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How Have You Been Impacted By The War?

This week on the JOURNAL, Bill Moyers explored the new documentary film BODY OF WAR with filmmakers Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro. Donahue explained that the film, which follows disabled Iraq war veteran and anti-war activist Tomas Young, was intended to capture the brutal realities of war:

"My inspiration for this film was the naked child running from the napalm. Remember that Vietnam picture? I mean, terrified, this little girl is totally naked... See the pain. Don't sanitize the war. If you're gonna send young men and women to fight for this nation, tell the truth. That's one of the biggest reasons for the First Amendment, and we haven't been. And so I thought 'I will tell the story,' the real story of the harm in harm's way."

Photo Credit: Associated Press

How have you been impacted by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

  • Do you have a friend, family member, or loved one involved in the war effort?

  • Phil Donahue said a single photograph inspired him to want to make BODY OF WAR. How has the media coverage of Iraq and Afghanistan affected you?

  • Does today's media, as Donahue would say, "tell the truth?"

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    How do I feel about the war? This is a question that opens many, many feelings and topics. The most basic is that Iraq II was a huge mistake by Bush, Congress, and the citizens of these United States. Any war that is started on rumors(intelligence) whether they are manipulated or not is unwarranted. Little to no diplomacy was used which does make one want to take a very hard look at Bush and Cheney and the reasons they jumped into this mess. Iraq was already surrounded by coalition forces and being monitored intensely. There was no need to endanger our troops, the Iraqi public, world stability, or what has amounted to our nations wealth. Sadam, while he was a despot worthy of removal, had kept Alqueda out of Iraq and the country was relatively stabile. The declaration of war has destabilized not only Iraq but the entire region as well as bring Alqueda into Iraq. Alquedas followers have increased with every member that gets killed. Mr Bush has strengthen bin Laden's followers resolve and increased their numbers immensely. His use of troops(Natioanl Guard, Reserve, and regulars) has weakened our military and homeland security in a manner that will take decades to recover from. The deaths of soldiers and civilians alike is intolerable and most certainly un-necessary. The National Guard that was supposed to be our protecters back home incase of disasters and other emergencies has not only lost personnel but large numbers of equipment needed here. Also condemable is the gross loss of billions to trillions of tax dollars that have been funneled almost everywhere except or troops and their equipment. I have totally lost track of how many times citizen groups have banded together to make sure that our troops had the equipment they needed in Iraq. Where the heck did all of our money go? Body armor, nite vision goggles, inadequate armor on vehicles, the list just goes on and on. It is fairly obvious that the majority of our money has ended up in the wrong peoples pockets. Just like anything else with the Bush administration there has been absolutely no accountingfor anything from billions of dollars spent to missing votes in elections. And yet Congress, that mystical branch of our government which is supposed to protect us from these misdeeds, has strangely fallen useless and flacid. The House inquirey of the Administration last July 25th was eerily and sickeningly scary. You could almost see the American Dreams being swept under Nancy Pelosi's table. It really makes you wonder whatelse has been going under her table! Dwight David Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex but obviously his words have been forgotten just like the oaths of office our elected officials take for their offices. It is not only the American dream that is vanishing but the Americans as well. Our great experiment in Freedom and Democracy is being strangled by greed and avarice. If we do not retake control of our government by voting out almost all incumbents this fall we may never save this noble country and all that it has stood for!

    Mr. Williams, i too am a retired senior NCO, but I thought we had seen the last of such foreign policy debacles as Vietnam. Oh my, how I was wrong. You see, war is big business and big business runs America. It all makes sense now. I encourage you all to read a book called The Shock Doctrine. It's worth every ounce of reading but, beware, it's also like a cold, hard kick in the teeth.

    How has the war affected me? From being a retired 1SG, on an emotional level I remain connected to those who fight and serve. Yet, intellectually there is a literal abyss in my belief for what I served for. The same applies to what form of government I was applauded for 'keeping' by the general public. It was very similiar to finding out Santa wasn't real. Fault me for idealistic but but we all must have a belief in something, sadly I am still searching.

    Repost (May 31st)-of my argument before being attacked by fascist dupes:

    The lies are all of one piece.
    When oil executives testify that drilling in delicate places will solve our capitalist dilemma, ask them why nothing is forthcoming from the country we occupy, the country with the second most abundant reserves in the world, Iraq. What more delicate place is there than that failed state?

    Our troops (and millions of other people)died for oil profits, not oil itself, because invading Iraq has been the most successful speculative manipulation in economic history. When investors buy oil futures while simultaneously withholding product from the market (waiting for peak price and term convergence) we are enraged. As the puppet Iraqi regime is bribed into further sequestering we realize American citizens' extortion at the pump is synonymous with Iraqi citizens' nightmare of limbo amid plenty.
    Surely we do need to move past this knot to alternative energy, but what better way to control and mediate (maximize profits from) the inevitable adjustment than to make the change desperate and sudden. This tack makes even the greater evil debacle of new nuclear plants (at public expense and liability for guaranteed private profit) seem reasonable (in the short term irrationality).

    Naomi Klein in "Shock Doctrine" delineated their method, but maybe the corporate elitist success, masked as civil failure in Iraq, is the most cruelly ingenious and most diabolical Machiavellian strategy humanity has ever endured. The
    parallel and entwined shorting of food commodities only reinforces
    my assessment. False flag terrorism even seems possible with such a gigatinormous jackpot in play: such is faschism!

    Now awakened, we've all become soldiers by default in a common struggle against our overlords. Is our abbatoire fate sealed by the demise of our privacies, rights and freedoms? Has the "gas chamber" door closed?
    Answer me, Moyeristas. Will I see you at the Inauguration with brave Tomas on your minds?

    Feel free to comment at

    Forgiveme, Mr. smith, but I must ad a post script to my comments...

    The Great and Powerful Saddam Hussein- the great sponsor of terrorism, the great threat to the middle east, Isreal, and to world peace, the direct, clear, and present danger to the freedom and security of America- was found by a small American combat platoon hiding under a sheet of plywood in a dirt hole. The great middle- east monster, dictator supremeo, a man so powerful and threatening he forces America to go to war against him to defend our very way of life- was found hungry, thirsty, and covered in filth begging to a staff sergeant to make a deal. Instead of launching his weapons of mass destruction against our invading forces, or launching nukes against Isreal, or gassing the Saudi's, or calling upon all those terrorists he was harboring the man we all feared was a coward who deserted his sons and was a scorned ruler who couldn't even get another hation to give him sanctuary. Saddam Hussein was a fraud! And guess what, Einstein, so was the war in Iraq.

    Mr. Neil Smith, war isn't about kicking butt. War is about death, and suffering. War does not decide who is right, it only decides who is left.

    One can only wonder why mankind remains a warrior species, and despite the horrors of wars past refuses to learn and adapt itself individually and collectively to a more peaceable nature. Perhaps, Mr. Smith, Plato was correct and modern man is just a more civilized savage after all. In such case we may be doomed. Perhaps we are doomed already. But certainly the Neanderthal, apelike rhetoric you have infected this forum with is perhaps the qunitwessential example why an ignorant, dishonest, and ambitous man or woman- such as you or George W. Bush- should never be given real responsibility, authority, or power over others lives.

    greate introducton to the subject but it was cut before the discution started - you can't have progress without competition and USSR is out and nobody is in

    To Jack and Grady:
    You are defeatests and traitors. If we had it your way, Saddam would still be in power. Both of you probably miss him. Don't you?

    You are nothing by liberal crybaby wimps. When we are not in war, you love to make a war about everything. When we are actually in a war, you want to run and hide and retreat.

    Communism is alive and well with Jackie Girl and Grady Girl. Yes, folks, lets all subscribe to their idea of common thought and one party dictatorship. Yes, folks, I just "love" "thoughtless" war, but it is Jackie and Grady that like slavery. It's for the "commom good". Is that right Jackie Girl and Grady Girl?

    I am wondering? Have either one of you read 1984? or Animal Farm?

    My Heck, I probably have a more liberal education than either one of you. A Pair of morons.

    Gore/Lieberman ...Kerry/Edwars. Didn't they all lose?
    YEUP..they all did.


    Well, Moyeristas, you be the judge. Imagine if Nil Smith were inducted into, or later commanding, "Naval (navel) Intelligence." (I do not believe this blowhard is for real by any means.) Yes, I can write pretty well, but I know I'm only an average guy, except when it comes to trying hard and caring about others. I'll work my best and argue my head off for peace. If you prefer thoughtless war, support NIL. (I apologize for Grady. He's emotional.)

    Uber Alles Nell Smith, Neil Smith? (Don't mess with our sub-commander Jack. He is sincere.)Well, you no longer couch your nihilist language. In 2000 Jesse Jackson said,"Come out de Bushes; Comeout de bushes!" He meant GWB was a liar and a fraud, racist-profiteer-warmonger. If I have my way we will kick Napalm John McCain's butt and yours too. Anyway, when did you personally ever fight in a war, Nelly? You live in a Rush Limbaugh Oxicotyn make-believe world. Kiss the Furhrer's poop chute, you idiot!

    I am an American university literature professor who for decades emphasized literary iinstead of political or military subjects. But in the early 1990s, I began to fear that undergraduates were growing up without any knowledge of what a major war can do to a country, whereas I remember Vietnam and the fallout from it. So I developed and taught the course 'Documentary Film and Literature of Modern War' for the Honors College at my university. My life has been permanently changed because of what I learned from planning and teaching the course. There are simply no words to describe how I feel about what is going on in the Middle East, so I shall simply say that we are on the brink of World War Three, even though few of the people to whom I talk believe me.

    Thank you, Bill Moyers, for your enlightened, intelligent program.

    I am looking at this day like the start of something new for America. I realize it is not a good time for the real Americans of this country. No matter what color, nationality or religious belief. It is a time for looking within. At what we can do to right the wrongs perpetrated against us daily.
    I am a veteran of the U.S.Navy (61-65), a proud American that knows the plight we are in "to save Our Country" from the profiteers that have taken over. It is a disgrace what we have allowed to happen by not participating and not voting. We have to pull together to right these wrongs on all the fronts put before us, with the vote and our participation in our towns politics.
    Speak out America and right the wrong! Participate and vote these demons that are stealing from us Our young and willing. Rush to tip of sword, be a defender of our Constitution and respect those that fell before us.

