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Bill Moyers on Obama's Moment

Click the video below for Bill Moyers' thoughts on President Obama and his plan for health reform.
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Well,sure,Alan.Let's just have a police state and see how long they take to find an excuse to come and lock you up.

The indignation and fire in Bill Moyers's voice is wonderful to see. I wrote a piece recently suggesting that President Obama should drive a stake through the heart of the opposition to a public option and be willing to serve one term if that's what it takes to get health reform done right and not whittled down to something that will not fix the underlying problems or the long-term risks. Read "One-term Obama: A Profile in Courage at

The health insurance cartel
is beyond chutzpa, Obama
is recognized by the Nobel
committee, and the health insurance cartel promulgates
an extortionate ultimatum.
Please send a letter similar to the following to the
President and to your
congressional representatives:

Mr. President,

The health insurance cartel is now threatening to raise premiums if meaningful
health insurance reform is enacted. This is categorically unacceptable.
You should immediately declare a health-care-national-emergency and
pursuant to that declaration nationalize all health insurance companies,
arrest all of their officers and all of their agents in congress such as those
Wellpoint operatives who control the Baucus committee.

Wouldn't it be a living Hell if a sane caring person inadvertently got (s)elected!!

It's really not a case of being narcissistic we have here; we been watching this same program for 220 years.

Posted by: Grady Lee Howard

Once again, Grady, I have no idea what you are talking about...sane people create "hell"...? Did I miss the sarcasm...?

It's a BLEND of narcissism and clueless about REALITY. That's the perfect Big Giant Head - a DELUSIONAL megalomaniac.

No normal, even averge smarts, person looks at what has become of the Presidency and says, "I can do that job"....everyone knew Palin was stupid simply because she accepted the nomination - how could she believe she was qualified?!

Ditto for Barry - what made him think he was qualified, and even better, what made him want the job after the insanity of the Bush cabal's "nuking" of USA infrastructure - from "family" on over to plumbing and everything in between...?

Now we know, right? STILL all about the neoCON that the 220 years you're talking about?

Unlike in other countries, the cabal of thieves had utter and complete freedom, BY LAW, no less, to rule the world. LOOK at how it turned out.

WE THE PEOPLE do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, have a moral responsibility to leave the cabal in charge.

Many of us suspected that the Bush administration would false-flag nuke Seattle or Charleston in order to secure a "thousand year reign," but something inexplicable stayed their hand. (Maybe the financial meltdown seemed more apropos? Obama has benefited in his pleasing of the oligarchy from the infrastructure genius-dick Cheney left behind. He holds to covert torture, extraordinary rendition, unlimited surveillance of us all, imprisonment without due process, unusual entrapment methods by law enforcement, continuance of occupational war, no social safety net, continued welfare and bail-outs for the wealthiest, subsidies for arms traders and environmental poisoners and food adulterers, support for gas powered vehicles (with CAFE targets lower than China's), and elite media control fostering an ill-informed public and a bribed legislative branch. I could assume he is a hostage, much like Bill Moyers, but Anna D. suspects psychological problems. Maybe so. A man would have to be pretty stupid these days not to understand that only megalo-maniacs are recruited by the powers that be to run for the presidency. Wouldn't it be a living Hell if a sane caring person inadvertently got (s)elected!!

It's really not a case of being narcissistic we have here; we been watching this same program for 220 years.

Jack Martin wrote, in part, "Health care is a little "pop quiz" but the "big exam" is coming."

Well I just made a big bowl of popcorn and am settling in for the re-run of 2002. Am I allowed to share the cheat sheet for how to conjure up a mushroom cloud? There's always an October surprise after the high holy holidays...

Skylar wrote, in part, "If Bill Moyers and all good-hearted citizens would inform themselves THOROUGHLY about the personality disorder of narcissism and then listen again to the video, they would see that narcissism is what Bill Moyers is talking about."

Actually, hard core Obama election machinists were practicing COLLECTIVE narcissism. Now THAT'S malignant.

Narcissists collectively scratch and claw their way to "power" through mono cause extremism - usually focussing on somethinig that can be defined using the prefix "anti". Thus they are able to be openly unethical and crazy in the name of the cause.

Not "born again"?

Still smoking?

Don't believe in same sex marriage?

Don't believe that animals have souls?

Still eating meat?

And on and on and on and on...

Rarely in the long history of the POLITICAL world have there been SO MANY invented and inane reasons to socially segregate a majority as stupid, bigoted, wha'ever, by some freak minority of sociopaths following ANY and ALL dominant psychopath.

They are INCOMPETANT as public servants or public disseminators of NEWS. There is no moral imperative to tolerate being destroyed by incompetance! They really are trying to start RIOTS in the streets now - WHY?

Stay focused - the ONLY role of government is to protect the INDIVIDUAL against force and fraud. Not to CREATE the kind of fraud that needs force to stop it.

If Bill Moyers and all good-hearted citizens would inform themselves THOROUGHLY about the personality disorder of narcissism and then listen again to the video, they would see that narcissism is what Bill Moyers is talking about. Narcissism is basically a disorder in which people lie and lie an lie in order to control other people. They manipulate for no other reason than to manipulate. It's a power trip. This is what our politicians and our corporations are doing. There is no racism, misogyny, or other hate. There is only the slavery of the oppressive narcissists that we live with. Google "malignant narcissism".

Part of the furor seems to have been crafted by the words, " this President being treated with the same respect like every other President....?"

Here's how I see it. President Obama's 2 year long campaign for Presidency was constantly being promoted as being "different" than other election machines - all that internet use, and math calculations for electoral college votes, and the serene handling of "race" because, after all, Barry was raised by white grandparents and he is HALF black...

So it was, in a certain way, like the Dilbert cartoon, except the cartoonist who "creates" Dilbert's stories openly admits to cuting and pasting from the real life stories sent to him from the human beings dwelling, despairingly, in corporate cubes. Dilbert "channels" real stories.

Obama, also, said all the right things because we were providing him with the words, weren't we?

But here's something POSITIVE about "race" that I haven't heard anyone mention. I think a lot of people believed that someone who had LIVED through the injustice and suffering of being, visually, "black, he'd be less likely to sell out. He'd keep his promises because he was made of the same "stuff" that "white folks" admired in those who came before him in the "civil rights" struggles.

So, yes, Obama is going to be judged by a different standard if he breaks his promises to the majority that let him know that they were going to stand WITH him in the long haul of implementing positive changes.

To one whom much is given, much is expected...

Jack Martin opines, in part, "Their terrorism and a vestigal respect for law and order are the only thing keeping the People at bay."

I disagree. What is keeping the macoutes at bay is having just enough of an IQ to realize that they need ONE person, at most, to run the power plant, so to speak. Okay, I agree, the mano et mano odds are lord-of-the-rings scale...a couple boxes of 70,000 volts can be useful :-))

They're backing up...but look at how much force had to be used to get them to back's killing this country to be SO stuck on stupid for so long....

Justica and fairness is hot-wired into our DNA - a survival feature, not a "vestigal" feature.

Vestigal feature is the 20 years of crotch watching politics they practiced before they finally decided government was in their pants.

I used to be a dedicated fan of Bill Moyers.Over the last three decades my life's experiences and observation have changed my views hopefully for the better.I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Mr. Moyers and this blog for allowing my posts and allowing them to stand.They form a profile people can see and an insight to an individual's character.They can also be valuable by raising points and facts which previously may have not been noticed or considered.I try not to inflate my posts with obscure authors and works and make no pretense to be well educated.I can barely type,but I'm making the effort.Please bear with me.

Some may wish that I'd read the Bible again, or thousands of pages of discarded legislation. Some may wish they could read and understand their mortgage or credit card agreements. Spending too much time reading and re-reading becomes a compulsive health hazard (I presently read 15-20 hours a week, which is excessive for an American.)

Disregarding the language in HR 676 or any other proposal in committee, why can't the public have and try out the Medicare for all the majority prefers?

