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What Questions Would You Ask President Obama?

Concluding the JOURNAL this week, Bill Moyers reflected on Barack Obama's press conference Tuesday and the questions from the public that he answered on Thursday, suggesting a few questions that he and journalist Morton Mintz would like to see answered:
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What questions would you ask President Obama?


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Dear Mr president First yet tell who Iam
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dear mr president,i would like to know why we can be 18 to serve the country and not even be legally alowed to drink not even at 20?i know there must be a good reson but i just wanted to know why?At 20 we are not even teenagers anymore and we are considered young adults.

How can the President put through this house bill 1,018 pages which hurts the eldery - $500 Billion cut in Medicare?? Reduction of Benefits. The sadest section is 1233 - pg 425-431 counseling on how to cut your life short?
Living longer is a burden for society?? Incureable diseases should not be given health service??

Dear president Obama You had made a campaign promise to allow those of us with the (meager ruins) of our retirements, make withdrawls from them without the stiff government tax levies. I've seen the "best and the brightest" squander 20% of my retirement this last year. I did not buy a house I could not afford, I do not have credit cards. forseeing this impending economic doom about to beset the country (back in 2004), I prudently paid off all my debts. The only one I can't pay off is my mortgage.. The payments are'nt high but I'm sporadically employed and making 1/3 what I used to make. I have enough money in my retirement to keep me stable with the painfully low paying jobs employers are now able to force many of us, over 50 bluecollar workers, to accept. I'm "biting the bullet". I'll deal with it. I'm paying for training to work in another field for a much lower wage (less then half) I'm playing the game. And I'm sucking it up. Please play your part. Honor your promise. If I could only take out 1/10 of my retirement without the penilties I could sustain myself for 3 more years. That's $9.000.00 mister president. I don't think I'm asking anywhere near as much as others have asked from you monitarily speaking. I just need the federal government to take its jackboot off my throat this once and let in alittle air. I'm not asking for a handout. I'm not stealing and its not going to destroy the economy. Thankyou

Dear Mr. President,

Would you please consider making balloon loans illegal. It would definitely help decrease Mortagage fraud and foreclosures.

Mr. President, is letting Senator Ted Kennedy decide what dog your daughters must have going to make ya'll even for his support for the Dem. nomination?

Follow-up..does that mean you can select Hillary's health care plan over Ted's?

Dear Mr. President,
I'm sure you know Professor Black and his interveiw with Bill Moyers. Why did you hire Timothy Geithner, especially when you know he's part of the problem? Why are you so involved in this dishonest cover up with the banking institutions Professor Black speaks about?

Should the solution to America's moral and economic health care crisis be based on a model in which elected officials and public employees and voters and taxpayers have EQUAL ACCESS to the SAME LEVEL of health care or continue our current MULTITIERED health insurance CLASS system?

Dear Mr. President,
I'm sure you know Professor Black and his interveiw with Bill Moyers. Why did you hire Timothy Geithner, especially when you know he's part of the problem? Why are you so involved in this dishonest cover up with the banking institutions Professor Black speaks about?

If you refuse to address the question of legalizing cannabis, will you at least cite a few reasons why it is a good idea to continue cannabis prohibition? what is so great about a policy that clearly isn't working?

Dear Mr. President,

If someone has constructive ideas to promote education, immigration reform, FEMA reform and constructive use of taxpayer dollars to assist both the banks and the homeless, how would that person actually reach a person? So far your email system doesn't seem to be working.

Dear Mr. President

When the unemployment rates are so high, why are we still allowing foreign workers to come and work in the united states? I hear people argue that they take only 0.07%. But if you look at the last 10 years, their % rate is significant. All these people never return. They get permanent residency, citizenship and are displacing an american worker.

With the country basically bankrupt, how can you justify spending billions for wars, when millions have no healthcare?

War spending is the elephant in the room!

I'll close with 2 Molly Ivins quotes:

The first rule of holes: when you're in one, stop digging.

• One function of the income gap is that the people at the top of the heap have a hard time even seeing those at the bottom. They practically need a telescope. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt probably didn't waste a lot of time thinking about the people who built their pyramids, either.

• The United States of America is still run by its citizens. The government works for us. Rank imperialism and warmongering are not American traditions or values. We do not need to dominate the world. We want and need to work with other nations. We want to find solutions other than killing people. Not in our name, not with our money, not with our children's blood.

• from her last column, January 11, 2007: We are the people who run this country. We are the deciders. And every single day, every single one of us needs to step outside and take some action to help stop this war. Raise hell. Think of something to make the ridiculous look ridiculous. Make our troops know we're for them and trying to get them out of there.


Please get Paul Krugman and/or Simon Johnson on to back up and reinforce the revelations made by Mr. Black. This is a critical subject. Much more important than the Lincoln presentation you have scheduled for next week.

Jeff Adams
Berkeley, CA

Dear Mr. President,
I would like to know why is it that "health-care" is a business, and the thought of a single-payer Universal Health-care System such a bitter and divisive topic? As I read in the Constitution "..promote the general welfare...", does this not extend itself to health-care? With 50 million (reported) uninsured Americans, with costs spiraling upward yearly, and with people struggling to maintain the bit of health-care that they do have, please explain why this cannot be in our future?

The United States is the only "developed" nation that does not have Universal Health-care. As the fiasco that is our banking system proves, certain things cannot be left in private (and thereby profiteering) hands. The time has come for the government to live up to the ideals that are espoused "...of the people, by the people, and for the people..." - to be returned to the people vs. the corporate oligarchy and their avarice that is intent on it's destruction!

It's funny that there are those that will call it "socialized medicine", funny they don't call the military - socialized, the police forces - not socialized, the firefighters - not socialized, teachers - again, not socialized; yet they too all perform functions that are essential to us as a nation. So why the specter of "SOCIALIZATION", when it comes to health-care, except to divide an already divided nation. Please consider this.

Dear Mr. President:

Why are you, Tim Geithner and Larry Summers skirting our nation's laws and covering up the financial crimes of the century? You are mandated by law to take the banks into receivership due to their massive failures. It is the only prudent and just path.

Instead of facing up to the enormity of their fraud and beginning the process of digging the American economy out of this hole, you and your team seem determined to pour astronomical amounts of taxpayer money into failed banks and institutions led by corrupt and incompetent executives, thereby prolonging our recession indefinitely and putting our country down the path to total financial ruin.

Mr. Geithner's bailout plan is so clearly wealth-destroying and, even more importantly, illegal. He may be acting out of panic, blind faith in his financial industry pals and lack of faith in the American people to keep their wits about them during a crisis. But why would you go along with this foolishness?

Our fat and coddled financial services industry will not be leading us into economic recovery. It must be broken apart and brought down to manageable size. We cannot move forward if we are stalled by a dysfunctional economy that continues to reward greed and the status quo over innovation and change. Continuing your current plan could take us to a future in which we risk losing our very sovereignty as a nation due to our crushing foreign debt. If you continue down this path, you risk your presidency and open yourself up to calls for impeachment.

I cannot express the depth of my disappointment in you on this matter. Please reverse course and live up to the ideals you have always expressed so eloquently. You have the judgment, political skill, and power to lead us out of this mess. Use them. Don't let your still-hopeful supporters turn back into cynics.

President Obama,

I have one simple, yet profound question. When will the public have complete access to the "911 Commission Report?" With all you proclaim regarding government transparency, it seems just that we know how our government conducts investigations that impact our would also quell these "conspiracy theories."

Mr. President, why have you consistently permitted our nation's laws to be disregarded? Why have you allowed your Secretary of the Treasury to continue supporting those who broke our laws, and Paulson, and the faulty banks to continue, yet punished workers?
It's becoming clear now that you won't act to uphold our laws, or you would also appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the prior administration. You sounded far more ethical when you were campaigning - and, you do not answer letters! Why?

How much is Haliburton stealing from the tax payers? and why are they still there? WHY don"t we train the Iraqi"s and give them jobs?

Dear President Obama, At what point did you sell out to the Jewish lobby(banking and zionism)? Do You ever plan to put Americans first?

Mr. President,

You have come a long way from being an advocate for the poor to setting up for more theft from the small three million people who believe our entire society exists to serve their whims. Why not come clean and tell us why the only contracts that matter are those with the greedy, narcissistic, little creeps who exist only to steal or to front for the crooks. I thought you were going to be a man. Instead you are worst than President George W. Bush. He could plead being dumb (though he was not), but you cannot hide. Shame on you for your incredible failure.

Mr. President:

Your first 90 days are a disaster. You would make a great Hollywood actor, but if you do not sever ties with the banking industry, and prveledged classes who have destroyed this courntry's working class, my guess you will have people in the street here, demonstrating alla Europe. Cut your ties to the bankers, fire Mr. Geitner, and let these banks fail.

Else you will go down in history as a great actor, only giving Ronald Regan a run for his money.

Why G.M. mngr fired and no banker? So much hope going down the drain,,,,,,,,,,,,

Mr. President,

Have you been co-opted by the Borg aka the financial services industry or were you always part of it. I am very proud of most of your work but I am parting ways with you and your corrupt Treasury department. When will you admit that you have taken the wrong course of action and get some Elliot Ness types in to clean out the cesspool that is the financial services industry. It is not too late.

Where are you Mr. President? enjoying your new found legacy? Please you have a country to look after instead of thinking the world is going to believe in you because your the first black president. The leaders of this world have an adgenda and I dont think the USA is in it regardless of your new found thinking that you are popular amoung anyone outside of the free

did u ever know you going to be president of the U.S.A

I'd rather that you were looking for consensus with PNHP national coordinator Dr. Quentin Young than with the President of AHIP Karen Ignangi. You used to be for single-payer health care, the only plan that puts patients ahead of profits. Why have you changed your mind? How could you change so much in only 6 years? Is it really possible to change Washington? Or, does Washington always change people? Health insurance is not a legacy, as you recently said. It is an institution as cruel as slavery was. Would you have called slavery a legacy? This would all be less painful to bear if you didn't know better, but you do. It feels as if we are being betrayed. And sir, please don't make light of our bleeding hearts. Our hearts are bleeding because they have already been cut to pieces. Cutting costs through more cutting of actual care is not going to solve this problem because sooner of later, the piper always has to be paid. We need to cut costs by cutting out the middle-man insurance industry, which is adding no value, only cost, to our system. We don't need health insurance. We need health CARE. Health insurance does not protect us. How can we trust our health care to an institution that has been responsible for so many deaths, disabilities, and for the financial ruin of so many families? I could write pages and pages of tragic stories, all of them true, but I know there is not room enough here. With the 400 billion per year we could save by cutting private insurance out of health care, we could cover everyone, and do it well. There would not be a net loss of jobs because there would be a greater need for people to work in actual delivery of care. How can we convince you to care more about us than about the powerful interests that trade our blood for money? This is breaking my heart. I have cried a river of tears, and I would go on a hunger strike if it would do any good. Why? Why? Why have you abandoned the people who need you in favor of the wealthy and powerful who don't? Republicans are never going to help us. If we can't depend on Democrats to help us, we have no hope. Elected officials, Republicans and Democrats, have recently been howling about the recent attempt to sell your Senate seat, but how is the attempted sale of a Senate seat more wrong than the sale of a public policy to AHIP, the organization that is bribing Congress and Senate with the money they have bled from us.

Dear President Obama, we were delighted that you attended the London G20 Summit. I hope you were informed of the violence on our streets, made in protest at the 'fat-cat-hand-outs' for abject failure! You are well protected, but the people are angry and want 'blood!'

There is a primitive solution, that has served humanity throughout history, when all else fails, then adopt the 'lethal' solution. How do you plan to save the fat-cat's bacon, from the imminent fire of damnation in Hell?

Mr President,

You seem to be 'MIA', when it comes to all the campaign promises you made to get our middle-class votes !

I DIDNOT hear coming from YOU, any ''promises'' of obscene bail-outs and 'velvet-glove' dealings with Walstreet and the Bankers, when YOU were desperately asking for OUR VOTES during the campaign, isn't that true ?

President Obama,

Can you explain why we are prosecuting Tim DeChristopher, Utah student who stood up to the oil and gas industry?

After Secretary Salazar's recent ruling, why are you not giving Tim a pardon for intervening against the machinery of "Oil-gopoly"?

After all of the rhetoric against the oil companies during the primary season (indianapolis gas stations etc.) How does Brett Tolman's indictment of Dechristopher match your words?

Mr President,

With regard to protecting U.S. diplomats on the ground in Iraq, the US has been forced to switch from the private security firm Blackwater Worldwide (renamed Xe) to Triple Canopy. Why should the rest of the world trust that they will act any differently (more responsibly, more humanely) than Blackwater acted?

