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Guest Blogger: Mark Johnson on PLAYING FOR CHANGE

(Photo by Robin Holland)

We'd like to thank Mark Johnson, creator/director of PLAYING FOR CHANGE: PEACE THROUGH MUSIC, for sharing some additional thoughts with THE MOYERS BLOG. We invite you to respond below.

(Please note: -- which requires the Flash player -- does offer free audio of the many of the songs from the film, and projects that DVDs and CDs will be available in early 2009.)

Please note that the views and opinions expressed by Mark Johnson are not necessarily the views and opinions held by Bill Moyers or BILL MOYERS JOURNAL.
PLAYING FOR CHANGE is a movement uniting people all over the world through music and inspiration. It all began about seven years ago as my producing partner, Whitney Kroenke Burditt, and I assembled a group of like-minded people with cameras and a mobile recording studio. We embarked on a journey across the globe in search of music and human connections.

We started the journey with the idea that with an open mind and positive intentions we can find ways of uniting people as the human race. Music has always been the universal language and we followed its path from city streets to Native Indian reservations, African villages and the Himalayan Mountains. I could never have imagined that we would discover a world with so much love, hope and inspiration. In a world with so much focus on our differences I am proud to have discovered that people everywhere believe in creating a better world together.

Throughout our travels we created songs around the world such as “Stand By Me” and “One Love.” These songs and videos offer musicians who have never met in person the ability to collaborate and unite through the power of music. We also interviewed all of the musicians and learned stories of how music has helped to persevere through struggles all over the world. These collections of songs and interviews serve as a reminder of the power of the human spirit as well as a means of further illustrating our global collective conscience. We live in a world with way too many starving children and way too many warring nations. As a human race we come together for birth, and we come together for death, what brings us together in between is up to us. Stop and listen to the universal language of music and bring that positive energy with you everywhere we go.

The vision of PLAYING FOR CHANGE extends far beyond just music and film. We have established the Playing For Change Foundation to build music and art schools for kids around the world. We have recently returned from Gugulethu, South Africa where we constructed the first Playing For Change Music School. We plan to build many more schools, each equipped with cameras and a recording studio so supporters all over the world can watch recitals and performances in the schools we are building together. We can use these schools as sources of inspiration and a means of breaking down negative stereotypes among people everywhere. In the words of one of the artists featured in PLAYING FOR CHANGE, Vusi Mahlasela, “The world is immigrating into a global village, the question is how much do you want to belong.” Learn more about PLAYING FOR CHANGE, and together we can accomplish much more than we ever can apart.


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Thanks god! Mark's mind is brilhant. Playing for change is fantastic. The sounds are perfect! I can't stopp to listen the cd.The musics are in my mind all day long....

I've never seen the same brilhant ideia.. Thank You..
Thank you.. There aren't words apropriate for these project because it's perfect.

The most amazing work. Highly effective! Powerful tool for change! Thank you Messrs: Moyers/Johnson. Best wishes (we need just a few more good people like you to eradicate hate and prejudice and spread love...! Thank you!

Don't be fooled... Playing for Change = RIAA

Concord Music Group is an umbrella company that includes record labels that are members of the RIAA.

This isn't some benevolent action, they're selling CDs and DVDs of these performers and exploiting them.

Want to help a street performer? Go out and record them, help them sell their music on iTunes, and help them make their own money without any RIAA middlemen.

Such a magnificent experience! There is no doubt that this musical message embraces my soul which is so connected to others. Thank you.

The best thing we could do is Tax entertainers about 90% of their income.......

So, it is now March 29, 2009. Please do not leave me hanging! I want more! in the blogs there was mention of a cd as well as a song " One Love" ? Bill we need an update. Wonderful stuff, we want more!

I am a disc jockey with a Jazz show that airs on KUSP FM in Santa Cruz, California. I saw the Playing For Change band perform in San Francisco on March 24 and was blown away. I had seen the "Five Peace Band" the night before in Santa Cruz, five world-class musicians including Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Christian McBride, Kenny Garrett and Vinnie Colaiuta, who were outstanding.
I was more moved and entertained by this group of Street musicians from around the world and the cause that Mark Johnson supports than the outstanding "Five Peace Band", musicians at the very peak of their careers.
Mark Johnson should be nominated and awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. I am starting a campaign to see that it happens.

Edith Krumholz: Just wait 6 months and it will be the soundtrack to a luxury car ad, or even for a defense contractor or grain broker on a Sunday chat show. Then you'll wish you'd never heard it. Such is the dialectic of corporate capitalist demise. Everything beautiful or new is co-opted to sell fascism.
But like the promoters you probably only craved the fleeting pleasure and prefer to spend your money on that instead of helping others. Why not do as the song suggests and stand by someone in need instead of cocooning with your biddy buds?

I absolutely love this video I watched on Jimmy Buffet's site today. I would like to buy the audio CD. Can anyone tell me where it might be available?

Hearing and seeing fellow humans around the world singing and playing "Stand by Me" - which can also be a prayer to one's deity - brings tears to my eyes and joy to my soul!

Mark Johnson,
Very Inspirational, I need to Colaborate with you on a project in Key West.
Gary Ek

Please let me know when the video / dvd is available.
Thank you Kathy Mohn

david de Vere: Just wait 6 months and it will be the soundtrack to a luxury car ad, or even for a defense contractor or grain broker on a Sunday chat show. Then you'll wish you'd never heard it. Such is the dialectic of corporate capitalist demise. Everything beautiful or new is co-opted to sell fascism.

Please, please, someone answer the question, "how can a copy of this masterpiece be purchased?"

Every day, if I'm a little down with the world news, or the degradation of personal integrity by public figures (Madoff, Blagojevich), I play the Stand By Me clip. Changes my mood right away. Thank you.

this stand by me is great..How do I get the whole video?

I am happy that transformation is really happening in the lives of the people through music, i know that i am not left alone in this vision of impacting the world through quality music.I love to learn more on how to do it better in my society. Thank you and keep up the good work, please send me some of your materials so i can use to promote my music passion

I am happy that transformation is really happening in the lives of the people through music, i know that i am not left alone in this vision of impacting the world through quality music.I love to learn more on how to do it better in my society. Thank you and keep up the good work, please send me some of your materials so i can use to promote my music passion

I am a fond viewer of the Bill Moyers show. It is nice to see that there is someone with integrity, someone who deals with issues straight on.

I happened to watch the recent Bill Moyers Journal when Mark Johnson was on, and showe a video clip of his project: Playing for Change. Like so many other people who saw that show, and were "blown away" by the combination of the video and the music.
My frustration is that the DVD is not available now.

I can't wait for that DVD to be issued next Spring. I think that there are a lot of people who would like to be notified when that DVD is available.

I think Mark Johnson's project is a fantastic idea, and wish to support his work and his foundation by purchasing that DVD as soon as it is available!

Great concept: peace through music.


How can I get this dvd...I want to give it to my husband for Xmas and cannot find it. Saw it on Bill Moyers and were so touched by it so any help in procuring it would be WONDERFUL.....thank you

Thank you Bill Moyers and Mark Johnson, this is the very kind of "HOPE" that the world needs!
Of course, we also need a war crimes tribunal to convene in behalf of those who can no longer feel the joy and peace of the music.

Thank you so much for the encore of Playing For Change. Certainly, I am an information-junkie and always look forward to the commentary and discussion on your show. However, this piece about Playing For Change was magical. It gives me a sense of real hope and like so many of the children that Mark talked about, something to live for in these difficult times. Well done, Mark Johnson. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Thank you Bill Moyers for all the years of excellent broadcast journalism.

I have a question.
In music theory you build a scale and you build a chord from a ROOT which is the lowest note. Why do guitar methods start with the highest pitched string?
Can anyone tell me the inversions for standard guitar?

This was such a neat interview, it would be nice to show it in ALL grade schools. I would also like a copy of this if it ever comes out.Music has brought people of different backgrounds together for centuries.I hope the quest for schools worldwide gets reached.

Thank you for sharing this music you hear sound as I tube.Dear Mr President 2008 ann redmond
project I would appreciate any forwarding or collaration on your music projects. Ann

Let me know how to order the DVD and CD when available. So grateful to be a part of this ....

Hands joined as one.

Great interview and music. I would like cd's of music. - Brought back unforgetable trip to SA and of visiting Mamelodi & Guguleto in '98. It was a great privelege to visit with some of the residents who have great hearts and hopes in the midst of terrible living conditions.- South African (Blacks) music is very moving and to appreciate.

I want to move to Johannesburg and teach piano, guitar, bass, and violin in your music school. Or I would be willing to help you establish another school anywhere in South Africa.
In 1978 I dropped out of grad school and moved from Illinois to Mississippi to serve as a civil rights worker and community developer. I founded the first private Afro-centric music school in Jackson, Mississippi focusing on black gospel and R&B.
I spent eleven years developing the world's first "piano by ear" method designed to teach rank beginners with no previous experience.
I ran the school for 25 years from 1981-2006. I employed myself and four other teachers teaching piano, guitar, drums, electric bass, voice, and violin. We maintained a full enrollment of 250 students for 25 years. I personally taught 2200 black Mississippians to play R&B and black gospel piano by ear. I also taught guitar, bass, drums, and violin. Please reply if you can use me.

Would any of you who have recorded the first Playing for Change movie or have the original DVD which has been discontinued please share it by Bittorrent? There are many thousands of people clamoring to see it, but probably for some ridiculous reason involving lawyers it can no longer be sold.

Also, Mark, please enable people to buy and download the DVD or Bluray of the new film online. Transferring the film as data consumes less oil and has a much smaller carbon impact than making and shipping plastic discs around the world. Also, because it's cheaper, more funding will go to your worthy organization instead of middlemen.

Thank you Bill and Mark. You both gave me goosebumps with your beautiful film and excellent interview.

Mark Johnson,
I am Chinese-American and belong to a traditional Chinese orchestra that promotes harmony and peace worldwide. Can you contact me? I am excited about your work and like to help out any way I can.

Please let me know where I can purchase the CD or DVD of the soundtrack to Mark Johnson's documentary "Playing for Change," that aired on Bill Moyer's Journal in October 2008.
Thank you very much,

Hi. I'd just like to say that I saw your story "Playing for Peace" and I cried all the way through it, it was so great. Obviously, you're selling cd's, (or DVD's I hope), to help support your music schools. How can I buy a DVD, please? You did a beautiful job. Thank you
Margie Brantis

I loved playing for change. I too thought I had found the perfect holiday gift for friends. Guess they'll be getting them late! So inspiring; I showed it to my 10 year old.

I saw the interview of Mark Johnson on Bill Moyers Journal, PBS. It was captivating. I located a 5-minute version of the "Stand By Me" clip on YouTube, and watched it over and over is now a true obsessive-complusive disorder ;-) I emailed a link to many friends with a Thanksgiving Day message of appreciation for Standing By Me for so long. People found it moving and uplifting. Thank you so much for such a creative production. Where is the DVD PULEEAASSSEEE!!

Make lots of DVDs....I want to order for myself and friends and family.

This is the answer to many of our problems.

Yap, very disappointing I was ready to buy 10 CD or DVD for Christmas gifts.Oh well:(

This is magnificent! Does President-Elect Obama own one? How can we buy the dvd? All indications are that its been discontinued. Will it be re-issued?

This was so heartwarming-please make the DVD available. For now, I have your program taped on my DVR and will keep it there forever. Thanks for an inspiring story, as always. Also, I loved the conversation w/Russ Feingold - he's from my home state and is my hero.

Thank you Mark Johnson. Thank you Bill Moyers. Why--why--why can't leaders recognize this silent understanding is what is REAL? Why do we perpetuate an oppressive reality,--and keep our true worth buried within?

Finally! The Spirit of the Season! All the holiday hubbub pales in comparison with this Ode to Joy! Thank you for the best gift of the year! I will link the work to my website

thank you bill moyers, you should be required viewing for all americans

thank you (muliply this by a billion) marc johnson and all the musicians - keep it going because I'm afraid hate is winning right now

I saw Mark Johnson's, "Playing for Change" for the first time this morning. I cried. In a world saturated in an atmosphere of fear we need hope and people like Mark Johnson.

Playing for Change is truly inspiring.

There is also a couple guys from London who is doing this type of music and video around the world,

1 Giant Leap is the self titled debut album by UK duo Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman under the name 1 Giant Leap. It was created by the two members traveling the world and recording vocals and music by numerous artists.

In 2008 they released their new DVD What About Me? They are traveling around the country showing this at many locations. You can go to their web-site for more information.

The Album for which is expected out in early 2009

The Original 1 Giant Leap DVD is available online, or rent a copy, it is worth the watch.

With so many positive reviews, I thought your viewers might like to check 1 Giant Leap out as well.

Thank you again and again Bill for yet another excellent, enlightening program!!

Your the Best!!

I have the Playing For Change movie, which I taped from the Sundance Channel several years ago. Keep an eye out for it's fantastic. I'm amazed he didn't mention it!!

I'm an aging child of the promise of an Aquarian age, who pretends to "teach" children in high school. They teach me more than I teach them~~but I need to show them THIS video. No video could convince them that we ARE a world community, that must work together, better than this one, I suspect. So, now how do I get the video??
Bill, you demonstrate your wisdom and humility ONCE AGAIN by rebroadcasting this segment. Thank you.

Bill Moyers and guests were wonderful, as always! Mark Johnson was truly inspiring...please let us know when we can purchase DVD or CD of Playing for Change music.
Gillian Miller

After watching the Moyers segment on "Playing for Change" I promptly made a contribution to the foundation. However, I was chagrined to learn that the DVD isn't available. I wish to add my voice to the demand for the re-issuance of that DVD.

"Playing for Change" is a powerful demonstation of harmony, both literal and figurative. Watching the brilliant work of Mark Johnson for the second time, I can attest that the sense of "oneness" so beautifully and movingly protrayed is the pure spirit of the Baha'i Faith. Among the new scriptures are these words: "Deal ye one with the other with the utmost friendliness and harmony. . . . So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth." Yes, there is hope.