The effective strategy would be to criticize and change conditions preventing the expression of the needs and sensible wants of the populace. Telling the People they can't have the very thing that would begin solving the injustice is to treat the Parents of this Government like a little child.

Jonathan Swift is what we should be reading. Written in the day when the Irish were legally animals, much of his work parallels well the way our exploited working class is being treated. Medical reform is only a minor step in closing wealth and income disparity and ending wage slavery here, and later abroad.

There are some small minds that cannot enjoy what they have without envisioning a chain of hierarchy. They idolize and envy the glutted wretches at the "top of success" and also salivate over the neglected and tortured victims below. These perverts are called sado-masochists, and are the tools of oligarchical fascists. (Revolutionaries have called them "vulgar materialists" recognizing that humanity should consist of more than receptive consumers.)At present we have a surplus of these macoutes, thanks to big media and our crippled educational system. Their terrorism and a vestigal respect for law and order are the only thing keeping the People at bay. Etiquette cannot hold out long as a defense for those that view the majority as animals and commodities.

More than a year ago several correspondents on this blog co-authored a Manifesto for Reform to which I contributed. A teacher in Pennsylvania, Fran G., wrote the health care plank. G.L. Howard submitted his ideas about taxpayer designation of contributions, and Chris advocated national plebicites (referendums) on vital issues. It is plain to see that the thinking people on this blog see our governmental procedure being as ineffective as Afghan elections and our business community as corrupt and exploitive as a Honduran plantation. If you think: "How did things get this bad, globally?": You begin to realize that it all starts with the "success ethic" in the United States being at the top of an hierarchical sado-masochistic pyramid, with the runaway corporate charter at the heart of the matter, and unaccountable government (foreign policy unaccountable to the People by beholden to the mega-corporation) run amuck, and blown back home to haunt us.

Thankfully, we are at a nexus where empire is in cascade collapse; where the "now it can be tolds" can be revealed. The way people mobilize to respond to this transformation will decide our fate and our survival. Health care is a little "pop quiz" but the "big exam" is coming. Are you studying: Can you pass?

Jack,by all means lets keep this discussion about healthcare legislation real and realistic.I have HR676 on my computer and I went back and read it for the second time ,just for you.Realisticly the chances of passage for HR676 are zero.When I first read it,I said ,"Uh,huh, Ok.It's just a vague framework into which the backers of HR3200 hope to later insert all the provisions which they now support in HR3200.Upon reading it the second time I can see that it is an even greater blank check than HR3200, if that is possible.HR676 may possibly be a greater insult than HR3200.It amazes me to see people wasting time writing it.I mean if we weren't going to accept HR3200 with everything that is wrong with it,we sure are't going to say yes to HR676.I don't think HR676 would have a chance of passage even had it been proposed first,but since all the intentions have been spelled out in HR3200,ceartinly not.

You are the very hateful, nasty, rancorous person you accuse the right of being. So shameful.

Lee: Claims made on this blog as to personal history and identity are just that: claims and hollow assertions. Joe Wilson has a long history of racism which gets him re-elected by the Hilton Head elite.
I have known plenty of union racists, and I resent how immigrants (summoned here by exploitive employers) are used (scapegoats)to poison discussion. I agree that HR3200 has many shortcomings and contradictions. I support HR 676, which is basically Medicare for All.
Our personas don't matter that much Lee, but the arguments are real. The fact that most people want single payer is a real fact, and corporate butt-licks and racists can't change it. Thanks for noticing my posts.

Jack Martin;I believe you should read HR3200,although I'm not sure you would be able to understand it.I am sorry to see you so preoccupied with matters of race.I am a lifelong democrat who after fourty years of being a union member,supporter,organizer,and now only concerned about the future of the peo[ple in this country which I love.

Lee: Some anti-Obama racists are more stuck by embarrassment than slow. (See my earlier post about wood stoves.) Obama is honest about illegal aliens not being eligible. Joe Wilson is an habitual dyed in the wool racist. (Some people would say lucky wetbacks, no outed medical records or compulsory purchases.Lee sorts God's children by color as if health weren't already global.) What Mr. President Obedient is lying about is how HR3200 (his preferred model) is a bailout for 5 or 6 big insurance companies. Plenty of new forced clients, many cheeries, with lax enforcement of the conditions (no caps, no pre-existing condition rules, no recission, reasonable prices, competition for the best policy, and a 4 or 5 year lag) = These will never happen without a widely available and substantial public option. (Witness Mass. with the Romney plan from Staples.)

I'm out of it personally because my Medicare will come in before this cruddy plan. I just wish Medicare were coming soon for all. It should be if Obedient weren't telling half-truths. (And not about children of color) That's what most of us want. Why can't we get it? Corporate care comes first, for both parties.

John Zuehlke, Thank you for bringing up the issue of electronic medical records! So far this issue has been largely overlooked by both sides in the healthcare debate. As much as I would like for Americans to have a Universal Healthcare System, I'm afraid that putting our medial records into a Federal Database will be absolutely disastrous! As you pointed out, not only will insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and military officials have access to our information, but this kind of system could also makes it easy for employers, government officials, educators and even the media to gain access to ones personal medical history. The repercussions of such a system could be costly and devastating. I hope that the issue of EMRs is finally brought to light in the healthcare debate. I would hate to see Americans rush into a system that would be harmful to them in the long run.

A few posts ago, Russell Iler wrote of his concern about the lack of security of our medical information if it is put into electronic form and placed on a distribution system like the Internet. I completely agree with his concerns.

We have fought long and hard to try to preserve the confidentiality of our medical records. Now a “feature” of the health plan proposed by President Obama will require that all of our personal health records to put into a Federal Government database. This database is to be electronically accessible by any doctor or hospital that treats us, and presumably this access will extend to pharmacies and various other people involved in the health-delivery system.

Access to our medical records would be a bonanza for the insurance companies. They have long tried to get access to this personal information to determine who to insure and what to charge those whom they accept for insurance. From this data, the insurance companies could determine those businesses with high-risk employees. The insurers could then either refuse to sell policies to those businesses, or they could place an exorbitant price or draconian exclusions on said policies.

Even without personally-identifiable information, the database could identify “problem locations” that, due to pollution or other factors, pose an elevated risk to the insurance company’s profits.

The Federal database would be especially useful to the insurance companies because it would not only be able to access OUR personal medical records, but it could also access the records of all of our RELATIVES!

If we adopted an European/Medicare-style single-payer insurance system, the above concerns would be considerably lessened. But, unfortunately, this will not happen soon. In fact, I strongly suspect that a major reason Obamacare is being pushed through Congress now is to BLOCK the possibility that any medical system gets a footing in this country that might threaten the profits of the insurance companies and major medical /pharmaceutical providers (which would, in turn, significantly reducing funding for the politicians.)

There is another way in which having all of our personal medical information would benefit our current political leaders. Military recruiters are having a very difficult job of providing “cannon fodder” to feed Obama’s continually-expanding wars against Pakistan and Afghanistan. Many parents and civic organizations have resisted the provisions of the “No Child Left Behind” Act, making the recruiter’s job of staffing these unpopular wars even harder. Gaining access to our CHILDREN’s personal medical records would drastically cut down on the recruiters wasting time and effort on non-productive body hunts. Also, any psychological data contained in these records would also allow the recruiters to tailor their approach to their target so as to make their chance of successfully snaring recruits much more effective.

We must insure that President Obama’s goal of creating a Federal database of our personal medical information is strongly rejected.