This question also speaks to Bill Moyer, Dan Rather, et al of the press corp beginning after 11/22/63: When are you leaders, and you pundits, going to get real with the American public about the threat we face by disavowing the truth of our history--namely the assassinations of the 60s,70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s? Look at the ridiculous notion of 911, that fantastically supported structures of steel like the Twin Towers could be melted by jet fuel and then free-fall into a demolition-like pile of pulverized dust! If you, the media, and you, our leaders, can pass this physical impossibility off as an reality, where can we find a foundation upon which to have meaningful dialog?
Quit the sham--be it spoken or silent!
Thank you.
Craig Clark
Cliffside Park NJ

I am a 57 year old women who has physical disability and can't work. I belong to a workshop program called The Friendship House 125 Atlantic Street, Hackensack,NJ07601 The other program is called The Arc of Bergen and Passaic County of NJ I don't want these programs closed. The second address is 223 Moore Street Hackensack NJ 07601. Please keep these programs open for us they keep people with physical and other disabilities busy.Thank you.

Dear President Obama

It is becoming clear with regard to most issues like health, foreign affairs, and the bailout, that you are traveling down the middle of the road. I just hope and wonder if circumstances were to abruptly change: Could you ,would you be able to make a sharp left turn and say health is everyone's business and we all need to help pay for it? Or if we find ourselves behaving like Russia in Afghanistan, could you pull us out without hesitation? Don't you think banks should not be so big 2 that they could be allowed to fail?

Mr. President; i have supported you and your thinking since 2006, and I still do.
Will you please be briefed on the parallels between this U.S. era in history and the Weimar Republic era? The parallels are too great to be ignored. Please help us guard against a move to fascism in the next four challenging years.

Question to President Obama:
Ever since President Eisenhower warned about a military-industrial complex the Federal budget for the Department of Defense has gone up. It is now over a half of a trillion dollars. I have heard about the waste that happens in the armed services from ex-military men and women. What would you prepose to stop or cut down all that waste? We sure could use half trillion dollars on many other things that would help us/US citizens.

Dear Mr. President,

If excessive borrowing is what got us into this mess - why are we trying to promote borrowing again? Perhaps it's time to rethink the need to borrow for everything.

Well, looks like ''CHIMPY'' has been replaced by ''WHIMPY'' !!!!!!!!

Time to take out the pitch-forks & torches, folks !!!!!!!

Betsy: That (Engdahl's analysis)is a good reason to support
That the black hole of debt (at least 200 trillion) is being suspended in the dark by the 5 tbtf banks with public assistance should be general public knowledge. They are lied to when told mortgages are causing this mess. I don't think the people can afford a casino bailout for the already wealthy.. I (and my affiliates) have been reading books about the demise of Haiti to see what the oligarchy has in store for us. (ex:"The Uses of Haiti" by Dr. Paul Farmer)
Geithner is quite a liar and con man. I'd like to think President Obama is naive, but maybe that is supposing too much. (The Pritzker family who benefited from the savings and loan collapse were one of his main supporters.) Fr. Jean-Bertrand Aristide seems better and smarter than Bashful Barry. If the United States had not intervened he might have made Haiti a democracy. I wish the USA were a democracy, but the capitalists oppose the very idea. (cudos to RNN)

Jack, you might have a look at a video interview of economist William Engdahl on the Real News Network (which is fabulous).
See it at:

Betsy Whitfill has an excellent attitude about her belief system. While she believes spiritual assistance and guidance are on the way she already has a strong opinion as far as the ethics of governing and is ready to act upon it.

Whomever you believe in, it is unreasonable to stand by and expect the Creator (or other forces) to intervene. Believers and nonbelievers possess a mind and have a sense of justice. As creatures of free will we have a responsibility to oppose greed and hoarding. I don't care what Betsy Whitfill or David Eddy or anyone else's spiritual beliefs may or may not be. I do expect people of good will to work together for fairness and justice.

President Obama, you are a divider of the people, if you continue to make the welfare of the already superwealthy your first priority. Quit hugging the Queen and act in our behalf.

Be watching for the demonstrations on April 11, Honourable Bashful Barry and Majestic Michelle. We're having one in Hickory, NC because we fear the authorities and police in the banking capital of Charlotte. Go to to sign up. We have a permit....repeat... We have a permit! Thanks to our organizer Ed Crump. Ed says, "Y'all come! April 11 before two o'clock to Union Square in Hickory. Let's take a Hickory to non-transparent, bad economic policy!" (no sticks, soft signs and banners only, please join us)

Mr President,

YOU were elected by the great majority of us ''ordinary'' citizens and given a mandate to do certain SPECIFIC things as priomised by YOU, in YOUR campaign.

So far, you have catered to the survival and 'upkeep' of Corporate Thieves & Traitors [ aka Wallstreet and Bankers] who are responsible for this economic collapse.

My question is, ARE YOU GOING TO BE A WHIMP by doing 'buisness-as-usual' and betray us who put you in office ?????

One statement I hear over and over again is “they’re too big to fail”. Why don’t proposed fixes start with “Make them smaller”?

Helen writes: "In the selling of those toxic securities, why should the government (i.e. taxpayers) take nearly all the risk while big bank investors take almost none and most of the profits, if any?"

Well, the distorted logic is the same as that which says that corporations must give big bonus' to execs (even when those execs have ruined the company) in order to keep them on the payroll. Govt is basically begging bankers to get in the game again by promising they will not get hurt.

In school, the little kids used to get prizes whether they won or not. OK, that is fine for little kids. But grownups are supposed to be ready to take the consequences. When the grownups are treated as children, protected from hurt feelings and lowered self esteem, we have strayed far from the path of adulthood. The children see this and know that they can do whatever they wish and not have to face consequences.

I once read about a school principle who promised to put his office up on the school roof for a month if the children would come to school every day. Hmmm, would it help?

In the proposed sale of packaged toxic securities, why should the government (i.e. taxpayers) take nearly all the risk while the big bank purchasers get almost all the possible profits yet take almost no risk? We taxpayers have bailed out the banks and we are the biggest shareholders. Let's nationalize the banks! We can straighten things out as the Swedes did, repay ourselves and then return the banks to private ownership. Don't give the big banks the same unregulated privileges they have had and which got themselves and the world into this mess. Why are Geithner, Sommers, Rubin and Bernanke still running things anyway? Get Krugman and Stiglitz and Greider on your team. Posted by: Helen Giambruni

To the President or any who wish to read.

I watched Bill Moyer’s recent episode regarding the EFCA bill that has been floating around congress, the Living Wage law in Chicago, and the personal experiences of a Union Organizer. The episode led me to believe that at least the media has some receptiveness to the idea that our current problems may be anchored in a Master/Slave culture-war that has probably plagued civilization since its inception.

However, rather than drawing from recorded history to assertion these questions, I draw from personal experience. At the turn of the century I found myself working comfortably as a Technical Support Engineer. I watched that job go overseas because President Bush and Congress worked toward removing the Transition Adjustment Assistance penalties and other legalities that President Clinton had put in place. It took me 2 years to find another Tech Job (call center) doing something similar. I saw that position converted to a sales position (They call in for help… you try to shove product down their throat) – complete with a $1200/mo sales quota. At this point I was lead to believe that the Tech Culture had become a target. The Masters find it threatening when their slaves are endowed with technical knowledge about their infrastructure and capabilities – that the Masters don’t understand. They have become increasingly wary of having to deal directly with or hire ‘Techies’ - it’s much more convenient to outsource.

Consequently, I tried something else… Long-Haul Truck Driving. Surprisingly, this was not a bad option for about two years. I used my abilities with computers to devise a system that kept me on-time and legal all of the time. I did get push-back from driver managers for doing this – an industry standard. But in the end, I had DOT on my side – the unemployment claim would have been more costly in the long-run. Toward the beginning of 2008 I began to see a change… that push-back became threatening and persistent. I thought I had gotten a break with a local Class A Driving position and got out of Long-Haul. I was fired a month later for stalling a route for bad brakes and malfunctioning Tandem Adjust System that would have had me driving illegally over-weight on my drive axles. I tried two other driving positions in Paratransit. I was asked to work 56-hour shifts in one and requested to be available 24/7 without any definite “Me-Time” in the other – the result of a “bait-and-switch” of a verbal bait-and-switch hiring process with a small business.

I am now looking at making abbreviated payments on my home and maybe foreclosure. The payment isn’t that bad, but my income is. I’m not underwater and am on a standard 30-Year. I played it smart, but in the end I would not give in to indentured slavery. With this in mind, my questions are:

Do you really think that the mortgage crisis was completely due to people getting suckered into ARM loans or other dubious financial agreements they couldn’t afford?

Do you ever wonder what percentage of that bad debt floating around on Wall Street (which is intrinsically tied to the mortgage and housing markets) is due to people who walked away from their loans after leaving a job or hopping to a lower-income position and deciding that the investment in a home was not worth a personal or ideological sacrifice?

Have you or anyone considered that it may be more prudent to further regulate the work-place instead of just the investment environment of Wall Street?

Has anyone considered that reducing employer expectation of profit margin will be required to bring people back to work?

With the exception of Emergency Services, might it be more effective to federally ban a work week that consists of more than 45 hours? …thus forcing employers to reduce profit margins and hire to increase productivity or meet demand?

We are now coming to a time when many of the younger generations (GenX and Younger) will be having a major impact on the work-place and the business environment. They were brought up on the “smarter-not-harder” ideology. Slavery and unfair exchange of energy was largely omitted from their vocabulary of acceptable realities. Now that innocence is being tested – the battle lines have been drawn. Do you or anybody else really think that the new generations won’t play to win?

Dear President Obama:

I have been enthusiastic since you announced your candidacy and continued to be hopefull when your campaign described the principle of "change" which appealed to so many voters.
If only $10,000 had been given to everyone earning between $10,000 to $50,000 a year - the home foreclosures would have been dramatically slowed - people would have bought cars - paid down their credit-card debts and the Nation would have been on the road to a real recovery.

People have ideas of what they can do - what needs to be done as "initiatives" - not just jobs. These ideas could be supported without a handout - just low-interest loans loan to be repaid when businesses net a return.

Reforming government - including bringing needed tax reforms to big-business profits must be part of that change. No regulation and no control in place before there were BILLIONS of "newly printed" bills handed out, does not support the principle. What appear to be criminals running the biggest and apparently least in-solvent and most corrupt BANKS and INSURANCE conglomerates should be controlled.
The continuing lack of regulation - lack of CAPS on bonuses, lack of transparency is not consistent with high ideal. The money already given out has not been accompanied by more scrutiny; It is unfortunate that there has been so little discussion in the broader circles where some reasonable dialogue could have prevented the distribution of bali-out funds before there was any control on how PUBLIC money would be used: bonuses paid to CEO's and the erosion of the National wealth result from failures of common sense and reasonable regulations and control.

The future of the world-economy is being created now - under your administration. At this juncture it will be determined whether the decaying misury of centuries will finally topple - or corruption will be supported!

Everyone admits there is a nursing shortage in America. Since most nurses are trained for their jobs in Community Colleges by poorly paid part-time instructors,it is not hard to see what the real problem is. Community Colleges are run on a corporate model--that is, they cut costs by hiring part-timers who they don't have to pay good salaries--or medical benefits! And, like the private health insurance industry, they have huge, lopsided administrative costs. Mr. President, when are you going to reform the Community College system? When are you going to not allow Community Colleges to hire as much as 60% of their poorly paid faculty as part-timers? Some nursing students wait as long as six years in a random lottery system to just study nursing at a Community College! And nursing is one of the very few career choices that Community Colleges now offer students. If Community Colleges were fully funded, and 90% of their faculty were full-timers, (instead of, in some cases, only 40%) there would be no nursing shortage. Can you reform the "corporate" Community College system? Aren't Community Colleges supposed to be considered "public" education?

Mr. President,

I am a big fan. Perhaps we can talk more later. But for Today I see that USA best position in this q20 thing is to allow China to take more of a roll as leader without failing to mention the huge investment the United States has all ready paid in World Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. The US must enter a much cooler green rebuilding position leading in the areas where we excell and forming a close bond with our biggest lender. The position placed to Germany is also key with that country makeing its part in World Stimulus.
What do you think?

Thank You and Bill Moyer for this opportunity to speak. It feels down right American

Do you think the founding fathers actually meant to have elected officials turn their positions into lifetime political careers at the expense of their constituencies? How do you feel about term limits for every elected official?

Dear President Obama,
When will you pow-wow with and listen to Ralph Nader, William Greider and Bill Moyers on many of our major issues?

Regarding health care: Nothing but national health care (single payer system) has ever worked. Why won't you save the lives that may be saved if we join the civilized world? SO MANY PEOPLE DIE IN THIS COUNTRY FROM BEING UNINSURED AND UNDERINSURED! Many of the greats of history would not have been able to accomplish what they did had they been tied to trying to stay insured in a vile those-with-money-or-insurance live system like ours. Please think about how many great contributions that will be made by those who live and are free to create thanks to national health care, single payer system.

President Obama, originally you supported single payer universal health care. Now you won't even include single payer supporters in the discussion. Why are you shutting us out?

"It's about our fundamental values"

- - that is right Mr President; your own words!

THIS is the defining moment, that you have to PROVE to the country beyond any doubt, as to where you stand on basic values and ethics as regards, governing.