Mark! I so believe in what you're doing! I spent 5 years doing the marketing & PR for the gay men's chorus in Cleveland. We had so many of the same goals of bringing people together through music. and I know firsthand that it works. It works on levels that most of us will never understand! I want to work with you. Please contact me!

Playing for change was truly mesmerizing but I also agree a greater female presence would have truly shown acceptance for all on our planet.

Absolutely beautiful! It brought me to tears for so many reasons. Words can not adequately express my appreciation for this story. It feels good to be touched in such a deep and positive way.

L. Rodman

Gainesville, FL

Wonderful idea - would have been nice to see more women singing heart-felt solos. Way too male dominated.

Bill and Team:

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was great to see Playing For Change again. What an amazing piece of work. I applaud Mark Johnson and the others involved in the project. Another example of "Yes We Can". Filled with hope, inspiration and joy. Music does bring us together. We need much more of this in our world.

It will happen....we can lead the way.

Thanks again.

Since being so moved by its first showing of 10/24/08, I have wanted DVDs for myself and for gifts. It presents the type of goodness that should be broadcast from the highest mountains. Mark Johnson must be guided by God in his endeavors.

My heart is still singing with the global musicians you brought together. Way to lift the vibration of this planet Mark Johnson!
You demonstrated without a doubt that music can unite us and turn up the love volume within humanity. Thank you!

Mr. Bill, thank you for showing the 'Playing for Change' again. I enjoyed it just as much this time, as before.

I have taught my children to be citizens of the world. Mark Johnson you have broutht the world together for us to see it as a beautiful community. Thank you from everyone in the world.

I second Mike's motion for the nobel peace prize for Mark Johnson next year!!!! I too was channel surfing, I am new to NY and haven't watched the programme before, but was blown away by this interview. I am also so moved by all the beautiful comments people have made here. The world is a wonderful place as Mark has proven

Ahhhh...the sound of pure hope for the future. What could be more beautiful?

The people united
will never be


Oh oh! Bill Moyers and Sen. Russ Feingold invoking my personal hero, Fighting Bob LaFollette!

SWOON! Or in the immortal words of the Big Bopper:

"Oh baby, you know what I like!"

I have the Playing For Change movie, which I taped from the Sundance Channel several years ago. Keep an eye out for it's fantastic

Wow! This brought tears to my eyes and much emotion. No doubt about it - music brings people together and the idea of building music schools for kids around the world is simply wonderful!!
Where can I get a link to the rest of that song "One Love"??

hello my name is alvina nastacio. i sing back up, along with my sisters, for the Twin Eagle drum group from Zuni New Mexico. On behalf of the Twin Eagle drum group, I would like to thank Mark Johnson for giving us this amazing experience by allowing the Twin Eagle drum group to be a part of Playing For Change.

Mark, you have done an amazing job creating this documentary.
Thank You!!!

I have long believed that music is the universal language that unites us all, and Playing For Change has taken that idea to the next level by uniting musicians and inspiring listeners from around the globe to incite peace and unity from all walks of life. Seeing the work these folks are doing proves the power of real people with real stories and most importantly, real music. I am so excited to share this with the people in my life and I can hardly wait for the rest of the world to take notice. Something tells me it won't take long...

This is the worst marketing I have ever seen... Create a huge demand for a product that isn't available. I can only imagine how much money you could have raised, but you have squandered the opportunity. My parents told me about this, and said they wanted the DVD, but it's out of print. It would have been a Christmas gift. I doubt I'll remember next year.

This video was so very beautiful and touched deep into my heart. Please let me know when DVDs are available. I wish I could give them for Christmas gifts. Thank you so much for your gift to humanity.

So many wonderful comments that you have to know this could be really big. Even bigger than building music schools.
Our country needs something to make us feel good. This could be just the ticket. I would love to help make this idea grow. Let me know if I can share some ideas.

Just in case anyone want's a copy of the "Stand by Me" video portion of Mr. Moyer's program, the version from Playing for Change's website is downloadable and also on youtube ( 180,000 plus hits )
here's the url:

I still can't get through the video with out losing it. I think my play count is in the hunderds. Should be manatory viewing for every soul on the planet.

A couple Saturdays back, I was directed to the "Playing For Change" video by a friend. After watching, with tears in my eyes I forwarded the link to my pastor. The next day, as I was standing in front of the church, Pastor Cari grabbed me, "I have something for you to do and it's your own fault," she said. She had printed out the words for "Stand By Me" and asked me to lead the congregation in the song as our final hymn of service that day. Fine with me. It fit in perfectly with her sermon's theme of joining as a community when times get hard. After the sermon, the band started and I began the first verse. By the repeat of the second chorus the congregation was on its feet singing along. Soon a voice rang out from the congregation. A voice we'd never heard before. We beckoned her up and she took a repeat of the first verse and chorus. Beautiful. Bill Moyers, Mark Johnson: your work extends beyond your imaginings. Many thanks and blessings.

McCain shouldn't have said he is going to be CHANGE after he voted for and supported Bush's lies and corrupt decisions. For McCain to suggest for himself and copy Obama's theme of change was not smart. McCain supported Bush's corrupt war in Iraq and McCain supported Bush's tax cuts for corporations that sent their American jobs overseas.

I was truly moved listening to your work Marc, my heart nearly exploded with joy and feelings of hope for this world. Your force to stay with your vision all these years, paying what I saw extraordinary tribute to all street musicians in the world, linking them for a moment in eternity proves you not only to be a beautiful artist but also an amazing human being. Thank you. This work is the only present I would love to offer to all my family and friends for Xmas, Hanukkah,etc... Please let me and the world know where we can get it and how soon.

It's pieces like this that clearly remind me - that most of us are neither white nor black, brown nor yellow, Republican nor Democrat, Christian nor Jew. We're a global community that has allowed the purity of the human spirit to be co-oped by love of self.

just thought i would alert the fine folks at the "blog" that i now rely on the site's video version of "stand by me" to sometimes get me through a very hard brings me such joy to watch and hear it. it's when the twin eagles drums come in that i feel a physical uplift...amazing...really amazing. they are so powerful.
also, and this is weird, for some reason, whenever my cat "floyd" hears bill moyers on either the tv or the computer, he races over, sits and stares at the screen. now if we could only get him to write a check to pbs...i guess i'll have to do that for him. :)

Thanks Bill Moyers for this incredible and much needed ray of hopefulness in these stressful times. Makes this older lady feel good about people. Can hardly wait to get it to share.

I started tearing up when I watched the film (Stand By Me). It just made me find hope in my heart. Thanks so much for bringing this to our lives. This is what humankind should be all about.

I have always been skeptical of the proponents of music as a universal language, but this film really showed me how connected we can be through music. I am recommending to to all of my friends (it is available through NetFlix), and plan to buy my own copy once it is back in print. Thank you, Mark!

Everything that one could say has already been written in the hundreds of comments. I hope the outpouring of requests for a DVD has been addressed and this joyous music/program will be available very soon. After watching this, there is a void for those of us who can't let go! Would you add that info to the site, please.

Everything that one could say has already been written in the hundreds of comments. I hope the outpouring of requests for a DVD has been addressed and this joyous music/program will be available very soon. After watching this, there is a void for those of us who can't let go! Would you add that info to the site, please.

Everything that one could say has already been written in the hundreds of comments. I hope the outpouring of requests for a DVD has been addressed and this joyous music/program will be available very soon. After watching this, there is a void for those of us who can't let go! Would you add that info to the site, please.

Everything that one could say has already been written in the hundreds of comments. I hope the outpouring of requests for a DVD has been addressed and this joyous music/program will be available very soon. After watching this, there is a void for those of us who can't let go! Would you add that info to the site, please.

After listening to Bill Moyers' on Playing for Change I don't know how I will be able to miss another Bill Moyers' show. I was inspired and relieved, hopeful. I was reminded that its not about money, buying things, giving away stuff and having a lot of stuff. Its about figuring out your gift and giving freely. This was an example of humanity in the state of loving -- a state we should all try to evoke when we are with others. Sometimes I think about singing on the bus -- what if I had the courage? Would others enjoy connecting and celebrating or are we all too broken in our spirit?

Why did you both plug a movie that's two years old, out of print, and can't be ordered by anyone anywhere? Next time you plug anything as good as Mark Johnson's movie, make sure it's available NOW. Who's gonna remember to order it months from now when it maybe someday becomes available. Mark Johnson has probably lost tons of sales because it can't be gotten ANYWHERE at the moment you plugged it. Bad form.

It was really DUMB of BOTH of your to nationally plug a DVD that is two years old, out of print, and can't be ordered by anyone from anywhere. Next time you plug a DVD (or anything) that's as good as Mark Johnson's movie, make SURE it's available NOW. Who's gonna remember to seek it out months from now when it MIGHT be available, maybe someday ? Mark Johnson probably lost tons of sales by not having this all ready to go and for sale from SOME outlet SOMEWHERE on the day you broadcast his interview. Bad form.

Wow! This is wonderful. Thank you for bringing Mark Johnson and the Playing for Change: Peace through Music to our attention.

Listening to the segment from Playing for Change broght to my mind that scripture, "I will pour out my spirit on all flesh...". In hearing Mark speak I distinctly heard the sound of "spirit wings." Thank you for sharing with the world AND when will the DVD be available? I would love to send it as gifts this Christmas.

Leave it to Bill Moyers who always represents what's best in television. This one really got to me. This is what television SHOULD be about but unfortunately isn't. If I hit the lottery, which since "The Fall" has become my main method of retirement, Mark Johnson is in for some dough. I'm not really a music person but this piece just blew me away. Can you tell me where I can make a small donation.

What can i say? the film/song struck such a chord that I have been trying to find it ever since. I want to play it for anyone who will listen! If it were for sale it could be used in classrooms, living rooms, projected on walls, used by hospice, drug rehab, in prisons, sunday schools, the church of what's happening now and on and on. Kudos to Mark you are on the mark. Thanks Sisko

Wonderful - inspiring report, beautiful music. I would like to buy several DVD's when available and support your cause. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Bill, Bill, Bill
Man you blew me away with your segment on Playing for Change. I was channel surfing and stumbled on your show and it was truly a blessing.After all the "bad" economic and political news I have been bombarded with this was a breathe of Fresh air, relief and shocked awe. I loved it and wanted it to go on for hours and hours more, maybe past the election. Cause Bill we need the love that this music was serving up to us. Thank you. P.S. Lobby for a rerun!

I'm a new viewer to Mr. Moyer's show and I really wasn't expecting a segment that touched me like Playing for Change. Thank you so much for bringing something beautiful to a increasingly discouraging world. I look forward to more segments showing the good in humans. Thanks Bill!

Thank you Mark Johnson!
Where and when can I get a DVD?? I want to share this beautiful gift with others!

So inspirational...very moving and I will await the CD/DVD release to send to all family and friends. Music IS the universal language and in time I hope we all sing the same song.Thank you for this wonderful endeavor

This show touched my heart. This very song (Stand ByMe)used to sooth my nephew when he was upset as an infant. When it has comes on I always think of him. It's our song. I'm going to send it to him when it comes out.

So many times we forget that we live in a very big world. Thank you Bill for your show and, thank you Playing for change for a good cry and making the difference

Absoutely Wonderful!!!
Can't wait for the DVD.

Kudos to everyone involved with this uniquely magical broadcast & recording project. I've always been impressed with the stories that Bill Moyers & PBS present and produce. This 10 year project by Mark Johnson is pure musical genius,and at the same time a wonderful story of spiritual revival and hope! I was reduced to tears for all of Stand By Me, and was tremendously uplifted with Mark telling his story to Bill.

Remember to vote and pray, and the heart & hopeful human condition will most usually win in the long run.

Jack Gerard
Silver Spring, MD

Thanks Bill again for another wonderful program. What a powerful combination: Galbraith and Johnson. Now would you please connect these two brilliant men to Barack Obama ASAP? James for one of his advisors in the next years and Mark to play this beautiful video as a backdrop for election night!

Please, please, for my three year old granddaughter, and me, hurry up with production of the DVD and CD. I want to cry with her when we watch it together. Thank you for making me feel human again.

Wow. Thank you. The "stand by me" performances were truly inspiring. Where can I buy the DVD? I'd love to share this with family and friends.


Wow! I ran to my computer as soon as the program was done on TV to see if I could find the "Stand by Me" song to share with others! Amazing!


How can I purchase a c.d. of Mark Johnsom's music that was featured on Bill Moyer's Journal

Congrats -- your interviews we did at Tribeca are on the Radar at RealTVfilms as TOP 10 for the mont -- Good job - Congrats


Thank you for the powerful and uplifting segment on Peace Through Music. Like many of you, I was moved to tears by the connection and beauty. Let's keep these songs in our hearts as part of the change happening in our lives this year.

I see after reading some of these comments that I wasn't the only one surprised to find myself crying during the airing of your segment featuring the song "Stand By Me." Unexpectedly powerful and touching. Mark - Bill - thank you.

I have to say this was one of the most emotionally moving articles I've seen on TV in a long long time. To see the joy each musician shared in the song Stand By Me brought tears to my eyes as I watched and is doing so again as I write ... I was singing along clapping with each one of them. Thank you Bill and thank you Mark Johnson!!!

I have been deeply troubled by the bleak state of our economy and the effect it's having on my family. I haven't felt much joy lately. Tonight, my sister emailed the URL to this broadcast and, for the first time in a very long time, my heart felt something other than pain and fear. I am uplifted. Thank you for the gift and inspiration.