    Sorry, forgot to make 'my point'...Does anyone think that these people are impacted by 'anything' that happens outside of their world...or perhaps the world of some celebrity or sports figure?...I seriously doubt they ever have a thought run through their minds...

    ...ohh, I seriously doubt they ever have a thought run through their minds that have anything to do with the million+ deaths that have occurred in Iraq...In fact, I would go to Vegas and place a significant bet that they don't even know where Iraq is or who the US is fighting...or why...of course I still haven't figured out the last part myself...I guess I'm waiting to be told, like everyone else...Of course I'm still trying to understand why the best advice to America was to 'go shopping' while the invasion was being prepared???...Were China's exports dipping or some other valid reason?...I sure hope Obama's head is small enough to fill jr's hat...otherwise, he may have to do a little shopping himself...good luck trying to find anything made in 'Our Country' any longer...I understand that 'THE WAR' put Americans to work...Entire industries were created overnight, shops completely re-tooled and America's economy actually got a gigantic boost from all the 'lazy Americans' who 'went to work to defend freedom and the American way of life' were the same ones who became the manufacturers, laborers, designers, etc, etc...Some how we won a war on several fronts because Americans came together and Won it!...So, again I wonder how will this war impact those who've suffered and will continue to because of it...The real impact of this war 9as horrible as it is and has been, I'm afraid is just 'the tip of the iceberg'...good call jr...

    I just saw an episode of Jay Leno's 'jaywalkers'...He interviewed a bank employee, an anesthesiologist and aybe a 'teacher'(?) any rate, it was a varied 'professional' slice of America...These people didn't know who George Washington, Roosevelt, Jackson, etc, etc...they'd never heard of Lewis and Clark or the Wright Brothers, much less Frank Loyd Wright...who was famous because he was always right (er' Write) and never wrong...

    And then I see a blog like this one...allowing folks to express their thoughts about matters such as 'the war', politics, etc, etc...These people don't even know who our 1st president was, much less 'who' is running for president now or more importantly what they stand for...After seeing these people, I doubt they even know where they are...

    To: Jack Martin
    From: Neil Smith

    Jack. You mean to tell me you don't know what it means to "kick butt"?

    Jack, WAR isn't about your analogies or intellectualisms. WAR isn't about your idea of right or wrong. WAR isn't about your idea of morality. WAR, Jack, is about absolute pure destruction. The losers of it, die. The winners of it go on to lead wrecked lives. Have I made myself clear?

    Further, I destest the insult that I don't honor Tom's courage. Of course I honor his courage. (He probably kicked a few butts along the way too!)

    Also, I have a question for you...Was it a bunch of Nihilists that defeated the Germany that you referenced to? Or was it our American Soldiers who braved brutal conditions who had the mind set that we had better KICK BUTT first and quick before they kick ours?

    You are a defeatest. You are hoping we lose the WAR in Iraq so that your party can say "SEE BUSH WAS TERRIBLE!" No Jack. It isn't working out that way.
    Al Queda is on the brink of defeat in Iraq.

    The Terrorist understand that WAR is about Kicking butt.

    The Republicans understand that WAR is about Kicking Butt.

    Yet the Democrats (minus a few) are totally ignorant about this. It's like I have to scream it their faces....WAR ISN'T ABOUT RIGHT OR WRONG OR MORALITY.....IT IS ABOUT KICKING BUTT!!!

    Repeat after me...Kick butt...kick butt...kick butt...kick get it now Jack?

    We went to Iraq to enforce the UN resolutions that Saddam Hussein absolutely violated. This is a body of foreign VIP offcials in New York City that your party loves. We did it on the premise that Saddam may have Weapons of mass destruction. You call this a lie. Good. I am sooooooo glad that Bush Screwed up on this. Life is easier for all when one screws up on the conservative.

    As if Bush "lieing to us" was some terrible thing. Again, this is the Democrats idea that War is about right and wrong...when IN FACT and IN TRUTH we went to IRAQ to guess what JACK?....KICK BUTT! Why was it so wrong to feel scared that Saddam may,might,perhaps have WMDs? Should I have not felt that feeling Jack? Really, should I have felt that numb and stupid. Seriously, do you really want to be vaporized by a Nuke? Seriously Jack, this is why WAR was relevant to perserving life! It stabilizes everything to make things a lot better in the long run. Don't belive me, Jack? Ask George Washington, Ask Andrew Jackson, Ask Abraham Lincoln, Ask Teddy Rooselvet, Ask Woodrow Wilson, Ask Franklin Roosevelt, Ask Harry S Truman, Ask John F Kennedy, don't ask Lyndon B Johnson (he thought War was about politics), but really Ask Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W Bush. They get that War is about Kicking butt in order to preserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    You cry, "There was no link between Saddam and Osama". Again this statement shows that Democrats think that War is about right and Wrong. No Jack, Warriors don't look for links ... THEY LOOK FOR BUTT TO KICK. Get it now? My goodness, I hope you do!

    Now that Saddam,the ultimate Nihilist, is dead and gone we can now be 100% sure there is NO link between Saddam and Osama. Oh the "shame" that Bush put on us...I know Jack. I know.

    Did you ever think that it may, just may, have taken a few KICK BUTTS to get us to the "NO LINK" exists state?

    But, I know. You will still whine and moan how terrible this adminstration is. Hhmmmmmmmmm........It leads me to conclude that it is because the Democratic Party isn't in power! Yeup. Your party isn't in the limelight right now. The terrorists are in the lime light. Osama is in the limelight. Saddam (for a while) was in the limelight and the Republicans are in the limelight....BUT OH NO! The Democrats aren't! Instead, they try real hard that War is about right and wrong.

    Do I relish WAR? Jack, Warriors are the greatest lovers of peace. Really Jack, ask any of them! My heck, ask Tom! He will tell you first, along with every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and Marine that they are the FISRT ones to want to see and end to this conflict. Why Jack? Because it is THEM who are on the front lines!!! NO DUH! Pitiful for you to purport that they (or myself) relish in this crap. This isn't a happy time. This isn't a "good" time. No Jack, WAR is hell. And we only have two ways out it. Door #1: Win it or Door #2: Lose it. Not a lot of choices, I know. But, as an American, I'd prefer door #1: Win it! We like to see winners. Don't you Jack? We like to see the bad guys die for their country. Don't you Jack?

    Jack, am I personally involved in the War. I have already talked to my recruiter to be an Intelligence Officer for the United States Navy. Yeup, once my paper work is done, completed and turned in and accepted, I will be in Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island and I will graduate as an Ensign in the United States Navy. So your dig about why I haven't signed up, when in fact I am trying to sign up, only proves to me that you enjoy writing blogs, in hopes that other people will think that you are some kind of world class liberal thinking philosopher. I would bet that no one has read your junk at all.

    Jack, accept this as my counsel to you.

    Sincerely, Neil Smith

    How can one not feel the impact of our invasion of Iraq?

    help me find a place to see the movie. I live in Naples, Florida

    Nel Smith? I cannot detect any meaningful content in your post. How is "kicking butt" relevant to the value of life or the survival of humanity on this planet? It is as if you were a parent and you would as soon sign your child up for combat in Iraq (any faction) as enroll them in peewee soccer. Nihilism is ugly; but casual nihilism is truly demented. (No wonder Fred Nietzsche became catatonic in marshal Germany?) Do you have no regard for Tomas' hard won honor? And why aren't you personally engaged in the ultimate activity you relish: warfare? May I counsel you?

    For those who hate this war in Iraq...good. I am glad that you do. Yet, I am for the war in Iraq.

    Let me explain.

    War (or any war) was never about right or wrong. War is about kicking butt! War is not and never will be about morality. So please, stop painting this war as wrong WAR or that BUSH lied to us. With's implied. Not deduced.

    The lies are all of one piece.
    When oil executives testify that drilling in delicate places will solve our capitalist dilemma, ask them why nothing is forthcoming from the country we occupy, the country with the second most abundant reserves in the world, Iraq. What more delicate place is there than that failed state?

    Our troops (and millions of other people)died for oil profits, not oil itself, because invading Iraq has been the most successful speculative manipulation in economic history. When investors buy oil futures while simultaneously withholding product from the market (waiting for peak price and term convergence) we are enraged. As the puppet Iraqi regime is bribed into further sequestering we realize American citizens' extortion at the pump is synonymous with Iraqi citizens' nightmare of limbo amid plenty.
    Surely we do need to move past this knot to alternative energy, but what better way to control and mediate (maximize profits from) the inevitable adjustment than to make the change desperate and sudden. This tack makes even the greater evil debacle of new nuclear plants (at public expense and liability for guaranteed private profit) seem reasonable (in the short term irrationality).

    Naomi Klein in "Shock Doctrine" delineated their method, but maybe the corporate elitist success, masked as civil failure in Iraq, is the most cruelly ingenious and most diabolical Machiavellian strategy humanity has ever endured. The
    parallel and entwined shorting of food commodities only reinforces
    my assessment. False flag terrorism even seems possible with such a gigatinormous jackpot in play: such is faschism!

    Now awakened, we've all become soldiers by default in a common struggle against our overlords. Is our abbatoire fate sealed by the demise of our privacies, rights and freedoms? Has the "gas chamber" door closed?
    Answer me, Moyeristas. Will I see you at the Inauguration with brave Tomas on your minds?

    I can't stop thinking about Thomas, the movie and how hapless I feel. I've voted, been angry, been against the war and the Bush Administration since his father destroyed this country, and still this country still hasn't gotten to the "no more" moment. I don't know what else it has to take anymore. Each time another revelation comes to light about the way we have been lied to, I think, 'ok, now things are going to happen', but no, it still seems like we get upset for a while and just go back to our lives. I hope and pray that seeing Thomas hopefully will put a face to what so many people are too complacent to get angry over.
    The worst part of this is who is going to be the one to apologize to him and all the others who were fed these lies? Who will comfort their mothers and fathers when they get the call that their child is dead or injured? Bush? Cheney? Heck no, it will be us, the nobodies who live our lives trying to do the best we can. I don't know if it will ever comfort the families enough. For that, I am deeply sorry and I hope you know how much it pains me.

    I watched, again, your program about Thomas; and of course, words fail. So, I'd like to convey something I wrote after the death of my son, age 36, in 2006.