It boils down to this:

Are you for the few ''Special-Interests''


Are you for the ''Ordinary'' People, the Citizens, the millions who contributed and VOTED for you and put you in Office ?

The CHOICE is very clear, Mr President:

DO YOU have the courage to follow through on your convictions, that you espoused so clearly during the campaign, on behalf of the middle-class


ARE YOU going to play the same old 'Washington-game' and betray the trust of your people, now that you are elected ?

''Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.''
Abraham Lincoln

'' I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money-power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.''

Dear President Obama,

Your Presidency has raised the hopes of so many of us that America will restore her title as land of opportunity, and her role as inspiration to billions around the world.

We are struggling to be inspired by your choices and wonder whether you, at night in your own thoughts, don't wonder how you can lead in the application of new ideas which will inspire the public and create practical solutions to our problems. Perhaps two sources might be useful for you. First, Dennis Kucinich who so fired the imaginations and hopes of those who later voted for you. Second, those men and women who see a bright future ahead when all of us learn to cooperate instead of compete with each other. On every level, cooperation based on honesty, sincerity and willingness to do the right thing are what had been lost, but are still the silent hopes of so many good people. Please don't allow your government to divide us. Speak to the need for honesty, sincerity and the willingness to do the right thing.

Betsy Whitfill

Mr. President Obama,
Research is showing us that voucher schools do not out perform public schools. Why do you continue to support segregation of our young citizens through a voucher system that allows families to send their "good" kids to and get them away from the "bad" kids? I would love to see a system where every student in the country went to the public school in their neighborhood and all of our children had the same amount of money spent to educate them. No more private schools, no more home schools, no religious schools, no vouchers, ho charters. Only then will concerned parents be forced to fix education for all of the kids rather than just their own.

Dear Mr. President,
I voted for you. So did many other people who worried about the direction this country has taken under Republican rule. But can you and those around you committed to change, define the Republican strategy that has taken us to this place in history? It seems you need both an historic review and a simple definition that fits, if not all, Republicans, 99% of them. I believe I can supply that review and definition.
Historically, our great country invited two types of people to our shores. Type one came for opportunity. Type two came for freedom of conscience. Type one saw in America what they could not have in Europe, that is an opportunity to own land, have mobility, get rich and become their own persons. Type two experienced repression and discrimination in Europe so came here to be able to worship their way and follow their own beliefs. The class system in Europe restricted ordinary people from reaching their potential. Free land, hard work, ambition could change that. This was the land of opportunity. The Church system in Europe also restricted free expression of religious practices to what was considered appropriate to a state church system. Free thinkers and outcasts saw these shores as a haven for being left alone to believe anything.
These two mind sets would become the two political parties we have today. The early landowners held the view that cultured, educated and patriotic citizens made good legislators and presidents. They first formed around the Federalist banner, then the Wig banner and finally the Republican banner. The introduction of the Industrial Revolution and the migration of farmers to the growing urban centers multiplied the not yet identified Republican party. But the key phrase was the same opportunity. Opportunity would become power. Power would become control. The early freedom populists first formed under Jefferson’s newly formed Democrat/Republican party, then with Andrew Jackson the Democratic party. The Civil War, with the first successful Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, would entrench the Republican industrialists and later Banker/Wall Street party firmly in place until Woodrow Wilson. And that would not have happened if Teddy Roosevelt had not split the Republican voters to allow a Democrat into office.
The South was solidly Democratic because it believed in the cause of slavery. It remained Democratic until Lyndon Johnson pushed the Civil Rights act. He knew, and said as much after it passed, that the South would be lost to the Democratic party. It was and when liberal Democrats pushed for abortion and gay rights a whole segment of religiously conservative Christians, both Protestant and Roman Catholic , became Republican. I am a liberal Democrat who believes strongly in civil rights for all citizens and the rights of gays to self determinism, but history suggests that when the Democrats had power, they thought everyone needed to follow their federal lead. That, with clever and false propaganda, tipped the scales of a once majority party created by Franklin D. Roosevelt, to a minority party fighting for seats.
So far, I have shared a view of history The simple definition of what has historically distinguished the two parties is this. Republicans favor and prioritize property over and ahead of people in general. “It’s not personal,” to quote the Godfather, “its business.” Property is land, money, investments, holdings and laws that favor property owners and companies. People are the general middle class that once were the majority of people. Democrats favor people over property. That doesn’t mean they don’t like money or the right to own property. It means they care about people, all people. They are more humanitarian than are their counterpart. So with a president like Franklin D. Roosevelt they pass social security, welfare, work projects. Their Republican counterparts hate these things and insist each pick himself up by his own bootstraps, compete and thus be motivated to earn his or her own way. Unfortunately Bill Clinton, while allying himself to these precepts drew more hatred from the Republican base than even the Roosevelt's, both of them. Business is founded on the premise of taking advantage, not providing selfless service. Taking advantage creates profit. Cutting corners and even stealing and lying creates even more profit. Service motivation comes out of religious principles and sensitive moral humanitarian instincts. Profit doesn’t enter into the equation. It simply happens when a good product or truthful service is rendered.
Culturally, environmentally and politically cooperation trumps competition. Cooperation leads to societal bonding, strength of purpose and a positive national spirit. But get over convincing Republicans that this is a better way. Competition leads to cutthroat actions, poverty, displacement, greed and lack of civic spirit. These things are so true that arguing against them only proves the point. Good luck in all your efforts. KP

Mr President,

We know you're inundated with all the usual "why the bankers and not me?" questions. Instead I'd like to know why you have allowed your administration to accept and enact legislation written by think tanks and lobbyists with ulterior motives instead of acting on behalf of the people that put you in office?

It's clear many of your advisors are shills for industries and think tanks that will never have the american interest at heart, so why should we believe you have this inherited economic mess under control and that there will be a way out for mainstreet instead of wallstreet?

Why can't we have MEDICARE FOR ALL when it would cost the exact same amount of money we are paying today?

...AND make American businesses more competitive internationally??

1. Why don't you produce a copy of your birth certificate so that the silly speculation can end?
2. Why did you tell millions of strangers that your dying grandmother made racial statements that made you "cringe"?

1. What is your real goal as President? Are you intentionally destroying America or are you just ignorant?

2. What, if any, code of ethics or morality do you live by? Are you driven by greed? Power? Does murdering innocent people bother you? Is it good to rob from the poor to give to the rich?

3. Have you watched the Obama Deception?

Mr. President,

The Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution, as you know, reflect an attempt by the Founding Fathers to protect the people from encroachment over time by an over-reaching central government. The Ninth Amendment says that the listing of certain rights in the Constitution is not to be taken to mean that other rights that are not listed are any less important. The Tenth Amendment makes explicit the idea that, powers not specifically delegated to the national government are reserved to the various states, and/or to the people.

What Supreme Court cases best illustrate the vitality and relevance of these amendments for our lives today?

What are your favorite court cases that have referred to these amendments as the basis of a decision to overturn a law?

What are your favorite dissenting opinions that refer to either of these amendments in asserting that a law ought to be overturned?

I think that the drug war, and any attempt by government to regulate private behavior, cannot be legitimate if the right to privacy means anything. Presumably, privacy is one of the rights that are protected by the Ninth Amendment.

What do you think?

“... SPECIFICALLY what is the do-able alternative?
“As the economic and financial crises persist I see only “do-able alternative is to
stand with the pitch fork” and hope that Article V will be implemented to empower the
people to express the “WILL on ALL ISSUES” by AMENDING the CONSTITUTION.
“P.S.: I never fail to express my WILL ON THE ISSUES in the voting booth in the
The missing ingredient – word is “ALL”. The “WILL on ALL ISSUESS!”
To my knowledge the “ALL ISSUES” were never place on the ballot in the
voting booth either that be of Local, State or Federal ISSUESS. By the way, I never
question anyone if they express their “WILL ON THE ISSUES!” Any ISSUESS that are
discuss out – away from the “voting booth” provide no value for social solution and justice!
Had the word “ALL” be included, perhaps we will not be conducting this discussions now!

1. Why are you continuing the fake war on terror (we all know --or should, by now, that it is a war for oil)?
2. Why are you pulling an LBJ-style Vietnamazation ploy in Irafghakistan?
3. Why don't you REALLY tax the way we used to 90% for incomes over 3 million per year?
4. Why did I vote for you, again?

In your writing and rhetoric you've made a public example of the story about your mother's fight with cancer and the insurance companies who wanted to turn her claim down for healthcare benefits based on the "existing condition" principle. And during your campaign for the presidency, you raised high the flag of healthcare for all. I am wondering how you would, if it were possible, explain to your mother how turning your back on universal health care coverage for all Americans will benefit anyone, and how propping up the largest insurance company, AIG, with tax payer money does anything for the future of our economy or the health of our country's soul?

First time blogging. Here goes it...
Questions for Barack Obama

President Barack Obama,

As we are very well aware, We are in a severe Global Economic/Environmental Crisis GREATER than any other time in history. As President, why are you not using your Political Capital to call “Forth a State of Financial Emergency” for the “All Powerful Oligarchy” to put aside ENORMOUS Personal Financial Interests and to step up Now to SERVE Our Country? We are awestruck that in the midst of such a deeply entangled mess, they continue to demand excessive financial support for Personal Financial Gains. Not only did the banks arrogantly squander $20 BILLION of Our Tax Dollars for personal excess, but again AIG rationalizes taking another $200 Plus MILLION on top of Exorbitant $$$alaries! Enough is Enough! These Rational Minds are insatiable! This Carcinogenic Capitalistic Business Model is Crashing because it's based on "Growth, Consumption and EXCESS" which only Breeds Greed. We the People are Behind You, to stand up to the “All Powerful Oligarchy” and hold them Accountable NOW for such Self-Indulged Arrogance. The day has come when Corporate America shall hold a bake sale to bail themselves out of their High-Risk Bets. Who now will Insure Our Tax Dollars within this bottomless pit of intangible debt???
If you can take a few minutes, NPR/Fresh Air featured an interview with Frank Partnoy an insider of the "Derivative Trading Market" on Wall Street. His book "Fiasco" has just been revised.
Thank you for all of your Hard Work and reaching out and trying to Connect with us "Limited Everyday People". We are engaged, and only Pray you can Take Care of Yourself as well. Thank You.

Dear President Obama: Take your finger out of the dike. Stop throwing good money after bad. Let the corrupt banking, auto and insurance systems go under so that something fair and worthwhile may rise from the ashes. There are issues in need of addressing other than helping the wealthy retain their ill-gotten gains. Every end is a new beginning. Look to the public for inspiration rather than to all of the Ph.D's on your cabinet who are leading you down the primrose path. People are suffering, Mr. President, and I don't believe that doing what we've always done is the answer. May God guide your conscience and your decisions. I wish you well.

Dear Mr. President:
Where is Paul Volcker? According to reports he was named the head of your Financial Advisory Board! He was on the stage with you at the innaugration. Where is he now? Why haven't we heard advice from him? He may be 82 but he's a h*** of a lot smarter about our economy than anyone else around you who is connected to finance.

How can we possibly trust Geithner, one of the people who caused the current financial crisis?

We need someone who is not currently in bed with Wall Street!

Dear Mr. President,

1) Regarding companies such as AIG growing to be "too big to let fail"; rather than over-regulating such large companies I would suggest eliminating such a condition to start with. A a mathematical measure of their economic impact ought to be derivable, something like "total value" / GDP, which could be used as an anti-monopoly "ceiling" that when exceeded would mandate that a company divide into two or more separate entities. This keeps behemoth corporations from forming in the first place and is much as in nature when a beehive grows too large it divides with half of the hive leaving with a new queen.

For the auto industry, having major model lines like "Chevrolet" go back to being individual corporations would be a natural divide there I would think.

2) If we are in a global economy now then Federal government should run as a company for the benefit of its "citizen share holders". Why not have a series of general tariffs on imports from foreign companies (or domestic companies producing overseas) to act as a "tax" on the right to market to our people? The proceeds would go to the general funds coffers and used first to reduce the deficit then to lower general tax burden on the U.S. populace as a whole. Thus if we are supposed to be a consumption society effectively "the more we consume the more our taxes go down" due to funds coming in from the outside which might eventually eliminate income tax altogether some day :-).

Seriously though, careful and regular intelligent regulation of such tariffs keeps competition alive by insuring that imports are within a narrow percentage of domestics. It removes the advantage of cheap overseas labor and encourages U.S. companies to revive domestic production since they no longer have an advantage to moving overseas. Note that this is not "protectionism", but an evening-out mechanism to remove the unfair advantage of cheap domestic labor in countries where citizens do not received living wages and insure that we have "fair trade" not a one-sided mistakenly called "free trade".

member, WV Governor Manchin's Project Weirton task group

Dear Mr. President:

Why should taxpayers give the private-equity company, Cerberus Capital Management, any more money to bail out Chrysler? Why should taxpayers give any more money to Robert Nardelli, the CEO of Chrysler, who is the one of the poster children for excess executive pay? To remind you, Mr. Nardelli ran Home Depot into the ground and walked away with $210 million in compensation. Let him put up his money first. Furthermore, have you looked to see who is runs Cerebus? I do not think John Snow, the former Treasury Secretary and head of CSX Transportation, need taxpayers dollars. I do not think former Vice President John Quayle needs taxpayers dollars. This is a private equity fund! Let Them Put Up the Money and Let Them Take The Risk!

