNTRY, TO BE THE PRSIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Good for Rep. Waxman for exposing the blatant misuse of power by GSA Chairman Lurita Doan. Surely there is more that can be done to remove such appointees who use their offices for political purposes. I hope there is followup on this.

As a technology supplier to local and federal government agencies, this report doesnt surprise me one bit. The GSA is a joke, and its policies ADD to the cost of government purchasing, they dont reduce cost. The big companies who make political contributions win all the procurements that come from Washington. Anyone with a new and innovative product has an uphill battle against bureaucracy, favoritism and downright incompetence. Even dedicated government employees who attempt to allow competition and choice in the bidding process end up discouraged from attempting change.
As an example, consider the sweetheart deal Bush handed the drug companies for Medicaid drug coverage.
I am currently working on a project for a federal agency where my product clearly best meets the guidelines of the agency, but the order will probably be won by a large Texas computer company who seems to have a "preferred" contract with the agency. (Guess who?)

I think that Congress needs to start legislating and stop with all these "investigations". The Bush Administration has not anything wrong and they can't find anything. This is just a suspicion by a liberal Rep.

So waxman has criticized Lurita Doan. When is congress going to impeach her, or actually file charges against her? Never.

When is Waxman going to have a hearing with Sibel Edmonds laying out everything she knows about corruption at the highest levels of the CIA and the White house? When that happens and Congress is actually willing to investigate, impeach, remove from office and bring charges to Anyone in the executive branch, then Waxman, Pelosi, and Reid will have started to do their jobs. That would be a story.

If Mr. Moyers reporting can continue to lead to those ends, then kudos to him. If not, what hope have we?

Friday's show once again illustrates that this administration is the most corrupt. Not only do they violate the laws, they assume rights beyond a democratically elected government should be doing. How can we export democracy to other countries when we no long have one? just like in Iraq, the Bush adminstration's of democracy is by simply holding elections.

It worried me when Congressman Waxman said that the one person forced to resign by his hearings was allowed to do simply that, facing no further prosecution. Isn't that the entire problem? Presumably someone else stepped into his position with no fear of consequences should they do the very same things.

This made me ruminate on the fact made clear by your excellent presentation, that these hearings have no teeth. One reason I thought this is so is that if you go right to the top, the president has the pardoning power, currently reflected also in his power to issue signing statements, thus rendering Congress and its power to make laws or have hearings impotent.

I then reflected that not only can we go back to President Ford to see the birth of this corruption, but also to President Clinton, the last one that is. He at least kept it till the very end, but there he was, pardoning right and left, paving the way for this unimpeachable monstrosity we are currently enduring.

I want no more of it. But a program linking the pardoning power and the signing statements and tracing that right back to Nancy Pelosi's famous table would not hurt. Thank you for revealing at least a corner of that table.

Great informative show. However I was disgusted to see that Ron Paul was not included in the question about what book to take with him to the White House. I expect censorship by CNN and FOX but not PBS. Dr. Paul is a major presidential candidate. I will not be supporting my local PBS stations this year.

THEE most clear thinking program I've seen in years. All of this is so obvious to most of us out here. We vote etc. etc. and try to get our tiny voices heard above the masses of... well you know. Thanks for the great program and I hope that this administration is held accountable for every wrong doing it's done in the last horrific years.

Book to take to While House: A Theory of Everything by Ken Wilber. President Bill Clinton stated that the only solution to the problems of the world are to adopt principles as described in Ken Wilber's A Theory of Everything. Solutions to problems cannot be made from the same level of consciousness that created the problem but only from a more elevated or developed stage of consciousness.

BRAVO,I just saw the program with henry waxman.It was beyond excellent .Me being a C-SPAN junkie,I've witnessed those hearings,and what i witnessed,was more scary,then the things i saw in nightmares as a child.One thing i would like to know,i hear of a individual with a corporation,that was that was charged with a FELONY an only givin a fine.I was charged with a FELONY,when i was younger and dumber,and i went to jail,yet this man just got a fine.AMAZING Keep up the GREAT NEEDED work you do,as we have soo few like you.