Thank you-Bill and Mark Hope is what the world needs and music brings our hearts and minds together as humans. We share the magic of music and the awesome power it has to unite us all. Music is the canvas of sounds that we create to explore our souls. Music has always been my place of peace. Music transcends physical into spiritual, I am a witness to music with people with disabilities. Thank you for giving hope and love a mist a troubled world. Look forward to DVD Playing for Change-Pat K. Florida

Mr. Johnson,

You have restored my faith in humanity. You are truly one of the most genuine heroes I have seen in a long time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Unity through creative diversity... this is my motto I teach to my students. What a beautiful message of unity.Thank you-it nourishes the soul and feeds the heart.

We watched the Journal thanks to DVR, just tonight. What a wonderful evening--an economist we can understand and who seems to care, and music which brought us to tears. How can we get copies of Mark Johnson's Playing for Change DVD?

It is the first time I've cried over happy news in a long time. I too have recorded Bill Moyers Journal and had to wait to see them through, not this time. I've played it over and over on my laptop,then using the other computer to find and buy the DVD. Thank you for your consistent good reporting. Blessings of long life and health that you can continue to keep us informed.
I am a retired teacher and bought a copy of the DVD for my former school to play for the whole school. This is the kind of education we need for our children, hope, faith, and a positive outlook on the world. Mark's vision also teaches that one person can make a huge impact on the world. His dream is huge and he didn't do it to make money, he wanted to spread love.
Were there any Hispanic musicians in the DVD? I live in Southern California .
Thank you all.

You almost always enumerate my feelings and concerns with a resonance so much truer than I seem able.
Tonight your Mark Johnson piece brought silent awe to my home after a day of talking heads stirring the pot of controversy.

thank you for the best news of the day...the week. I didn't realize how fatigued I was over all the bad economic news & campaign blues until your wondeful music segement left me in grateful tears.

More Please!!

Watching this on Moyers tonight made tears flow, and made me proud to be a musician. This is the work, people!

Can you possibly appreciate how inspiring and uplifting your presentation of 'Playing for Change' was? It was an infusion of joy and hopefulness and created the awareness that the human spirit is really alive. Thank you for this all too brief reawakening. More please. Lenore O'Black

What a remarkable video! Thank you Mark Johnson. And thank you, Bill Moyers, for bringing Mark to your audience. Please keep us updated on Mark's progress with building schools. He is doing a wonderful job.

Ginger Lane

Thanks to Bill Moyer and PBS and especially to Mark Johnson. It's an amazing video. Vancouver, BC.

Many , many thanks both to Mark Johnson and to Bill Moyers for sharing the beauty and goodness of the human heart.
More , please...
Stefan Andre Waligur

Thanks Mark Johnson and thanks to Bill Moyer and PBS for screening this amazing video.

The blending of music, hope, cultural diversity, creativity, and technology was one of the most moving experieces in my 70 years of life.
I pray that all good things and people support this outstanding man and his program of hope, growth
and inspiration for the musicians and those of us who appreciate all programs dedicated to peace and love for ourselves and others.

Mark you are really showing the power of not only music but inspired filmmaking also. Keep up the good works.


I'm covered in goose bumps! The Play for Change project is a bright light of hope in what seems like an ever more darkening world. A project of this scope and beauty reminds me once again that we are all we have and we better start to nourish each other if are to survive. Thanks to Mark Johnson and you Bill for helping us connect to this amazing project. Regards, Lenor

One of the most moving moments in TV in the last few years.Looking forward to the DVD in 2009.
Beautiful, inpiring, uplifting.

As a musician and as someone who has worked in conflict transformation around the world, I have mixed reactions to Playing for Change. I have also used music as an agent for social change and harmony, as has the organization I worked for: in the Balkans, the Middle East, and several African countries. I agree wholeheartedly that music inspires positive emotions. But unless those positive emotions then are transformed into positive action, lives unfortunately remain unchanged. Building music schools is noble and might make the builders feel good about themselves, but they are not necessarily what any community needs most. This is not to question the motives of Playing for Change, but to look at their efforts through the prism of reality and not only idealism. I wish that music and musical interconnectedness could change world. So far, it hasn't.

Thanks for the very beautiful "Stand By Me" segment. It made me a little wistful, though: were there really so few women's voices?

Having a Dutch nephew who's repeatedly been to South Africa, where he volunteers in sports development projects and another one living in Amsterdam connected me so intimately and immediately to the concept Mark Johnson pursues. Right off I searched for the available DVD to purchase and share with people.I felt this to be such a balm to my spirits wounded by the current uproar in the world of politics and finance that sharing this would be a blessing with power transcending that of any and all religions. Thank you.

Wonderfully inspiring to see and hear about Mark's work. I look forward to being able to purchase these terrific sounds when they become available.

Simply Beautiful!!!

I only just saw the program and enjoyed this beautiful segment, which was very moving and filled with love and hope. Good luck to Mr. Johnson and his crew and staff as they build music schools around our troubled globe.

Thank you for giving a new life to classic songs of peace. Children and adults who sing with no agenda can't hide what is in their hearts.

There are some special people in this world - we just need more of them. Hopefully this will do what it is meant to - and what a wonderful and, I have always known, the only way to bring people together because religion and politics certainly does NOT. Musicians and lovers of music are the beautiful people in this crazy world. Want to help anyway I can. Heather Cox, Markham, ON, Canada

Mark Johnson, a humanitarian. I cried to hear your words of love for all mankind. Your efforts give me hope in a time where it is bleak. May your efforts bring joy to those who need it and may you find continued success on this path. Music is the universal language. We can all speak it.

One word: WOW. What a great idea. And are these guys GOOD!

Thank you, Bill Moyers for bringing "Playing For Change" and Mark Johnson to your viewers on PBS. I am a lady of 81 yrs. and have witnessed some beautiful events in my life and this is certainly one of them. I read alot the comments and they are all right on target. Thank you again for this and all your programs.

Playing For Change: Peace Through Music was one of the most compelling and moving programs we have seen. Marc Johnson’s sincerity, honesty and compassion certainly leaves one to believe there is hope for positive change. Perhaps he should run for political office. Thanks for the excellent reporting. We have made a contribution to Playing For Change.

Wow, this music had soul! It came from the bottom of people’s hearts and life experiences and connected though the common human expression of music. I was awed by the beauty of the different languages, cultures and expressions! We can only begin to solve our collective problems when we make a soul connection which transcends and appreciates difference. Music and art are the seeds for this connection and transformation. Thank you Mark Johnson - and Bill Moyers for bringing this work to the attention of a wider audience.

You are a MAGNIFICENT human Being Mark. You and your musicians filled my soul and heart. Waiting impatiently to buy the DVD for all my family and friends.

Mr. Moyers have I told you lately that I love you, (for you courage and compassion).

a grateful heart

This needs to be mandatory viewing for ALL governments, especially ours. My wife and I would like to donate to the cause. How do we do this and how can we get the video?

It was EXTREMELY moving to watch and hear the music being made in this work, both times I saw the journal this week, it moved me to tears. But I cannot for the life of me find how to purchase a copy of the DVD mentioned.

The New York Philharmonic played in North Korea and Condeleeza Rice chose to downplayed the importance, rather than take advantage of it. As a musician in Europe for more than a decade, I saw people get excited about visiting musical artists from the US--Blues to Jazz, and Pop to Symphony Orchestras. The audiences felt a connection to the American culture and its people through Music. Mark Johnson reminds us music is found in all cultures and is something that truly unites an increasingly divided world.Perhaps even our Governments will notice after seeing his film. It is time to take advantage of that rather than downplay it.

Thank you for the time with Mark Johnson and his project. It was good to feel deeply and gently challenged and soften a bit, into a healing feeling. Even now I can breathe a bit more deeply. Going for a Sunday morning walk and think about my G-d as being black too! Found myself knowing more deeply that some of my 'privilage' is purchased at the expense of those precious souls!

The New York Philharmonic played in North Korea and Condeleeza Rice chose to downplayed the importance, rather than take advantage of it. As a musician in Europe for more than a decade, I saw people get excited about visiting musical artists from the US--Blues to Jazz, and Pop to Symphony Orchestras. The audiences felt a connection to the American culture and its people through Music. Mark Johnson reminds us music is found in all cultures and is something that truly unites an increasingly divided world.Perhaps even our Governments will notice after seeing his film. It is time to take advantage of that rather than downplay it.

The more people we reach I Think we can change the world. In music we will all be united in peace and harmony. Thank you, You touched my heart.

Mr. Moyers,
I tape your show because, though important, your topics usually depress me too much to watch them in one setting.
However, your 'Play for Change' piece had me in my house alone, listening and watching with tears streaming down.
It was the most uplifting event I have seen through my now cynical eyes for as long as I can recall.
Thank you.

Wow. I'll be whistling "Stand By Me" all day now. Thanks again Moyers for another look (and listen) at the best of humanity.

Thank you for having Mark Johnson on your program. What an awe inspiring man, project, and film who is certainly making a positive difference in the world.

Playing For Change - I look forward to hearing about the schools that Mark will be building. Please have Mark back in the future.

This was a better than great program that brought a message of inspiration, hope, and smile during this time all of us need. Thank you, Bill and Mark.

the last few months my life has been so dark.with uncertain illness & depression.i have felt hopeless & frustrated with all thats going on in the world now.watching this morn with tears in my eyes mark johnson renewed a sence of hope for my children & grand children.bless you mark i'll be looking forward to january when your cd comes out. bill moyers thanks what would we do with out your great show t.

the last few months my life has been so dark.with uncertain illness & depression.i have felt hopeless & frustrated with all thats going on in the world now.watching this morn with tears in my eyes mark johnson renewed a sence of hope for my children & grand children.bless you mark i'll be looking forward to january when your cd comes out. bill moyers thanks what would we do with out your great show t.

From the sleepless mom of a rebellious teen to the caregiver of an elder parent and the mom of a college student getting ready to graduate with a degree in film - you are totally awe inspiring! Just saw your documentary and now I get it that a degree in film can change the world one song at a time. Can't wait to get a copy to share with everyone I know. Thank you.

Wow, wonderful. Praise the Lord and thank you!

Brought tears to the eyes of this tough old marine. Can't wait to see it again or, better yet, get an audio of it to remind me of how special Mark Johnson's acheivement really is.

I nominate Mark Johnson for the Department of Peace in the administration of Barack Obama. Team: change, unity, diplomacy, celebration of our differences, confrontation of fear.

Great show Mr Moyers. Mark Johnson has a great heart.

I love music and I think of the misquoted "Music hath the power to calm the savage breast". Breast is often misquoted as beast, and I think that music can calm any kind of beast. I have lived all my life in the South and only recently have I started to really appreciate the music of the South, from Bluegrass to Gospel.

I recall as a child going to Church at my grandparents home in North Georgia and listening to those old time songs which really helped to heal the soul.
I think this program to bring folks together with music is great. Our world needs something to change us -- to save us, and maybe hardtimes are also what we need to show us that fundamental friendship and fellowship are the things that we have been missing and are so vital to a healthy world.

Mark's Playing for Change was really great. I believe he is right. Watching the musicians and listening to their music reached into me in a way that words or actions never could and gave me a new awareness about the brotherhood that we all share. As a senior I am ready to be rid of the burdens of racism, poverty, bigotry and all of the other things drain all of our energy. There is plenty of the things that all people need and it is time for our leaders serve the needs of the people who elected them. As the President in the movie "The American President" said, "It's time for me to quit keeping my job and start doing my job."


Thanks for bring us Mark Johnson - Playing for Change. I could not help but think what it would be like to get Mark Johnson and Greg Mortenson (Author of Three Cups of Tea) together to show us and the governments of the world how to bring people together. We love your show Bill.

Playing for Change was truly inspiring. I see I was not the only one to shed a tear(several actually). Wish this CD would be available before Christmas- what an excellent gift for my grandchildren.

W Bill Moyers' Journal is the best show on TV and this was one of the most moving pieces the show has aired. I'd love to get the DVD but I looked for it online and Amazon lists it as "discontinued". I hope it will be made available again.
I started a non-profit 14 years ago to link young people using animated filmmaking. We're national in scope...but, capable of going international. We should talk some time.
Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. -dave master

Mark Johnson & Bill,Great show, so many wonderful comments, Play it,again, with notice to us.

Thank you, Bill.
I have been a fan of your work for many years and never cease to be inspired by the subjects you address. The story on Mark Johnson is truly a public service. Thank you for helping to spread the joy, the hope, that can arise from the simple act of humans sharing music.

Excellent and creative. Reminds me of a photo book called the Red Sofa, where the photographer captures images of people in wide ranging places with the same red sofa. Here Mark Johnson brings a similar unity of people and music on the home planet. We should all try to do the same.

Well worth the ten years it took to make this wonderful, beautiful, moving project a reality. Keep going, growing and building your schools. Music can bring us all together. It is the perfect vehicle for our spirits to transcend our differences and the difficulties of our daily existance.

I was so moved by Mark Johnson's music videos. He is right about music bringing people together. Music is the universal language and it transcends nations and political barriers. It is visceral. The music immediately went to that common thread that connects the human race and it resonated somewhere deep inside me. I was dancing in my living room and wiping tears from my eyes!

Mark Johnson's "Stand By Me" Video came at a time when many of us are worried about the future of our jobs as we see them slipping off shore. It gave me renewed hope that if we stick together and work together, that we will make it and things will be alright. This was the inspiration I desperately needed. Thank you.

When I was little I thought that when we die we become music. Now I am in the fifth decade of this life and I struggle to remain informed by listening to souls such as Kenneth Galbraith - though I was wretched when that portion of the show ended. I almost turned the television off, however, before I could find the remote to do so, I heard a powerful voice singing "Stand by Me." By the end of the story tears were streaming down my cheeks - tears of joy and gratitude for the vision and perserverence of Mark Johnson, his team and the voices they have inspired.

The Mark Johnson segment's music is a remarkably transforming beauty that transcends culture, time and space connecting the listener to the essence of that innate beauty that is in all mankind. Thank you so much, I eagerly look forward to purchasing and sharing the music

Thank you Bill Moyers and Mark Johnson. You remind us of the essential importance of music, diversity and hope.