On a related note, I do not want any more taxpayers dollars going to bail out Wall Street. Do not set up this ridiculous plan to stick the taxpayers with all the risks of the toxic assets. Make the toxic assets the compensation for all those responsible for this mess. Let them figure out what to do with them and whatever money they get is their own just reward!

Dear President Obama,

Who are you? I voted for Ralph Nader and that, in and of itself, may explain part of my not being able to comprehend who you are and where you are coming from. Puzzled, often after listening to you speak I feel a sense of being lost in sparkling generalities and glittering ambiguities.
I carefully listed and watched Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner recently explain how he was going to create a Society of Banksters, for Bankersters and about Banksters. I, a poor man of small means, felt uneasy and intimidated about our future and my place in such a world. But nonetheless, I earnestly still strove to simultaneously understand and appreciate the difficulty and complexity of your enormous task while appreciating the incredible burden now confronting all of us about the nature of our Democracy.
Impulsively, I think of history as the Oracle of Delphi and I am especially reminded of Gibbon's "Decline and Fall of the Rome Empire"-
The learned Poggius and a friend, two servants of Pope Eugenius the Fourth, while standing among the ruins of temples and columns and looking down upon the remains of that colossal wreck, the Eternal city of Rome pondered: "....The place and object gave ample scope for moralizing on the vicissitudes of fortune, which spares neither man nor the proudest of his works, which buries empires and cities in a common grave; and it was agreed that, in proportion to her former greatness, the fall of Rome was the more awful and deplorable."

My question to you President Obama is this: Will you promise me and the American public that upon your watch you will to the best of your ability not let this great country descend into "The Second Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire?" If you will promise this, I will give you my unending support and loyalty regardless of the outcomes, or the pain or sacrifices needed that may lie ahead, or of what unforeseen perils may obstruct your path.

My best wishes to you and your lovely family,
Jack P. Curran, MFT

what do you intend to do about immigration reform.
I'm for immigration reform and it need's to be addressed and a comprehensive way of becoming a citizen should be set in place.

Dear Mr. President,

I come to you with humble greetings and hope.

It truly is THIS SIMPLE:

The Number One need is honest ELECTION REFORM, making the poorest person in America empowered to have the same buying power and influence peddling as the wealthy enjoy today, by outlawing PAC's entirely, reigning in all lobbyists, and most importantly making the maximum political donation TEN DOLLARS per year. You might think that that doesn't allow enough exposure on public airwaves. I say GREAT, because radio and tv stations dependence on political advertising MONEY had long ago eroded any independence of thought or serious investigation. Outlaw TV advertising for elections along with PACS and campaign contributions over 10.00 and you'll have already gone a long way toward owning your country once again.

Mr. President. You would have been elected more easily if all large donations had been outlawed. That will remain the case for future good candidates of the people if you ACTIVELY help write it into law soon

Lastly, DON'T bail out the banks. They, and their investors took great and quite intentional risks looking for higher than usual returns. They lost just like they were at the race track or casino, yet they want bailed out. Some of them bought "insurance" against the failure of those investments. It turned out those companies took a risk in not knowing the value of the investments they were guaranteeing, so they were wrong and equally deserve to go under if the don't have reserves enough to pay off their bets. That's the way the system IS supposed to work. By bailing them out, you MAKE MANY BUT NOT ALL OF THEM get back 100% of their money that was intentionally risked based on multiple bad decisions, so what incentive to they have to be RIGHT?

Virtually every thing you are doing is designed (by others) to hurt the fundamental value of the Dollar, and that hurts every American and many worldwide. Give us a reasonable foundation for faith based on well thought out and debated options, not secret meetings, 1100 page bills that no one can read, pre-written by the very corporate entities we are supposedly trying to reel in from intentionally careless and reckless behavior, and certainly not based on using the same clowns in high places (sorry, but it's true) who GOT us into this trouble in the first place.

GREENSPAN should be testifying 12 hours a day, and more truth and transparency must be embraced in order to qualify for even 5 cents.

Also, the Monsanto food bill is simply insane, unethical, and suicidal for our nation. Please promise indignation for any congressman that would even consider voting for any version of it, much less introducing it.
Stop HR 875, HR 814, SR 425, and soon, HR 759.

Thank you and respect for trying to do the right thing. Gladly and publicly get rid of your own big money influences and you'll quickly see the world like a regular guy once again. That's all America and the rest of the world needs.

Blessings also to your family.

Mr. President --
Can you tell me why your tax reform task force will include several active Wall Streeters, including AIG board members? On what planet is having a bunch of financiers determine tax reform a good idea?
Additionally, is it in the U.S.'s (or probably more specifically of interest to your administration: Wall Street's) best interests for the world to move to a non-dollar-based reserve currency? What constituency would benefit more greatly from that move, international finance or the American middle class?
And finally, why are you not consulting with economists like Paul Krugman? Or even Wall Streeters who at least sounded the alert on this crisis like Peter Schiff?

Mr. President, why won't you stop illegal immigrant invasion? I have day laborers who destroy & solicit from my business property daily & no one will enforce immigration laws or even try to stop them because they know these people have no I.D. Why won't you protect me & my family?

Mr. Obama, In the late 90's a movie was in the theaters about an electric car named the EV1, which was produced by GM and leased to the public, only to be sabotaged by various interests. I'm wondering if you and surely some of the beltway folks have heard of the EV1 and why we are bailing out GM, when they are attempting to reinvent the wheel, again, with the $40,000. Chevy Volt?

(PBS You ran this show on NOW and I hope you can focus this again. Why can't this old technology be brought back? My father tells me about a man that invented a car that ran on compressed air, "the Air Car" the same thing happened to it. Also auto companies like Edsell, Packard, and Rambler, etc. were all allowed to fail.)

Dear Mr. President,
Why are you such a narcissistic knuckle-dragger? I beg you please let me/US know as I have three children whose future depends on your level of sanity, or insanity as it may be. Btw your comment on leno about the special olympics was awesome! We should send all those 'special' folks away right mr. president, right.....
Thanks bro,
John G.

Mr. president, are you the leader elected in 2008 that promised the country change? Why do we not hear you question the loyalty of the house and senate to up hold the laws of this country.Certainly Nancy Polosi avocates breaking the laws when she says illegal immirgrants are wecome to come.Don"t you feel any responibility to see that any person in GOV. should not break our laws? She did break the law she did take an oath of office to up hold the laws of this land.

Please add to your economic advisors. Your current team is too focused on Wall Street, and not prosperity for all, just some.

You, yourself, did not choose Wall Street after graduating from Columbia, so why are you choosing them now when it is obvious that they are part of the problem?

I admire and support you, but you must consider other economists' opinions. I know that you are competitive, so please help us, the people, win with you this time.

Sincerely, Tricia Mullen

The Justice Department has vast judicial resources to investigate legal precedence, as witnessed during the prior U.S. administration regarding extraordinary rendition and the definitions of torture under international law. Why do you not use these vast resources to research the legal precedent of corporations defined as human beings, and, as well, the legal precedents of revocation of corporate charters?

Mr. President,

The world’s economic and geo-political arrangements are undergoing rapid and sustained change.

Consider that improved transportation and communications together with the resulting global flow of financial investment funds are bringing distance economies into competition with each other, making the globe seem smaller and more interconnected; and

Consider that the global banking firm Goldman Sachs estimated that by 2050 the combined emerging economies of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) could exceed the combined economies of the current richest countries of the world; and

Consider that during the next thirty years, two to three billion people (out of a global population of 6.4 billion and growing) may join the global middle class, bringing substantial new buying power into the global market; and

Consider that in the next few decades roughly 80% of the world's economic growth will be found in emerging markets; and

Consider that the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace estimated (2008) that the economy of China will equal in size the US economy in 2035 and be twice as large in 2050.

Given the above, and as you propose spending more federal dollars on education, will you create incentives for states and school districts to invigorate the study of foreign languages? Specifically, will you increase federal funding for Mandarin programs? And will you give states/school districts incentives to use their public funds to pay for high school students to study abroad (which can often be less expensive than educating them in district)?

Mr. President,
I fear that in addition to our internal woes there is only a growing number of external threats. Indeed many of those dangers beyond our borders have initiated or influenced our internal problems. You are new and cannot be blamed but must deal with them.
Beyond the obvious, Iran and the moslem world, North Korea...both worsened by the previous adminstration, there are places unmentioned like Venezuela who uses anti-american motivation to maintain power, Pakistan who is ripping us off in the many millions by pretending to fight terrorism while secretly fomenting it, Russia who not only is likely getting payback for Afghanistan by supporting the Taliban but also applauds and sanctions the cyber hackers whose damage is about to explode further our tender economy and China, a repressive communist nation who takes our factories, jobs and money in exchange for poisoned food and toys, exploding tires and killer drywall. I see only luke warm support from those who traditionally thought as we did and nothing but disdain and disrespect from nearly all the globe.

I feel that America has all it needs to survive without a world who hates us and would like to know what is wrong with protectionism? International trade has never been to our advantage. All it did was give the covetous traitors of borderless corporations license to take away our jobs, factories to places they could pollute and pay nearly slave wages while hiding their profits offshore and using them against the common american good.

If we have true borders and exile the thieves after seizing their ill gotten gains it would also help solve the drug problem between Mexico and ourselves, a problem I'd add that is theirs not ours. We have the resources to take care of our own and the will. Why would we not do this?

Let's cut off the spigot (including Israel) and, while you are popular and have the people's support (and before a mostly corrupted media abuses the term "populism" as it has "liberal") let's at long last be a government of, by and for the people.

President Obama,

The Bush administration's aggressive policy in the Middle East and Central Asia had a lot more to do with controlling Persian Gulf oil reserves and Caspian Sea pipeline routes than fighting terrorism.

He tried to force a Hydrocarbon Law on the Iraqis that would have given 88% of their oil income to big oil companies, a price no other Persian Gulf country would pay without a gun to their heads. The Iraqis refused even WITH the gun.

Big oil offered Iraqi legislators millions each in bribes, and they still wouldn't pass the law.

Likewise, in trying to deprive Russia of income from pipelines by building alternate routes, the Bush administration risked reigniting a Cold War with a nuclear armed adversary. John McCain slipped during the campaign and told the truth, that that was our main interest in the Georgia-Russia fight.

Will you be honest with the American public about the role these resources worth tens of trillions of dollars have played in our foreign policy decisions, whether Washington went along with it because they thought it was in our strategic or simply to pad oil companies bottom lines, or will you continue the embarrassing Bush lies about chasing terrorists over there where our actions only inflame hatred of the US?

To the extent that we don't have an honest debate about this, we don't have a democracy.

Dear President Obama,

1. Do you believe you have something to learn @ the upcoming G-20 conference in UK?

2. Do you plan to respond to the President of the European Parliament, who has indicated he feels that stimulus package is not the needed response?

3. How do you plan to reach out and address the needs of ordinary people?

4. Can you see a health care shift and emphasis on care at home, alternative medicine and reduced use of hospitals and technology?

What would happen if we eliminated the health care bureacracy and people could gain rewards for staying healthy and following the programs that keep them from getting sicker?

What do you think would happen if the chronically ill were managed for quality of life instead or constant tests and procedures?

What would happen if palliative care focused on quality of life and more treatment by choice rather than push to do what the doctor says?

And how do you see our shifting the culture of work so people can be healthy rather than on demand to a 24/7 culture that is often less than productive and rarely innovative?

How come the US Gov. is not pushing the public to buy US Saving Bonds? That way the interest payments would go to Americans and not over seas.

Mr. President:

When will you appear for an hour on Bill Moyers Journal?

President OBAMA I have been watching the United States Government for the last 4 years from Bush, the house and senate and as many Gov.agencys as possible, the trend is to distroy our system and move to a socialist communist type system. Are you going to continue on this dirty road to distruction of a once great nation, and make a move to be an American not a democrat not polititcian

Recently the president announced his administration's scientific policy in which "decisions about public policy will be guided by the most accurate and objective scientific advice available."

Now that science has clearly shown that tobacco use is extremely unhealthy for people will you outlaw tobacco?

Did Mr. Obama forget to talk to the very people who will make his grand plans for health care a success? Those who work in health care? I, for one, have my doubts about what I will be asked to do, and the pay I will recieve for it. Talk about being taken for granted.

My question is this, Mr. President, why do you solicit opinions form outside Washington, when you only listen to people inside the beltway, and on Wall Street?

I have a simple question which no one seems to have asked. What have they told you about Osama Bin laden?

When will we get real campaign finance reform and get big money out of politics?

Dear Mr. President,

I helped elect you and I have been a fan of your overall ideas for change in our country.