Open letter to all Republicans and Democrats :
By aligning yourselves with the left and right-leaning political-based media outlets and allowing those outlets to represent you, you have done this nation a great disservice. These media outlets, by nature, are businesses that compete against each other with the goal of making a profit. Political parties, on the other hand, should compete against each other with ideas that benefit the entire nation in it's ability to function,survive and prosper.
The way political-based media outlets have chosen to compete for customers and profit is to pit customers with opposing views against each other. Their chosen method for doing this is so hardcore that any idea attached to an opposing customer base is marketed as bad or wrong simply because it "comes from the enemy". The political parties of this nation have "made a deal with the devil" by allowing themselves to be represented by these outlets.
The partnership between media and politics can best be described as " a lazy man's deal" on both sides of this issue. The media outlets no longer need to spend time and money reporting the news, they simply invest money in a handful of personalities who are paid to demonize "the other side", even if their ideas are good. The Republicans and Democrats have exchanged true governing for a cheap and easy way to attract enough voters to win an election by pandering to the likes and dislikes of the customers of their respective political-based media "co-workers".
The loser in all of this is our nation, as a whole. While both the media and our political parties try to distance themselves from the damage they do in exchange for personal reward by down-playing or outright denying that they play a role in the shaping of our nation; common sense and truth tell us otherwise. The images we see, read and hear from the media and the words spoken to us by our elected leaders do shape and mold the image we hold of our country and therefore ourselves. It is not enough that we, as individuals, feel secure in who we are. We must also feel that we, as a nation, feel secure in how much we care about doing things the right way.
If the current partnership between politics and political-based media in our nation continues on its current course, all it will accomplish is milking the cow until it is dry. Then what ?

Obama and the gray imminence, Rahm Emanuel, have shown they are as much in the pocket of the health industry as are the Blue Dog Democrats. Obama has not shown any change that can be believed, in Irag, in Afghanistan, or social issues.

HR3200 and the HELP bill are based on the failed MA health insurance mandate. Those two D.C. bills (and the Baucus concoction) work and will affect people basically the same way. Hundreds of thousands in MA have been harmed by this law along with 56 percent of small businesses. On Sept. 1, 2009 Kaiser USA held a panel re Lessons from the MA plan - panel was biased - all the vested interests - yet, the ensuing report showed that the plan doesn't work. However, D.C. is going forward with this nonetheless. You can probably find this report at the Kaiser site. Google it or visit that site. It's worth reading to see that the plans in MA weren't affordable among other issues.

btw, three years into the MA cluster-boink, and one in five patients in the subsidized plans still can't find a PCP who will take subsidized patients. Also, many have had to drop their insurance to pay for food, a car repair, etc. The number of disenrollments per month out number the number of enrollments. This is solid testimony to the fact that something is dreadfully wrong with this model.

Residents of MA know how oppressive and difficult it has been living under this decree for the past three years and don't want our fellow Americans to go through this. Hundreds of thousands are worse off than before this law b/c not only are they still uninsured (due to affordability and other legitimate/important issues) but are now paying costly penalties they can't afford. Candidate Obama said to Tim Russert that people in MA were worse off than before and gave this reason. He also said this on the stump several times. Then he abruptly stopped saying it, but this doesn't mean it's not true. He either changed his agenda or his handlers told him to stop.

You can find out how the MA plan works and the affects it has had by visiting Please learn how this works (doesn't work) and contact your U.S. reps and senators as well as Obama to voice your concerns. Be sure to go to Other Resources and check out Articles and Facts where you can read Trudy Lieberman's Part V of the MA plan series. You can access Parts 1-4 in the first paragraph of Part V. Read the other articles as well.

We have gone over sections of HR3200 and made calls to verify or have clarified certain aspects of this punitive bill. Same for the HELP bill. We know what to look for and the questions to ask that they don't want to answer.

For example, if you are found to be Medicaid eligible, you will have NO CHOICE of insurance plan. (Note: FPL and age limitations were expanded to include more low-income citizens, and the asset test was removed. Don't think you will never be at 133% or 150% or FPL the way things are going in this country. It happened to many professional people I know, and it can happen to you.) So, it's either Medicaid or the tax penalty unless you can afford insurance on the open market which they know this income-level cannot. This is blatant discrimination when other income levels can afford to stay out of this disparaging insurance program in which you will be lucky if you can find a doctor who will take Medicaid patients, much less have a choice or be able to keep your doctor(s) who have been treating you.

Obama said we would all have choice. Not this segment of the population unless he considers choice Medicaid or a costly tax penalty.

Furthermore, Medicaid contains the federally-required estate recovery program for those who are age 55 and up - in some states the age starts lower. (OBRA 1993 - federal law) States which receive federal Medicaid funding (nearly all do) are required to enforce this program and recover assets upon death for hospital and RX. However, states are allowed to recover for all medical care or any portion thereof. Some states do the max, some the min and some a mix. So many millions of Americans will be getting a loan instead of a health insurance policy - or you can look at this as the deluxe reverse mortagage as it includes all your assets (annuities, etc.).

This is discrimination by income status vs those who can afford to stay out of Medicaid, and it also discriminates by age, recoverable amount each state uses AND against those in Medicaid who own property and/or have savings and those who do not. You can forget leaving your home that may have been passed down through the family or that you may have worked on over the years, your savings, etc. to your heirs.

There may also be interest and/or fees - trying to find this out b/c is also important.

So, people, when your U.S. rep or senator tells you that the job at hand re health care reform was not to revamp Medicaid, please realize this is the current talking point to make you go away with your Medicaid issues. These words were used by a Kennedy h-c policy aid during a phone conversation and a U.S. Rep. in MD at her town hall a few weeks ago when a constituent asked why Medicaid was being expanded when it's a "rotten" program, and he received no further response. I have not mentioned her name. She knows who she is.

Also remember: Medicaid was "revamped" to increase the FPL and age and to drop the asset test. However, estate recovery was left in place as far as I know to date. Furthermore, Henry Waxman (head of Energy and Commerce which wrote part of HR3200) was quoted in a NYT article by Robert Pear (don't have the date in front of me as I type this) that the asset test was dropped so those who become unemployed can enroll in Medicaid. There was concern by someone else in this article that dropping the asset test would allow millionaires into Medicaid to which Mr. Waxman was quoted as saying that he doesn't know any millionaires who would want Medicaid.

Well, Mr. Waxman, we don't know many low-income citizens who want it either. How arrogant!

Also, do not be fooled by "that's a state issue, we only handle national." OBRA 1993 is federal statute although the estate recovery piece is administered by the states - OBRA mandates this program as already mentioned.

OBRA must be amended so that states are NOT required to have estate recovery AND are NOT ALLOWED to recover estates.

This is not a program only for people permanently entering a long-term care facility or another institution - it is also for people age 55 and up plus what I described above.

Under the nat'l mandate, will members of the 111th et al have an estate recovery program in their health insurance policies that are subsidzed by taxpayers? We also subsidize their benefits because we pay their huge salaries. And, they all have many choices for coverage. What's wrong with this picture? The law of the land must be equitable for all.

As for the other subsidized plans that will be offered in the Nat'l Health Insurance Exchange (HR3200) or HELP bill (Gateway) - these are the equivalent of the Massachusetts Connector which you can read about at the truth site given above - you options for plans will be based on your income. The cheapest plan will be basic coverage and may leave you underinsured. This is what has happened in MA to many - also described in detail on the truth site. The MA plan works a tad differently re the subsidized - you are assigned a plan according to what the gov't has decided you can afford whereas in the national bills, it is similar, but the amount you pay is capped according to your income.

For example - in HR3200, if you earn 400% of FPL, you (in theory) won't pay more than 12% of your adjusted gross income for a premium which doesn't include copays, deductible or coinsurance. Therefore, the best coverage will probably cost you 12% of adj gross, and less coverage will cost you a smaller %. If you are at 200% FPL, the cap will be 5% (per an aide as it stands now) and may or may not include copays at this income level, not sure if there will be a deductible. They are working on this.

So you can see that some will be facing a costly monthly premium and skimpy coverage that may not be affordable to use. Same as in MA.

The penalty for remaining uninsured per HR3200 is 2.5% of your modified adj. gross. What is modified adj. gross? The IRS code was (will be) changed so that your adj. gross will include all tax exempt interest accrued or received in a taxable year. Also changed: section 911 of the IRS code which allows those who work overseas to have a certain part of their salary tax exempt. If this person has uninsured dependents in the states, his/her entire salary will be taxed.