    "I Still Do Not Know How Cindy Sheehan Feels"
    My son died suddenly from the same thing that killed my older brother when he was 26, something that refuses to kill Dick Cheney, a blood-clot ripped through his great heart. I found him the next day, in his bed, there was nothing for me to do but call 911.
    There is no closure this side of the grave; but when I came out of the fog, I thought of Cindy and all the 'gold star moms'.
    I realized that my first born, only son was gone forever; but, I still do not know how Cindy Sheehan feels.
    My son, a special needs person, lived at home with his younger sister and me. We were always the Three Musketeers; his bedroom was next to mine. When I found him he was on his side, fist in the air; he would knock on our common wall when he needed me. The pulmonary embolism took him so quickly he was unable to let me know anything. And, I still do not know how Cindy Sheehan feels; my son was in his own bed, under the same roof with the people who loved him more than anything.
    I have joined the ranks of parents unfortunate enough to see their child dead, like my mom and her mom before, I do not know how it feels to have a child, after being lied to about everything, far away killed in a land where the people hate us; after all we did, with no cause, invade and continue to occupy a country, many would say two, that did not and could not do us harm. I consider the mothers of their dead 'gold star mothers' as well.
    I will never know how it must feel to have your, adored child, first born son killed or maimed in a place they should never have been sent.
    Look at the wall in DC; the names representing the loss and heartache of thousands of 'gold star moms', and my mother never knew that pain and we talked about that fact way back in 1970. She did not live to see her first born grandson dead.

    So, I cannot assume that I know how Casey's mom and Thomas' mom feel; but I care; and will never confuse our Shanghaied troops with the real enemies of America. The members of this cur administration, the Rapepublicans who rubber stamped everything they wanted and the craven, complicit Dems who rolled over, are nothing less than WAR CRIMINALS.
    Thomas, Casey and all the slaughtered I see on the 'honor roll' on the News Hour; are in my thoughts and those whose homeland has become a concentration camp and slaughter house, haunt me as well.

    Welcome home, Thomas!

    Until we teach our children never to war, the war will never end.


    You can read my article ptsd in a nut shell, and see the other normal affects of war on individuals and families in the aftermath of war coping with ptsd too.

    Since I am reading "Up Country" by Nelson DeMille, I went online to check out my friend, James Rowden, who was the first casualty in the Vietnam conflict from Southern Oregon...his brother, John, was also killed 2 years later. It is so obvious from "Body of War" that this country has never learned from history, especially when the neocons from Reagan's era proceeded with another unprovoked war. Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld got their wish...I only pray that they suffer as much as their arrogance and ignorance has caused those in this useless war!

    The violence between Iraqis keeps being called sectarian, as if this were their's is a fight about religion. But more and more I have noticed the word "oil " showing up in what they are fighting about.

    Since the MSM doesn't want to talk about how oil influences our actions, maybe we'll begin getting an honest account of how getting oil affects what different Iraqi regions and groups do.

    I understand your state of panic Bret Hughes. Be glad you have a website and the Moyers blog to vent your anxiety. Most of your deductions and instinctive insights are correct but the oppressors control most of the resources.

    You call on Patriots to respond. Life is not a Hollywood of Disney movie or a video game. People are working at jobs to care for their children and elderly parents. Hostages can't pop up like a Jack-in -the-box because you are frightened and desperate for relief. I can comfort you only with the assurance that I share your beliefs about 9/11 being an inside job, about global food jeopardy being engineered by profiteers and about debt (fabricated by elite speculators) potentially being used as a tool of our enslavement.

    I just read something Irene wrote over on the Dominic McSorley page. She said (not exact words) we have become a predatory people in the U.S. because of the ways we are forced to earn a living. This suggests that slackerism can be a form of resistance. How do you get money, Bret? Do you sell some widget we don't need, solicit funds or collect delinquent bills? More and more of us are having to do these things that serve our oppressors and their perverse system.

    It is good to be a Paul Revere, but this site is about 40% do gooders, 40% paul Reveres and 20% cynical nihlists. Your site is a good educational service, so you're both a P.R. and a do-gooder. Be proud, then find another way to resist.

    Talk to some workingmen face to face in your community and be honest about what you think. Stay calm no matter how they react and you may be pleasantly surprised. People are not dumb, but they feel powerless. Plant a garden and grow whatever you can. Even a little bit reduces economic food pressure. And like Irene said, remember those people who are just the same as you but trapped in the Congo pushing 200lbs. of peas on a bike. When the new reps. are elected in November you and I will be part of the media army pressuring the Hell out of them. We may even hit the streets. Don't be afraid Bret Hughes, you are not alone.

    About David Beckmann... He seems like a Secret-World-Government representative: part of a corrupt conspiracy.

    David Bechmann said that we are giving more aid, when we are not. He said that $14B (and an additional $20B more needed) is a lot of money, when the long term costs of the Iraq war and occupation (which is useless, unnecessary, illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional) will be $3T ($3,000,000,000,000).

    And then David Beckmann said that the rise in world food prices are, not due to the around five-fold increase in oil prices due to the Iraq War and occupation and US warmongering, but because poor people are eating more food. That is so ridiculous I just could not believe my ears. As if, a few years ago, poor people were not eating food--they just lived on air--and only recently did they decide to start eating food. What a nightmare to be in the US now and have to hear such inane BS, and have Bill Moyers not say a word about it.

    There is a conspiracy. 9/11 was an inside job. Personal income tax, new as of 1913, is unconstitutional. The Federal Reserve, also established in 1913, is a private bank owned by mainly European interests and is leeching the US economy to death. JFK, MLK, and RFK were killed by secretive elements within the US government. The Bushes are utterly corrupt. Click on my name, below, to learn about all of this and more. The United States is under attack, from enemies foreign and domestic! We have a patriotic and civic duty to learn about this governmental corruption and to fight and destroy it!

    The American way of life is dying, and so will its people in the years to follow, if we don't stand up for the Constitution, take time to learn what is going on and to spread the word. Calling all patriots! Respond!

    After watching the Bill Moyers program about Body of War, I wonder how anyone can not be angry at the politicians who supported the Bush/Cheney lies which has produced another horrible war. One that has outlasted WW II and is continuing for who knows how much longer ??? I'm afraid that history is going to show America as another super power that failed. God bless those who attempt to show the truth in the documentry, "Body of War".

    This - and every - war affects everyone.

    The big question is what can we do? How do we change things? Lawrence Lessig has started an organization aimed at ending government corruption. A good start.

    Mr. Moyers, kindly check out what they're up to over at

    It's pretty amazing stuff. More importantly, a non-partisan movement that has a chance to turn the government around.

    Thank you for this program and all your fine, thoughtful work.

    Mr. Booker,
    God bless your brilliance and clarity of purpose. Oh were you only on the ballot this time around. It is truly your charisma that is needed to bring back the fabric of our wandering, confused and mis-directed populace. We really must do before those who embrace anarchy will have due cause [in their minds].
    In all sincerity,

    Dear Mr Moyers

    THANK YOU so very much for Friday 3/21’s show…………I love your show anyway and watch it every week, but tonight was especially powerful as we come close to the 4000 mark of those young men and women who have died for this unjust war.
    Each Sunday in our prayers at church we read the list of names of those soldiers who died during the week in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and it is a powerful witness and reminder that war kills and maims. Yes, there are those who are not happy that we do read the names. I am sorry for that.

    PS 3/27 – this past Tuesday 3/25 the peace community gathered at the Veterans’ Memorial Bridge with lights and the 4000 names of those who died. The names were one to a page and strung on the fence of the bridge. A powerful sight. Can’t forget all the others, up to 100,000 plus who have also died in this ugly mess.
    Happy Easter
    Debbie H
    Cleveland OH

    " Unconditional war can no longer lead to unconditional victory. It can no longer serve to settle disputes. It can no longer be of concern to great powers alone. For a nuclear disaster, spread by winds and waters and fear, could well engulf the great and the small, the rich and the poor, the committed and the uncommitted alike. Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind."

    John F. Kennedy

    I believe this. I also believe that we are living {under} the most corrupt government that this country has ever known.
    This war was not necessary , and I do not knopw why or how Congress could have approved it. IF Saddam Hussein had WMD , which he didn't , and IF he had a way to deploy them , which he didn't , he would not have attacked America . His republican guard was all but depleted , and we could have deflected an attack . He didn't rattle his saber or threaten our country.
    This war goes against National and International law . It is not only illegal but immoral. Why have we let it go on for 5 years and when will we stand up and stop it ? Bring our troops home !!! It is not fair to them , to us , or to the Iraqi people. When we are finally at peace , we can hold our flag and show our patriotism.

    Hell yes i have been impacted by this war! i try to help the soldiers re-build their lives daily and the Viet Nam veterans are coming back in droves as well -- finally! these people are mostly a mess when they walk in the door,; the women brutalized not only by war but by their "fellow soldiers" HA! Each one has 3 parts: before, during, after. the war has gone from OIF/OEF to GWOT, soft porn to hard porn, obscene. the corporate media? did i say, Obscene? my working life is these people. it's gotta stop! thanks Phil. god, i've missed you!

    Fernando: You don't need me, or Griffin Jones, or Grady Lee Howard or Republican scardycat or Lauren or Bill Moyers or even Tomas Young to do your thinking. You stated your piece very well at the first posting. Your opinion should remain original and unique to you. None of us should be "ditto heads." Now let's write our own songs against war and corruption, and take turns singing them to one another.
    They're all taking money from Wall Street, but Obama would be the most disappointed if he got elected. He can have it, my useless vote.

    I forgot, very nice to see you again, Mr. donahue!

    First and foremost, THANK YOU, you are our last true journalist. As for how this war (and this administration) has affect me. Well, I never had too much faith in the government to begin with, but this has put it into the negative numbers, and I don't htink it will ever come back. I have this utter sense of hopelessness and doom. What scares memmost, is I feel this country is going to sink further before it gets better, in fact, I don't think we will ever get it back. Our country, or what we THOUGHT was our country is just gone. I feel like an idiot for ever believing in it.

    Songs, AntiWar.
    So that's an actual category. I have sung all my life, and I have made many lists of songs in categories like "Funny," and "Folk," and "Hymns," and "Sea and Ships," and "Rounds."

    I never thought of a category just for war protest songs. That is a pretty sad thing - a whole category just for that.

    But, I remember one, very old one we used to sing when I was too young to have yet lived during a war. I'm a Baby Boomer, and my parents were Quakers, known pacifists. We protested wars quietly, my mother turning purple each time she heard the name "Nixon" on the radio. We sang this song at school:

    Study War No More.