But what are you doing to keep "we, the people" from becoming the servants of corporations?

Why are corporations allowed so many tax shelters, i.e. offshore addresses, to avoid paying taxes? Aren't we paying THEIR share in addition to our own?

If people don't think healthcare is important, would some of them give theirs up so the rest of us could get access to help like they have had?

Why not implement a WELLNESS program for those who need a little help to enable them to live a healthier life (who will use much less medical intervention later in life)?

If the corporate leaders think low wages are enough for anyone to live on, I'd like them to demonstrate how to start out with very little and show us how to live a modest lifestyle while paying their own medical, education, retirement, etc.?

There are too many predators in leadership positions in the country, Mr. President, and we need serious examination of fairness to the working class, who have traditionally been the backbone of this country.

We need good, fair, solid rules for living as a people. We have rules for our homes and for driving, but we seem to lack good rules for economic issues.

I love America, but the greedy and irresponsible have led it offtrack and left the bills for the working class. We pray for fair treatment.

Mr President: What don't I understand? The big banks were going to fail because they had exposure to billions of bad investments; the government bailed them out. However, the bad investments were insured by AIG, which the government also bailed out, and which paid the banks for their lost bad investments. So the banks were paid twice? Sounds to me like you and Congress are insitutionalizing the control of America to Wall Street.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that James Cole, a US government-appointed attorney has been sitting in on AIG board meetings and has been on site at AIG since 2005. Cole is a long-time friend of your Attorney General, Eric Holder. Although Cole was a government-appointed attorney, he was being paid by AIG. Doesn't that constitute a conflict-of-interest?!

Bryon Dorgan wants to set up a financial crimes committee asap. If it is found that Cole knew something about the AIG scandals, will you see to it that your AG, Holder, takes his friend to task?

Dear Mr. President, I understand that AIPAC and other right wing pro Israel organizations exert considerable influence on you, Congress, and the media.Would you please tell us what the U.S. gets for $7 million a day in aid to Israel and the ignoring of war crimes and breaking of international laws by Israel? Even our great journalist Bill Moyers is afraid to address the suffering of Palestinian children and citizens.

Dear Mr. President,

WHY are Credit Default Swaps still legal? They are bringing our nation (and world) to its knees. We are bailing out banks who used them in the past, and they are STILL legal. I am sure AIG made some this week.

Why, Mr. President are Credit Default Swaps legal?

Dear Mr. President,

Why are unemployment numbers doctored by administrations to make them seem better than they are? GDP numbers? Inflation numbers?

Why can't we all have a common language without deceptive practices?

Dear President Obama,

Why shouldn't the public have access to all of the names of US citizens who have and continue to secretly house assets and liquid monies in Swiss Banks or other foreign tax havens?

At a time where 45/50 states are currently maintaining major deficits and our national debt is not sustainable, isn't this the ultimate crime against the public?

Wealthy tax-evaders can play here by day, can threaten our economy with catastrophe, and go home to outside banks at night. How is this possible?

Dear Mr. President,

Over the past three decades, the US has been best at making weapons, drugs, and debt.

How can we have a sustainable economy if growth in these markets requires war, unhealthy people, and massive over-consumption?

Could you please address the inherent conflict of interests our current industry leaders have in changing from the status quo.

How many more people will have to get killed overseas, die or have life altering health-care, or go bankrupt for change to occur?

In a Capitalistic Global Market place, why are nation-states important?

If the wealthy and elite can do business anywhere in the world when it serves their interests, then what loyalty do they have to helping fix our countries' problems?

Having one foot in when it is convenient and able to leave when things get bad is a bad marriage of fortunes.

How is it that ordinary Americans should view our country. Should we be loyal to an ever changing global market or our country?

Dear Mr. President,

How does corporate data mining help consumers? Why is it in our best interests for corporations to have more information about us than we do?

Could you explain how mortgage and banking companies knew how much equity Americans had in their homes in 1990's and how they were able to sell these exotic products to the public to keep our economy consuming.

Explain how having information about a group of people can be used to exploit their financial situations and make profits.

Mr. President,When are we going to have some real immigration reform,i.e leave the poor immigrants alone and go after the inept bureaucracy and power players in the US Law enforcement community that make a mockery of the truth.

Homeland security and the INS are the real criminals-these people need to be deported. We need real immigration reform and we need it now.

We are all in this together. We are all one and we need unity more than ever.


How much are you, Algore, Kerry, Kennedy, et al vested finanacially into all the "Green" Energy that will stop the SCAM known as Man-Made Global Warming(err, Climate Change) or whatever the hell it is now?

It would certainly make sense as to know this and why you're trying to destroy the Oil & Gas Industry, one of the last remaining capitalistic industries still thriving and critical to our Nationa Security.

As quoted in THE PROGRESSIVE's "No Comment" column, Ralph Nader stated:
"Obama's choice will be to become an Uncle Sam for the people OR an Uncle Tom for the Corporations." My question to Obama would be: " In light of the banking bail-out which uncle are you going to choose?

Why are you (Obama and Congress) throwing money at these problems when you haven’t even stopped the bleeding?

Why haven’t you already changed our import laws? Why are a lot of our stores (department, furniture, etc…) still going out of business, yet Walmart and Costco thrive? Why are Americans still losing jobs, while China, India and international corporations (IBM, Dell, etc…) still thrive?

Why haven’t you already put a 10-15% cap on credit card interest rates?

We keep getting assurances, but why are so many Americans still suffering, and more and more are beginning to?

I know it will take time for the economy to get better, but you could be providing some immediate common sense relief right now.

So, when are you going to stop catering to special interests and start catering to the American people?

Donna Redding,

Now that's some "Change We Can Believe In"!

Dear Mr. President, I had to get on food stamps to supplement my ZERO income and got them. It was only $170.00 a month, but that was enough for just me. Next I had to file for unemployment and I got it. Only $240.00 a week, but I'm not complaining. It was better than nothing and it paid my monthly bills. My problem is that when I reported the unemployment to the food stamp division, they cut me down to $14.00 a month. WOW??? The food stamps were not being used to pay the bills and the unemployment was not being used to feed me, but the LAWS governing the two institutions made it so that they crossbreed and WE get one or the other. Can't you make it so the two DO NOT crossbreed? It is like KICKING THE AMERICAN PERSON WHILE THEY ARE DOWN. I would love to see the so called "HELPFUL" institutions really be HELPFUL and the only way they will help is to stop the crossbreeding. People do you know where I'm comming from??

Why haven't you explained to Americans EXACTLY and IN DEPTH the reason why you intend to keep Zombie banks alive instead of letting them prove their insolvency, requiring them to restructure, in spite of the fact that it would make you very unpopular among the rich elite, which it now appears you are pandering to. You have stated that you didn't want to make things bad for investors and entrepeneurs, but those people would still be there. they can simply place their money elsewhere, which if done carefully would be better for the economy anyway. Why have you avoided making this case plain for us to understand? Based on what it is Geittner has suggested and you have decided to support, there is not a large concensus for those of us supporting you to get behind.

Dear President Obama,
I do not ask you to "take care of me." Nor do I ask you to "fight for me," "speak for me," or "save me." You are not nor will you ever be responsible for my personal well-being. However... are a leader of the "Bigger Picture." And a visionary for the NOW moment, which creates our (collective) future. Consequently, I would respectfully request you ask yourself: "Am I currently doing...what is ethically, morally, spiritually 'right'? Am I valuing the deeper inner knowings of my heart? And am I honoring the true infinite wisdom of my Soul?"
Sir, let me suggest: This is the counsel you seem to have left by the wayside in favor of giving credence to the whisperings of deal-makers from The Old System. Yet as others who have left questions for you on this very site have suggested more than once: That Old no longer valid for this New Day, New Time.
Quite simply, sir, you are attempting to "save" a System...that is obsolete. And a System that will disintegrate/disappear with - or -without - your help. (Look around and you'll see: The process has already begun.)
My loving request of you: that you stop, quiet down, go inward, and listen. And listen. And listen some more.
I guarantee: If you do so - if you "get out of your head" for a moment and go inward, every day - you will become that leader, that visionary the world is ready for.
I wish you the best.

Would you consider appointing an Attorney General who is not a lawyer? A Secretary of Defense who is not a veteran?
Why is Education the cabinet post often filled, as now, with a non practitioner?
Can you really understand today's educational crises without having been in the trenches?
You are being led down a path of false choices and misrepresented statistics.

Are you able to issue an executive order to put a hold on home foreclusores for a short period of time [say 6 mo's]? If so, why aren't you doing that?

Professor Smartass,

Kudos to you and I do love your Blog Name.......

President Obama,

Poll after poll of Iraqis have shown that they want ALL US troops out of Iraq.

Why are you trying to keep a ''residual force there?''

Won't ignoring the will of the Iraqi people incite more hatred of the US, defeating the supposed anti-terrorist reason for being there?

President Obama,

You said we are sending more troops into Afghanistan to deal with ''al Qaeda,'' but wouldn't it make sense to open the Saudi pages of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 that Bush classified?

Wouldn't it make more sense to deal with the root of the problem than strike at the branches and kill innocent Afghans?

Also, if we were concerned about weakening or destroying al Qaeda & the Taliban, shouldn't we attack those elements of the Pakistani military & ISI that sponsored them for years and demanded they be spirited out of Tora Bora rather than killed or captured, according to Seymour Hersh, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter?

If you don't address these issues, how do we know you aren't using the "War on Terror" as an excuse to pursue other agendas without public consent?

Your economic team is staffed largely with people who represent Wall Street and big finance, with no one to represent working people. It is no surprise that their main response to the economic crisis is to prop up the same institutions whose recklessness and greed caused the crisis with nearly a trillion dollar bailout, while there is no direct relief for those suffering home foreclosures. Why don't you use this opportunity to restructure our financial system so that power is decentralized into smaller institutions that invest in communities and are accountable to those communities?

Why are Politicians and bought Scientists that will Prosper the most using propaganda like Anthropogenic Global Warming (when in fact the Globe has entered a 10 to 20 year cooling phase, hmmm, similar to the 1930's, 1950's, 1970's, and, oh yeah, and the Little Ice Age in the 1500's and 1700's) to control and manipulate the masses and call it "Undeniable Scientific Truth"?

Another term for "Social Science."

Is it fair that wealthy and privileged few Americans able to GAMBLE on issuing credit...then can turn around and use the credit bureaus to blacklist those who fail to keep up the payments, in an economy the wealthy create? So much so that poor and trusting persons are being denied jobs and housing? If I GAMBLE and lose is it not my own burden...can I blame and punish someone else? Hasn't this practice moved beyond rating for credit worthiness, and moved into unconstitutional practices by employers and landlords?

When are we going to implement a system of public campaign financing strong enough to compete against the private sector funding scheme? Also, how are we going to avoid an arms race with China? And when are we going to properly fund public media so that it doesn't have to rely on the money of Exxon, the Coal Mining Industry and ABM?

I would like to ask when will the tax code be simplified? It is too complicated, too many lobbyists use it for their pet interests. I resent the fact that even simple taxes are too complicated. I have to pay $1,000 a year to a tax preparer in order to file my taxes. If we had had the present system back in 1900, the lobbyists for horses, buggy whip makers and stable owners would have prevented the rise of the automobile.

Reply to Chris (March 28, 2009 2:07 AM)
Yes, I have a wish list as well. But I was looking to hear concrete, do-able answers from Mr. Greider or any of the detractors.

Standing there with my pitchfork howling abstract blanket statements that won't work in the framework of the system (and yes, we would all like to see the system overhauled) seems as pointless as the same old ideological criticisms that don't point a way forward.

These debacles are far-reaching in their global devastation and all the repercussions have probably only begun to surface. I am hoping to be informed of viable alternatives to this specific issue.

EXACTLY means SPECIFICALLY what is the do-able alternative?

P.S.: I never fail to express my WILL ON THE ISSUES in the voting booth in the name of TRUE DEMOCRACY.

Dear Mr. President,
First allow me to assist you by answering one of the questions posted to you..from Jane. Yes Jane, our President is a U S citizen.
During your campaign you mentioned allowing up to 10k from retirement accounts w/o penalty and eliminating tax for those over 65. What is the status today?
Thank you.

Question for the resident: What measures can be taken to keep CEOs and members of boards of directors from "scratching each others back" by inflating each others (CEOs and members of boards of directors) pay?

Dear Mr. President,

Do you listen to my phone calls?


Dear Mr. Moyers,
I really enjoyed your guest, William Grieder and in fact, I've read some of his books and he makes a lot of sense. Us people in the middle class need a spokesman. Another individual that wrote a good book is Gary Weiss, who used to write for Business Week and now writes for Portfolio, entitled "Wall Street Versus America" and he knows a lot about hedge funds and derivatives as well as anybody in the country. I've been talking about the subject now for 17 years and have written over 60 articles on the Obama Blog. Every legislator in Congress should have their own blog site. This has replaced writing your legislator a letter and sending it in the mail that probably never gets answered correctly, if at all. Sometimes, all you get back is a form letter. That would make a good program, the advantages of the Internet.
Yours truly, Disgusted Middle Class Taxpayer, Public Citizen and AARP Member, LaVern Isely

I voted for you. I support your policies.