Indeed this is the change that we need in this world now. This is the only change. We need love and we need compassion for each other.

In the grim and dark days that we are living and as we seem to break each other apart EVERY DAY...Mark Johnson is a beacon of HOPE along with all the like-minded people in his group going around the world looking for musicians in order to unite the world through music.

He should be an example to all of us that we can really acomplish peace if we want to and that love, compassion and hope will prevail.


This was just so inspiring. It gives you hope for the future in these dark and uncertain times. When and where will the DVD's and CD's be available? Life cannot be so cruel as to not have them in print.Is there a way we might donate to Mr. Johnson's music schools?

What an inspiring young man. Love that music from all over the world. Can't wait to buy the CD/DVD and share it with family and friends. 'What the world needs now is love, sweet love' and you bring it to us with your work Mark. Thank you.

Thanks you Mr. Moyers for your work and introducing Mark Johnson to us. What an amazing visionary and kind soul. After a bad week of news it was very uplifting and inspiring....what the world needs now is love sweet love and Mark Johnson's playing for change.

Please let your viewers know when Mark Johnson's DVD's are on sale. I was moved to tears by the power of this film. Music truly brings us together. We need more videos like this to inspire us.

Elaine Barrett

Playing For Change is a wonderful story and Stand By Me is one of the best music videos that I have ever seen. I would like to the video.


The power of music is truly remarkable! Many thanks to Mark for sharing his idea with the world. The blending of all the styles of the various musicians made for a truly wonderful sound. God must have been smiling when he heard his children singing. We can't wait to buy the CD!!!! HURRY!!!!

Great story. So inspiring. I want to support them by buying their CD. Can't wait for it to come out!

How wonderful to see and hear the good that Mark Johnson is doing. It gives me HOPE that good will prevail.

After all the "doom and gloom" reports that the media continues to thrust upon us, thank you so much for sharing Mark Johnson's "Playing for Change."

In traveling to about 55 countries--many in the developing world, and dancing with the locals in most of them, joy always emanates. I've even won over an American hater after singing "Blueberry Hill" together in his small Nigerian town's only bar late one night.

Yes, music does bring human beings (and other animals) together in a spirit of harmony and understanding in a world that too many politicians keep trying to tear apart. My prayer is that the Mark Johnsons of the world will prevail.

Thank you, Bill Moyers, for sharing this wonderful piece/peace with us!

What extraordinary music! Absolutely beautiful. Hats off to Mark Johnson for conceiving such an amazing project and then actually bringing it to life. Bravo!
Your documentary proves so well that music really does transcend religion, culture, language, politics.
Where can I get my hands on the documentary?

Hearing & witnessing this musical event has got to be truest meaning of experiencing "Heaven on Earth"

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!!!!!

I'll have what he's having... ;D

This project fully demonstrates what Maslow really meant by self-actualization: hard work in the service of man's higher nature pays off. If only more people would heed Maslow's phrasing: "The good society is one in which virtue pays." This is eupsychian capitalism.

It was so comforting to hear Mr. Galbraith expound on the present economic situation. It offered valuable insight and experitise from non-wall street folks is much needed. I hope our government will enlist the help of people like Mr. Galbraith in solving our present financial woes. Mark Johnson and his staff has truly blessed us with playing for change. It is a remarkable piece of work and should be in every home, school, church, etc. Keep up the good work and thanks for the show.

Thanks for this -- a powerful reminder of that deep, frayed strand of hope that connects us all.

This music should be played from rooftops everywhere on November 5th.

How very uplifting...found myself singing along and move'n to the music. Can't wait to buy the CD/DVD.

This is one of the most uplifting, inspiring clips I've ever seen. I've already voted for Obama, and now I have even more HOPE for our future as a species, and a tribe.

Dennis Green

I hope Mr. Johnson reads this crazy long comment thread because if he is still adding songs, this one would be perfect for the project.

Thanks Bill for bringing this wonderful piece to all of us. My wife and I were swept up in the beauty and spirit of the music, and the gentle strength, intelligence, and wisdom of Mark Johnson.
We can hardly wait for the CD and DVD to become available.
You host the finest hour of television available. My week is not complete unless I watch the Journal on Fri. night. It's always informative and intelligent.
Thank you!

Simply stunning in the simplicity and beauty of its concept and realization. "Stand by Me" ought to be required listening and viewing before all meetings of the IMF, sessions of Congress, the JCS, and local PTAs alike. Its message in these ominous days rings loud and clear -- we are either all one, and one another, or we are each of us alone, and apart.

A minute or two into the music, I realized tears were streaming down my face, which continued long after the music had stopped. There is such harmony and peace and unity in Mark's work, mere words can't express the depth of emotion it evokes. Thank you Mark, keep doing what you're doing.

A beautiful piece on how to ease our world's pain.

What a contrast to your other feature with economist J K Galbraith's mistaken concept of healing through goverment regulation/control and additional money creation--more feeding the same illusions that created this competitive/confrontational world.

Mark Johnson gives us the solution of seeking happiness through interconnectedness instead of separation and material wealth.

Sadly, those with PHD's, economics degrees, and political experience get the major networks' air time.

Thanks for giving others the opportunity to express an alternative solution.

Bill, "Playing for Change" was an inspiring segment for your show. The young man who directed the show and is helping to build music schools around the world is certainly an admirable person who deserves the best in life and a lot of respect. I, like others who have written, would like to know where to buy the DVD.

Thank you for your show, Bill.

This is a beautiful idea, and Mark is right, music does bring people together more than another other medium. But please, all of the Obama comments bring further division, are blatantly missing the point, and insult the project. We can all work at making the world a better place, and we have had struggles beyond the last 8 years, and unfortunately there will always be a challenge posed for peace and prosperity as long as the fallibility of mankind exists. Mark, you are an inspiration and your work will help us all come together.

Thank you for the piece on Playing for Change. As a conflict resolution graduate student, I am overwhelmed by theory and is a relief to see creative applications to peacebuilding. It reminds me that the hard work is worth it! Great job Mark, you are truly an inspiration!

Thanks Bill for bringing this wonderful piece to all of us. My wife and I were swept up in the beauty and spirit of the music, and the gentle strength, intelligence, and wisdom of Mark Johnson.
We can hardly wait for the CD and DVD to become available.
You host the finest hour of television available. My week is not complete unless I watch the Journal on Fri. night. It's always informative and intelligent.
Thank you!

i would like to support you,and your prorgram.

My husband and I were thrilled beyond words to see "playing for change" and sat together holding hands and crying! The words "peace that passeth understanding" came to my heart and I believe that will happen! We were active in an educational foundation in the '8o's called Beyond War which taught, in this world, "we are one", a lesson we need to be reminded of so often! To grow a world beyond war takes a lot of visionaries like Mark Johnson, but also each of us in our own full-hearted way!

Mark and all of Mark's collaborators, Your story is an amazing one that needs to be shared with everyone - thank you for sharing it with us. Also, thank you for taking on this remarkable project. It inspired me to think about the power of music and all that is good in this world.

A very moving piece, and a extraordinary idea.

The segment last night on "peace through music" so moved me. To tears. Thank you for airing a positive human story. Which proves, ONE, can make a difference! Bravo!

Have any of you folks heard of "One Giant Leap"? It came out about 4 years ago, and there's currently a second movie being released currently called "What About Me" ~ Anyway, the folks who made One Giant Leap went around the world and interviewed all these people about spirituality, music, economies, dying, all the subjects touching upon the depth of the human experience, and they also recorded all these amazing musicians from all corners of the globe and put together an amazing soundtrack. Their movie is pretty famous. It sounds like this "Playing for Change" movie was greatly inspired by One Giant Leap.....

there is truly the longing for caring and decency strong and alive in this messed up world. THANK YOU--MARK JOHNSON-GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU....

Great. Inspired to do the work of bringing people together. The vision is powerful and the vehicle brilliant. Let's keep it growing.

Thank you for this uplifting feature...I can't wait for the DVD to become available!

Fantastic! I can't wait to purchase the CD or DVD.

I watched this over and over Friday night and again on Saturday morning, absorbing the depth of hope this short presentation gives. Just minutes ago I watched as the clouds parted the grey sullen Northwest sky and the sun shone through as if to say, "yes there is hope, hope in every moment". Thank you Bill Moyer and PBS for bringing me this wonder-filled and life affirming program and thank you Mark Johnson for working so hard to share your gift and and gifts of others that 'Will' bring change through the hope sharing music can bring.

Into these dark times in our nation, came the sounds of Playing for Change. Thank you Bill Moyers for knowing that the sounds of hope were sorely needed as we live day by day through this difficult economic, environmental, political shift. It was a good thing. Thank you.
Pat Fabiano

I was half asleep on the couch when this beautiful array of music came on, my ears perked up, and I was wide awake in seconds and dancing within a minute. This piece with Mark Johnson was absolutely wonderful. I think his genius is finding the genius in everyone else, and I can hardly wait for the DVD to come out!

Great Show. The segment with Mark Johnson was fabulous. Thanks for sharing your hard work with the world.

Excellent segment with Mark Johnson. Perhaps you could have a rerun... soon? As an "end of 2008 roundup"? We need the lift, as the manny comments before mine confirm.

Excellent segment with Mark Johnson. Perhaps you could have a rerun... soon? As an "end of 2008 roundup"? We need the lift, as the manny comments before mine confirm.

I record Moyers in case I fall asleep; I did but stand by me woke me up. The beauty of this piece had me awashed in tears. I replayed it for breakfast.
The Odesity of Hope is alive and well.

I have his first "Playing For Change" film, which aired on Sundance Channel in 2006. It's fantastic, and from what I saw last night, better than his new one. The one show I'll never erase from my Tivo.

GEORGE: Regarding angels on the head of a pin, the idea was to show the impossibility of comparing the material and the spiritual. They were NOT trying to count the angels!

Realy was inspired by Mark Johnson's work and by the film. WHERE CAN I PURCHASE A COPY? Great Work!!! Please get me the information. I would like to show it to my students.

You made my day! Your segment on Playing for Change moved me to tears of happiness. Thank you Mark Johnson for your work and your beautiful spirit. Thank you to Bill Moyers, you are a national treasure.

Totally agree. What a moving and touching story.

No one gave the attribution to Ben E King.

There are two views of mankind. The Hobbsian view that all men are brutish and evil and need a strong monarchy. The Bush/Cheney world view.

There is the other view that people want peace and joy in their lives. That was the enlightenment -- the source of the founding fathers.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Happiness is not a warm gun.

Good music connects us all!

Your segment on Mark Johnson last night at the end of your program was a perfect way to end the week.
He is what we need more of in the world. Watching the clips from Playing for Change and listening to the music was so uplifting and moving. Thank you,Bill, for sharing this with us.

Someone drew back the curtain and let life in,in it's full light and sound. Mark Johnson's piece(peace) made me weep too. I also woke in the morning with the song STAND BY ME, in my head. Indigenous ones have known the value of sound for eternity. How nice to hear their voices again.By the way in the background on your wall who is the painting of the Native American in full headdress?
Gratefully Ms. Sam Mac Arthur, Barnardsville, N.C.

Thank you Mark and Bill. I, too, was inspired. (I've been to the Playing for Change website and I can't wait until the dvd, cd's, dowloads are available in 2009. I wish I could get them now; these would make great Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews.)

Bringing people together: this is what is desperately needed. Thank you Mark, thank you musicians, and (once again) thank you Bill.

Strange, didn't have to go out looking for the good stuff with a fine-tooth comb this time. It came to me! And it's the best stuff yet.

Each component of "Stand by Me"...dynamite! None uninspiring.

Thank you so much for your show last night. Both segments were fabulous. I hope this country listens to Galbraith and I hope the world listens to Playing for Change.

On Galbraith and regulation - imagine if sports were "deregulated" and everyone played by their own rules. There are rules in sports for a reason and the same should apply for the financial industries, which I think the "players" sometimes feel is just a big game. Except they are playing with people's livelihoods.

NEVER have been moved to tears as with the Playing for Change segment on your was wonderful and I will keep playing your program regularly until the I can get the DVD. We ARE one world, one people....

I just finished watching the Bill Moyer's Journal and caught your "Playing for Change" segment. I was so taken aback by it's beauty and powerful impact it had on me, it brought tears to my eyes. I've played it over and over again as it's mesmerizing. So, I went to Bill Moyer's Journal and found your link. "Stand By Me" is my very favorite song of the many, many wonderful songs. I also enjoy "One Love" very much. It says it all in it's words. I guess because it's so universally known over the world. Ya know Mr. Moyers, I've always prayed and told my kids that I wished I could see world peace before I died. I'm a 63 year old senior citizen here in the United States, and have never seen such a powerful performance before. I will bookmark your link so from time to time I can come back to it when I'm very sad as to the direction our country is going into, as it gives me hope. You're such an inspiration! I would like to know if you will be performing your Playing for Change documentary at some point on TV where I might tune in to capture the entirety of your documentary. This should be played over and over again throughout the basic TV and Cable channels.

If you are taking donations to build your music schools around the world, I certainly would like to donate something.

Thank you so much for doing this and showing people that we are all in this together and all one people. What beautiful people there are in this world. It's too bad the governments of the world have to make it ugly.

You are to be commended and God Bless Bill Moyers, Mark Johnson, America and our Troops. We don't miss your programs Mr. Moyer. Please keep up the great work!

Jon and Tami Papenfus

Thanks Mr. Moyers and Mr. Johnson for the wonderful healing dose of unity through music; I was begining to feel alone.


Last nights program had me crying for two reasons. One was Galbraith's assessment of our economic woes...I fear we don't have smart enough people in the White House to use the tools we have for correcting the situation...Obama should call him! Next Mark Johnson's lovely musical piece showing that there is still good and hope in our crazy world.