I'd love to see this story picked up by additional programs such as "60 Minutes", "Frontline", CNN's series "Broken Government", and "Anderson Cooper 360 ...Keeping 'Em Honest". This information should be broadcast as widely as possible ASAP!!!

I cannot thank you enough, Mr. Moyers, and Representative Waxman, for your efforts and courage. It is so sad to see this administration's allegiance to greed and deception rather than to the citizens it is sworn to protect.

Enough with so-called political correctness, it's just a way for people to blatantly lie with words. The body and the non-verbals speak otherwise. Rice is a liar, and Waxman should've just come right out and said it. All of them should have. Rice isnt' skillful, Prince isn't intelligent, they're just coached and practiced at the art of saying nothing. Enough niceties, enough excuses and enough vague rhetoric. Even these devils can cite scripture...

Dear Mr. Moyers,
Thank you for your program tonight with Henry Waxman and the criminal revelations of the Bush Administration officials he has uncovered for the public. It is time for Impeachment Hearings for Bush, Cheney, Rice, and prosecution for all of them as well as the officials seen as committing crimes uncovered by Rep. Waxman. Why isn't Blackwater and private mercenary contractors and others stoped? We are being ripped off as taxpayers by this out of control, criminal, corrupt administration. The destroying of government evidence, from the White House, to CIA, to State Dept. must have some prosecution and not be allowed to get away with it. Why hasn't this scandal been on NPR and front pages of newspapers? Our democracy has been severly damaged by the criminal behavior of our administration. If this were known by the American people, there would have to be prosecutions and removal from office of these White House officials and their cronies.

Thanks for interviewing Rep. Waxman on tonight's show. I'm a Californian, and even though he's not my representative, I have written to him just to thank him for the great job he does. He's a rare politician who does his job well and who represents and cares about the people. I applaud his courage in bringing Doan, Prince, Rice, and others to task--as they should be--since our money is being spent and since so much of our money has seemed to disappear in the last seven years! Waxman should get on board with Congressman Wexler and call for impeachment; it certainly seems appropriate.

Superb. Enlightening. Should be seen by all 18 and older in the US - maybe more would vote.

Shame on Doan. Shame on Rice. Shame on Bush. Shame on us as a nation if nothing comes of this.

Thank you Rep. Waxman for insisting on integrity and accountability.

Thank you Mr. Moyers for reporting on what matters.

Posted by: kcm | February 2, 2008 01:12 AM

I would recommend the book by GEORGE LAKOFF for the next president to take to the white house to read.
Great show tonite

Waxman is my hero. I'm wondering what happens if at the end of this year we don't have all the necessary evidence to hold these people accountable? Or even if we do and time runs out, (a new Administration is ushered in)do they just walk out the door and that's the end of it?

I would recommend the book by tomm hartmann for the next president to take to the white house to read.
"the last hours of ancient sunlight..
Great show tonite,of course all moyers shows are..

Senator Waxman's brilliant work sadly reinforces my most appropriate quote
"Club Repub., It's not what's good for the country, it's what's good for the Club!"

What is the difference between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? A lot more than most think. It lies in their actions and their records, which speak far louder than their similar policy platforms.

I forgot my book suggestion. "1984" by George Orwell.

Scahill's exposure of Blackwater and ilk, private military mercenary machines, was shocking, especially when one considers Blackwater has only existed for the last decade or so.

Scahill also points out that Rumsfeld seemed to have plans to fight the next war, before even 9-11, with private contractors on a one to one ratio with the US military.

A more troubling aspect of outsourcing the war while paying Blackwater
employees, and others, three to five times the rate of a soldiers pay, is the notion that there are only a few ways that governments are over thrown.

Consider that during Roman times, and also the current era, a person seeking power, or in power, was able to garner the support of the military forces in order to overthrow the existing form of government while instituting their own
coup governments controlling and holding citizens in check by the use of force.

Add a new scenario, government overthrow or seizure via private miliary contractors and or mercenaries.