But I do want to know how much money corporations gave you to fund your campaign.

How "beholden" do you feel towards these corporations?

Do you feel as if you have to pay them back?

We can ask questions but you have to wonder if he's listening and if he even cares enough to answer us. I'm not sure he does at this point. He seems to be completely absorbed in listening to other entities and persons.

Questions for the President:

1) It is being reported that GM and Chrysler will be getting billions more in government money and will have even tighter conditions placed on the money. Why is it so easy to place strings on money given to Detroit, but so seemingly difficult to do the same for Wall Street?

2) Why haven't you had a summit like the health care summit to discuss the banking crisis? Shouldn't you convene a summit and invite prominent economists to speak and offer their ideas instead of allowing Summers and Geithner to shape your policies? (They won't even talk to Paul Volcker for crying out loud.)

3) If the EFCA fails, how do you expect the economy to recover? Before this mini-depression, we had already surpassed the level of economic inequality that existed in 1929. Folks will not be able to mask such structural inequality any more since many will lose their ability to make up for stagnant wages with credit as banks scale back on credit lines and loans.

4) Would you support doing away with corporate personhood rights?

5) Will Eric Holder explore the feasibility of prosecuting financial criminals under RICO laws?

I have spoken to several people in the Pacific Northwest regarding this financial disaster. Most seem to agree that this is just the beginning for the New World Order and many think this financial disaster was planned.

We all hoped President Obama would lead the change but it looks like more of the same so far and with the mention of New World Order, those of us who do not have millions are frankly scared. Who has not seen the FEMA you-tube videos? I want to ask President Obama if he can assure the citizens that we are going to be safe from FEMA, the National Guard and even foreign army members (UN) and the government?

I want to ask why he is supporting a bail-out of companies who should not have been bailed out. That money could have been given to other companies, and individuals such as the PhD who invented a new way to produce oil from algae. That man cannot get funding because all the money has been thrown to the uber wealthy.

And I ask if President Obama is aware that giving AIG 100% funding takes from those who are investers but are not investors in AIG?

I want to ask President Obama if he is aware that Greenspan reportedly applauded the new product that spread the failure all over the world. It seems clear that the Federal Reserve needs to be brought into the government. No longer should a small, private group of people be controlling the money supply. It is not only illogical, it is grossly unfair and promotes the situation we now find ourselves in. President Wilson stated he regretted agreeing to the Federal Reserve System. It was a terrible mistake then and it remains one now and will be forever until it is brought into the fold of the federal government.

That bail-out money in essence took the future from the middle class tax payers and made the division even greater between the rich and poor. I want to know why President Obama agreed to this and why he agreed to the pay off of Goldman Sachs - and why our government allows companies to become so large they can hold us hostage.

I would like to know why the Glass Steagall act was repealed I would like to know why Mr. Geitner thinks he should control these corporations when in fact, LAWS should be written to control the size of these corporations so that never again can this kind of behavior happen.

I would like to know why it is ethical for AIG to pay thousands for the election of President Obama and many others and if President Obama thinks this looks a bit odd? I wonder if LAWS will be written to stop this very questionable (at least from the appearance) behavior of wealthy corporations paying money to politicians and those same politicians accepting the money and then (from the appearance) showing favoritism . This should be made illegal. I ask if President Obama thinks so, too. From the reports, it seems there was a huge amount of money that changed hands when the bail-out was developed behind closed doors. The banks, investment firms, and insurance firms do seem to control the rest of the country thus the world. The United States is not supposed to be government for the rich, by the rich and of the rich, contrary to the banker's demands for bailouts all the while they planned to pay employees huge bonuses to people whose greed drove our country into the ground. If a private citizen borrows money from a bank and then uses the money on something not implied or expressed, the borrower is subject to fraud charges. I ask why Geitner, Bernacke and all the others hid behind the very weak excuse of lawsuits if AIG were prevented from paying bonuses to the very people who hold responsibility for ruining the system? In fact, it smells like fraudulent behavior to me and I wonder if the power and money possessed by AIG influenced these decisions? Again, it simply makes no sense whatsoever - those excuses were offensive.

I ask President Obama if he is aware of the many poor people who are suffering now because of the greed, poor decisions and unrealistic business decisions of those who demand bailouts?

I would like to ask if President Obama is aware that there are millions - yes millions - of conspiracy web sites that all dispute the government's story of 9-11. Building Seven makes the story a little confusing along with the suicide of witnesses, and the security detail provided by the Bush family members. Will President Obama address this issue? Is it tied to this financial crisis?

I would like to ask President Obama to restore the rights of privacy the American people always enjoyed until Bush felt it was necessary to take our liberties away in the name of freedom. This is an oxymoron if ever there was. We citizens want our rights back and we want our privacy back.

Additionally,if there are sights on the Internet that are illegal, the government should simply take those sites down instead of spying on the citizens – many of whom are ignorant and do not know what is legal and what is not. This is the saddest thing of the entire Bush term. He took away our freedoms and turned us into statistics without any value whatsoever. I beg President Obama to restore our rights.
Today if a person does a thorough investigation, they will find the numerous companies that make profits off the emails used by citizens who are totally unaware that these unethical companies are preparing personality profiles without even meeting the person who wrote the emails. Worse, if a person is even lucky enough to find the numerous companies who are using those emails to draw conclusions and statistics, that person has to ask to opt out of the company that is spying. Some companies will not allow a person to opt out-EVEN THOUGH THE INFORMATION IS BASED ON THE INDIVIDUAL'S EMAILS!! Worse, the government has declared the medical files that disclose medications taken by some people are not illegal and the people who are being spied on have the right only to see their file but the government has not stopped this terribly intrusive practice of gleaning information about strangers without informing them. This is not part of the principals America was founded upon but surely is part of the dishonest, greedy, and unprincipled society we live in today - all driven by the few electrical impulses generated by computers. Instead of using computers for the good of the people, they have become part of the evil society that abuses the people. I ask if President Obama agrees with this and if this revolting behavior on the part of computer spies can be stopped and if the citizens of this country can be informed about these conclusions and profits made on the thoughts and actions of innocent and ignorant people.

I want to ask President Obama why he does not recognize the brilliant idea of making drugs legal as it would not only free up tax money paid to private prisons, but would add money to the coffers of the government - money we need. Psychologists and other academicians tell us that only a small percentage of people will do drugs. Why should all citizens be punished in taxes to pay private prison industry for drug use and sales when the opposite would be a much better approach? It is very clear that the majority of people in prison are those who are poor and usually minorities. The abuse the prisoners are faced with daily is unacceptable. The numerous people who have been found innocent and finally freed after years of being in prison speaks volumes for the broken judicial system. Can President Obama do anything to stop this very terrible situation? Can President Obama stop the private prison industry that has become larger than the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about.

Why are we paying private companies millions to run prisons and supply the military when in fact the government should be taking this responsibility on. It does not make sense to pay huge fees to private companies when the government should take care of its own businesses. At the same time, companies that move their home base out of this country should be forbidden to do business with our government. I refer specifically to Halliburton and its subsidiaries. Why should we pay millions to such a company when it does not even operate from this country? Wouldn't it make more sense to pass laws that forbid this and only allow companies based in this country to earn profits from the taxpayers' hard work?

The same applies to the post office. They currently are telling us they need a gross amount of money yet the mail service is poor at best. The United States Postal Service is another quasi-government agency that has taken advantage of their position and contacts. Does President Obama know the postal service buys houses after 3 months on the market, some that cost a million dollars plus, from its employees if they desire to relocate? The post office admits they lose over half-a million on each house they buy back from the employees if they are in the million dollar range. I am curious to know how postal employees can afford million dollar houses anyway when the postal service states it is going broke. The salaries the post office managers earn is due for a review.

I ask President Obama if he is aware that physicians have their income regulated already by Medicare. Medicare sets the bar – whatever they pay to doctors is followed by insurance companies. This is fine except the Medicare payments are not the same across the country. In Texas, Medicare pays a lot more to doctors than in Seattle while the cost of living in Seattle is much higher. At the same time, the dentists and veterinarians are not regulated at all. If a wealthy person needs implants, they are readily obtained. If a poor person needs implants, he/she usually has to resort to dentures. Does President Obama think this is fair? I ask for intervention and regulation of all health care and not just doctors. I ask for all citizens to be given the chance to obtain the very same insurance the government workers enjoy. The time has come to eliminate the private insurance companies who are abusive. Some insurance companies actually hire high school graduates to make the surgical decisions. This gives the insurance companies lower overhead in payroll costs but why do high school graduates have the luxury of making such important decisions? Again, greed has won out over common sense and decency. When a high school graduate can decide the fate of a paying insurer, something is very wrong. At the same time, government workers, (of the people, by the people and for the people) enjoy full coverage.

Our country could rise to the level of the idealistic American Dream once again if the greedy bankers, investment people and insurance companies are regulated just as the rest of the public is. After all, those corporations who just got billions are gamblers who do not produce anything at all - it is all abstract ideas for which the CEOs make millions in salaries and bonus money. The CEOs do not produce anything concrete whatsoever. Can President Obama explain to me why these people get such salaries and bonuses.

In the meantime, there are so many companies that have left this country, and we are no longer a country that produces goods. Our great furniture companies are all gone and so is everything else that was treasured by Americans. How sad to see this happen. Last year one of the finest yacht makers moved from my town to China where it is cheaper to make his boats. All we have are foreign companies and the Big unpopular 3 who have been married to the oil companies for so long they failed to recognize the desires and wants of the American people. Even though Lee Iaccoca assured the government when Chrysler was bailed out that this would never happen again, we find today that it did happen again and the numbers are so extraordinarily large, it is actually difficult to fathom.

We could become happy, patriotic people again if the right decisions were made. So far, the decisions made by Mr. Bernacke and Mr. Geithner are not really giving any confidence and eventually will make the poor people of this land serfs who are glued to a little patch of land or worse homeless and bound for one of the FEMA prisons while the wealthy will be flying to Paris for lunch just as predicted by Orwell.

I am also concerned with the bankruptcy laws that Congress changed a few years back. Again, it has the smell of impropriety. Bankers, who seem to have undue and unnatural influence over the government, talked Congress into changing the laws so people are never able to escape their debts, even when they are forced into the humiliation of bankruptcy. This is not in keeping with the Jewish history of forgiving debts every seven years on which our bankruptcy laws were based. I ask President Obama to change this law to one more favorably inclined toward the person who suffers from bankruptcy.

I ask President Obama to change the tax laws. It is simply silly to think the rich pay a fair share. The rich middle class pay taxes, but the really wealthy people have the money to get the best advise. Today, the IRS targets poor people who cannot afford excellent legal help. Those who can afford the best lawyers do not get in trouble with the IRS. This is simply wrong, unfair and promotes more of the dishonesty that permeates our land. The tax laws are simply outdated and only the poor people suffer from this situation. We need a better way. Do you know any person who can actually read the tax code and understand it? The poor person gets to fill out a short form - another way of discriminating against people and subconsciously telling one group they are less than others. These laws are wrong and the Congress that wrote them needs to stop worrying about who and what is going to react and simply change the laws for the benefit of all the people of the land, not just the wealthy politicians. I ask if President Obama agrees with this and if changes can be made?

Thank you for reading this message. My family prays for President Obama and his lovely family every day. We also pray for Rev. Wright, who was villified by the press but in truth, said nothing wrong. His anger was justified and understandable. I ask President Obama if he thinks there is any hope at all for us to return to a nation of decent caring Americans?

Mr. President,
as an Italian I find the presence of American -- not Nato -- troops on the soil of my country deeply offensive. Rumor has it that the Leghorn base stores nuclear weapons, and that is few hundred kms from Florence.

This is my question: Mr. President, when are you withdrawing American troops from Italy? The war ended sixty odd years ago, before you were born.

Thanks Mr. President


I am a us veteran. Upon leaving the army due to the end of my contract, my AAFEES priviledges were revoked. AAFEES offers tax free items to the military and their families. I want to know if it is possible to have those priviledges continued after time served to any military personel that has served in the opperation Iraqi freedom war (OIF).

Mr. President,

Can you recommend to Congress that it establish an investigative committee to tell the American people why Congress deregulated the financial industry even though events of the 1920s made it clear the financial industry could not be trusted and therefore must be regulated?

Are you for Congressional reforms that will prohibit members of Congress from accepting contributions from any financial company or corporation?

Is it time for “too-big-to-fail” corporations to be broken up into individual companies following the rules of Glass-Steagall?

Mr. President: Is there any other way to aggresively pursue our long overdue need to lead the world in ending global warming, besides cap and it seems you are willing to let it be a sacrificial lamb in your budget proposal...when in fact if don't resolve this care may not be necessary on a barren planet.

Mr. President, do you agree going forward..that all banks and large corporations should be banned from making ANY contributions to political campaigns?

Mr. President.