What an amazing idea! Seeing this made me smile and cry at the same time.
I immediately wanted to share it with everyone I know. Thank you for your vision.

What a delightful way to wake up this morning with 'Stand by Me" stuck in my head. Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring piece on Mark Johnson.

Bravo! This was so touching that it brought tears to my eyes. A perfect example of commonality, regardless of ...... (dot-dot-dot intended!

I keep thinking about all the people that I want to inform about this absolutely amazing segment on Mark Johnson's story. Thank you, Bill. Stan, NS, Canada.

Liked the idea. Liked the motive. Liked seeing things and hearing things we otherwise miss....the music and rhythms that snag our souls. Like a quilt, we notice the color and peculiarities in the human cloth but too often miss the threads that connect us. It was good to FEEL that again.

hi bill! we've suddenly all found something to buy.. especially in times like these...looking fwd to '09 to get.. nice goin' 73's jim travers nyc

To all those who helped put this show together. Thank You.
The answer is coming together as a people. One Love. But the lives of those presently in power depend upon us remaining divided. How far will we go to swiftly, and completely remove these people from power? That is the single most important change necessary right now. Will blood be shed? Can WE accept that? Keep up your great work Bill Moyers and crew.

Playing for Change was extraordinary! Thanks for the positive message. I applaud the work of this young man and his team.

What a great show! With all that is going on in the world right now, that is what I needed to see. Mark Johnson is a wonderful human being. I cannot wait to purchase the CD & DVD. Thank you!

This is the single most amazing piece of art I have encountered in a very long time. It cuts straight through ideology and speaks to the core of the human heart's desire for connection. Thank you, Mark Johnson and all the musicians for this gift and thank you Bill Moyers for bringing it to us.

Such a wonderful way to end the day....thank you for your program, always, and for introducing me to Playing For Change. I have a son, studying at Berklee College of Music, whose goal is to bring peace through music. This will be so inspiring to soon as I can find a CD of Mark Johnson's music. Again...thank you.

One may recall a time in the 80s where "leaders" and stars of the music industry came together to record "WE ARE THE WORLD" for the natural calamities that befell on Africa. It is interesting right now, however, that while leadership in all aspects of life: financial, military, judicial, political; are failing, the inspiration to keep on living is to come from the ordinary man, the poor. We hope we will not forget them once those aspects of life are healed. And I hope this work gets recognition from the Oscars/Grammys.

After a week of following the campaigns and the financial news, I was tired and ready to call it an early night. Then I remembered it was Friday and for me that means Bill Moyers Journal. Thank you for all you do and this week especially for the story about Playing for Change and Mark Johnson. It was exactly what my heart and soul needed. I wanted to go wake my husband and daughter so they could see it, but I didn't want to miss any of it. Well, they have been hearing about it all morning! I look forward to sharing it with others and to supporting this cause. Sending best wishes and many thanks ~ The Harveys

I am a hospice chaplain and found this such a wonderful way to cap the week. The musicians in the film and Mark deliver exactly the message that I carry with me in my work day-to-day: that love is what matters; love it what lives on and love can heal our pain. Thank you Bill and Mark! When the DVD is released I will get it.

I found this to be inspiring and emotionally in keeping with what I feel about music and my sense of humanity/ made me proud to be a musician and a human being... thanks to Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson was the bright spot in my week. Thank you for having him on the show. How do I purchase the CD or DVD?

Thank you for the excellent program last night - intelligent, thoughtful guests.
We especially enjoyed the conclusion with guest Mark Johnson, and look forward to ordering several DVDs to give as gifts (yes, we will keep one, too). You and your program are national treasures.

Bless you Bill for the work you do to share stories & views that are difficult to find elsewhere. Your show is terrific! The piece about Mark Johnson's Playing For Change documentary brought me to tears. What a positive soul! Thank god for him & the work he's doing. You both are good forces in the world. Thanks so much.


Thank you, Bill, for the wonderful gift of the Playing for Change part of your October 24 show. I am a faithful fan of your Journal; it is the best show on tv. The feature on the financial crisis with James Galbraith was so well done even if it was sobering. The good thing about the current situation is that we are all being given the opportunity to learn about the way things have been "working". Perhaps the balance will finally tip. and we can all get together and make it a better world. Which brings me back to the Playing for Peace segment. Where can I purchase the dvd? I want to give it to friends and family for Christmas. Thanks again.

I was so impressed with the work being done by Mark Johnson.
I watched every minute then got online trying to find more info on his films and what they are doing to bring people together. Is this video Stand By Me and other music for sale/ or available somewhere ?
Thankyou Bill for your wonderful shows and for making me aware of this work being done. Hope our future presidents saw it.


WOW, is what your program should be called Bill! Thank you - again - for another inspiring, relevant and emotionally touching program!
One thought I've had tonight is that perhaps, this economic crisis is a blessing in disguise? Perhaps it will assist all of us in remembering what life really is, what is valuable about being human and being here. We (the real people here today) need to remember we are capable of doing a lot as individuals and small groups. Perhaps as a larger nation, we will consider rebuilding the US as a social democracy - where government is in fact 'for the people'. And oh yes... Ralph Nader is right about removing the "personhood" status of corporations - it is increasingly more critical as this economic crisis is creating monstrously enourmous corporate entities which "absolutely cannot fail". This is a time of opportunity for TRUE change - much beyond Demos vs Republicans, and in fact, as hinted by Mr. Galbraith, beyond the shores of the US - but with weapons, MUSIC, and FOOD, MEDICAL CARE and EDUCATION are infinitely more effective tools for the establishment of world peace and economic prosperity! fdm

I would like to know where I could purchase the video "Peace through Music".

What a wonderful way to end a program and a day of gloomy news. Started only half watching and became entranced.

What a moving show! Where can I purchase or see the DVD? Everyone should see it!

Thank you Bill and Mark. I, too, was moved by Playing for Change and wish to obtain a copy. Please tell us how to purchase the DVD, or where to see it! I want to share it with friends and family. I loved the suggestion of Obama using it -- perhaps on election night or as part of the inauguration. And Bill -- I've never written in before but your program is the best on television. Please, please keep it up. We need it.

Your show on Mark Johnson and his moving playing for change montage moved me very deeply and hopefully it's impact will cause people like myself to becaome more involved in doing our part in changing the world in any way possible. I will spread his message as wide as I can.

The Captain

Today in my Asian Dramatic Literature class, I showed an Indonesian film about a young Javanese Muslim woman and an old and slowly dying Chinese Buddhist man who had immigrated to Java years before. The woman was trying to find escape from a life of prostitution at a karaoke bar and still care for her ill mother and 5 year old daughter. The man, having tragically lost his wife and child years before. was in a desperate race with his own end to find an adopted heir who could take over his photography business. Of course, the heir needed to be male.

Though I selected the film for its powerful and yet gently unfolding of the story, at its conclusion, and as I turned up the lights in the classroom, I was surprised to see all 12 students in quiet contemplation, all 12 had tears running down their cheeks, men and women alike. For the next 20 minutes of class, I didn't have to say much as the students felt compelled to discuss quietly and understand fully what they had just taken in. Throughout the rest of the day I have been replaying those last 20 minutes of class. Why did my class have such a strong reaction to the film, a reaction to any of the films I have seen in any previous courses, mine or my past instructors?

It wasn't until this evening watching Bill Moyer's segment on Mark Johnson that some answers fell into place. There are those universals that we share in commonality. There are emotions that can be conveyed in music and story that reverberate in all of us. These are universals as old as the stories of the Bible, the Hindu Vedas and other ritual spiritual performance texts.

In a last comment, I want to say that I have witnessed something similar to Mark Johnson's experience with the subway music playing monks. As I once raced through New York City's underground there was an 11 year old girl with a violin playing classics as a changing but constant crowd of perhaps a hundred people stopped for a few minutes before continuing to their destinations. I marveled at so simple and moving a spectacle for about a half hour. So, as echoed in my class today, there are those Human universals that are neither bound by culture and time nor even age.

Thank you Bill Moyers, Mark Johnson and crew.

thanks i needed to see what hope looks like with all that is going on with our lives,this little bit gladdens my soul.
there is hope for a better world but first we have to get rid of greed .

Wow...How great would it be if Obama were to use this "Playing for Change" - Mark Johnson's documentary at his presidential inauguration. What a message of hope across the world and here at home ...for change we can believe in....
Thanks Bill, You are the best.
Aloha, Diane

Thank you Bill Moyer, for another great hour of thoughtful programming. Mark Hanson's "Playing for Change" was especially moving and uplifting. I too hope to find a copy.

Aloha Bill--
Have you ever had such an outpouring of
emotion and appreciation before? It speaks to the universal need we all are sharing.

I cannot believe my reaction to the piece about mark johnston.I felt connected and I know that if I were younger I would be a part of that program. I always knew that I was not living the life that I was to live. I will share you with everyone I know. I especially would like to get a copy of the cd for my grand-daughter. I am keeping a journal of my thoughts,my hope for the world and my desire for peace. I am 73 so I can only pray that she will be able to reach the past for hope for her future. Will we ever be a planet of peace within ourselves. Thanks for making it seem believeable

There must be a musical way to sing praises for the optomism and unabashed hope that Mark Johnson brings us with his music and educational project. It did sooth our souls for awhile and wash us with inspiration. I'd love to be part of his project, as naive as some think it might be.
Thanks Bill Moyers and staff for being the highlight of our TV viewing all week. You are a national treasure too.

Mr. Moyers,
Your show is always educational and timely and whatever the subject you cut to the chase; it's always a must see. But, your juxtaposition and sequence tonight of the MetroBaptist Church's reaching out to all it's members followed by Mr. Galbraith's pithy summations of how the few created devastation for the many...and then topping it off with Mark Johnson's "Playing for Change", a heart and soul stopper which lifted us all up and reminded us, in this crises time, we are all one, by utilizing the incredible unifying force of music, was a stunner. The tears flowed and for a few moments all of us watching had to feel we are all one...and somehow, someway, it's up to each of us to continue to foster this unifying energy, knowing, as a result of those miraculous few minutes, that it can be done worldwide.
What an inspiration from such a simple..but so ingenious... concept; it
behooves us to see and do beyond the end of our nose.
Everyone should see it -so,
WHERE CAN WE GET THE CD/DVD to pass it on????
Blessings to you Bill Moyers for bringing us an incredible show Friday!

Thank you Bill Moyers and Mark Johnson. I so needed that.

Where can I get the 5 minute stand by me video that was aired on PBS? The website doesn't seem to have it. I'd love to share it with people!

Tonight was the absolute best show, and to really top it off, Playing For Change was a moving inspiration. As soon as I heard the sound of the first singer's voice (from Santa Monica), I was spellbound and stood glued to the t.v. set like never before. Thank you Bill and Mark! I hope I can find where to get the DVD.

Superb! Sublime! What joy you have engendered! Thank you a thousand times!

Namaste. "I honor the spirit (or divinity) within you that is also within me."
Somehow that expresses for me the powerful and transcending communication that is happening as these musicians reach around the world to share their gift. Thank you, Bill Moyers for introducing us to Mark Johnson and the Playing for Change movement.
There is hope.

So much grief everywhere, will it ever end? Thank you, thank you, Bill Moyers and Mark Johnson for reminding us of the beauty and joy of being human that is indomitable. And for reminding us that we are always a community, whether we get along or not.

I would love to see one of your schools going up here in the U.S. and I nominate New Orleans as the place. I cannot wait for your DVD to become available.


Thanks for this beautiful moving empowering segment on Playing for Change.

A perfect complement to the earlier segment on our troubled economic condition.

Keep making these great programs - but tonight you outdid yourself. Bravo.


Chi Miigwech! (Big Thank You in Anishinabemowin) to you Bill for all you have done over the years. I was first turned on to you through the "Power of Myth" Series and have been watching you since. Thank you for turning us on to Mark Johnson's "Playing for Change" music documentary and allowing us to view the so uplifting "Stand By Me" video. We sure needed it!

Bill and Mark, thank you VERY much for the inspirational piece, "Playing for Change: Peace Through Music." I, too, believe in the transformative power of music. I look forward to the DVD.

Thank you Bill Moyers for one of the finest TV presentations I've ever seen in any genre. I'm not surprised that other viewers have said that the Mark Johnson segment moved them to tears, as I was. His mission is very inspiring and the music that went along with this segment is just superb. Hearing musicians from all parts of the world playing the same songs in the same key and in beautiful harmony was nothing short of miraculous. I certainly look forward eagerly to the release of his DVD.

How grateful we are for our weekly ritual of truth and insight from Bill Moyers Journal. Thank you Bill, for enlightening us to Playing for Change - it brought us to tears - a sign of hope. Hopefully we can all Spare some Change for all the buskers worldwide that remind us to stop, breathe, make peace, LOVE.
Thank you Mark and all your team, for your courageous effort and vision.

I tuned in just in time to catch this segment. I was another one of those brought to tears by the beauty in human beings brought together with music. Thank You Bill and Mark Johnson.

Amazing. Simply Amazing. Add me to the list of those who will purchase the DVD when it comes out.

We can all be grateful to you, Mark and to Bill Moyers for reminding us that peace is out there...waiting for us to find it again...together.

SO BEAUTIFUL! My 94-year-old dad in Iowa called to make sure we had recorded the program in CA. What a treat! An amazing, vital, soulful, spiritual experience. Thank you, for so many reasons, for what you are doing!

What happened to the women of the world on "Stand By Me?"

Thank you Bill Moyers for having Mark Johnson - Playing for Change on your always excellent show. It was interesting to read that so many other people were moved to tears, as I was. Yes, Peace through Music.

Wonderful lately life seems so depressing and hard
This has lifted my spirit

Music = freedom. Freedom is US(A). We stood by the world,the wall came down,and freedom rings in Sofia, Bucaresti, Praga's. joyous noise--

We will find our soulful rhythm way again. This is who we are..but how did we get so out of tune?