I never use to be a Second Amendment pro gun type advocate, but as the Bush years have unfolded and many of our previous standing rights and liberties have been infringed upon, I can totally understand the need for private citizens to want to have the right to bear arms.

Just as the original founders of this country, while still a colony of England, deemed it necessary to revolt against the rule of England, some American people always want to have that security that the same liberty would be afforded to them, as the founding fathers had and exercised.

IMO, the next President of the White House should read something regarding the actual concept of governing and government, such as Plato's Republic, where it's hypothetically put forth how governments decay into such forms as totalitarianism and dictatorship.

I want to offer my gratitude to Congressman Waxman also. When someone in the political establishment takes a stand like this, to do the 'right thing', they are often jeaopardizing there own careers. Thank you for doing for us what we could not do ourselves.

I also want to give my sincere gratitude to Bill Moyers for constantly exposing these situations and letting us know what is going on inside the inner workings of our government. Bill, you do a monumental service to all of us. Thanks!!

I want to offer my gratitude to Congressman Waxman also. When someone in the political establishment takes a stand like this, to do the 'right thing', they are often jeaopardizing there own careers. Thank you for doing for us what we could not do ourselves.

I also want to give my sincere gratitude to Bill Moyers for constantly exposing these situations and letting us know what is going on inside the inner workings of our government. Bill, you do a monumental service to the citizens of the US. Thanks!!

It is so comical to watch Waxmans comittees "cherry pick " their hearings to go after the Bush administrations management and secrecy.
I suggest they try to get information from the Clinton library before election day.

The one book I would have them take: Strange as this Weather Has Been; by Ann Pancake

Excellent story. It is disheartening to see "public servants" so willing to hide, deflect, and obscure the truth. This outside contracting of the war is frightening.
Go Senator Waxman.

Accountability is a word many people don’t like, because it is connected with responsibility, conscience and self criticism. No one likes scrutinizing himself; it is against of his own ego. And if there is a statistic of the most selfish and egoistic people on the face of the earth, we are probably on the top position. “World series” is played in one country alone…, USA. There are no foreign participants. That I believe is a good example of our “World” addictions and ego. Yet that is not what I would like to write.

I would like a National Security Administration to walk and collect all the data available, the present office to be held under guard for Treason, Abuse of power and government funds for private interest. As well as war criminal charges, and so on and so forth.

It is very simple scam actually.

1. Get yourself a media to cover the anything with junk news, From M. Jackson, to P. Hilton, and anything in between. Rupert Murdoch, is an Australian. And as such he can go home and we would have hard time holding him accountable for what he did to American media. By some unforeseen coincidence he happens to be Republican as well. So we took care of the news, information and propaganda.

2. Put the right players in the right “key” positions, we actually watched them under oath saying what they had to say. I’m curious what would they say if they where “water boarded”. That is their invention. Name, amounts, accounts, connections… etc.

3. Here is the most important part, Outsourcing. If #2 doesn’t work because of incorruptibility in a certain government employees, hire mercenaries. They are not accountable in front of anybody, if they happen to be of the sort that have conscience… send them to sure dead. And then half the money for you, half for me. After, that same money in foreign charity funds, group or banks and use them as pleased. I’m curios to know who the shareholders of “First Kuwaiti” are.

This Office, was placed, and guided in its actions, from the Florida elections 8 years ago up to now. I would suggest all the information to be disclosed and public process be held, as well as people going in jail. As it happened in Nierenberg, which is the only way US can face the world, and get out of this mess. And the first step is actually very simple, Broadcaster to start pay for using the airways. If the media cannot provide to the people, let them pay, so the big one would pay most. Money can subsidize public television. And this show as well.

And last the book. Orwell’s “Animal farm”, we are not that far from that reality.

I do not understand why Doan was nor anyone else shown testifying - that is - lying under oath in these hearing was not charged with perjury in addition to the crimes they committed. It's all well & good to hold hearings - but we see no result.

I appreciate that Rep. Waxman holds these hearings- but saying that he believed there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq- sorry, it is not an acceptable statement. Didn't he listen to the U.N. inspectors? Why would he believe anything the Bush administration said?