The last eight years, California has endured massive revenue starvation, getting back only 77 cents in government spending for every federal tax dollar it sends to D.C. Essentially, all Jan-March tax dollars are spent outside California.) This is by far the worse ratio of any state. Our education, businesses, transportation infrastructure and fire/quake prevention capabilities are greatly harmed by this.

To cover the shortfall, Californians also have to pay extra local taxes/tolls/fees other states don't have to raise just to keep schools open.

As we like to say, "California has built the finest schools, public transportation, roads and bridges in the country. Unfortunately, none of these wonderful things are inside California."

What is being done to correct this massive historically unprecedented revenue starvation?

“As I'm standing here with my pitchfork, what EXACTLY is it that I am
demanding instead of this solution?”
I am hoping that you demand to “AMMEND the CONSTITUTION!”
To demand the right and privilege to participate in the process of “TRUE DEMOCRACY!”
To be empower to express your “WILL ON ALL ISSUES!”
To stopped “ramped corruption, destruction of the financial and economic system
as a result of deregulation, to stop war and lost of life based on a falls pretense” and etc.

I have several questions for President Obama:

1. Why don't you open up press conferences completely allowing any reporter to ask whatever questions they would like to? To do anything less returns us to the Bush era.
2. I am a Respiratory Therapist who makes an hourly wage in the mid-$20's per hour. My job is to save my patient's lives and to help then get well. I don't get or need any bonuses to do my job. So why do we need to give huge bonuses on top of overblown salaries to Wall Street executives? Is their work adding so much value to our society?
3. If these Wall Street corporations are "too big to fail, " then why don't we make them smaller so if they fail the result won't have such catastrophic results for our economy? These companies are holding us hostage and we need to stop this blackmail.

Remember, President Obama, we elected you to effect fundamental changes to our society and our economic system, not to try and put band-aids on major systemic hemorrhages.

Your avid supporter, Howard

Mr. President; You have the support of most of us, and we want to trust you, but you must also trust us. Why with all the economic problems instituted over the last twenty years, are you surrounded by people who where a party to the ruin of the country. Why have you not sweep clean the FDIC, SEC, Treasury Dept. and Federal Reserve System? I know many people, and have two sons, whose jobs are gone because of the neglect by these institutions. You know this. Odd you have not spoken to the banks regarding changing their CEOs and their boards. Odd you haven't spoken to the change of those who want to grasp our future again, hold it for themselves, their economic grasp has not let go of you or us. Also why are we still involved with these countries that don't want us there? Pull out, stop supporting countries that are doing very well at failing on their own,these invasive wars based on lies.

Dear Mr. President,

With all do respect,

1)Do you think wars are ever winable?
2) Why do banks need money?
3)Bail out insurance companies; isn't that their job, to bail us out?
4)Regarding your new budget: Do you thing going into greater debt, or living beyond our means is good for everyone, or just we the people of the United States.
5)Is capitalism, our free market dead? If I decide to start a new insurance company for example, how would I ever compete equally with USA/AIG?
6)What do you think about a revolution? Is it time to free ourselves again?


Mr. President,
What do you think of this idea for non-profit Mortgage Banks?

During this time of the worst financial crisis since the 1930s, it seems that this is a good time to consider real change to our current system of mortgage lending and mortgage financing. In this country we have a system of non-profit credit unions established during the 1930s that by all accounts have been quite successful. Because these credit unions are non-profit they are able to pay more for deposits and charge less for loans compared to commercial banks, savings and loans, or thrifts.

The fundamental idea behind mortgage banking does not seem to be very complex. It seems that mortgage banking is a simple matter of matching up investors capital with loans for borrowers. Complexity has been introduced into this market due to the desire for maximum profits in a system of laissez-faire, dog-eat-dog capitalism. At this time it seems that investors do not trust the traditional investment banks and other financial institutions to safeguard any money they might invest. Because of this many would-be investors have their money on the sidelines. I don’t think the mortgage investor cares whether the institution that invests their capital is a for-profit or a non-profit organization. All the investor wants is guarantees of a return of capital and a competitive return on their investment. If investors have an alternative to the greedy and destructive system of mortgage lending and investment banking that is at this time (2009) non-functional they will use that alternative.

Since we have a successful model for non-profit banking that has been working for over seventy years, it makes sense to use this model as a starting point to fashion non-profit mortgage banking institutions. Just as credit unions have for 70 years successfully competed with for-profit banking institutions, non-profit mortgage banks should be able to compete with the for-profit mortgage industry. Non-profit mortgage banks should be able to provide less expensive loans and higher returns to investors since there would be no middle-men taking huge profits. Congress should look to the legislation from the 1930s that created this nation’s very successful credit unions to create legislation that will allow for and regulate non-profit mortgage organizations.

Mr. President,

With all the inequality in our society today, and the rich paying less taxes then a working family, why can't we save many Millions in government cost, and generate many Billions in revenue for the country, by abolishing the IRS and implementing a 'FLAT TAX' that would exclude food and medical cost??

This is the fairest way to collect taxes and would help get us out of this unbelievable deficit that much sooner!

I know the pressure from big business and the rich would be overwhelming, but I feel you are the person and now is the time to get this done!

R F Fisher

In a nation where enormous amounts of money are required for election for most public offices, local and national, our representatives in Washington (yourself included) are having to raise money toward re-election from the day they take oaths to put the Public Interest (not contributors' interests) first. Gives "conflict of interest" a whole new meaning, doesn't it?

Mr. President, your own election inspired much small-contribution participation not only in the young, but also in many of us who had given up, because big money makes one-person-one-vote a farce.

In what ways will your administration's structural and regulatory reforms of our financial sector help to keep "big money" from owning our democracy? Are there additional reforms needed to accomplish this goal?

Hello Mr. President

My question for the president is, you talk about energy independence but somehow you believe it will come from the same people that are in charge of the energy cartel at the present. They do not have the answers nor do they want them. They would like to keep the status quo.

The plug-in hybrid car will not work well for someone that does not have a garage and this is a lot of Americans. This is one of many questions that I have about energy independence.

To make my number one question very clear: How does a small individual like myself get a simple government grant like the big corporations and Universities get to fund research and development projects, because I have a invention that I believe will change the course of energy use in homes, cars and industry if given the chance.

Thank you,

Mr. President,

It is astounding that a country of 50+ parts and 300 million people does not do any national planning. It's like steering a boat to avoid collision in a sea full of icebergs but having no destination. I feel like I’m in a video game.

Why does our government not have a national strategic development plan? The UN, the World Bank and bi-lateral aid agencies encourage other countries to identify, integrate and coordinate development priorities via national planning processes.

If the USA had such a process, our capital and operating budgets at all levels could contribute more effectively to the systemic development of the country, avoiding the stove-piping of issues that are obviously intertwined. A national strategic development plan, implemented through local and statewide capital and programmatic proposals, would eliminate most of the capricious pork, yet allow Congress people to bring home more nutritious products for their constituents, ones that sustain the whole body politic.

If the planning process were truly universal and participatory (not a simplistic on-line Q and A), we would all take an ownership in the future and help our politicians -- at all levels -- move the whole country in a coordinated direction. As individuals, we would each see where we and our local areas fit into a nationwide vision, reducing the "I'm for me and mine" attitude and the "muddling through" type of governance that has so obviously failed the collective.

The voting process isn't the only way we can participate in our democracy. Can't WE be given the task to generate a vision for our future rather than handing it to self-serving, incapable and corrupt politicians who have demonstrated no capacity or willingness to govern with openness, transparency or humility?

It seems to many of us, your supporters for the Real Change We Need, that "big business," especially in the financial sector, has come to have far too much political and economic power in this trying-to-be-a-democracy.
Mr. President, under your reforms of the financial system and its regulation, is there a future for any financial organizations "too big to fail"? If so, why?

Dear Mr. President,

Will you please bail me out from my student loan? I never made much money with my degree. Worked in child care - so, I gave back to my community via low wages. Now, I can't work anymore. Work environments to harsh for sensitive me.

Also, please watch Bill Moyers weekly to really listen to we the people.


Mr. President,

Why not just authorize Congress to Print "Greenbacks" like Lincoln and Kennedy did to avoid paying Interest Payments to the Bankers you just had lunch with?

This would seriously Strengthen America and its Citizens, among other advantages.

Mr. President, As you know, questions about decriminalizing marijuana are back in vogue. The arguments on each side are well known, and it is fair to say that those who favor criminalization have had it their way for a long time. We can all see the results, which include clogging up the criminal justice system, overpopulating our prisons, and creating huge profits for criminal enterprises.

My question: Why not see whether decriminalization (which has taken place all over Western Europe) works, by declaring a moratorium on enforcement of all federal marijuana laws for, say, six months, coupled with a plea to the states to follow suit? At the same time, the resources that are freed up can be used for increased enforcement of laws dealing with hard drugs.

It is a modest proposal, Mr. President, but it may be change that most of us can believe in.

Dear Mr. President: I have heard you speak of addressing energy issues as relates to global warming, which I believe is quite important. There is a minority viewpoint, which I believe to be quite credible, that energy supplies will be quite short very soon as oil fields in various nations deplete and nations which export will have less to supply to international markets. As the price of energy has dropped and investment in more expensive deep sea and unconventional oil founders, what do you see as the government's role in managing lower supplies? Do you have contingency plans for introducing energy legislation which would treat our need for alternative energy much more urgently?

dear mr. president,thank you so much for helping us struggling with our mortgages with your plan for restructuring mortgages but i have a question that i would like you to consider. don't you think that mothers who stay home to raise their children ought to qualify for social security benefits? don't you believe if a woman stays home to be there for her family, getting no pay, that she deserves some kind of safety net so she can survive? thank you for your kind consideration of my question. beverly goode

Mr. President, given the fact that incomes of middle class Americans have stagnated and most of them are already heavily indebted, why do you and your economic team think piling on more debt through this gargantuan effort to ease credit to be the solution to this crisis?
It is my understanding that the cost of higher education has increased at a greater rate than healthcare. A dirty little secret that no one talks about. More student loans appear to only contribute to tuition hikes.
Lastly Mr. President, every time I hear populist rhetoric from you, I cringe more than the same coming from all the other politicos from both sides of the isle! Like many Americans I too would like to see you succeed but I have grave doubts at this juncture.

As an MIT PhD trained, African-American male Political Scientist, my sense of your Presidential candidacy promised some potential for success "spiritually," but not necessarily at policy levels. The perceived, if unintended, dilution of those women's "feminist" efforts and objectives, that your candidacy inadvertently helped obscure, along with the Democratic Party's limited support of children's health care, made me leery of your party's political offerings in this last election turn. Frankly, Nader and Paul offered more to the American people in this vein. The "spiritualist" community however, was staunchly in favor of your candidacy and I would thus ask, "what will be your rationale to the spiritualists and "light workers" who supported you when your 'business first' polices lead to that further entrenched "Corporate Democracy" so often predicted and feared? What will be the rationale for those policies when Wall Street's investment community surely profits from the loss of people's living spaces and eco-resources, as well as the loss of the public trust? Will there be an accounting for lost "spiritual currency?"

Consolidating all the big banks with all the money and power is not a service to Democracy or real freedom. Serving the war machine and creating another Vietnam scenario in Afganistan is wanted by no one. I voted for you please end monopolies and let freedom reign. Forget war and let's build a peace time economy such as the Dept. of Peace now. Universal not for profit health care is job one.

Mr. President, The FDIC does an excellent job regulating smaller banks. Why not break up the behemoths like Citibank and put ALL banks under the FDIC?

Mr. President, lists your campaign costs at around $800 million in receipts. Regardless whether the sum was more or less than $800 million, do you really think you are worth any exorbitant campaign cost? Is any politician really worth that amount of money and then takes home a paycheck to boot?

Mr. President,
Are you reading my emails to you?
Thank you.

How about bringing in some "creative types" for a 3-4 day roundtable (with "the experts") on the possibilities all our crises present?: can you imagine what might emerge out of a conversation which involved Margaret Atwood, Louise Erdrich, Lewis Hyde, Alice Walker, David Abram, and Bill Greider? And that's just an off-the-cuff list . . .

Mr. President, If companies are considered to big to fail, are they simply too big-period? Isn't the "urge to merge" of the past or size alone causing us to consider going down a path that we really don't want to travel?