As for the exemption if you can't afford insurance, read about the appeals and exemption process in MA which is described in full and shows documents. Good luck getting an exemption unless the D.C. bills will be more generous. Somehow, I doubt it.

The MA truth site also links to documents and surveys that back up what has been stated. In other words, nothing was made up.

Americans, wake up! Check out HR3200 from stem to stern b/c there's much more. Also read the HELP bill. btw, you won't see estate recovery mentioned in the bills b/c this is part of Medicaid, but Medicaid is an integral part of the national plan. So it's all one in the same, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

The "dysfunctional government" - "servants and servant" had fail to deliver on the command of the "MASTER" - the PEOPLE!

"This health care thing is make or break for your leadership, but for us, it's life and death. No more Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. President. We need a fighter."

"To begin to understand why adjustments and reforms are in order" - It is to understand "LIFE and DEATH!" The "MASTER" does understand, "LIFE and DEATH!"

The CONSTITUTION has been violated by printing "counterfeited Securities, and ...
Coin value had been altered...;" and " Armies, by Appropriation of
Money... for longer TERM than TWO YEAR has been VIOLATED!"
The justice system has turned blind eye to the violations of the CONSTITUTION.
The CONSTITUTION, "provide for Punishment of counterfeiting Securities and current coin of the United States" and
"To support... ARMIES, but NO APPROPRIATION of MONEY to that Use shall be for a
longer TERM than TWO YEARS!"
The "CURRENT COIN" for all practical purposes meant to be "the currency value" at
the time the Constitution was approved and placed in effect.
The "bridge of duties, intent knowledge, recklessness, negligence are defined by the criminal code."
The "MASTER," empowered the Servant "to execute the LAWS of the UNION which were necessary
for carrying into Execution of the foregoing Powers..."
Since the CONSTITUTION states, "the Congress shall assemble at least once in every year..."
it is time to the padlock the strip joint, send the servants home and used the funds for health-care.
Tanks to financial support of various foundations, it provides "WAYS to LIFE and TRUTH!"
It has provided "a well of plenty knowledge to drink from it" to nourish our hearts and souls.

Re.Joe Wilson;The fact in the matter is,Obama was lying.It was just one of the many lies he has been repeating as he continues to speak about his healthcare plan.He must think Americans can't read.He obviously believes that if he can ascend all the way to the presidency without revealing his past personal records ,he can take over this country,and we're all too stupid to stop him.So far he's been right.Larger numbers of Americans are waking up every day,and I am confident we can stop this tyrant at some piont.If you don't think he is a liar,just keep listening.Some of us are just a little slower than others.

David H.: That's just the point, so few people own productive land: Corporations do. We can't retreat to Grandpa's farm as in the Great Depression. They say one sixth of us are already officially in poverty. Mandatory purchase of insurance is overridden by a hardship exemption under Obedient's plan. Man, is that ever gonna be some humongous exemption!

Back to Congressman Joe Wilson. He was the one who said Senator Strom Thurmond's illegitimate black daughter should have kept quiet because she besmirched Thurmond's good name. As I said earlier, there are those for whom the color line is like iron. It is the Non-whiteness of ethnic minorities that might get health insurance, and not their immigration status that matters to these types. The cry of "You lie" to the President's disclaimer was not only a breach of protocol, but a primal cry across the color line. Joe Wilson would fit right in as a character in Satre's play "The Respectful Prostitute," and that was written in 1941.

The cheese has been spread so thin it no longer hides the cracker. In other words, we are at a point in time when big money isn't afraid to let their cracker show. They know that they have a clean shot at taking down all pulbic interference once and for all.
With the right law on their side, they can write the script, cast the movie,make the movie, own the theaters it plays in, and even write the reviews of said movie.
But, dont' cry, they'll still sell us all the popcorn we want.

Thank you Bill Moyers, you are right on regarding Health Care and Obama's stance...

Rescue our legislators from the influence of corporate lobbyists. March on Washington April 9, 10, 11, 2010

To clear up any confusion re the site I mentioned below, when I first tried it actually came up as dot com. Today it is coming up like the first reference to it I heard: ""

My local B&N is telling me "Money Driven Medicine" is sold out at all local stores.

You're welcome, Jack. Re Hedges, I'm recalling something about "Christian fascism." Is that phrase part of the subtitle of the book you mentioned? I have read "Losing Moses on the Freeway"...IMO very, very, very right on. Focus on "the land" seems pretty rare. However, if I bracket out surfing (the sea)...fact is, as Berry caused me to realize, most other key inspirational experiences in my life were tied up in some way with...the land.

Alan, Katrina vanden Heuvel has written Obama's message indicated some spine, and I agree. But it's strange to think we are freer to demand a public option than he is. The public option is included in 4 of the 5 bills before the House. Next thing I do online here is to go to and get that 202 number.

That's a good question you ask too, Alan. The other thing that bugs me is the mandatory purchasing. Is it conceivable the Supreme Court'll allow the pharms to spend whatever they like against whatever candidate, and then Congress'll force many to shell out their last dime for a completely hollowed out version of health "insurance" that the people want? Not healthy by any stretch. This mandatory thing is to me typical of the extreme myopia re every "solution" outta DC. True, more payers will solve the funding problem...but then re where all these folks are supposed to come up with the premiums...well, let's think about that some other day in some other bubble. Why does media think the people are incapable of joining these issues? More comprehensive solution needed. WWIII will not "work" at all like WWII this time. Amazing to think we gotta get back to a focus on food.

Dear Judy Powell,

Those who use Jesus Christ and the bible to justify their illicit behavior are nothing more than religious con men out to make a profit for themselves and their fellow constituents. The bible says that these con men will eventually fail in their attempts at leading people astray from the true message of Jesus Christ. A message that preaches love, compassion and selfless good deeds, above all else! During his time on earth Christ did not discriminate against anyone, he did not wage war against his enemies nor did he refuse to heal someone because they didn't have health insurance. He did however admonish those who sought to gain a profit in his name. Healthcare should be a major issue for all Christians like myself, for not only does the issue of healthcare speak directly to our religions tenets, but also to our humanity as a whole. So the question is our nation going to continue to make a profit off of human suffering? Or are we going to start acting like the Christian loving nation that we so readily claim to be? If we are, then we must continue to admonish those who preach fear and hatred in the name of Jesus Christ. We must continue to expose these religious and political con men for who they really are. And above all else we must continue to seek out new ways to renew our sense of humanity.

I also agree with you that Christ would have supported healthcare reform. I believe he would have supported a not for profit healthcare system for all.

With all due respect to Ms Myss, her stream of consciousness needs some common sense help in problem-solving.

She wrote, in part, "The result is that the soul of America is exhausted, wounded, mistrusting, suspicious, fearful -- and compromised. This is not a soul that can rebuild a country, not if you know anything about the laws of nature and the fundamentals of healing."

Actually, human beings have a whole plethora of "chemicals" built in to our "system" that counteracts "exhaustion and wounds" and promotes "healing".

Taking Prozac (or wha'ever) to stay "serene" in the midst of depravity and pushing against "feelings" of righteous indignation with faux, SELFISH, holier than thou PCism PREVENTS the physical body from going through the normal process of "healing"! In short, PC-ists have mis-diagnosed "soul" power.

Hatred, greed, sadism - these qualities of "thinking" and "being" are not capable of doing the math that even "mindless" atoms huddling together into material world molecules of matter seemed to have pulled off in feats such as finding the perfect amount of sunlight to shower earth with in order to maintain "life".

When faced with cleaning up that pile of "stuff" that was the Twin Towers, if the workers focused on "depressing" their PC banned "feelings", you think they could have kept physically laboring to find survivors?

All sorts of hidden experts among us. People with fiery "tempers" who have been successful in building up the other balancing aspects of their character do walk among us.