Scahill's book Blackwater covers America's attempt to privatize a world police force

it's the arrogance of it all that gets to me. that smugness as they deflect, spin, and deny. at least "cookie" (what's with the nicknames and this Administration?) had the common sense to bail.

who can forget the whoop and holler raised about "what will kids learn" from the antics of the Clinton Administration.

What skill set are kids acquiring from this Administration?

Great show. Please keep up the good work in keeping the American people informed. It is a breath of fresh air.

Suggested book to have in the White House; Long Walk to Freedom Nelson Mandela Bio. Thank you on our investigative reporting. I was dishearten by today's program. However enlighten and inspired to continue to be engaged in our political process. Thank You

There should be provisions for Congress to be able to rescind approvals for appointees when Hatch Act violations or other crimes are discovered. Where is the strength in oversight absent the ability to force compliance with the law?

The Constitution is in tatters. This all stems from the obstinate refusal of Nancy Pelosi to commence impeachment hearings. As far as I'm concerned, every representative and senator who has failed to uphold his or her oath of office and has or continues to destroy the Constitution is guilty of treason. Impeachment of them all should be affected. I fear for the country, and I think that the Constitution is already too damaged to be fully restored.

The founders knew that the power of the Constitution is not inherent. Rather, it can be undone by the failure of the legislative and judicial branches to apply checks and balances. /a silent coup has already been affected, from all appearances.

After listening to you AGAIN discuss the secrets of the Bush administration and the attempts of Congress to investigate, and the clear indications that crimes have been committed, my response to your question on the book the next president needs has to be the Directory of Criminal Justice Professionals, so he has at hand the names of the thousand people that will be needed for the Special Criminal Investigation and Prosecution unit to investigate all the actions of the Bush administration.

Congress must not be bogged down with the massive investigation required, nor should the Justice department be bogged down with it, and Congress needs one place to seek status on investigations and reports on progress.

The next administration needs to be warned that the next administration can carry out a probing and potentially hostile investigation by carrying out a probing and hostile investigation of the Bush administration. Nothing would focus the minds of future administrations than knowing that their crimes will be prosecuted by the opposing party when they leave office.

It's a travesty that such flagrant disregard for the tax payers interests is so much a part of the Bush administration. I commend Mr. Waxman and his commitees' resolve to seek out the truth. Many Americans are frustrated by this administrations waste, fraud and abuse.

That was one of the most powerful shows I've ever seen. The Oversight Committees need to have the power to vote on removing gov. employees from their positions when it's so obvious they are corrupt. I'm an Independent and try to be aware of the plus and minuses of both party's but I see nothing but minuses with this administration and Republicans in general..

Brilliant work-Ms. Doan should be ashemed of herself for being so evasive

I am totally discouraged by the deceitful and secretive policies of our present government and I am afraid that absolutely nothing will change until they are out of power. Our country has been badly damaged by this ruling group. Thank heaven for Congressman Waxman and all that he does for the American people and our country.

I think President Bush should be impeached, I think Condoleezza Rice should share Bush's jail cell, and thank God for Henry Waxman and his committee, which I notice Dennis Kucinich is on, to keep an eye on things on behalf of the public. However, I'm very upset that, outside of embarrassing people, there's apparently very little real outcome to the committee's findings. The Doan woman was asked to resign, but she was not made to because of being a Republican crony. This, to me, is one of the best reasons I can think of not to allow another Republican in the White House for the next sixteen years.

I wish the majority of American people get to watch this episode. This would put pressure on the gov appointees to be more accountable for their actions. I really regret that only small number of people will know about what's reported in this show.

I'm a Federal employee and have to totally watch my back due to the Hatch Act. I must be very careful not to identify myself to the public except as a generic Federal scientist and have to have any outside employment (even if not related to my job) reviewed all the way up to my Bureau's Ethics office in DC. So you can imagine who angry I am when I read about doings at the Department of Interior and GSA, the organizations that are supposed to be the watchdogs to prevent the abuse of Federal money and power.

Very nice work, and my gratitude to ppl like Waxman who slug it out everyday.

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