    Gonna lay down my sword and shield,
    Down by the river side, down by the river side, down by the river side
    Gonna lay down my sword and shield,
    And study war no more

    I ain't gonna study war no more,
    I ain't gonna study war no more,
    I ain't gonna study war no more.

    And of course, we listened to Pete Seeger, and the Weavers. From one of tse records I learned "Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream." I love the images the words evoke.

    Last night I had the strangest dream
    I never dreamed before
    I dreamed the world had all agreed
    To put an end to war

    I dreamed I saw a mighty room
    Filled with women and men
    And the paper they were signing said
    They'd never fight again

    And when the paper was all signed
    And a million copies made
    They all joined hands and bowed their heads
    And prayerful pray'rs were prayed

    And the people in the streets below
    Were dancing 'round and 'round
    While swords and guns and uniforms
    Were scattered on the ground

    Last night I had the strangest dream
    I'd never dreamed before
    I dreamed the world had all agreed
    To put an end to war.

    CORRECTION: I agree with Grady Lee Howard & jack Martin that this war and the false flag attack on on the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001 was a conspiracy of high and mighty criminals in our government including Bush, Cheney & company.

    I have to congratulate Bill Moyers for bringing the filmmakers Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro to talk about their inspiring film BODY OF WAR.

    I believe that this Bill Moyers show with Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro where they talk about their film, which follows disabled Iraq war veteran and anti-war activist Tomas Young, should be televised in all the channels in this country for America to wake up to the atrocities of this senseless IRAQ war and the so called War on Terror by our President Bush & company.

    Moreover, the film BODY OF WAR should be showed in all of the theaters in this country and later in all the TV channels of this country. NO MORE WARS!!

    It is unfortunate that our mainstream media people with their so called freedom of speech have shut up to the realities of this war for the sake of money and power and have kept the American public from knowing the real truth!!

    BRAVO!! to you Bill Moyers and Phil and Ellen for bringing light to us Americans about the realities of this war that seems to be in the planning for an eternity without taking in consideration the lives gone by or destroyed by all parties involved.

    I agree with republicanSScareme and Grady Lee Howard that this war and the false flag attack on on the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001 was a conspiracy of high and mighty criminals in our government including Bush, Cheney & company.

    Tomas, you are a true American patriot and a brave man to stand up to this senseless Bush's war and government. Bush used the name of Jesus in vain as you said to fight this war, I agree with you on that. He also used the word patriot to justify this war, but you and many other soldiers alive, disable or dead are the real patriots. US has showed signs of prosperity in the last fifty something years, but it has also shown signs of decadence in the last 30 something years, but stronger decadence in the last 8 years of Bush's presidency and government.
    Democracy for what it stands for real which is social justice, and not what the well-to-do, mighty and power including our government
    say democracy is, which for them is free enterprise and get richer and richer by stepping on everyone in this world including everyone in this country, will not last (democracy) too much longer in US. But, I agree with you Tomas, you fight and fight everyday and nothing gets done as if people are in a haze, in a cloud, not really paying attention or not caring enough. If we don't wake up and smell the coffee and demand better conditions, social jusice, real freedom for all of us and the rest of the world from our government, in no time this country will dissapear. Tomas, I hope you inspire everyone in this country to stand up and demand better from our government, after all we have chosen them to speak and act in our behalf. They have seemed to forget that. You have inspired me Tomas.

    Looking and hearing the stories of the American involvement in the IRAQ war it is impossible not to be affected.I don't agree with Americans remaining in Iraq after Saddam was executed. They should have made a date for their withdrawal and allowed Iraq to sort their problems by using the democractic vote.However what strikes me as the most important observation is the absence of the United Nation involvement. Where is their presence and what a shameful neglect by its members? Many people criticise America for many of their actions but they are always there when help is needed for disasters in all parts of the world. Isn't it ironic though that when disaster strikes their own they fail to respond so promptly e.g Hurricane Katrina. I think it is time that America withdraws and takes care of its own.The rest of the world needs to take on its share of the burden and contribute towards helping making the world a better place.

    It has gone a long way in destroying my faith in the government and our system.

    For example, see my name.

    I first want to comment that presenting a piece about "The Body of War" here at Easter resonates with the true Christian message of self-sacrifice for the cause of peace. The hijacking of my friend's name for hate-mongering and simple-minded vindictiveness (Jack Martin, below) demonstrates that Judas still prowls the world, and this blog. Wonder who paid the silver?
    Finally, another meaningful Journal. I shall vibrate with suspense waiting until next week to find if Bill remains a hostage after 56 days.
    If Tomas' body and biography are a figurative microcosm of the ruthless war for profit in Iraq, then surely the false flag attack on the World Trade Center is a metaphor for the human dilemma in the world. Have we not been stabbed in the back by our own leadership? The famine crisis, the economic crisis, global warming and this treachery together mean that humanity is trapped within a collapsing edifice (the planet) with decreasing chances of survival.

    Maybe that is why Moyers and a large minority of Americans have difficulty facing 9/11 truth. It stuns one to realize how near hopelessness is, and how we must struggle to resist the
    greedy and stupid crucifiers of our species and planet.
    Fight the power with everything you're got left, like Tomas.

    Having been a regular commentator on this blog, I write now for clarification. Another Jack Martin (Please differentiate yourself from my common name.)has posted a critique characterizing Iraq as a Jewish conspiracy. While I agree that Kissinger qualifies as a career war criminal, along with many present and former officials, I do not limit my indictment to those of Jewish heritage, nor do I feel such affiliation or parentage is a useful category from which to indict Iraq conspirators. As in many other wars and conflicts I believe there is a dynamic of capitalist failure compelling the key wealthy and connected U.S.interests to propel our country into war for enhancement of their power and profits.

    Was I affected by this attack and occupation? Not exactly. My prospects for success under auspices of the American Dream were negated with my active opposition to the invasion of Vietnam when I was a young student and lost my college scholarships because of my protests. As I left school I spent more than a year touring and visiting veterans hospitals and comforting casualties and grieving families. (Sponsored by progressive Christian denominations, though I had lost my faith and my prospect for seminary.) This tour was the most formative part of my education. So you can see why I felt I had truly lost my country on 9/11/2001 when I realized immediately that it was being hijacked under a false flag attack by a conspiracy of high and mighty criminals including the unelected thugs Bush and Cheney. (Laurie Anderson recently described the experiencing the same feelings while promoting her new work "Homeland." Having seen Jews of many stripes and having Jewish relatives myself I never assumed this overthrow had anything to do with ancient racist hatreds, but had been perpetrated by humanity's enemies with a goal of mass slavery.

    Tomas: If your health permits I hope you will live to work on other issues besides the illegal occupation of Iraq. If your health permits you have the opportunity to work for economic democracy that will transcend these crimes and allow us to humanely manage our population and our impact upon the planet so that future educated and spiritually emancipated generations can live here in peace. No mature and caring person can remain the end-all, or be-all, even of her/his own life because our main obligation is to our companions. You have shown exemplary maturity and responsibility in the face of the greatest personal suffering. I want you to live and grow Tomas if that is possible.
    Your friend-Jack Martin of Beret Co-op Folk School

    And since I am here....
    Varda Burns (March 22-5:05pm, another blog regular) You make a grave error in conceding the right of corporations to possess armed force. Do you not understand that the United States has long been threatened by domestic militias such as the Klan and Nazis, the identity movement and so on. I think the best part of Americanism was the requirement for public and military service which kept the populace politically engaged. Now you take the chance of calling violent and lawless legions to your own Vermont door. Try to consider the implications Ms. Burns. Please, for all our sakes. My alternative is the dissolution of the corporate organizational form.

    Picking a song is trivial, but no one has mentioned the work of my favorite Patty Smith, especially "People Have the Power" and her song about Bagdad.

    Let me also congratulate Bill Moyers for escaping his bonds temporarily to welcome Ellen Spiro and my old favorite Phil Donohue, along with all their production helpers. This was a courageous move, as attested by the harping little irrational critics who have responded with tiny barbs. Carry on, Moyeristas. And remember, "Jack Martin"s a very common name.

    Dear Bill Moyers:

    Today on March 25, 2008 I have watched your "Bill Moyer's Journal" presenting the unfortunate
    situation of Tomas Young as a disabled veteran of the Iraq war, who, along with the more than
    fifteen thousand of other young soldiers who were tragically disabled and crippled for life in this insanely disastrous conflict.

    Having also watched on March 24, 2008 PBS's presentation of Frontline's Documentary
    "Bush's War, Part I. this documentary showed explicitly the involvement of the "high priests of war", Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Donald Rumsfeld, William Kristol and other Israel pundits in and out
    of the various government offices including the State Department, the Department of Defense, the CIA, etc, presenting the "development or generation - the word "fabrication" of documentation for the cause, the casus belli being that Iraq has or is working to get "weapons of mass destruction" to go to war against Iraq. Does Israel not also have hundreds of nuclear, chemical and/or biological weapons of mass destruction in its basement? The Dimona nuclear plant comes to mind.... But then, "politics is religion in action...."

    Although not covered in the above "documentary", the "drumbeaters" for the war against Iraq in
    the media include these "Israel Firsters," William Podhoretz, William Kristol, Thomas Friedman, Charles Krauthammer. More politics is religion in action...

    Seeing that this war is being fought primarily for the security of the state of Israel, what Israel wants, Israel gets", etc. that Israel has an "Amen Corner", the best Congress, or "American Knesset?" that money can buy, may I humbly ask please, how many of these, our soldiers, who fought for the security of the state of Israel, and for the "Money Boys' profits and power - how many of them who have been killed in action, maimed, crippled, armless, legless, paralyzed, blind, mentally harmed, rendered insane, how many of them are Jewish?

    As Henry Kissinger, himself Jewish, said, " Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy."
    -- Henry Kissinger, quoted in “Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POW’s in Vietnam”

    Dear Bill Moyers, I like to first, thank you so much for your outstanding work. I watched your interview with Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro both Part I & II, waiting and waiting to see at least a hint to the suffering of innocent Iraqis whose country is in ruin, with more than a million killed, millions of them refugees in other countries and displaced in their own country, still under bombardment with not enough food water electricity, health care facilities, no end in sight, and…………….more. I guess patriotism is after all also one of prejudices that prevents even journalist, like Phil Donahue from telling the whole story regardless of the need for being politically correct!
    Behrouz Abadi from: Canada

    My eyes teared up at the end of your piece as the names of those 4000 faded away into nothingness. What a colossal waste, what astronomical hubris.