A friend sent a tough message tonight I sent him a link to your interview with M. Johnson. - I was enriched now I am sharing.

He has been staying up working till 4 a.m. on presentations and then putting in a full day after, to make ends meat.
he said
"if I can weather this, the rest will be a breeze. That sentiment doesn't pay bills, but at least it keeps me motivated to continue the struggle, not throw in the towel."

"Speaking of towels and the fighting metaphor, I have to mention a favorite motivational quote:
"What counts in the ring is what YOU can do AFTER you're exhausted." (Muhammad Ali)
Your link will enrich kind love and continue to for a long time. Thanks all.

Most excellent!!! I cannot wait to get a copy of this DVD. Thank you for such an inspirational story and such beautiful music.


I was spellbound, stunned listening to Mark Johnson and "Stand by Me". I would very much like to purchase the dvd when it becomes available. I am a longtime Bill Moyer fan. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

Thank you Bill Moyer and Mark Johnson for bringing such a positive message of unity and hope to a ailing and numb populace. As this global financial crisis destroys so much of our lives it is vital to remember the potential within each of us, as music so beautifully resonates.

For once in a too long time of downer media I smiled, then grinned and almost cried with simple and pure joy. Thank you Mark! Encore! PEN

First, Bill moyers, you have been opening my mind and heart since highschool when introduced to Power of Myth. Tonight I was opened up once again with the subjects you choose to shed light on. Marc, you are truly blessed to use you talent to to manifest your visions, such as Playing for Change. I and many others out there will be inpired to hold on to our own visions for a better humanity and see to it they become reality. I am certain, God willing, we will be in contact concerning the schools for the children. I am hopeful my vision will be able to support your vision. We can all be stewards of these types of projects that bring people together and heal our hearts. Please take care!

Fabulous!!! Where can we purchase the movie???

I too was amazed by what I saw on TV tonight. Music truly is the international language and makes all things better in the world. Mark was an incredibly inspiring person to watch during the interview.

I've never added a comment to a web page news story before. But I just had to join the chorus of praise for this wonderful idea.

The combination of modern technology (digital recording on a laptop) with ancient instruments (hand drums) and the universal language (music) to bring people together really works. (Now if we can figure out how to do it without producing excess CO2 emissions from plane travel, we'd be in really good shape. Maybe computers aren't all bad, after all!)

Anyway, Keep up the great work!

P.S. Here's a review of that film I mentioned. If I could ever contact Mark Johnson and get his permission, I'd burn a copy for those interested (free, of course).

Joyous, uplifting and totally inspirational Thank you, thank you.


Inspiring and illustrates just how much we are all more alike than different. Music transcends any differences and connects us to a kinder and gentler world. Thank you Mark for your vision and bringing that vision to the global community. Thank you PBS and Bill Moyer. This is why I watch and support PBS!

Yes, yes, the music brought this grumpy old man to tears. Thank you, Bill.
Keep doing what you're doing every week.

I'm very surprised that he didn't mention his first (at least that I'm aware of)"Playing For Change" documentary which aired on Sundance Channel in 2006. A fabulous film with great streets musicians from NY to New Orleans to L.A. I've still got it on my of the few things I'll never erase. A don't miss film if you can find it.


Your program tonight exceeded all expectations. You and your guest Mark Johnson uplifted my sagging spirits. I must get the DVD when it becomes available.

Keep on keeping on Bill.

This music was transformative,and amazingly uplifting.
Mark Johnson you and all the musicians you assembled are a gift to the world!
Thank you, thank you.
Looking forward CD.

Thanks Bill for having Mark on the show. His way of uniting us with music again is so refreshing. Mark, I saw a sparkle in your eyes and genuine love for getting this hope and connecting us around the world across through music. Wonderful!

This was the best thing we have watched in ages. Please let us know where and when we can get at least two copies of this. We want to give it for Christmas gifts. Thank you Bill Moyers and thank you Mark Johnson for this wonderful and inspiring and hopeful showing.

What a wonderful uplifting sound!!! Where can I buy this CD for my home? It makes one want to "skip"!

I was deeply moved by Playing for Change - I could watch it every day. Please tell me where I can obtain a copy.


OH...The Humanity! Brought tears of empathy. Quite the opposite of Ayn Rand- eh?

May we all mimic this feat!

A wonderful and uplifting story - the music is beautiful and universal. Just wish a video was avail. on UTube to share with all! Great work, Mark. And Bill, you've done it again, giving us your unique window on the world! Thank you.

Thank you for your vision, your work, your schools. I teach in a high risk school in Seattle. Don't forget the need for music right here in our country!!!!
Peace and justice issues are at the heart of your project. Many honors to you and your work.

where can I buy the dvd?

Dear Bill Moyers,
This morning I felt like I was from another planet after listening to reporters on Public Radio capture various stories about why different factions of Americans are distrusting and fearful about the candidates, and highlighting the division in America. I thought to myself, “Why can’t people see the desperate need to celebrate our connection, our shared planet, and our essential oneness? Then tonight I was overwhelmed with gratitude and hope while watching your program with Mark Johnson and his musical vision and intention for change. Yes! There are others who think like me on this planet, and they are doing great things. Bill Moyers, you, and Mark, and all the musicians are thankfully singing the same song.
With gratitude for your program,
Auriella Hughes

I was moved by this project, I teach in a high risk school in Seattle. Please don't forget the incredible need for music here in our country. Thank you for your work, your vision, your thoughts and actions towards peace.


Where can I buy the DVD? I have already looked everywhere and I am unable to locate it.

Janice WIlke....Seattle

WOW!! Just WOW!! Please play this gorgeous, wonderful music every week! I am SO tired of the fear, anger, ugliness on TV 24/7...please make Playing for Change a regular feature. Bill Moyers, you are a true American hero, and now you are taking it to the world. Bless you for being there. We SO need you!!

Once again, Mr. Moyers, you have lifted us up and beyond ourselves to unite us in our common humanity.
Imagine the impact if everyone, in every nation could watch 'Playing for Change'. How extraordinary a light would shine around the world. Perhaps then, we would truly recognize each other as one.

Judith Maltz

I would love to have a copy of this CD. How can I purchase it?

We though it was so moving:) Loved it, would love to have cd. Great stuff. very helpful for them. enjoyed watching so much.

Thank you Mark! Thank you Bill! May you both keep doing your right work. Bless you.

Very grateful for Mark Johnson. Touched by the volume of attuned comment. Thank you.

Around Fresno, can anybody bring me into the fold? I have a few years left, and I want them to be activated by this music. I need somebody to stand by me in order to get anything done.

Good at making rapport with young and old, often leading to better insight and understanding. Good at synthesizing random information into useful knowledge. Not good at getting myself out into position to do this.

davy B

At the first hearing of the name "Playing for Change" I thought it was related to more election campaign rhetoric. I was blessed and pleasantly suprised,inspired and moved to tears of hope and joy to see the global harmony of music and message. Beautiful! Thank you Jlee Denver,CO


great show tonight..Jamie Galbraith is right on... and loved Playing for Change and what Mark Johnson is doing. Thanks!

Goethe (I believe) once said:
"Wo man singt, da setzt dich nieder --
böse Leute haben keine Lieder."

Where people are singing, sit yourself down -- wicked people don't have songs.

Thanks for bringing harmony (peace) into our world.

Thank you so much. You have made us forget our sorry woes tonight. We intend to purchase the DVD when it becomes available and share it with everyone we know.Peace through music!

I loved Playing for Change - beautiful!!! God bless Mark Johnson

We watch the Bill Moyers Journal each week to find out what is really happening out there. This week, after filling us with the truth of our present economic debacle and then reinforcing our belief that "W" is still screwing us over with the deregulation of the coal industry(like all the other deregulations) You gave us this breath of fresh air "Playing for Change" Thank you for that! It did bring tears and the realization that we all really are in this life as one. Lets get together and feel alright!THANK YOU!

Thank you, Mark Johnson for one of the greatest accomplishments of the century. If anything could possibly cure the ills of the world, your musical magic could do it. I'm an entertainer, and have watched the people moved by my songs...but this is the greatest idea. I was thrilled watching the video. I wish you all the good fortune you deserve, and may the music schools keep on growing and bringing the world together. Thank you and Bless you.

Bill, we owe you another debt of gratitude for bringing Mark Johnson and the powerful, inspiring playing for change selections. I was stopped in my tracks and moved to tears - and hope. Cannot wait to purchase the cd's and videos.

This is one of the most INSPIRATIONAL things I have seen in a LONG time. What Mark has done is truly wonrderful. Thank you Bill for bringing attention to this wonderful movie to the attention of the masses. From having traveled to many countries in my life I can say music is truly a common ground people can comee together on. Keep up the good work Mark!!

Hello Bill Moyers.
Many, many thanks for the presentation of mark Johnson,"Playing for a Change"."Stand By Me" just fantastic! This is the most beautiful "ensemble," I bear witness to in my life time.Now (75yrs.)Thank you Mark Johnson.
Your beauty shines through.
Ilove what you represent,humility.
I wish you greater success in all your endeavors.
Regular viewer of Bill Moyer's weekly program.

I would like to get the vidio so I can show it all my friends that there is still a chance in this world to get together through music. I really think that politicians don't even listen to music they just need to take a break from who doing what to who, that also goes for the media. Thanks Marc Rosenberg son of Kermit Rosenberg masters in music Manhattan School of Music who would had loved this but died last year

Thank you, Bill Moyers, for giving voice to the American heart, and special kudos for the singularly beautiful intro to Mark Johnson and Playing for Change.


Yeah, I liked that too. Music directly connect with the whole mind where we all are more alike than different. Intuition does it through words, a gut reaction through feeling(which have a thought at there base so gut reactions can be wrong more often, look a Bush) and dreams, although they can be cultural too.

As usual, your show was the best. James Galbraith is brilliant, but Mark Johnson and his film made me cry--so wonderful! It is in line with a project (not a film project, but a project nonetheless) I am in the beginning stages of myself. It's discouraging sometimes, when one thinks of the millennia of war, cruelty, and hatred. But I believe that if each of us put aside his/her ego and worked to stay in touch with that place within each of us that is pure, unmitigated love--well, a lot of things might change. I love you, Bill Moyers, and I always have! Thank you for bringing so much light to the world.

For those who can't wait until 2009 to buy the DVD, I notice it is available on Netflix.
I also say thank you for such a hopeful and uplifting presentation, and to Mr. Moyers for making sure so many more people are aware of it.

Thank you, Bill Moyers, for giving voice to the American heart, and special kudos for the singularly beautiful intro to Mark Johnson and Playing for Change.

Wow....the segement touches my heart and soul

It is a noble effort, except they went to Israel and not Palestine. When young, highly educated American Jews and Christians with blinded zionism, who have access to the resources for such enormous projects, support the state of Israel without fairly depicting it's human right abuses and hypocrisies, well...they have done little for peace...even if they sing it. The devil is in the details.

I LOVE Friday evenings, when Bill Moyer's program is on KCET, LA. Never need to look at what will be on - it's always worth watching, learning, and being touched. Mark Johnson's music made me cry because of it's beauty and the bea uty of his vision. Bill Moyers, you are a national treasure. Thanks for being there.


Thanks for showing such a wonderful piece demonstration the power of music. I would like a copy of the DVD to include in our community organizing efforts. It is one of the best pieces I've seen that has the pure attraction to bring all people together.

deeply moved !

How uplifting this piece was. My soul soared and my spirit felt renewed. It felt so comforting and inspiring to realize we are all part of this same worldly clan. I loved seeing that Dad singing and dancing with (his) infant nestled close to his heart. Hope to hear more.

I too Thank You Mr. Moyers. A mist all the political & finical headlines of today's news , you truly ended you show tonight with an inspiring segment with Mark Johnson. I am also one that would like to believe that music can still bring the people of the world together and miracles can be still be accomplished when together we try. Mark Johnson is doing just that and it makes one "still believe". It is wonderful what that young man is doing.
A world without music .... I wouldn't want to live there!

Deeply moved !

Wonderful, made both my husband and me cry. I would love to get a cd of this video and send it to my kids for Christmas. I will gladly pay. Thank you so much. Watch Bill Moyers every week, we are always amazed at the intelligent guests.

Playing for Change. What a moment for me. I cannot guess of how much good this can do in the World. In a very personal level, I cried, I became grateful, and I prayed for the musicians, for their music and for healing hearts among those who listen.

Thank you, Mr. Moyers, and a great Thank You! to Mr. Johnson.

Wow. Gimme!

Thank you for something so incredibly beautiful and hope-making as "Playing for Change." All the posts here provide quite a picture of what happened in so many homes this evening. I missed the entire setup, myself, but understood as soon as the music started. Like so many of your viewers, I was stopped in my tracks, and stood there weeping. The film shows us musical art as a life-force more powerful than great storms, repression or even "burn-out."

And, yes, the other segments were important and engaging.

WOW! Each week I watch your journal KNOWING that I will witness thought provoking honest journalism at its best. Tonight you outdid yourself (IF that is possible yet again) From letting us know about Bush's "Gift" to the coal companies which I intend to pitch a bitch to SOMEONE about, to the deep and compelling discussion with Galbraith, and then to top it off you hit me with the most amazing and heart-warming piece on Playing for a Change. God, I wanted to stand and cheer all the while ,tears ran down my cheeks through the entire story. I was so deeply moved. Considering that my own family has been dealing with a tremendous battle with Cancer, in which two of three of my grown children are battling with Cancer, my son with Leukemia, my daughter with Breast Cancer and having found out that she and I carry the BRAC gene and so since I have also already had my battle with Cancer previously, we've decided that I must follow my daughter's footsteps with double mastectomies myself, believe me, your piece on Playing for a Change was a HUGE life-lifter. Thank you so much for the piece and please help to do more of those kinds of stories so that there IS hope for those of us in the trenches fighting daily at our own private wars.