Popping in "Quadrophenia" by The Who to remind myself about a "youth" spent in a targeted for depression, ethnic "townhouse" neighborhood....same city in NJ that sent two of its "sons" to the Supreme Court - "Trenton Makes, The World Takes"...

"Can you see the real me, Doctor...can you see the real me, Momma..."

Not just the late Edward who's knee jerk selfish instincts would leave the cheap "lay" to was real easy to know who the sociopaths and psychos were back when the "soul" in the music was REAL. They were always 50% of the class. Those are nasty odds....the gift of WWII..."isms" do nothing but create a society where someone might knock on the door begging for refuge from an "army"...

In order to "heal", we better learn how to let the "anger" out and tame the power that that "feeling" has to heal the psyche and the body.

Men who have seen me get all fired up still think I'm cute - lol.

Ms. Myss needs to meet Grandma...Grandma got a whooping from her mother for pulling a stunt that terrorized the whole peasant village....15 year old Grandma put on her dead father's "war" coat, found a stick that looked most like a rifle, and started tramping through the high grass as if she was marching from the direction of Mother Russia just on the other side of the river...well, the village look-outs (24 hour homeland security NOT a new concept, btw) sounded the alarm and everyone went "code red"....fortunately for Grandma, her whole bolshevik-attacking-village stunt was a joke on the boy she had a crush on who was on watch duty...and he called off the alarm before she got killed. Grandma became famous in the village that day for more than just being the - ahem - Monty Python moment here...the prize goes to the woman with the biggest tits. SHe also became the village "leader" selected to read the communist manifesto pledge that "saved" the whole village. The villagers all hard a hard time not laughing - they knew it was just another stunt poking fun at the stupidity of "isms".

Grandma hates cigarettes. But she hates the anti-smoking PCism even more...USA has censored Grandma. And, yes, it's "soul" is worse for that censoring.

All "isms" are stupid. Such bad "ideas" deserve to be mocked and ridiculed for the shallow, self-serving and iniquitous "things" that they are.

Hate the sin, not the sinner.

Physics, so to speak, is providing the proof that if you choose "god" over "ceasar" as a philosophy for living, you'll be doing the kind of math that provides enough sunlight for "life" on a planet...

In the course of setting the course of our
great ship of state (what was that big jagged thing
that just floated by?) the President calls out
captainly commands:
Trim that jib! Bi-partisan that line!
To paraphrase an old phrase: bipartisan, bishmartisan!
In the NewSpeak tolerated and employed even by the NYTimes,
"moderate Democrat" means "Republican",
"conservative Democrat" means "Republican",
"bipartisan" means "Republican".

One does not have to dig too deeply into the President's
rather shallow performance to see that he has capitulated
almost entirely to the health insurance cartel. This can
hardly be interpreted as an example of "strong leadership",
instead it is a demonstration of cowardice.

He says he will
cap "out of pocket expenses", but says nothing about premiums, he says you cannot be
denied coverage on account of a pre-existing
condition, but he says nothing about premiums.
This means the insurer can say: sure we can offer
you coverage, but with your pre-existing
condition we will charge you ten thousand dollars
a month. That's tantamount to no coverage at all.

Maybe there are some people, and the representatives they elect, who can't support any legislation proposed by a Non-white President, no matter how needed or how good an idea it may be. A mythology of Satanism and catastrophe is still being entertained in the public mind, assisted by corporate controlled media, and stronger in certain regions and among certain groups calling themselves religious. The promoters of such superstition are playing with psychotic fire.

I visited a business yesterday to inquire about a heating system (maybe wood stove) for a low income friend. I had read that the Stimulus package provides tax incentives for heating upgrades and I hoped this dealer could provide details. They had some old equipment on the sales floor and the installation work was being done by several young men who could not yet speak English. Religious tracts and wise-ass postings about redneck Jesus folk religion were everywhere. The saleswoman went into an insane tirade about how "Cap and Trade" was ruining her business and how that ni**er Obama is a communist, when I asked about tax credits. I explained I just wanted a way to heat a poor person's house. I remained calm and curious as she told me about her own heating system, her Corvette, her swimming pool and her oak trees, her one son in Afghanistan and the other guarding for Wackenhut. Further inquiries led to a back room where trade-ins were stored. In the same room were displayed Klan paraphenalia and a grouping of chairs as for a meeting. Taking her card I promised to "think things over," and boy, have I ever! I felt like I nearly stepped on a hornets' nest.

So you see, there is a netherworld of contradictions and folk belief, in many communities, just beneath a work-a-day surface. When your beliefs are an embarrassment it is hard to change, for to admit your error is to deny everything you have become. Such people can never collaborate with the Non-white, the Non-white Supremacy, that their impending failures contradict. They'd rather die than go to a Non-white doctor.

David H. - Chris Hedges, the former war correspondent, said pretty much the same thing as the old farmer, Wendell Berry. (They may be on different sides of "the split" among those of good will, but see the same thing.) Hedges book is "Empire of Delusion", and I too have mentioned my reading matter several times. Thanks for the Progressive article.

I knew I always liked you Bill Nice work :) The TRUTH

I would love to see Mr Moyers invite Sean Hannity or Mark Levin on his program or maybe go and be a guest on their shows.Perhaps we could get a comparison of who may be the clearest thinker.

Thank you, Mr. Moyers.

Posted by: Clinton Freeman:

"Pres. Obama isn't going to fight for health care reform because he doesn't believe in it. I'm not sure anybody in Washington wants to improve access to quality health treatment.

THERE IS NO REAL DEBATE. People with good ideas are left fighting each other while the people who will be making the decisions aren't listening to anyone except lobbyists. When the government want to do something they act first and worry about public opinion later. Where was all this debate when the wanted to give money to big corporations or send money and troops to Afghanistan or Iraq?

On one hand, we the modern equivalent of the philosophical debate over the number of angels that can dance on the head of a needle. People, who have no evidence to base their judgment on, are getting all excited about what they imagine might happen if something else (often just as imaginary) happens.
On the other hand, we won't get any real evidence until after we experiment and nobody seems willing to or understand how to experiment. Our politicians are horrible scientists.

All these proposals and amendments are just a way for these politician to do the only thing they know how to do – campaign. The Republicans want to stuff as much junk in the bill to please the people who will help them get re-elected and the Democrats want to do the exact same thing. The only part of this charade left is to reach the point where enough Republicans, who want the bill to pass, can vote against it while enough Democrats, who don't want it to pass, are forced to vote for it in order for it become law.

Neither the Congress or the Administration seems the have the slightest idea what they are talking about. This wouldn't be a problem if they weren't so busy trying to make their ignorance law. Many of the health care system's current problems were either caused or exacerbated by similar self-serving amendments put in past bills by equally clueless and/or corrupt politicians.

There need to be a simple bill that everyone can to read and understand. No adding pages of “deals” to get people to vote for it. The politicians can either vote for it or against it. Then we can decide whether we vote for or against them.

We need to stop waiting for the politicians to fight for us and take back power to fight for ourselves."


Yep, good summation Clinton.

Now they are talking about fining people $1000 to $3800 who don't have health insurance.

I suppose many people would be fined. If a person can't afford to pay $8,000 to $10,000 a year for insurance it wont be any more affordable just because a fine is levied.

The healthcare issue can be settled pretty simply if the politicians wished to settle it.

We already have a socialized education system. We all pay for educating the kids. And some of use this system and others don't, but we all pay. The people that don't want to use the public education system go the private education route. So it should be with healthcare.

Tax people 1% to 6% depending on income and start a gov run healthcare system that can be used by any citizen in need. If some of the citizens don't like that setup, then they can go the private healthcare route.

If you have to limit care for the elderly, then do so. Tell them they are free to pay their way to private healthcare. And I'm not a young guy either, I'm near 60. But I realize that we can't keep printing endless money in the US of A.

Put this plan to a national vote and you can be done with it Obama.

Denis and Gabriella, re mass movements I have heard the question: How do the right wing talk hosts stay so on pt while Democrats can't? so many times...a theory popped in my consciousness.