    I saw the film at the Toronto International Film Festival where I was privileged to meet Phil and Ellen. Many poignant moments but what got the tears streaming was the indignant, brilliant juxtaposition of Tomas recounting all the hellish drugs he has to swallow with the almost drugged-like screams of “Aye! Aye! Aye!” in the Senate.

    This film is about the destruction of much more than the body and should really be called BODY AND SOUL OF WAR.

    Thank you for doing this important program, and for all the important work you do, Mr. Moyers. You inspire courage and give me hope that the soul of the USA has not perished despite the horrible leanings of its current decision makers.

    I have been horribly impacted by the war. The thought of all those millions of Iraqi people who suffer because of the aspiration for global dominance amongst an elite cabal of Washington D.C. decision makers is sickening (quite literally.)

    This war of aggression is an example of foreign policy gone dreadfully awry.

    We (meaning you and I) have an obligation to resist the illegal and immoral aggressive war making actions of our government.

    Thusly, I thank you Mr. Moyers, for your important work in shedding light, and bearing the torch of truth, on this matter.

    Outstanding presentation! Any candidate who voted for this terrible and needless war should not be our next President.

    Maybe Moyers, Donahue, and J, Wright could make a documentry on how awful America is. They blab for hours about U.S. policies protecting the country, have no respect whatsoever for the military, and spew nothing but their own personal agenda of hate toward America.

    How have I been impacted ... ? It's depressing. It's frustrating. I go for appointments at the VAMC in Houston and I return home emotionally drained. For the first time since I was wounded in Vietnam it seems like there's just too many younger veterans. When it was just us old folks there was hope that as a nation we may have learned a thing or two.

    As a reader of history I learned long ago that war is not noble. It can be just, but never noble. Parents lose children; bodies become broken or destroyed. So with this question I have to say that either war has not affected me personally.

    As a Canadian I support our troops being in Afghanistan. It was the country of origin for the World Centre attack. The Taliban were a cruel landlord that continue to be a threat to that country's progress. It is just that we continue to fight them so that the nation can be secure for developement to ensure basic human rights prevail. Is it worth the cost of broken humans in coffins and wheelchairs? Frankly, I wish there were a better way.

    The authorization vote alone disqualifies Sen. Clinton from the presidency. I remember watching Sen. Byrd, waving the Constitution and making a heart wrenching appeal to deaf ears all around him
    and it made me cry from both frustration and desperation and the fact this wise veteran of the Senate was being completely ignored.

    Bill, this was the most heartfelt episode you've ever had.

    I felt both mad, outraged, and sad.

    I had tears running down my face b/c of the tragedy this modern day Ron Kovic must endure due to the illegal war that Bush has ensued, w/the help of McCain, Clinton, et al.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work. You are only a handful of good journalist left in this country.

    Dear Mr. Moyers:
    Today I was able to catch only about 15-20 minutes of your show which was promoting the film "Body of War". First let me say I am a military retiree that completed three tours in VietNam. I have the greatest respect for the men and women who volunteer for military duty. Although volunteers they know, or must know, that they are placing themselves in harm's way. The film, from what I was able to view, appeared to be an anti-war and anti-President Bush film. I do not believe that the president should share all the responsibility for Iraq. We also had a Congress that backed him. I believe that if Congress did not back the President on going into Iraq, we would not be there. Congress needs to accept its responsibility for us being there. There is an election coming up, we need to participate in the election.

    Michael S Candela
    Riverview, Michigan

    The war in Iraq has created this question in me: If America was invaded, occupied, and destroyed by another nation, would we suicide bomb or die for our country too?


    I don't personally know anyone who went to Iraq or Afganistan, but I did know men who went to Viet Nam.

    I am very glad you did this preview of the film. We can never make the war personal enough, but it's worth trying.

    I don't see the human race changing it's need for war. All of history is the same. I hope it DOES change -- it would be a miracle if I could see it in my lifetime.

    "Naturally the common people don't want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country"

    Hermann Goering

    Thank you again for a fantastic program. As the mother of a veteran (served 2002-2006 but was not deployed), my heart just ached for Tomas's mother as she watched another son get sent to Iraq. And Phil Donahue's comments about the moving need for the Gold Star mothers to reach out and touch Tomas was right on. Excellent show!

    In late Feb. and early Mar./03, polls showed that 65-70% of Americans supported U.S. military action against the Hussein regime (i.e., a U.S. invasion of Iraq) despite the reality that Iraq had not attacked the United States and facts conflicting with the 'spin' of the Bush Admin. about Saddam being in cahoots with al Qaida and having active WMD programs were abundant and readily available on the Internet and in local libraries.

    In Nov./00, more than 50 million Americans voted for a man who repeatedly demonstrated during his campaign for the GOP leadership and White House that his mind didn't work properly. Then after four years of dysfunctional 'leadership', 62+ million Americans gave George W. Bush another term in office. The expression “stupid Americans” was heard more and more throughout the world.

    Where have tens of millions of Americans been during the past five years in terms of publicly demanding that Bush ensure that the U.S. occupation and reconstruction of Iraq be done right? After all, by invading Iraq and toppling the Hussein government, the United States assumed responsibility as occupier to secure the country and protect the Iraqi people, two primary missions that the most powerful military in history failed to do. Let's not forget that the principal reason why attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq have decreased during the past year is due to the fact that the U.S. climbed in bed with the very "terrorists" (quoting Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc.) that killed hundreds of American soldiers between 2003 and 2006.

    Where have tens of millions of Americans been in the past five years in terms of publicly demanding that Congress and the Bush Admin. balance the federal books (yes, increased taxes are required) to ensure that future generations of Americans are not unfairly burdened with a national debt that is larger by trillions of dollars? The fact that 170+ million adult Americans in the past five years have tolerated, and in many cases actively supported, this grossly unethical situation speaks volumes about their sense of responsibility.

    Where have tens of millions of Americans been in the past five years in terms of publicly demanding that CIA secret ‘renditions’, kidnappings, waterboardings, and other forms of torture used on detainees be abandoned and renounced by the U.S. government? Just look at the horrors experienced by innocent men such as Canadian citizen Maher Arar and German citizen Khalid El-Masri at the hands of U.S. authorities and their torturer-allies in Syria and other countries!

    The only true victims in this 5-year-long disaster are the Iraqi people. With the Internet and libraries throughout the U.S., there was no excuse for Americans to not spend half a day in late '02 and early '03 doing some research to find out if the ‘information’ from the Bush Admin. jived with the documented historical facts (it did not). The rest of the world knew that Bush and his neo-con supporters were lying to the American people, and a minority of people in the U.S. figured out that they were being misled (it wasn't hard), despite the propaganda of major U.S. networks. So what was the matter with everybody else?

    Far too many Americans failed to think critically and analyze correctly (two key cognitive functions) about what the Bush Admin. was telling them 5+ years ago. They were blinkered by their 9/11 fear and anger and patriotic zeal, proving that emotions are not an infallible guide to the truth (take note religious types). They also failed to understand that the U.S. government has no power that the American people will not allow to be taken away.

    The option of removing Pres. Bush, VP Cheney and other duplicitous members of the Bush Admin. and their supporters in the U.S. government has always existed. It just depends on what people will tolerate. Look to the U.S. Revolutionary War for an example of people empowering themselves by taking action against the abusive government of the day.

    Far too many Americans have distanced themselves from the Iraq conflict during the past five years. As long as income taxes were kept low (artificially low through years of federal deficit spending, fiscal foolishness that has come home to roost in spades) and the local shopping mall and latest Hollywood movie beckoned, the problems of Iraq were someone else’s to think about and fix.

    Example: “Borat” has grossed more than $128 million, most of it from American ticket buyers and DVD renters. Meanwhile, box office revenues for the critically-acclaimed, Oscar-nominated 2007 documentary film, “No End In Sight”, which examined the actions of the Bush Admin. in relation to Iraq, are a paltry $1.25 million. More than 100 times as many Americans spent their money on a toilet-humor-laden ‘comedy’ than an important, informative film involving their government, nation, and ultimately themselves. What do these facts say about the American people overall?

    Why should people outside of the U.S. ever trust Americans again? Americans were the only force in late 2002 and early 2003 with the power to prevent the U.S. government from launching an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation in violation of Article 51 of the U.N. Charter – and more than 120 million adult Americans failed to do so! Then after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, we needed you to march in your millions to protest abuses by U.S. authorities and again, we were let down! Some Americans mustered the courage and spoke out, but their numbers were far too few to effect the necessary changes. Just like George W. Bush: too little, too late.

    The United States of America is in very deep trouble and no one is coming to the rescue of the American people. The next president and Congress will be forced to slash federal spending and raise taxes. Retiring Baby Boomers can kiss much of their long-awaited federal benefits such as Medicare goodbye. According to economic experts, the U.S. economy will probably go into a recession that will be the worst of the past six decades. And the armed conflict in Iraq involving U.S. troops will continue. No people, no nation escapes the consequences of its actions (and in-actions).

    Why destroy more American lives when private corporations can pay for their own private armies without using our tax dollars or our young men and women?
    It is clear that our need for oil is great and oil and arms companies want to continue to make record profits. But having the tax payers pay for oil companies and other companies to make profits by paying for the Iraq war while at the same time charging high prices for gas and heating oil is a double wammy that is hitting the American people hard. Not only will we be burdened by the cost of the war that is going into the pockets of corporations, but also we are making them rich by paying high prices for oil. It is clear that our nation cannot afford to keep spending billions per day for this war for decades without devistating our economy. If companies want to stay in Iraq for the oil and arms they should use their own huge profits that they are making by charging us so much for gas to pay for their own private armies which the American tax payer is paying for too. Arms companies make plenty by selling to other natons but they are using our tax dollars to build these arms. Wow what a scam! It is also clear that the reason we will not be leaving Iraq anytime soon is because of the oil. Perhaps we can cut a deal with the Saudi’s to have them pay for some of the war too since they don’t want Iran moving in and taking over the oil?

    By getting rid of Saddam we have found ourselves in an untenable position because there is no one there who can lead the nation while at the same time allowing oil companies to do business and the arms companies are enjoying such hugh profits from the war alone, they too do not want to give it up. But if this approach is not compromised and if they keep spending as far as the eye can see, we won’t have an economy left. They will literally spend our nation to death. Also this war is creating more and more enemies which the arms manufacturers love because it means more money for them. But there must come a time when the preservation of a nation should be taken into consideration. Do we want to totally destroy our nation so oil and arms companies can be rich? It seems like that is the direction we are going in.