Mr. President, by now the public understands the private ownership nature of the Federal Reserve Banking system. Recent research conducted with the Fed reveals approximately 68% ownership by the top 10 U.S. banks and 32% ownership by private foreign banks and private shareholders. Conversely, our Constitution provides that our Treasury issue our credit directly, with no private middlemen bankers, and grants Congress the power of the purse. The public also understands now the role the Fed has played in creating the repeated economic boom-and-bust cycles, or "bubbles", that deplete the wealth of the majority of the population. As our current crisis and similar historical banking crises demonstrate, such events thus not only unjustly deprive the citizenry of their property, but also unduly enrich the shareholders of the banks which own the Fed as well as a small percentage of wealthy elites through such exclusive vehicles as private equity firms and hedge funds. These "gains" are commonly then kept in off-shore bank accounts in tax havens to allow these depositors to avoid their tax responsibilities to our nation. Why do you therefore propose giving the Fed even greater authority over the Treasury? Do you not also understand that allowing the Fed the authority to grant approval by two-thirds of its members for Treasury's decisions in determining which banks and related "non-financial" institutions should be dissolved or survive represents a dangerous conflict of interest? Additionally, why do we continue to pay 6% guaranteed interest to this private banking cabal for printing "debt notes", "fiat money" created out of thin air, while giving it the benefit of buying Treasury bills through the discount window at rates it sets for itself and its member banks? Moreover, the Federal Reserve's currency was to be backed at minimum by a 40% gold reserve, yet owing to the termination of the gold standard under President Nixon, and oversupply of Federal Reserve notes concurrent with a depletion of the Federal gold deposits, it has since 1971 been backed increasingly by nothing more than the taxpayers' compounding debt. In addition, as a result of the Fed's fractional reserve banking system, this has resulted in perpetual inflation which not only constitutes a tax--but a tax for which the Constitution never allowed. The Constitution specifies that revenues derive from taxation of manufacture, sale and consumption of goods and services, but not from taxation on personal labor. Yet, the value of any "currency" derives primarily from labor or from materials worthless without the labor to work them; therefore, to tax the citizens on income to repay "interest" on currency with no other intrinsic value other than "debt" is particularly destructive of personal wealth. The Federal Reserve banking system has been from its inception an abdication of the Constitutional provisions to control our currency by Congress and the Treasury. The Federal Reserve Act itself allows for Congress to modify the Fed to serve the nation's interests. Why does Congress therefore not nationalize or even abolish the privately owned Fed and implement instead a public utility that issues interest-free credit directly from the Treasury, as the Constitution provides? Many experts including Ellen Brown and Richard C. Cook have developed and detailed how such a system can easily be implemented to directly stimulate our economy and create prosperity, much as "scrip" once did in the original Colonies. It is time to change our monetary system to not only reflect what our Founding Fathers intended as they attempted to protect this nation from the tyranny of a private international banking system from which they asserted independence, but also to rightly provide for the safety, security and prosperity of our citizens as a whole.

Mr. President, your honeymoon is already ending as people watch the same powers which have crashed the economy and are crashing the environment jockey to continue their control. Will you consider NATIONAL ballot initiatives so that voters can check and balance the Congress, which is beholden to these powers? Both former Senator Mike Gravel ( and my new Congressman Jared Polis ( have proposed this and young people are especially excited about it. Since 1891 the Swiss have kept their Parliament representative and humble this way, which they call "co-determination" -a good idea for ALL relationships!

Good Evening, Mr. President:

At what point will continuing to bail out the banks be seen as a failure, and then what will be done to fix the economy, and repay what we have borrowed in order to bail the banks out? I just don't see this working in the long term without fundamental changes being made to the banking/credit/investment systems!!!!

If you say the "current economic model of the US auto industry is unsustainable,” it would seem that the current model of our banking/investment industry is really unsustainable, but you are doing nothing but institutionalizing its culture of greed and selfishness that has brought us all to our knees. I am very hopeful about your presidency, but after hearing William Greiger tonight, I really think the banking solution is way off. His ideas make more sense and break these banking monopolies that have destroyed this country. That is the kinda change we need, this seems to be a rehash of the Bush solution. This needs to be more bold!

Mr. Obama:

How did you get into Pakistan in 1981 when it was under martial law and was refusing entry to Americans? Did you use an Indonesian passport? Are you hiding your school records because they show you were a foreign student and a citizen of Indonesia?

Mr. Obama:

Why do you expect us to thank you for promising to cut the defict in half in five years if you are first going to triple it? That doesn't seem like much of an accomplishment to me. If I yell at my daughter for a $50 cell phone bill should I be happy if she promises to cut halve it to $75 after first increasing it to $150?

Dear Mr. President
I am very concerned about chemtrails I see almost on a daily basis in our skies in Oregon.
Why do you allow airplanes to disperse poisonous particles of aluminum and barium in our skies? These particles are known to cause nosebleeds, asthma, immune disorders, amnesia, headaches...Aren't you interested in the health of the People and the environment?

I am very concerned that this nation has not seriously addressed global warming. I see this as, if not the biggest, then one of the biggest security threats facing us, but I am at the same time baffled as to why this is not widely acknowledged.

We have an administration that seems interested in tackling the problem. But I wonder. I heard President Obama use the term “Cap and Trade.”
Whenever I hear the term, why do I immediately get a mental image of W.C. Fields outside of a carnival side show? He is standing behind a low table with three walnut shells and a pea? His derby hat is cocked down over one eye and he's saying, "Hey kid, do ya wanna have some fun?"

So here is my question for President Obama:
Mr. President what specifically are you proposing that we as a nation do to lead the world in addressing this most serious matter?

Mr. President, is there some resident pathogen in the oval office, a virus left by Reagan maybe, that causes the occupants of that office to prioritize the interests of the wealthy over the interests of rest of us? This tinkle down theory of economics has left us sick from the yellow rain.

Dear President Obama,
During your campaign you promised to Uphold the Constitution, Protect Small Farmers and Cut Wasteful Spending. You also promised that liars, fear mongers and special interest groups would no longer run this country. Yet here we are, with the same fear mongers (CAFOs backed by the USDA) telling the same lies to scare people into believing the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) will protect our food. The truth is that by passing the NAIS the rights of every livestock owner will be violated (including horse owners and many others whose animals will never enter the food chain), many small farmers will be put out of business and the risk of illness increased as people find they have no choice but to buy meat produced by CAFOs.

Will you stop telling the public that with programs like the NAIS we will be able to trace our food "from the farm to the table"? Once the animal is dead, the hide and head removed from the carcass (including all ID tags) any "traceability" ends. On top of that, in the case of ground meat, many bits and pieces from many animals are tossed into a large vat, mixed, ground and packaged. How do you trace the origins of dozens of animals whose meat ends up in a single package of ground meat?

Millions of taxpayer's dollars have already been wasted on this illegal, invasive and coercive program. Will you keep your promises? Will you end the NAIS?

My question is for Bill Moyers' guest William Greider. I understand that we need caution and clear-minded calculation to address this crisis, but as I'm standing here with my pitchfork, what EXACTLY is it that I am demanding instead of this solution? I've heard many detractors but no specific alternatives.

Mr. President:

As a scholar of the U.S. Constitution and chief representative of a government dedicated to the rule of law, do you support the demand by all 50 states, represented by over 730 applications, that Congress call a convention as delineated in Article V, so 'We The People..." may propose amendments to potentially modify the U.S. Constitution, and those proposed amendments be sent to the 50 states for ratification? Why or why not? Please support your answer with rule of law answers. Thank you.

I would like for Mr. Obama to answer a two part question.
The question is one that I read at TEA PARTY revolt rallys, and one the branches of the military themselves ask.

Are we still a Constitutional Union?

Why did Mr. Obama want to change the swear in words from "support and defend the Constitution" to be "support and defend the President"?

Prior to dispatching troops , it is only fair to be transparent about who sent them, and open the sealed court records.

Mr. President-
It is important to have the counterbalance of the unions against the corporate behemoth. Do you support and will you persuade Congress to pass EFCA? Workers are helpless without the ability to organize and collectively bargain.

In the press conferences I have seen you seem to picking questioners from a list.
How do they get chosen for the list? Are questions or questioners pre-approved? Why aren't you simple calling on anyone with a raised hand?

Mr. President, is there a reason why this nation has not asked Israel in an public forum to pull out of Gaza ?

Furthermore, do you support the building of walls betwen peoples who have different points of view or different life experiences such as Gazans and Israelis, and the U.S. and Mexico ?

Why do we have to remain hostage to drug companies and health insurance sharks when our health outcome is so poor compared to other advanced societies, and our costs so much higher?

Why are we so afraid to move to a national healthcare system when it is obviously the most rational, humane, and affordable choice?

Why not use this economic crisis as the opening to reorganize the financial system so that it undergirds democracy rather than growing an oligarchy?

As a medical marijuana patient treating Multiple Sclerosis in a state with no program, what are my choices?
jail ?

Dear President Obama : Our corporate financial systems are in shambles. Please tell us why you have not acted to save and promote systems which
can provide for the good of the general public and small business across this nation rather than just Wall Street.
1. Why have you not acted to pay off social security for the next 40 years at a small price compared to the trillions already spent and proposed to be spent?
2. Why have you not provided funding to establish State banks (in all states which do not yet have them) so that states may legally loan to businesses within their borders up to ten times their funds on deposit ?

President Obama: I would like to re-iterate Bill Moyer's excellent question regarding marginal tax rates. In the coming years, when the economy has hopefully started its recovery, would you consider applying a 90% tax rate to personal income after, say $5M? And if not what precisely is your objection?

(I would add, Mr. President, that such rates were in effect during the great post-WWII expansion, and that essentially they would be a means of ensuring that the burden of paying for the current rescue packages would fall on those who benefit most from them.)

Are you a citizen??

We hear a lot of talk about AIG being "too big to fail". Isn't that what we used to refer to as a monopoly?

First why would you laugh at the question of legalizing Marijuana? Second do you think our question does not deserve respect? Third and last question, Do you see any of the activist community laughing?

Mr. President

Do you favor lifting the ban on industrial hemp? And if not, why if it is legal to import and does not even resemble the drug plant Cannabis?

Mr. President,
Since the addition of Arsenic was probably partly racial in
motivation and inacted without a vote of the "People" don't you think it is about time to
remove the approval of the addition of this poison to American Food Products. The
current Mis-Management of American Financial Devices
make me very skeptical about Government Handling of the process of adding Poison to my food! The E.U. (European Union) banned the practice of adding Arsenic to their food supply Ten Years Ago!
That only makes U.S. Ten Years behind the power curve. I don't think the FDA and USDA represent the
true spirit of America! There has never been full disclosure on this subject and most Americans do not understand that every partical of this stuff that goes into chicken feed
ends up in the environment!
Now is the time when an executive order is really needed to save what is left of this country! If the E.U. doesn't need it neither do we!

Mr. President,
What can be done about greed and religion, the two fundamental problems facing this country and the world?

Mr. President, I want more detailed answers to the social security & social secrity disability & medicare for the low and near poverty and veterans in the country and making it better for all to come, and better care and treatment of low income veterans as far back as ww-2 and to re-write someof the rules pertaining to one day on the battle ground and those who served off the battle ground you see we all served and supported the men on the battle ground so we sould be treated the same for medical, pension, food, and housing.

Long term nursing home care exceeds $250.00 per day for our elderly. Would you consider a plan to reduce these impossible costs?
Would you consider a plan to use our military as a model for maintaining an infrastructure to support longterm healthcare? Would a military branch to protect our citizens against cripling costs by providing long term housing structures using military personell for maintenance, food and nursing but allowing private doctors to support their patients be possible? Instead of missles and bombers can't we build medical machines to help healthcare provide for our citizens?

The percentage of my income that must now be paid to satisfy ALL taxes I am subject to totals 47% of my gross income.
Mr. Obama: At what taxed percentage of my middle income does your Treasury calculate I will ultimately become unable to make ends meet in the support of myself and family and become destitute?
Juan Sanchez, US Citizen

Mr. President,
As professor-in-chief, please explain clean coal technology and carbon sequestering. Years ago, I got an A in Chemistry 101 at Clemson University. Then carbon had a periodic table atomic weight of 12,oxygen had an atomic weight of 16, and burning was a combination of the two. My math suggests that burning one ton of carbon will result in 3.65 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). Has chemistry changed a lot?

As you now shift forces from Iraq to Afghanistan, how are you going to replenish forces which are already war-weary from so many tours of duty? Are you going to continue the practice of depleting our home National Guard?

Why don't you support the decentralization of banking to the thousands of small, locally focused experts who live right here in our neighborhoods?
Is the Washington obligation such a controling gravitation that you will not work on our behalfs to have institutions that asnswer to regulatory scrutiny WITH personal bonding at stake, at work right here in my county with failure as a business a real option?

After watching your conversation with William Greiger, I would like to know what he would recommend in lieu of giving the Federal Reserve and the corporate government more power to solve the toxic loan issue? I'm not happy with those solutions either.

Do we have better choices? If so I would Like to hear more of them.
humbly submitted
Jacqui Morgan

Dear President Obama, Will we ever find-out and will you ever be able to tell the American people where all of the TARP money went and how it was used? Also, would you be so kind as to explain the difference between National Debt and Unfunded Liabilities." Thanks!

Question to the Prez:
Our healthcare system is greatly strained by the use of alcohol which also raises our crime rate costing fortunes in maintaining our prisons. Every year college students die from alcohol poisoning. Does any other single domestic problem cost us more?
1. Wouldn't it be appropriate to raise the low exise taxes on this commodity?
2. Shouldn't we assess various "rehab" facilities to see which ones are worth the huge sums these facilities are collecting?

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