As usual we're a society of "the spectacle." News is reported as if any little perturbation could inaugurate some new zeitgeist--it'll all be good cause the most horrid things are reported gleefully as exactly per This Modern World. At any rate, there exists a notion or a concept of whatever "change" is promised by whomever. We might think they're thick, but right wingers may have noticed the Democrats are split. Instantly they identify that with unsavory gridlock (the norm). When we're tagged with this...anything they propose could come into better focus. It could be jackboots, but if it's something they comes into focus.

Our change is not defined. Theirs is. Our guys are just fine tuning. Heard Blagojevich last night on Colmes. Smart guy [probably won't have time to read his account], but...another fine tuner. It's a job to define our "change"...all the varieties of empire individualism no longer seem to make much sense. Many possible trajectories are out the window. This is not the next thing I had planned to post but...the only definition I've seen lately is Wendell Berry's "Inverting the Economic Order" [sorry, I know I brought it up before, but the force of it just keeps hitting me]. It might not sound to marketable as it inverts somewhat ye olde hedonism...and thus may not appear to be sellable like our 60s definition/notion. Berry's article is in "The Progressive" September issue.

It's time to start talking about the "soul" aspects of our current national state of affairs. I vote for a series of conversations on this topic with poets, healers, philosophers. Carolyn Myss might be a good choice for one such round table. Here's what she wrote recently at HuffPo:

Crimes Against the Soul of America

There is such a thing as a crime against the soul of a nation. A person or a political party can deliberately incite actions that diminish the strength, the integrity, and the overall well-being of a nation's inner core. America's soul is in a fragile state. It has suffered severe violations over the course of this past decade and to lesser degrees, in previous decades. Through the years, the essential integrity of America has been eroded for various reasons but never was it so violated as during the Bush administration. The endless lies, the deceitful years of propaganda that flowed from the West Wing that fed the media, the bogus reasons for setting the Middle East on fire, and converting this country into a corporate state for personal gain are crimes that shattered the soul of this nation more deeply than we have even begun to realize -- if we ever will. The consequences of puncturing the soul of a nation are witnessed in countless ways. For example, there is a decline in the integrity of leadership and a growing apathy on the part of the public to care about keeping watch over its leaders. The nation ceases to produce statesmen or stateswomen. The best the public can do is to send semi-qualified individuals to Washington whose capacity to hold to their promises collapse within minutes of unpacking in their new offices. As for the old guard, they are worn out good old boys mixed in with a few new and not-so-new women on the block, who continue to fall into their same old patterns of deal making and breaking. But nothing of great significance ever happens unless motivated by a catastrophe. Any truly positive ideas for change baffle the Congress. What could this be, they wonder? But of all the crimes covertly and overtly committed by the Bush administration against the soul of America, none is as vile as the deliberate efforts they poured into turning American against American. We see that in the near hatred between the Republicans and Democrats, between liberals and conservatives, between free-thinkers and evangelicals that continues to fester. This crime was a strategic one, a well thought out plan to fragment the people of this nation in a type of contemporary replay of the Civil War. And sadly, the Republicans succeeded. Thank you, Karl Rove. The result is that the soul of America is exhausted, wounded, mistrusting, suspicious, fearful -- and compromised. This is not a soul that can rebuild a country, not if you know anything about the laws of nature and the fundamentals of healing.
So let's apply this to the Republicans present attack on Obama and his plan to address the children in the classrooms of our schools. First, a comment on how education is respected in general by our Congress -- it isn't. And this crime against the soul of America is a travesty for which both Republicans and Democrats should hang their heads in shame. Consider, for example, how the education system through the years has corroded into little more than a mindless competition for grades. And the "No Child Left Behind" program (which should be left far, far behind) is nothing more than an insult to a true educational system that holds in high regard the passing on of knowledge and wisdom and not just technical skills and information. But such a program is in keeping with the insidious goal of the "dumbing down" of America plan that was consciously set in motion under the Reagan Administration (check out The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt). Aside from all the many travesties that have resulted and continue to result from the covert dismantling of America's educational system, let us consider the equally significant if not more tragic consequence of the clever removal of courses that provide students with the essential language required in order to learn how to navigate through the deep and profound matters of the soul. And note that my use of the word "soul" refers to that part of a human being that is more than matter, more than blood and bones. I am not using the word "soul" within the context associated with the politics of right-winged religious fanatics. Rather, I am referring to the essence of what makes a human being truly human, the inherent part of us that is more than meets the eye.
Students on a path toward becoming high functioning human beings must be guided in matters of their soul, namely, how to recognize and respond to a moral crisis; how to formulate a personal ethical code and to withstand challenges to that code within a society that thrives on predator instincts; and how to form and maintain an honor code within a society in which any sense of honor is now held together by legal contracts rather than the integrity of a person's word. Giving our students a common ground for discussions of their fears and insecurities concerning emerging into adult life and how to cope with those difficulties is as much a part of their education as is math and the liberal arts (remember those?). If this is not the role of the classroom, then what is? Should they take their forums into the streets so as not to upset the righteous Right? Should they continue to leave their souls at the doorway of their school buildings, sending in only their bodies and minds to attend their classes? Where should they warehouse their consciences? Where should they store their moral crises that strike with such force during the teen-age years? Perhaps this is the comfort they find in drugs.
It is through discussions such as these that skills of introspection are awakened and a foundation is put in place for the wisdom arts: personal reflection and accountability, discernment, personal virtue, and stamina of spirit. Is it any wonder that as a result of the horrendous decision of the American Congress to "dumb down" our educational system, we now have a public that cannot discern lies from truth? Are we really surprised that we are now living in a society in which the news media saturates us with entertainment instead of actual news and that most of America was too asleep at the wheel to even notice? Should we really have to wonder for more than three seconds as to why so many media reporters have turned into nothing more than gossip mongers and paparazzi, lacking all courage to do actual hard core news, substituting their own hysterical opinions for informed reporting? I'm not surprised at all.
A conscious effort to "dumb down" the education of this nation qualifies as a crime against the soul of America. And dare I say this? If there was something as grievous as a mortal sin committed by a group against its own people, then the Republicans -- with Reagan at the helm -- and all the Democrats who stood by, or worse, backed this catastrophe -- committed that sin when they choreographed how they would dismantle the intellectual power and potential of our own children. (You should check your age -- you could be a product of this crime.)
So is it really any wonder why the Republicans would stage this outlandish outcry over President Obama addressing the schoolchildren of America? You would think that everyone would support the President's desire to inspire our children to want an education. Who would not want to see their children enthusiastic about an education? Hum ... Well, could it be that education intimidates them? I mean, given their history with education and their experience with their recent president as well as their recent candidate for vice-president, you can appreciate that the education of President Obama would engender a bit of jealousy. Consider that when Bush showed up in a classroom, they gave him My Pet Goat to read to the students. Why was that, ya think? Perhaps his team feared a more sophisticated book would be a bit too much for him. Or maybe he was providing students with an example of how "dumbing down" works. Or maybe, just maybe, given Bush's overall success and reputation for brain-power, Republicans fear Obama would inspire students instead of generating the jokes and comedic responses Bush did every time he opened his mouth.
I can't begin to count the number of times I listened to Bush joke about his own lack of intelligence before an audience. The audience members that included some now former as well as present members of the Congress and Senate, actually laughed as he made these comments. Whether they were laughing with him or at him, I couldn't tell. I know I was laughing at him, but I was also embarrassed and ashamed that this man was leading our country. How could he possibly joke about his lack of intelligence before a State Dinner? How could he laugh about his inability to comprehend matters of great importance? Why would he think that the public would find that funny? And if the public did find that funny, shame on them.
The vice-presidential candidate that the Republicans ran in the past election against Obama was of equal educational quality. We all know who I mean, Miss Lipstick-on-a-Pig. Even her humor is low-class, in keeping with her intelligence. One has to ask, "So this was the candidate Republicans believed could handle the cosmic-sized dilemmas we now have facing this nation?" Sarah Palin? Are they nuts? Listening to those Republicans lie about their support of her in the face of the crises facing this nation was a crime against the soul of America. Why? Because they did not believe a word of what they were saying and that was obvious. Most of them could barely cough up their contrived words of support. How they could possibly live with themselves is beyond me. But that is the blessing, I suppose, of having no conscience whatsoever. You're free to say whatever is required in the moment. But if you want to talk about an educational violation, Palin is the poster child. She is a perfect example of the success of the "dumbing down of America" program. No wonder she is a Republican. Birds of a feather, as the saying goes. But you have to give credit where credit is due, yes? So no wonder they fear Obama coming near the classroom. Republicans have little experience with a refined intellect. (They probably are wondering how Obama escaped the, "dumbing down" system. They certainly didn't. Check out Eric Cantor. There's a "dumbing down" success story if I've ever met one.)
I don't blame them for being upset, really. They actually owe America an apology for their actions and for their choices of candidates and for their overall quality control when it comes to who they believe qualifies for leadership positions. Truth is, the Republicans are embarrassed by their own actions and they are poor losers, not to mention unethical and immoral opponents. We just have to get them to own that, right? We have to hold all Democrats to the same standard as well. If a Democrat is unethical or immoral -- burn them at the stake. (That will probably clear out most of the Congress, but in the end, we'll all be better off.)
There comes a time when we have to just stand up to these carnies (slang for carnival barkers) and tell them to stop polluting the soul of America with their constant and endless transmission of psychic free radicals in the form of lies, negative press, ridiculous criticism, overall lack of intelligent ideas and comments, and complete absence of creative thought. We should just blast them with emails and tell them to stop polluting the soul of our nation. Just stop it. We've had enough. I know I have. And I deeply believe the soul of our nation can't take much more of their strategy of deliberate division against the people of their own nation. That is a true crime -- and perhaps their greatest crime -- against the soul of this great nation.