    Varda Burns

    82 Turnpike Rd

    Norwich VT 05055

    I appreciated the program.

    What surprised me most was the step-dad & step-brother. How could they still be taken in by all the lies and distortions. To me that was a reminder of the power of propaganda; repeat the lies often enough and there will be a segment of any society who will believe - no matter how much the facts contradict the propaganda. Our government has fooled these people into supporting them with lies and fear-mongering; very much like the way the Hitler's Nazi party fooled many of the German people.

    If you truely want to know how these wars have affected you and your country,watch BUSH'S WAR this coming Monday and Tuesday on Frontline. Tell your friends and family to tell their friends and maybe, maybe, the people of this nation will finally realize how these Wars have affected them.

    War for profit can never be justified. It is made worse by selling propaganda to the gullible. It is asking Jesus to die for our sins, again

    Had the comments made by Tom Mason and Richard Steele been posted before I began writing my own, it would have been difficult, more so than right now, to not retort with disgust and anger to their pathetic pretensions to manly behavior and honest discourse. It appears that I inadvertently did address such zealotry earlier, however, so there is no need to revisit it herein. Would it really be a productive use of some of the limited time we all have, to continue to humor those that proudly demonstrate such contempt for humanity? I THINK NOT!

    Thank you for last night's program about "Body of War." This week our son-in-law, an Army Reservist who completed his 8 year commitment over a year ago but who has been stop-lossed, will leave for his third deployment...another year in Iraq. We do not have an "all-volunteer" Army, no matter what the administration says; instead, we have tens of thousands of soldiers who are being held under stop-loss orders and shipped back to Iraq or Afghanistan over and over again. No one in Washington seems to care that our Army is broken. It's so important for Americans to see "Body of War" (and also the upcoming "Stop-Loss") and I wish there could be a special showing for members of Congress and the administration. Again, thank you for the program.

    First, and most importantly, my sincere thanks, respect, and appreciation to Tomas Young, PBS, Bill Moyer's and his wife/producer, Phil Donahue, and Ellen Shapiro for proving what the true essence of patriotism and love of one's country is really all about; not only as informed and courageous individuals, but also as a smart and dedicated team willing to speak truth to the citizens of the world and their leaders.
    I come to this discussion, like everyone else, with my own life experiences and the ideas and integrity's that emanate from them. My family has had members from every generation serve in the uniformed military of the United States since before the war for independence from British rule, when my Great Uncle(several times over)Ethan Allen led Vermont's Green Mountain Boys. Personally, I served as a U.S.Naval Aviator from 1961-1966, including three "tours" in southeast Asia flying over 100 photo-intelligence and reconnaissance missions in VietNam. As a result of this experience, I became a radical anti-war activist, upon being 'honorably' discharged.
    The circumstance that Tomas Young personifies is a far too common occurrence in the lives of men and women that serve in our uniform military services! Not only are they, and their families, being misused as pawns by an ill-informed citizenry led by a malfeasant government contaminated with greed and corruption, they are being ordered to wage unconstitutional wars, and other, even more odious actions, based on the decisions of known dissemblers and zealous ideologues who openly violate their own sworn oaths of fealty to uphold and defend our Constitution. As an old and proud patriotic warrior, I say to all within reach: The most serious "Clear & Present Danger" to our "Republic, if we can keep it", is NOT from some imagined foreign threat, it is the imminent threat, from within, fostered by those who promote private advantage over the public good.

    While I grieve for Mr. Young, I also personally know many soldiers (I live near an Army Reserve unit in Mesa, Arizona) who are very proud of what they are doing in Iraq.

    I must defer to their judgment since I have not been there. Given that many are proud and only a very few feel betrayed, I have concluded that the many have a more legitimate grasp and that our freeing of the Iraqi people is a good thing.

    I have no other realistic way of judging what is happening in a country I've never visited. I will not trust the media or the administration, but I will trust the troops' assessment.

    Can all of these men and women be brain-washed? I somehow doubt this. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck.

    God Bless them all.

    Have we forgotten how to think rationally in this country?

    When someone appeals only to emotion using a singular example, why can't the American people see it for the garbage journalism that it is?
    What a bunch of emotion-based drivel.

    Why did Tomas join the military?

    I joined in 1979 during the Iranian hostage crisis and knew what I was potentially getting into.
    I retired in 2005 having been all over the world and dealing with many more conflicts than any prior generation.

    Suck it up Tomas and quit allowing yourself to be exploited by Moyers -- snivel boy.

    I'd like to know why the media, ALL of them, have knuckled under to the Bush order not to cover burials of soldiers killed in Iraq & Afghanistan? Why didn't they agree, right after the restriction was announced, to show up at places like Arlington in mass with their notebooks and cameras? Were the police going to try to arrest all the American media representatives for insisting on covering the funerals? If they had, they could have filmed, broadcast and printed the outrage. They were all cowards, they shut up and succumbed.
    I'd like to know why, for 7 years, the entire White House press corps has allowed George Bush to run the press conferences, calling on reporters from him list like children?
    Why didn't the press corps, when this practice started, not get together and have a representative stand up and say, "Mr. President, we have voted to have the dean of the White House corps be the one to call on us for questions?" And if he balked, nobody would ask a question.
    Outlandish? No! Some years ago, when Giscard d'Estaing was president of France and managed to insult the photo-oriented press, they acted. When he left an official building, the entire press corps stood in the driveway in double-file with their cameras on the ground at their feet and Giscard had to walk the gauntlet. Only one photographer was allowed to work, to take a photograph of the scene.
    If our media had had any courage beginning in 2001, maybe none of this would have happened.

    A great program, Bill.
    My children and my grandchildren and the American people will be paying off the $3 Trillion dollar cost of the war for ages. Also, the high oil prices are partially attributable to conflict in Iraq and the threats to Iran.

    I work with veterans who are homelessness. I see first hand the manifestations of emotional, physical problems among those who served in Vietnam as well as present day conflicts. Yes, we know more about how to treat PTSD, closed head wounds, but the number suffering with such is very disconcerting. The VA is doing a good job; however those in Washington need to be reminded time and again that this know how is only helpful provided there are trained professionals around the country available to help the many who will struggle with such for years to come. Tomas - thank you for taking these risks, keeping mainstream focused on what matters. It is an honor to walk beside you. Peace

    I am 63 years old, all war has impacted my life greatly. Veit Nam taught me great lessons about the truth versus what governments say. I thought alot of us got that lesson, apparently not enoughof us. Everything about this "war" is the worst possible scenario. Listen people the lesson is, if nobody will go they can't have a war. Stop going, stop your kids from going.

    I am 63 years old, all war has impacted my life greatly. Veit Nam taught me great lessons about the truth versus what governments say. I thought alot of us got that lesson, apparently not enoughof us. Everything about this "war" is the worst possible scenario. Listen people the lesson is, if nobody will go they can't have a war. Stop going, stop your kids from going.

    I am 63 years old, all war has impacted my life greatly. Veit Nam taught me great lessons about the truth versus what governments say. I thought alot of us got that lesson, apparently not enoughof us. Everything about this "war" is the worst possible scenario. Listen people the lesson is, if nobody will go they can't have a war. Stop going, stop your kids from going.

    During our Vietam war I was in the Pacific Theater but not "in country". Two friends from home were killed & I went to college with some that had been seriously wounded, & within that background I pray evil men are rejected & not allowed to behead innocents (or whatever).

    Our conflicts today have not touched our family directly, though family is serving there. We read the names of those killed during that week as viewed on TV. We suffer for the families of causalities, & are ashamed when pictures of innocent civilians bodies are showned. But we do NOT associate our military with responsibility for the tradegies apart from all Americans, whether they are for or against war.

    WWII & The Greatest Generation suffered great tragedies brought on directly by the neccessity of war. Was the invasion of Afghanistan &\or Iraq necessary? Again the USA reacted to terrible acts initiated by others. Should we have not acted militarily? Were we sufficiently provoked? Were we justified? Most of the freeworld seemed to think maybe so, at the time. If Iraq was invaded to show Saudia Arabia, Egypt, & others what may happen to them if terrorist were allowed to attack us from their country, then maybe it has been a reasonable investment. To judge the Iraq invasion as standing apart from the region would not be realistic, but then in that narrow context, it would not be defensible, prehaps.

    When we send our military out, there will be tragedies on all sides. When our wounded come home & are not treated properly, that is a sin! Figuratively speaking--heads should roll!

    I appreciate the expressions of "The northeastern, pointedhead, sudo-intellictuallies" and I appreciate the conserative right wing (not skinheads) stances, and I am thankful that both can be discussed openly without threat of death.
    Billy Bob,Florida

    The BM Journal broadcast on March 21st on KCET impressed me only because it was a 45 minute commercial for a documentary I probably won't see. The only reason I watched it was because I wanted to see Washington Week which is scheduled right after the Journal.

    This was a fluff piece of journalism with all the excerpts from the film and that picture from the Vietnam era. All this tugging on emotional strings distracts one from the subject at hand, an immoral war. Bill Moyers is very capable of baseball bat journalism and I feel that this piece was far below his batting average.

    The story has its merits, but it could have been done in about 10 to 15 minutes and the remaining time could have been used for a real story. Phil Donnahue's presence and commentary was redundant and distracting.

    Thank god there's still Frontline.

    WAR? What WAR?

    I've been shopping for 5 years.


    Which conflict, occupation? If America doesn't notice and rebel, We're ------! Just who do we think we are??

    Thank you, for fearlessly opening yet another door for healing in this difficult time of confusion and war on this planet. There is profound hope nonetheless, and it lives in our hearts and in speaking the truth.

    Exceptional program, once again. Thanks to Bill Moyers and PBS for putting this information before the public. Thanks to all those who put so much into this documentary, and for the honesty from all the family members involved. This film should be required viewing in every civics class. This Journal should be required in every journalism class. Well done. More than that: critical that we see and understand the costs of decisions made for us, and the power we have to change them.