Cried all the way through.
Play it every week please... ?

Dear Bill,

I have sent this broadcast all over the World to my friends and family.
Thank you for being you and thank you PBS for making it all possible.

I was moved by Bill Moyers' segment with Mark Johnson and "Playing for Change". I'd challenge those equally touched by this cause to match my $100.00 contribution. A simple, but effective way to support this not-for-profit Foundation.

Love your do I get a copy of the CD?

Outstanding, thanks!

This segment is worth many of us can say that music has changed our lives...TONS OF US!!! We can't let our children go without this in their lives.

Music will move mountains and connect us ALL in the end.

Mr. Moyers, Thank you for an enlightening and inspiring evening. I, too would like a copy of the Mark Johnson, Stand by Me CD.

What a WONDERFUL segment! Please would someone tell Mark Johnson to record the old, obviously blind man and sell it to give him some money?

The most vital TV show for me to watch each week is The Bill Moyers Journal (my most trusted journalist). Thanx for your significant contribution to my world view.
Where may I purchase the "Playing For Change--Peace Through Music" CD or DVD?

All I can say is, WOW! Thank you for making me aware of Playing for Change. Life changing. Beautiful. Michael O'Connell, Elk Grove Village, IL.

Bill Moyers you are THE BEST in media, you and David Brancaccio (sp?) help me make sense of this world. Playing For Change music is powerful and fills a deep need for connection in our human family! Thank you once again for lighting our way, Bill! You are love personified!!

Thank you. The journal was great toight. where is the dvd available.

On an evening when my heart was heavy because my niece had lost her battle with cancer and had gone to a better place, I thank Bill Moyers and Mark Johnson for the wonderful segment Peace Through Music.

Brilliant. Simply, beautifully, touchingly Brilliant. In a world where shootings, kidnappings and the ever-present shadow of war make up the fabric of our daily lives, Mark Johnson's Playing For Change is a true beacon lighting the path we should be following.

your music touch my soul would love to buy it,let me know where

Wow! How inspiring! I want this video!

Tears in my eyes, hope in my heart, what a beautiful piece! Thank you, Bill Moyers for showing this and thank you, Mark Johnson, for your vision and commitment. Please, how can I get a DVD's of this wonderful music?

Loved the program and want the CD. Where may I buy it?
At last, something uplifting this week!

Where can I get a copy of "Playing for Change"?

Thank you Bill Moyers and Mark Johnson for giving the world a piece of hope. What an ingenious idea of connecting so many artists throughout the world and sharing with all that want to see and hear: a beautiful community through music.
Let us know how we can support your project. I would love to share my experience and buy a DVD for friends.

Sure, Mark Get me all excited about this great music and then with hold it from the world. Please make it available. I could use some joy in this very depressing time.

Very inspirational! I want to spread the message you have aimed to spread Mark. Please let me know where i can get multiple copies of the DVD/CD!

As a dancer, I believe in the power of music AND dance as two of the very best tools for building understanding, peace and love between peoples, creating unity, freeing spiritual energy that has been locked up by fear, fostering diplomacy, creating cultural exchange that needs no translation, and effortless peace-making.

Habitat for Humanity - let's help build Peace through Music schools in every community. Man does not live by bread alone but by peace and love that surpasses understanding, and is expressed so well cross-culturally through music.

Thank you so much for airing the segment about Playing for Change. The clips of Mark Johnson's film were an exhilarating expression of hope. Watching his face and listening to him speak on the show was also for me an extraordinary experience of hope. I hope he will make the DVD available for sale again. I would buy several copies and give them as gifts in order to become a part of sharing this vital message.

Loved the "Playing for change - Peace through music" piece. I'd like to support Mark Johnson in his quest to bring peace through music to the world. Could you provide information on his organization and if a CD/DVD is available? My wife and I are lifelong PBS members through MPR. Thanks


I never had such a profound reaction to music. Weaping joyous deep weaping. Thank you.

The clips from Mark Johnson's film on tonight's show were an exhilarating expression of hope. And watching his face and hearing his words on Bill Moyers' Journal was also an extraordinary experience of hope. Thank you so much for airing this segment. I hope Mark Johnson will make the DVD available for purchase again--I would buy several copies so that I could become a part of sharing its message.

where can we purchase this dvd

Your story literally brought tears to my eyes. Mr. Johnson's love for people and dedication to all that's best in Music came through loud and clear. Thanks for helping to spread the good news!

the void is not empty_it's filled with light_of this i am sure of_with all of my might_the world is troubled_as i rest tonight_half in darkness_somethings not right_the day will break_the sun will rise_and i'll see things_through different eyes_i hope that my visions _not clouded by doubt_peace among all of us_is the only way out

Must have "Playing for change" . Please send ordering info.

None of us is as good as all of us.

The music in its spontaneous form and the schools Mark and his group are building may reach all of us in time to make it clear that we'll succeed together on this small fragile planet, or fail trying to get ahead alone. It sure reached me, so the CD and DVD are a must as gifts to many this holiday. We'll need all the hope that can be generated.

FANTASTIC!!! Where can the DVD be purchased? I want to give to my children, my friends, and keep this fantastic message going--Look at the positive response!!!

While watching the Stand By Me video I got chills. What an incredible gift!I would like to buy the video and DVD to experience it again and share it with those who weren't watching Bill Moyers tonight.

None of us is as good as all of us.

The music in its spontaneous form and the schools Mark and his group are building may reach all of us in time to make it clear that we'll succeed together on this small fragile planet, or fail trying to get ahead alone. I sure reached me, so the CD and DVD are a must as gifts to many this holiday. We'll need all the hope that can be generated.

Great musicians, thanks

My heart felt thanks and congratulations to Mark Johnson for his idea and efforts to bring the world together with music. I fully enjoyed the clip on your journal. As alwasy bill, you pick the best for your journal.I am a music lover from birth.This how my Mom prevented me from crying as an infant- with music

How/where can I buy this DVD?

It's just wonderful!!!! God bless you for bringing hope and beauty to the world...

I have a relative that works for this extremely bright and inspiring character and the people that work for him are just as impressed. Let me just say that the two Playing For Change movies are must sees. One in the U.S and one international. An idea like this does not come around very often and with the amazing talent of the crew the movies are nothing less then spectacular.

A sincere Thank You. The common humanity in music sounds loudly, joyfully, harmonically once again. Bill Moyers, you are truly a Blessing.

Thanks for making my day with Mark Johnson. I would like to help, where can I get the CD or DVD. Thanks again for a wounderful evening.


Absolutly the best! I have always felt the special connection with music and have often thought music could bring more people together. If there was a way to be involved with his project and still afford my health insurance I'd jump at the chance to be involved. Thank you so very much for this inspiring show.
I'm going to tell all I know about this project.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Can I buy the "Stand by Me" video?

You have single-handedly destroyed the myth the RIAA and MPAA have tried to perpetuate for decades. Please don't stop what you're doing. Your work is truly remarkable.

I want to buy this, where it is available. GREAT WORK!! Inspirational!!

Best part of my week. Need CD asap. Where can I get it?

If the "soundtrack" album on iTunes PLAYING FOR CHANGE is Mark Johnson’s film (and proceeds go to his schools); let me know and I'll go get it straight away!!

This piece reawakened my battered hope for humanity. Thank you Mark Johnson for "raining" on my parched spirit.

Nicest part of my week. I was enthralled by the music. Need CD asap. Went to Playing for Change Website and it is not for sale. Where can I get it please?

Music heals and tames the savage beast, If only we could find the harmony to stop wars and free are minds of bondage.
It is so very true that without the conscience thought we would stop listen and drift to a distant place transformed by loving kind beings in the sound of music. I have thought long and hard how to do this very thing. With a spark of a small flame may this rage into a storm of beauty and love. Now is the time as the world shrinks, we have so many avenues to connect are creativity and joyous spirits. Bless those who endure and grow the cause and let love rule because we imagined.

why does a single story about music and hope - that people still beleive in what can be have to solve all the world's problems? hope springs eternal

I was blown away by Mark Johnson's Playing for Change music. Can I purchase a DVD and/or CD?

Another great show. Keepit up! Where can we get the, Playing for change, CD? Your shows have enriched our lives. Is there a way of getting involved with The Playing for Change Organization?
Ray Rouse

Thank you for mentioning that the particular regulations of the last 20 or 30 years have been "spreading the wealth around"––upward! It is a pleasure to hear that fact mentioned out loud. (Why is "class warfare" only shouted when the cost is aimed at those who can afford it?)

As far as regulations go, it seems clear, even without any knowledge of economics, that regulations can be either good or bad. If the government is installed and paid for by corporate powers it will write and enforce regulations for those corporations. If the government has some accountability to the public it may make regulations in the public interest. Corporations measure all value in dollars and all moral responsibility by shareholder fortunes (with as much of a rake-off for the senior management as they can get.)
The public has a wider set of values and if the politicians actually owed their jobs to the electorate and not to big-money lobbyists they might actually regulate in favor of the public interest.

I'd like to echo the others and ask, "Where can I get a DVD and how soon can I get one???" Actually, I'd like to give them to many of the people on my gift list this year.

This is one of the most amazing pieces of music I have ever experienced. I was in tears and I was smiling widely at the juxtaposition of the words and the visuals, but the layering of the different instruments had me truly in awe. I found myself trying to identify each thread that was woven into the tapestry and grinning when I recognized one just before it appeared on the screen. The orchestration is a brilliant technical achievement.

I am also inspired by Mark's realization that one should not be afraid. We should not be daunted by the overwhelming problems that surround us, thinking, "How can I do anything to solve this? The task is so large! There is no way that I could do enough to make a difference." As with all of the most inspiring people in history, Mark has seen the little piece that he could affect and has started there. Imagine the changes that could be made if we all did the same.

What a hope filled piece..thank you!! Is the music available on cd? Perfect holiday gift!!!

Thank you Bill Moyers and WMFE Orlando for bringing to my attention Mark Johnson's Playing for Change story. It refreshed my emotions and reminded me that our time on this planet is to be put to work in the service of its inhabitants.

Before Mark's segment, there was a piece Mr. Galbraith's book, "The Predator State" and a discussion about the current state of the world economy.

How important it is to have scientists, mathematicians, engineers, doctors, environmentalist, economists, etc, etc contribute to the shaping of our world but here you have an inspiring case of what an important role the arts can play in our world as well. Reading the comments before mine you will realize that music is a subject that should not be taken away from our youth or be deemed frivolous in any society. Here you can all read it has a special power perhaps unmatched by any other 'more profitable' profession.

I have the ability to play some instruments, have played in bands and have enjoyed your comments on this program as to how the 'Stand by Me' and 'One World' videos have lifted your spirit and grounded that feeling of hope.

Mark Johnson, I look forward to having a copy of your work.

To all other readers, we have a commitment to continue to teach and to create more of this super powerful magic called music.

In the context this reminds me too much of Alan Lomax and Woodie Guthrie, et al, and I think it is in extremely poor taste. Holding hands is not much of a solution for what needs to be done at the moment, either.


Bless you. Connecting the dots. Global peace is possible. HOW DO WE GET THE FILM ?? Can't find it online

The power of that music was something I haven;t felt since the 60's . I too would like to get my hands on that video . I would show it to everyone I could find .

Where can I buy the Mark Johnson DVD, Playing for Change??

This piece made my evening. Where can I purchase the DVD?

I fell asleep on the couch tonite, and woke to beautiful, lilting sound of "Stand by Me," and watched the piece on Mark Johnson's Playing for Change. What a magnificent tribute to the human spirit--that music can so move the world. Thanks, Mark, for this life-affirming message, and thanks to PBS and Bill Moyer for bringing it to TV

Uplifting. There is hope for unity rather than division is this world.

Greenspan saying that he was shocked at the extent of the crisis while being grilled by congress, reminded me of Claude Raines, as chief of police, in the movie Casablanca, when he announces that he is shocked that there is gambling going on in Rick's establishment as one of the casino attendants brings him his take for the night.

Your program tonight was as inspiring and informing as ever. I just attempted to find somewhere on the net to purchase several of the Playing for Change DVDs (wonderful Christmas gifts)but nowhere to be found. Must have it - please let us know where we can purchase it. Thank You.

I hope that somebody who knows will answer all the inquiries about where and how to purchase a DVD of this amazing project. Please! Someone tell us!

I agree with the wonderful comments left so far... what a stunning, enchanting and inspiring piece this was! My husband and I were enthralled by the performances and we too would love to support this project by purchasing the DVD! Thank you for sharing this brilliant labor of love and the breathtaking talent of all these remarkable musicians with us. What a healing balm with which to end this week. We definitely feel more peaceful. :-)

Thank you, Bill Moyers, for your beautiful commentary on the MetroBaptist church, and for bringing Mark Johnson
before us. It was the ONLY moment of calm and hope I've had during this trying week.

Please inform me where i can purchase the DVD, Playing for Change, and will the purchases for all members of my family help the worthwhile project ?
DW/ Virginia

As usual I was "channnel surfing" and was fortunate enough to land on the piece with Mark Johnson. The music resonated with me at a deep level as did the story. The world needs more Mark Johnsons. Thank you, Mark and Bill.

How can I obtain this DVD, Playing for Change?

Just e-mailed our adult children to try to watch this uplifting hopeful segment. I would love to get more info on the film for my grandchilren also. We are all connected and Mark Johnson, just reminded us what our focus can be!!

What an inspiration! Where can we obtain the movie? I teach drumming to teens in treatment facilities and group homes. This would be a great way to enlarge their world and hopefully inspire them to be involved with this somehow.

Thank you ever so much for sharing this inspiring, uplifting and unifying story! Sharing hope, hardship and love through the beauty of music is a precious gift to all.