Myss, Chopra, Dr. Gaddy, Patricia Sun, Alice Walker ... Refreshing mixtures, please.

To Mr. HairOfTheDog

That is why you are who you are.

I find Bill Moyers to be so far from the center to the left that his comments are repulsive. His finger poining and bashes of those who don't support healthcare are egotistical and antagonistic. for my tax dollars to go to the support of PBS is absolutely insane!

PBS. The Presidents Broadcast System? How can it possibly be OK for a "journalist" to so nakedly advocate for the President? It's not a bad artcile, although most would argue President Obama, outside of the fact that he is an eloquent orator (keyword: orator), is not a "nice guy." It is crystal clear, after reading your comments, why so few in the public have any faith in the objectivity of journalists. Free press, the "fourth branch," is legitimate only as long as it represents some semblance of objectivity.

Wow, Ron you are out there on the fringe. I think you need to quit watching Fixed News and maybe broaden you informational horizons. Czars were terms created by your great communicator and followed up by Clinton and the Bushies. Actually the Czar nicknames are for positions that have lengthy named offices. I suggest you listen to some of the Eisenhower speeches such as this might broaden you crazed jibberish you are spouting. I see that ignorance is alive and well with you comments.

Mr. Moyers,

By what criteria do you lable Obama a 'nice guy'? Is it the way he tramples the Constitution with his czars, etc? Is it the way he ousts government watchdogs who dare question an Obama friend that abuses fedral funds? Maybe its the way he surrounds himself with radical racists (Rev Right), self-admitted communists (Van Jones), and other Marxists, socialists, and criminals? Maybe its the way he appoints wise Latina racists with no track record of fairly applying the law to out highest court? I know, it must be the way he rams his programs down the throats of the People with no care whatsoever for our objections.

Obama is no nice guy. He is a dangerous, liberal destroyer of America. His healthcare plan and all others (TARP, car mfgr bail-outs, cap and tax, insane spending, and on and on....) have nothing to do with hepling people or the economy. Its all about control. Control of America, control of you and me. No, he is no nice guy, for sure.

Stop guzzling his Kool-aid and take a gander at the obvious truths in front of you.

Dont tread on me,

Dear Mr. Moyers,

You say: "No more mister nice guy Mr. President, we need a fighter."

Whom may I ask should he fight Bill, the congress made up of a majority of his own party, a congress that was his own? Should he fight the same democrats as hinself who promised to get us out of Irag in their congressional campaigns some three years ago, as then congressman Obama did in his own presidential campaign? Should he fight those who will have us jumping deeper into another war? Isn't that himself? Should he fight the same people such as himself who bailed out the banks and AIG? Should he fight the industry he helped bailed out Bill? Or should the President fight the republicans who call him names and even worse, invaded Iraq for what reason again? But didn't the President say we had to let that go Bill? I wonder why, don't you? Should he simply fight congress what ever party we call them, who have spent away our future? Or should he simply fight himself Mr. Moyers, fight the system because truly isn't he, or are they not really all One and the same?


Well said Mr. Moyers, well said indeed. I hope President Obama is listening to you and the others of us who say, "No More Mr. Nice Guy", let's get Medicare for all Americans without the Republicans.

Re: Moral leadership in our age
Item: open letter to the president

Dear Mr. President,

Amid the current political impasse, I think you are missing the opportunity
to apply strongly the moral element. A strong moral argument about the
importance of preserving, strengthening, and extending our common social
institutions is needed now. Such a strong moral argument would transcend
the pettiness of those who would destroy every shred of social solidarity.
You don't have to march on Washington as did Martin King, you are already there.

Re: Moral leadership in our age
Item: open letter to the president

Dear Mr. President,

Amid the current political impasse, I think you are missing the opportunity
to apply strongly the moral element. A strong moral argument about the
importance of preserving, strengthening, and extending our common social
institutions is needed now. Such a strong moral argument would transcend
the pettiness of those who would destroy every shred of social solidarity.
You don't have to march on Washington as did Martin King, you are already there.

Mr. Moyers, I told you so!!.

if you would check a few months back, this is what I hoped you would say, and now you said it.



Well said indeed!

Military spending
You are too much of a pro I believe to have let this massive wastefulness merely slip out of this discussion. You've been around too long to merely let massive deficits, falling tax reciepts, and wage deflators slip away from discussion. You've studied history enough I surmise to know that a devalued currency is a wrecking ball to ANY civilization it hits, especially when said devaluation is planned as policy.

So, I have to ask you, why no mention of it from you to us here now, and further why no question of it to our reprentatives by you to them?

You know the country cannot afford this legislation while it is so immorally profligate in its global killing apparatus, so drunken in its debt expansion, and so miserly in its wealth allocations?

Something stinketh.

Thank you for your advice to President Obama. This is a time for true leadership so that the health needs of the American people overcome the special interests. Medicare without age restriction is the public-option people thought candidate Obama was going to enable us to purchase. Instead, congress is adding more private insurance and a mandate to coerce us into purchasing from the dysfunctional patchwork. Where's the "option" in that?

If there's not a Medicare purchase option then it'll be just be more corporate wealth care. The public option is circling the drain and it sounds like they'll try to pull the plug soon! However, some progressive Democrats are resisting and stating that they will not sign the final bill if it does not contain a public option and I commend them for their courage and integrity. They should agree instead to sign HR 676 to protect people from HR 3200's extortion for profit!

If our elected representatives will not initiate comprehensive national reform like HR 676 they should scrap HR 3200 with all it's complexity. Instead, remove the age barrier and give people the OPTION of buying into something they want and understand - traditional Medicare.

HR 3200 is heavily dependent on subsidies (contained in the synopsis under the Affordability topic) I have no problem with a taxpayer supported NON-PROFIT health care system but taxpayer dependent private, for-profit health insurance is another matter. Insurance company profits and Wall Street medicine are the problem not the solution. I oppose being mandated to support their waste and profits through my taxes and the soon to be required mandate that all people purchase insurance from them (synopsis content under Individual Responsibility)"Except in cases of hardship, once market reforms and affordability credits are in effect, individuals will be responsible for obtaining and maintaining health insurance coverage. Those who do not obtain coverage will pay a penalty of 2.5 percent of modified adjusted gross income above a specified level."