    Until recently, I have felt disconnected from the Iraq war. I have not been an ardent supporter but I haven't actively protested it either. As the cost increases (deaths, casualties, debt, veterans with severe injuries, families with loss, deaths of innocent Iraqis, etc.), it is clear that the impact on our society is huge and will affect us for decades to come. My grandchildren will be affected. Seeing Tomas' story on Bill Moyers' program breaks my heart. We cannot tolerate how these veterans are being mistreated. They deserve support from those of us who have been safe and insulated from the conflict. I am going to volunteer at a local VA hospital to see if I can help in some small way.
    Seeing Tomas' story also gives me hope. Hope that the best in each of us can transcend such personal and national tragedy. I too was emotionally affected by the scene when Tomas was touched by the family members who lost a soldier. Tomas, you are a wonderful human being who is what so many of us aspire to be.
    I hope that many of you are affected in some profound way to act to ameliorate just one of the many problems which are highlighted by this program and movie. Peace.

    What about Winter Soldier? That is much more important. See:

    We are being lied to; know the truth:

    Most of us in the U.S.A. live privileged lives insulated from the tragedy of war that your program tonight depicted. I believe what we need more than anything is a mass awakening where we create a powerful alternative to the lies coming out of the Bush administration and somehow learn to follow the examples of people like Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. and become practitioners of truth and justice in our daily lives.

    What I don't quite understand is, with so many prominent, learned, accomplished professional people,ie: "Joe Stiglitz-Linda Bilmes "3 Trillion War"; Marjorie Cohn's "Cowboy Republic"- "6 way Bush Defied the Law"; John Dean's "Worst Than Watergate", and many others,etc, etc. So many acknowledgements from so-many "FED-UP" Americans. With such strong empirical evidence that the BUSH-CHENEY GANG that now inhabits the "People's
    House", Why is it we can't find a way PROSECUTE THEM. Cheney when asked recently, paraphrazing, "The American People Are Not Happy With Your Administration, Your Rating Numbers Are Abysmally low In the Polls... CHENEY'S REPLY WAS A COOL, "SO"... THE GANG THAT COULDN'T SHOOT STRAIGHT NEED'S TO VACATE THE PEOPLE"S HOUSE, IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

    Congratulations on the "Body of War" Episode. One of the best Bill Moyers Journal ever aired. The scars of war are not superficial in the lives of those affected. They run deep and last a lifetime. We have a dictatorial President that manipulated the American people and exploited our fears, to thank.

    I have been against the war since 2004, after it became clear that there were in fact, no weapons of mass destruction. I have tried to do what I can to put an end to it, but I know it isn't enough.
    I do believe that one of the most effective tools to end the war is to pursue impeachment of Bush/Cheney. They have to be held accountable for the lies that led to Iraq.
    Congressman Wexler is trying to start hearings into the impeachment of Vice President Cheney. You can help him by signing his petition at
    Also visit

    Bill - thank you again for the excellent reporting you do. You do a great service for America.

    This film and Tomas' story is a 'MUST see' for everyone who cares about our country! The only ones who really know the truths, are our extraorinary service men & women, AND their families! Our great nation deserves much better from our current leadership, both in the White House and on Capitol Hill! Americans WANT to feel pride again in their chosen leaders, not the disdain and embarressment which we have felt so much of in the past 7-1/2 years!
    Our servicemen and women, like Tomas and my son, ARE the true heroes, and a very bright spot in an otheriwise dark page in our history! Our nations finest are and have been, on the front lines, but unfortunately, so many of lesser integrity and wisdom and honor, have been in the seats of power! We all deserve better than what we have had of recent, in Washington D.C. Thank you Tomas Young and Bill Moyers and Phil Donahue and Ellen Shapiro and the most heartfelt of thanks to the almost 4,000 who have given the fullest measure, and to countless others who have served and sacrificed (and to all of their families), . . and to the handful of politicians who continue to challange and speak honestly for us!

    I am stumbling for words, but feel compelled to join the voices. I remember back in the early 70s attending an antiwar demonstration in DC, having driven in a crowded car through the night, passing through several states - only to find police in riot gear standing in front of government buildings as we drove through that city in the early morning. The demonstration was huge and peaceful, beginning mid-morning and lasting through the day - and I remember military helicopters flew overhead all day long. That was my government then and I fear that is my government now, but in the military gear of the digital age.

    What I have learned since is that honest, clear, coherent voices command truth to be present.

    I am grateful Tomas has a voice and has the courage to use it - a contemporary story of resurrection, in my view. Thank you, Bill, for yet another powerful program.

    I moved from West-Africa when i was thirteen. As a teenager i am disappointed that many of my fellow teenagers dont care about whats happening in Iraq. i think the war in Iraq is wrong and without just cause. i look up to people like Thomas Young for taking something drastic and turning into A positive.i think every human being that ever fought in a war is a hero. am sorry to say but coming from a foreign country i could tell you that you cant change the iarq culture thier traditions are not just a way of life it is their destiny. it apalling that the army are constantly trying to recruit the youth filling them with constant rubbish, that their protecting thier country . who is protecting the women of iraq , . i have been impacted because everyday it saddens me to hear that another soldier is wounded and another mosque been attacked it is horrible. America needs to remember that there is nothing worse than the blood of an innocent child on your neck. BRING THE TROOPS BACK HOME AND DONT LET HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF. There are many more issues that need attention like the people of Darfur. For the first time in a long time i felt like the people of iraq might never know peace

    I wept with shame at how little I've done to protest this war. Tomas Young is a remarkable young man--thank God he is alive and among us. How many men and women like him have not come home?

    I remember well watching Sen. Byrd speak out against the rush to war, but not enough of the people we elect to make sound decisions did their job. They passed the buck to all the men and women who would go and fight. George W. Bush is the absolute worst President this nation has ever had at a time when we needed the best.

    I'm reminded of a speech Eugene Debs gave on June 16, 1918--just a brief section--" The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles...They have always taught you and trained you to believe it is your patriotic duty to go to war and to have yourselves slaughtered at their command. But in all the history of the world you, the people, have never had a voice in declaring war, and strange as it certainly appears, no war by any nation in any age has ever been declared by the people."

    A young Marine sat next to me on a plane a couple of years ago. He was going home for a brief leave and had missed a connecting flight and was going to be about 5 hrs later than his family expected. I let him use my cell phone to try to reach his family but they live a long way from the airport and had already left home, none having a cell phone.

    I asked him what he did in Iraq and he said he drove a supply truck from Baghdad to Fallujah and back. I said, “Fallujah,” He said, “You have hear of it?” I said, “Uh yes, anyone who watches the news had heard of Fallujah.” He seemed surprised.

    We chatted for a while about various aspects of the war, and his job there without talking politics. He told me that the barracks at his base was shelled every night so instead of sleeping inside, he would dig a trench by the wheel well of his truck and sleep there because he felt safer there than inside a “target”.

    He was a very thin, very polite and soft spoken young man and I was impressed by him. He was the very picture of youth, health, and patriotism. His name was Samuel Ray Lott. He made a lasting impression on me and I will always think of him when I think of our soldiers in Iraq.

    When we got off the plane, I wished him well, told him to take care and told him I would keep him in my prayers. He said he didn’t expect anyone to still be waiting for him at the airport, except his dad. He was so late he was sure anyone else would have left.

    I was standing behind him as we went down the escalators to baggage claim. About half way down the escalator, I heard cheering and looked up to see a crowd with signs and balloons, all jumping up and down in excitement. I felt a huge lump come up in my throat and tears well up in my eyes. I watched the crowd engulf him with hugs and kisses. Several of us stood and watched and my teary eyes met with other teary eyed passengers.

    The woman next to me in the crowd by the baggage carousel and I laughed as we both wiped tears from our eyes. It is hard to recognize your luggage through tears.

    Samuel Ray Lott became the face of the Iraqi war for me. When I watched his family wrap their arms around him, I realized what it must be like to worry about a son, driving a truck between Fallujah and Baghdad who sleeps in the sand next to his truck for protection. It must be excruciating.

    In answer to the question - I have not been directly impacted by the war in Iraq and Afganistan. Especially so, if you consider what soldiers like Tomas and countless others are experiencing everyday of their lives! I was against the war in Iraq from the very beginning. I watched the debates before the vote to go to Iraq and was amazed that the majority of our congress people did not question the validity of the facts that were being presented by the Bush administration. I really don't know how these people sleep at night. It is obvious one of the few people thinking critically at the time was Senator Byrd. God Bless him and God Bless Tomas Young. Such a courageous, beautiful spirit who is more patriotic than 90% of the politicians in Washington DC. Thank you Bill Moyers, Phil Donahue and Ellen Shapiro for giving us his story.

    Thanks Bill... Please keep the truth coming. You've never been so tall as when you stood with Thomas Young. Bless Spiro and Phil. Be Strong, Love

    A great interview. Congratulations to Spiro, Donahue, and especially Thomas Young. The best Moyer's Journal I've watched.

    I have been finding much comfort in You Tube viewings of Rev. Jeremiah Wrights' sermons. I also saw a white pastor of this 90% white mainline Protestant religion calling the Iraq War a "demonic war". Now there's a church I might join.

    I still can't believe that our representatives voted for Bush's war. I couldn't believe that they rolled over so easily at the time, and I think they should be held to account now. It is easy to say, "with the evidence at the time...," but shouldn't they have known not to trust George Bush's evidence? They didn't seem to listen to him when it came to other issues, why this one that was so much more important?
    The personal story that connects my family to the war is my stepfather's nephew who was the 1st Vermonter to be killed in Iraq. Here was a boy I remembered growing up as a redhaired, freckle-faced, cute little guy. And now he was having to go to Iraq because he had signed up for weekend National Guard duty to try to help his family financially, while helping our country at home (National Guard, right?) He was a boy who went with my stepfather to his deer hunting camp every fall along with his big brother. My stepfather said he was very worried that he would not come back. This was a man who was experienced with guns, who was trained in the National Guard. But this is a war where many don't come back. He left behind his wife and a little boy with red hair and freckles and a little girl too. I remember how I found out- listening to the evening news.

    I remember the last of the Vietnam War and how I protested in Central Park to end it at age 22. We are 5 years into a mess that we should have never gotten into and our soldiers all need to come home. My ex-husband was lucky to get into a reserve unit and it save his life, as well as those of our friends at the end of the war. I vote and will help to make sure to hold my government representtives accountable at the polls!

    Thank you again Mr. Moyers. The war has not only cost the death of our young people, the people of Iraq, the chaos in the whole area, the economic straw that is breaking our economic health here it has also shown how we no longer have an independent media and that our republic democracy is hanging on by a thread.