I was absolutely awestruck while sitting alone w/ sweet tears rolling down both cheeks as the "Playing for Change: Peace through Music" segment just aired. Thank you so much Mark & Bill... Long may you both run. Love>Fear

Bill Moyer & Mark Johnson:
I have read the numerous comments posted on PBS blog, and I concur. Please make sure you tell us how we can support this endeavor by purchasing CD/DVD or donating for this outstanding cause for the betterment and love of humankind.

sourav ganguly is the best cricketer ..long live saurav

What an extraordinary gift to humanity that bonds the human spirit without making a joyful noise. As a professional musician on tour, I am deeply struck by the efforts and penchant of Mark Johnson to bring musicians together from all cultures and races....Kudos!

Please feel free to visit myspace and call on my professional services.

I went to the Playing for Change website to try to find DVD, but it isn't there. Is it available to buy?

I just tried to buy the DVD on Amazon, 6 copies for my children and grandchildren, and Amazon says the manufacturer has stopped producing this DVD. Where else should I look?

My father was on the edge of his chair tonite while watching your show(Preditor State and Mark Johnson). We both said 'Wow' when the journal was over. Thank you for your insight and the truth.

Phenomenal concept, producer & artists. This is a "must share with others". How to get the DVD? has been "buffering" for about 10 minutes now.

Thank you, Bill Moyers, for recognizing how much we all needed to see/hear this story.

Is there a Playing for Change DVD or CD? If so, where might I purchase either of these? The Mark Johnson piece on Bill Moyers of 10/24/09 whetted my appetite for more.

What a wonderful story. The past few months have been filled with so much division and anger. The American people needed this wonderful music. I was glued to the TV. I want to buy the DVD & CD. Where can I get them?

After a rough week for one and all, this story brought hope, inspiration and calm. Thank you.

Powerful, moving, inspiring.. wish there was more of Mark Johnson's perspective on TV, radio, everywhere. It's people like him that make our world a better place.

Thank you for such an inspired piece of work...amazing. We need one of your schools in Baltimore!

i dont understand is every one crazy this is the most useless crap i have every heard in life

FABULOUS !!!!! I volunteer to help you build the schools

Truly inspiring! What a blessing to bring the world together in such a profound way -- music a universal language.

Bless you Mark Johnson and Bless you Bill Moyers for bringing this program out into the world. Mr. Suzuki who introduced the Suzuki method once made a comment that the human race would be saved by music in spite of ourselves. you are living proof of that and its going to be all of us regular folks who are changing this beautiful planet for the better.

Thank you Bill Moyers for introducing us to Mark Johnson and thank you Mark Johnson for your perseverance and creativity. What a fabulous show.

Did you know... on 9/11 the United Nations was to begin the celebration of a DECADE OF PEACE AND NONVIOLENCE for the sake of the children of the world... There is still some time left on that Decade... perhaps THIS is a way to renew that commitment to the children. Suggest contacting UN and...Oprah.
All we are saying... is give peace a chance...

Thanks, Bill for such a joyful vignette. (No, if it was 10 years in the making, it was not a vignette). Amidst the rancor of the campaigns, and tragedies the world economy will make us endure, Playing for Change is a precious gift. Thank you Mark for that glimpse of world unity. How can I get the DVD for my kids?

Mark makes it feel as though our naive "Impossible Dream" of the 60's was not really so impossible after all.

What if all of society is just a collective agreement...just a point of view. And if we agree to fix that, then we really can-- change the world.

My wife and I found the Mark Johnson very moving. How is the DVD on his music available? Thanks. Harry

Fabulous !!!! I want to go around the world and help build the schools.

This was fantastic. I was watching The Journal while reading, but dropped my book and was mezmerized at this segment.

So inspirational that I could not even wait for the credits on the show to start writing about it on my classical music bliki! I had been wanting to write about music and social capital and this took my breath away!

I can add very little to the eloquent comments already posted. I think a most eloquent comment is that at 10:02pm EDT the Play for Change website was apparently overloaded with hits. I want to get the DVD. In fact, I want multiple copies to give away to family and friends,

Thank you Bill Moyers for bringing us Mark Johnson and thank you Mark Johnson for your perseverance and creativity. What a fabulous show!

Bless you Mark Johnson and bless you Bill Moyers for doing this.
Mr. Suzuki, the founder of the Suzuki method stated that music would save the human race in spite of ourselves. Well you are proving that. We are all connected.

mr. moyers:

i was moved to tears by your short piece on playing for change, with mark johnson. it was both the universal language of the human soul, music, and the the overarching craving we share for the ideology of peace which brought those tears to my eyes from my heart! thank you for alerting me to mark johnson's work! and, .......peace!

LOVED the show. It both brought tears and smiles. I checked the Playing for Change web site and could locate no method of obtaining the DVD nor a CD of the music. Please post where these can be obtained. - Thanks again!

very moving and insightful. I like others who have posted here have had hope reinforced by this project. Mr. Johnson truly is proving we are all connected, through music, and are limited only by ourselves.

Keep up the great work!

It is so true when we sing together our minds and hearts become one.This is such a special, spiritual,joyful ,inspirational happening.

i sat up straight, i turned the tv up...i smiled so big! you made me cry!
all those faces and wonderful.
exhilarating. yes, yes, yes!
now i have to tell everyone i know! :)

Music...the most powerful motivator and healer. Thank you for this segment... that had me smiling through the tears. Thank you Mark...thank you Bill. The Playing for Change Foundation is a step in the right directon.

Ditto for all of the above comments. How do I get this DVD? I'd like to show it to the students in my 5th grade class.

Love, love, the concept, love the musicians, love the worldwide love. Heartwarming!

I have to agree with Peggy Akers' comment. I hope you will take a look at Matt Harding's internet video -- "Dancing 2008." It contains that same beautiful message of our connection with others. Thanks for making the world a little more beautiful.

Where can I get the dvd--"playing for change? thanks

Can this CD or DVD be purchased? I want it!

My heart swelled as my soul began to sing in harmony, so beautiful and unexpected and fitting was this piece about playing for change. My eyes shed so much yes and no simultaneously, involuntarily, joyfully. To be filled with belonging --- thank you so much! Was blind, but now I see...One love.

Thank you for introducing us to Mark Johnson. We always enjoy your program and learn from it but I must admit, it was refreshing to hear this music and get a break from the economy and politics.

We do need music in our lives.

I saw Mark on the Bill Moyers program tonight; cannot get into the web server. This idea is very important, must be expanded everywhere including all over U.S.

i do not usually get goose bumps from something i see on tv. but your show ending tonite did that for me. great work as usual and mark johnson you just rock!

Bravo to Playing for Change. Tears in me eyes and hope in me heart.

I am a piano teacher--mostly kids. Wouldn't it be great if kids all over the world could share their music with each other via the internet?
I was very moved by Bill Moyers Journal tonight where "Playing for Change" was highlighted. I believe in this. Music is from the heart, and a lot more heart is what this world needs.
Thank you for your work, and I'd like to make a contribution to help build a music school. Where do I contribute?

By Mark Johnson being inspired by the idea of music and people coming together across great distances and barriers, it has inspired myself and many others to see the results of his efforts. This power of music has always been there, but with current instant communication technology it just makes it that much more powerful to witness.
Thanks Mark !

That was beautiful! I got tears in my eyes! "Stand by Me" and "One Love"; OMG! It offers hope in a world in transition.
I think John Lennon is smiling somewhere!
Can't wait for more info!

a breath of fresh air and a chance to help make a difference- kudos to Mark - a lesson we all need "lets get together"

I am very moved by this work. I have been in theatre all my life and this really means something compared to all the crap I have had to endure just to get to something real. THank you and I would love to know more but can't get into website. Help! mimi

Wow! Absolutely beautiful.
I have been a professional musician and teacher for over 30 years and needed this uplifting story to remind me once again of the real value of what I do. Thanks Mark and Bill for the incredible service you both offer.
I will be buying and sharing this video with all of my classes.

I was so moved! I have never heard such beautiful voices or wonderful feelings. I would love to have a DVD or CD of this music. Thank you so much

Playing for Change was incredible and powerful...would love to get the video to use in prison with the men...Blessings, Mark!!!

I was so very moved by the video--I, too want to know where I can get copies. The concept of uniting us all through beautiful music, musical styles and instrumentation using one medium was inspirational.

I think this is the most inspirational piece I have seen on TV in ages.
Congratulations !!! I will look until I find it to support this project.

Playing for Change: Spectacular, one of the most brilliant videos I've seen; looking forward to seeing the movie. Thank you so much for featuring this on your wonderful program.

What a great presentation!!!After a week of very bad news to hear Galbraith articulate the many aspects of the financial/credit crisis and then to have a follow up with such a beautiful music project really changed my gloomy mood. Thanks Bill!

Playing for change was incrfedible and powerful...would love to get the video to use in prison with the men...Blessings, Mark!!!

I would like to live my life with the hopeful perspective of Mark Johnson and his music.

Hi. You're an absolutely wonderful artist, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the Playing for Peace DVD-- the bits and pieces I'd watched brought chills down my arms :)!

My husband turned to me at the end of that piece and said: "We should send them some money." What a great story. I wish everyone would see it!

Absolutely awesome-my eyes welled up. I would like to know where to obtain recordings or a dvd of the music presented on this program. Please do let me know. I would greatly appreciate it -cannot locate it on the Playing for Change website. Thank you. Wonderful and Sublime.

I have worked as a street musician in the past. I was completely blown away by this segment on PBS. This was incredibly powerful, and it is amazing to see the power of music.

Mark deserves the Nobel Peace Prize next year.

Amazing. Thank you for bringing music, hope, and love to the conversation tonight.

I was moved by the music and images showing human beings connecting to one another, connecting to me in my living room.

Thank you.

Thank you for airing this and thank you, Mark Johnson, for this project; Stand by Me brought me to tears.... so lovely and so very hopeful...

I wept during "Playing for Change." It is so beautiful, and so inspiring. And I believe it is a way...

I recall how earnestly we sang and played during the Civil Rights Movement in the 60's...

Thanks so very much.

My jaw hurt from smiling for the last ten minutes of your show....what hope and joy in one short segment...thank you for sharing this with all of us and to Mr Johnson and all his musician friends around the world for making the world a better place.

Extraordinary; would like to use the video in my ethics classes; how can it be obtained?
Would also like to suggest comparable activities in Palestine, Iran and other areas in which music can be the language of peace and justice.

The story about Mark Johnson and his Playing for Change was beautiful and inspiring and would like him to know how much all he does is appreciated by me. I hope you will convey my thanks.

And we do inspire one another with music. Great project and great life's work. Thanks for the inspirations, Mark!!!!

Oh man, "Stand By Me" had tears in my eyes.... Beautiful song shows all the Great work Mr. Johnson and the Musicians from all the World had to Contribute.... Loved it....

"Stand by me" powerful. thank you Mark Johnson!

It'll soon be played at our senior's sunday school class. Can we spread the word and make it a large scale event? Sunday, Nov 2? Can I get an amen?

The piece on Mark Johnson and his Playing for Change was wonderful. Thank you for bringing that to us.

Bill and Mark,

Thank you so much for tonight. It gives me hope and it touches my heart so much that it brings me to tears. Music is salvation. I've been a chorus that has been struggling because of the ecomony, I was almost ready to give up. I feel re-energized.

Nothing on NOW has ever moved me this way. I don't just want to buy the movie; I want to work with Mark Johnson. I am a musician and an old lady but there must be something I could do.....

Truly inspirational. What the world needs now is ONE LOVE indeed... Thanks for this moving and so very important piece. I can only hope more people out there will watch, listen and learn...


And the choices are sublime.
There is a fundamental and inexplicable power in that music - and in the end it's about harmony and bringing our disparate and flawed voices together in a melody that only succeeds when we sing it together. Peace indeed.
Thank you so, so much.

Extraordinary; would like to use the video in my ethics classes; how can it be obtained?
Would also like to suggest comparable activities in Palestine, Iran and other areas in which music can be the language of peace and justice.

I am blown away! What a wonderful concept. I am hopeful for the first time in months.
God bless you Mark, and all that create with you. can do so much...thank you, and keep singing, and singing with children all over the world. Jim and Mary

I do voiceovers, am an actor in the S.A.G
and I support this type of clear inspired thinking.
I have very few reasons that inspire or motivate me to work for anyone.., and yet I
found my inner voice stating ..yes I would work for nothing, but the result for projects of this nature. 10 years of well spent time for a program of maximum impact.

This was a beautiful segment, very moving. Once again, the power of music to unit us all was made crystal clear. More!

Stunning music and project. After watching the discussion of the economy, what a blast of fresh thought to see Mark talking about his hopeful program of connecting us all through music. I'm emailing my friends about this now. Thanks, Bill and Mark.

absolutely thrilling to see/hear 'stand by me' playing from all directions, with no regard for race, creed, color or gender. a new day begins...

Great story, although I would like to add that this idea of unity through music concept was also utilized by the creators of the Grammy-winning "1 Giant Leap" multimedia project back in 2001, which incorporates music, video footage, rhythms, images and spoken word content.

Absolutely lovely and important. It is "One Love" indeed.

Where can I get this DVD? I teach fourth grade and would love to share this with my students.

I've been in broadcasting for 4 decades. I spent 20 years in New York radio.

I find it hard to express my feelings during the "Stand by Me" montage.

Thanks for making the dark side of our condition go away for a few minutes.

Rich Wood
Former Director - WOR Radio Network

What a wonderful wonderful story! I am looking forward to checking out your website and the DVD etc!!

This film took my breath away. It's beautiful and hopeful.

Remarkable idea. Extraordindary music. We humans have more in common than we think yet we spend most of our short existence perpetuating a restless world. I can say no more than a humble "thank you".

Where can I get the stand by me video?

Mark Johnson, keep focusing on connection

Oh Wow how great. I love this idea of bringing folk together. I wanna see the movie and show it at my church.

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