    Robert Byrd's finest hour, no doubt, and I have to say still surprising to me. But where has Nancy Pelosi's sensibility gone? Hypocrisy, as Donahue calls the lack of sympathy with those patriots, who, misguided or not, wanted to defend this country, was quite apparent during the Vietnam War and probably also even in Korea, though perhaps worse because without a draft, the services today are likely thought no more of than any other business, one that can be taken advantage of, like 3d world factory workers. Even the cost of the war is covered up in inflation and foisted off on the poor here and around the world. And it should be remembered that as in all wars the people where it is been fought have suffered far more than we have, and are likely not finished suffering either.

    My ethical stance toward the world was formed, in large part, through being a young person during the years of the Viet Nam war. I was firmly against that war and realized, as time went on, that I was firmly against all war.
    I became a member of The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) mainly because I respected their centuries long commitment to pacifism.
    Being a middle-aged pacifist is really different from being a 19-year-old hippie. I can't assume all my friends will agree with me, simply because we are of the same generation. In fact, I now know many people whom I respect and like very much who would strongly disagree with me.
    This current war had made me think about my place in the world. I am not an aggressive person and I don't like politics very much. I donate money to antiwar organizations, and I write my congress people, but I don't participate in public protests. I have decided to try to live my pacifism on a personal level and try to resist or reject violence in everything I do and also in what I think. This is very difficult. I have a scrap of paper taped to my bathroom mirror which says: "Do you endeavor to live in virtue of that life and power that takes away the occasion for all war?" I keep reminding myself that the operative word is "endeavor."

    What we've done there is unbelievable. It's time to start telling the truth.

    And Hillary Clinton is not the one to lead us there.

    Hillary Clinton won Ohio largely on the issue of Nafta. Even though Nafta was a major "achievement" in the Clinton Administration, Hillary Clinton said she is and always was against it. She even questioned the sincerity of Barack Obama's position on Nafta.

    Ohio voters know that Bush has not stood up for American workers on trade. Bush doesn't understand the "fair" part of the phrase "free and fair trade." Making American workers compete against exploited cheap labor with pennies for wages and horrid working conditions is not fair. As Obama has said, we need to make our trade partners implement work standards to stop them from making products on the cheap so American workers can't fairly compete.

    So in view of her clear positions on her husband's Presidency, we wondered why Hillary Clinton fought the release of her records as First Lady. It didn't make sense. After all, she touted her experience as First Lady saying it makes her more qualified to be President than Barack Obama. She and the Democrats also criticize the Bush Administration for its secretive manner of running our government.

    Now we know. Hillary Clinton's First Lady records, which were just released over her objections, reveal that Hillary Clinton was not against Nafta.

    It always sounded weird that Hillary Clinton would be against Nafta, something Bill Clinton considered a major achievement of his Administration. In fact, she wasn't against it. She even lobbied for it.

    To put it bluntly, Hillary Clinton lied. She lied about something important. She lied to pander to voters. Hillary Clinton stole a ton of votes in the Ohio election on a lie.

    This is really no surprise coming from the candidate who says the vote in Michigan should count even though she, her opponents and the Democratic Party itself had all agreed that Michigan broke the rules and its vote would not count, and even though her opponents' names were not even on the ballot.

    The unfortunate truth is that Hillary Clinton has a serious credibility problem. Add that she failed to deliver on key issues, like her failed effort at healthcare reform in the early 1990s, like her vote for the Iraq war, and like her failing Presidential campaign in which she has repeatedly taken cheap shots at her opponent who is the likely Democratic nominee for President.

    It's time to end the two decades of Bush-Clinton rule in America. It's time for a change. We need someone who will play it a little straighter, listen a little harder, and encourage us to rekindle hope and work together for positive change for all Americans.

    "Clinton's 1993 NAFTA Meeting

    March 19, 2008 4:58 PM

    One interesting event in Sen. Hillary Clinton's just-released schedules from the 1990s comes on Nov. 10 1993, when the former first lady was to serve as the closing act during a briefing on NAFTA, the trade agreement she now assails.

    11:30 am -
    11:45 am

    Room 450, OEOB

    PARTICIPANTS: Approx 120 expected to attend
    (See briefing book for further info)

    - Alexis Herman intros HRC for brief remarks
    -HRC concludes program

    (pp. 1375 and 1376)

    Two attendees of that closed-door briefing, neither of whom are affiliated with any campaign, describe that event for ABC News. It was a room full of women involved in international trade. David Gergen served as a sort of master of ceremonies as various women members of the Cabinet talked up NAFTA, which had yet to pass Congress.

    "It wasn’t a drop-by it was organized around her participation," said one attendee. "Her remarks were totally pro-NAFTA and what a good thing it would be for the economy. There was no equivocation for her support for NAFTA at the time. Folks were pleased that she came by. If this is a still a question about what Hillary's position when she was First Lady, she was totally supportive of NAFTA.

    That first attendee recalls that the First Lady's office in the East Wing put together "the invitation list, who was invited authorizations and all that stuff."

    And what is this attendee's response to Clinton today distancing herself from NAFTA? "For people who worked hard to pass NAFTA and who support the importance of markets opening for the economy in the long term, they're very upset. A number of the women who were there are very upset. You need to have some integrity in your position. The Clintons when Bill Clinton was president took a moderate position on trade for Democrats. For her to repudiate that now seems pretty phony."

    Recalls a second attendee, "they were looking for women in international trade who supported NAFTA. Senator Clinton came by at the end. And of course she asked for our support and help in passing NAFTA."

    Women who attended that event, the second attendee says, have been incredulous to see Clinton distance herself from the trade agreement as she campaigns today. "They're all saying, 'What's this all about?' We all heard it firsthand." She says Clinton isn't being honest with voters today."

    Although I was in anti-Viet Nam protests when in college, the invasion of Iraq has had much more of an effect on me. I had the fortune of living in other countries and was always aware of another perspective of America than one who has always lived here and is a bit insular.

    When we started our invasion, I actually tried to give our country credit - that we were really under a threat, I knew that oil had something to do with our motives, but I thought that was secondary. We couldn't really invade another country unless we were truly under some threat. I thought that there was some horrible secret that our semi-trustworthy government had not told us - an Iraqi suitcase bombs perhaps? At the same time, I became frustrated that our media was constantly NOT asking questions that I wanted answers for. Around that time, my newspaper printed an AP article stated that there was a small protest, 200 or so, in Italy, primarily anti-globalization with a few anti-invasion protesters. I then read several articles on the Internet from England and The International Tribune, stating that it was primarily an anti-war march and that there were closer to 3,000.

    What happened afterwards was a complete distrust of our mainstream media. I canceled my newspaper subscription and never made any effort to listen to standard television news. I still listened to NPR, but with a very critical ear. I also listened more to Democracy Now and Air America. I could never listen to the right wing radio stations anyway. I watched PBS and BBC, but critically. I started reading a lot more about Iraq and our government on the Internet. I also started reading books about American history, in particular, our foreign policy - "Overthrow" and "Blowback" were two good ones. I've been curious about "Confessions of an Economic Hitman". The other area that I've been focusing on are explanations for our sorry state of news media. "What's the Matter with Kansas" provided some answers. That direction has led me to a deeper understanding of economics and our developing neo-liberalism policies. (I must ad, I'm not too surprised at our economic crises at the moment, business interests prefer not to remember the lessons of our 1930's economic depression).

    At this point, I find myself feeling very isolated from most Americans. Most don't seem to have a good knowledge of history, economics, much less geography. Our culture seems quite ignorant - tossing away national healthcare and public education. Our news doesn't seem to want to remind us our recent history. I hear working associates blither conservative values without really understanding the full effect of those policies echoed the steady mind-numbing right-wing radio stations. I now sift all my information I get from the media. I feel as though our government is no longer our government and I think most Americans are very, very ignorant.

    I don't know how the death of innocent men, women and children could fail to impact anyone with even the least amount of human compassion. How many deaths of little children are too many? If war is to protect the innocent, how the hell do we explain so many innocents dying a horrible death or seeing their families die and homes destroyed? How do you liberate a country by killing the ones who claim to be liberating? It makes no sense at all. There is no guarantee this nation of ours will always be spared the horror of war on our soil. Things may look much different to us then. Turning a blind eye to the injustice being done, the lies that have been told and thousands of lives lost will not make it go away. It breaks my heart and that picture of those precious little children could be the picture of our own someday. Have people in this country become so hard and cold they can't see the truth any longer or is it they just don't want the truth? We have been lied to and it should make us mad as hell. We should be demanding answers instead of believing everything we are told. Yes, I am impacted to my very soul everyday seeing fellow human beings dying for reasons that to me are far less than honorable.

    This picture, even decades later, saddens and revolts me.I know that some Iraq vets feel they have been treated well by the Pentagon and believe they and their units are contributing to a better society in Iraq. I honor their service and their comprehension of it. I believe that, overall, our leaders are totally misguided and have damaged Iraq and the Middle East horrendously. Our leaders have ruined our economy and theirs, as well as their society.

    The Afghanistan invasion had some reason for being and had we followed through on that phase of the war, the countries (theirs and ours) would be in much better condition. I objected to the unfounded war on Iran from the very beginning and felt we were being led into "daddy's war" to prove that "sonny" could do better than dad.

    For all the years,days and minutes of this terrible mistake I have been angry at my government for putting this nation in this terrible position and being stupid about it as well. I've felt unable to do anything about the situation as I watched the hawks call those who disagreed with the war traitors who were causing harm to the troops. I have been afraid as my grandson entered the army and was sent to Iraq, I have felt sorrow as the number of soldiers and civilians dying has increased. I have joined organizations to lobby against the war but had we been successful, the war would have been over. IT IS NOT! The helplessness I have felt and the shame I feel for what this administration has done is very demoralizing. Torture is not a wise tactic for a country which claims to be a world leader.

    My grandson returned unharmed unlike so many who have returned to discover that, what was promised them as they made the noble gesture of signing up to defend their nation, has not been readily delivered.

    The exploitation by businesses in this country in jumping on the "bandwagon" of this war and making huge profits in areas where the investment of such sums with the native Iranians so that they could rebuild their own country would have gained more is deplorable.
    These wars have had a very negative impact on the United States which will take us decades to recover from both in terms of our status in the world and our own economic health. The war in Iraq has wasted the resources of the nation.

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