I object to this extortion for profit and coercion that caves into the pressure from the insurance and health industrial complex and I want to buy traditional Medicare coverage.

Former Green Czar Van Jones has risen in stature (in my estimation) since Beck and the Astros slandered him.

1. Jones was correct that "Hoopties for Hybrids" would have been a better program than "Cash for Clunkers".
2. Jones was correct to ask (by petition) for a re-examination of suspicious events surrounding 9/11. Maybe he can promote that now that he has left the Obedient Administration.
3. Jones is correct that Cap and Trade is an inadequate effort to green up the economy and lessen climate change.
4. Jones has a good heart and is candid about how people are radicalized by unresolved injustices and unjustified police violence.

They say Jones is a good organizer and promoter and gives an effective speech. Although he is tainted as a Yaley, I look for more good things from him.

(I thought the days of red-baiting had expired, but maybe not. It's like a sick religion, isn't it?: No actual threat required.)

The following was posted 8/29/09 @ as comment on Joan Walsh's article "Kennedy's Impossible Dream? I Don't Think So"

Barack Obama, meet Alice Cooper

Dear President Obama:

While enjoying your well-earned vacation, I suggest you spend some time reading the letter to you from Anne Lamott printed in the 8/27/09 L.A. Times Op-Ed section and listening to at least two songs from that underestimated political pundit known popularly as Alice Cooper.

Mr. Obama, it is part of your backstory that you seek to reconcile disparate interest groups, such as when you were elected as Harvard Law Review president. Well, Mr. Obama, it is now 2:59 on the last day of school. You need to meet with the two Maine senators, at Camp David, or before you return to the White House or have them over for lunch (or a beer) ASAP after you return to the White House. If you cannot get a commitment from the only grown-ups left in the Republican Party to support a reasonable health care reform bill that either mirrors the coverage options available to Congress or includes a public option, you should shout "School's Out" in the West Wing and then go on TV to announce "No More Mr. Nice Guy".

You need to meld the communication skills of FDR, Ronald Reagan and GW Bush (yes, he had one) and state unequivocally that you will once again be the advocate for the American public and stand against the mendacious, predatory practices of the the medical/pharma/insurance complex. You can tell the mini-state sycophants such as Baucus, Conrad, et al that if they stand against you, you will work for a single-payer plan and that the immediate benefits of such a plan will work against its opponents in 2010, 2012 and thereafter.

You need to pay more attention to those appearing on Bill Moyers Journal (Wendell Potter and Maggie Mahar) and less to uber-lobbyists like Billy Tauzin and the ultra-corrupt CEOs at UnitedHealth Group (William McGuire and Stephen Hemsley). Why do these people, who are indistinguishable from the criminally negligent (at least) Wall Street tycoons who have bankrupted this country and precipitated the health care/insurance crisis for millions of Americans, have a seat at the table (Max Baucus' table, if not yours) while those who are truly interested in providing necessary, affordable and irrevocable health care to all Americans are denied a seat?

Mr. President, to honor the memory of Ted Kennedy, who labored on behalf of universal health coverage for 40+ years, and all those who have done so since at least 1915, please commit to at least 15 minutes per day, having a press conference with individuals whose lives have been devastated due to lack of or loss of insurance, or who reached "maximums" and were forced into bankruptcy. Also meet with doctors and nurses and other care-givers who can relate stories in which insurance companies impeded or denied appropriate care. You should also challenge every listener/viewer to ask these questions about their own health care:
1) What happens to my family's health care if I or my spouse lose employment?
2) What happens to my family's health care if my employer drops one or all carriers or if my carrier cancels its policy with my employer?
3) What happens to my family's health care if a family member has a pre-existing condition, such as pregnancy?
4) What happens to my family's health care if a family member reaches an annual or lifetime maximum on a benefit and further costs are incurred?
5) What happens if a member of my family suffers from an illness or requires treatment that is not covered by my insurer?

Mr. Obama, you have two choices:
1) You can settle for some incremental changes that will benefit many Americans but will more greatly benefit private insurers/providers and their shareholders, deferring substantive reform until we again have a progressive President and large Democratic majorities in both chambers.
2) You can take a stand on behalf of the unrepresented stakeholders in this fight against those who seem to have all of the political/financial power.

I'm reading everyone's posts and wondering just how many have downloaded and read the healthcare bill Obama so desperately urged congress and the senate to pass before the August break(before most people had a chance to read it).HR3200 is a blank check for abuse and control.Do you all really know what you're asking for?Please take the time to inform your selves before expressing a position.I can't believe so many of you are willing to give up so much of your privacy,independence, freedom,and your present healthcare,for such vague,long winded,and scary promise.

Dear Mr. Moyers:

I was riveted to my television in the final segment of your September 4 program in which you clearly and passionately made the stand for health care which had previously been hijacked by conservatives and the health care industry. I hope that President Obama finds the opportunity to read it, and rediscovers the courage to announce his support of the public option by Wednesday night! Thank you.

Ken Stout

No more Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. BILL MOYERS ! We need a fighter...
We love you .

I agree. BRAVO!!! Bill. You were the voice of the "average" citizen when you concluded your segment Friday evening. However, I fear no one is listening, he's one of "them" now, surrounded by those who are sheltered from life as it actually is for the majority of America, those who have no clue about the struggles of everyday life especially now with the soaring unemployment rate. All of us see quite well what is happening, we are not unintelligent or uneducated, as I'm sure most of the wealthy and affluent believe. It has been said that one day there will be only the rich class and the poor, no middle class and I believe we are soon there! One last request, please compile all these comments and send them off to the President with a copy of Friday's program.

Keep up the good work!

Elsie Weaver

Thank you for stating this so clearly! I emailed President Obama to ask him to listen to your message. I hope he stands up for what is best for the American people and not for the insurance and pharmaceutical companies!

You said everything we have wanted Obama to hear. Thanks for actually saying it on television.

Mr. Moyers,

Your message to President Obama gave my family hope. You took what was in our hearts and phrased it so eloquently.

We heard your call to arms and we hope the President and every Democratic Senator and Congressman heard it too.

I wrote the White House that they should view last Friday's BMJ because all five members of my family support every word that Mr. Moyers said.

We recorded your message because my 86 year old father wanted to hear it again and we want to have it in our archives.

Thank you Mr. Moyers! My husband and I have been listening to you since we came to this country 33 years ago because you are the only one we trust. If you ever plan a visit to San Diego please drop me an email. You have a standing invitation to a home cooked Indian meal at our house. That is the best way our family knows how to honor someone we really respect with our minds and hearts.

Vera Kripalani
San Diego, CA

Thank you ever so much, Mr. Moyers, for saying exactly what I would have said to President Obama. You are the only commentator I feel I can really trust. I wish YOU were running things.

Right On Bill.
Drop by the Whitehouse and tell the Pres to his face why we need Single payer health care.
His inner circle apparently edits everything before meeting with him. All elitists with no clue about reality of living in Uhhhh'merica!

While you're at it, drop by Max Baucus' office and tell him to go back to his family's million acre sheep ranch where he belongs, and to take his buddies at the Profiteering Lilly, AFLAC, Pfizer, and Blue Cross with him. They can play house with the sheep instead of our lives.

Thank you Mr. Moyer. Health Care is a a condition we all should care about. I think you hit the right note by asking our President to do what we elected him to do and not cave in to the big money of the insurance and drug industry. I asked our President and my Congressional representatives to please view your message as it reflects my views so accurately.
Keep up the great work. My wife and I enjoy the journal and watch it as often as we can.

It is troubling to see the corporations expanding their power in every way and to feel so powerless. I work for a big healthcare provider, who in the debate across the nation is telling employees to influence their congress people on the corporations behalf. What will stop this if not through the ballot box, and yet if corporations have even greater voice because of the economics of free speech, when will I have my say, or my vote. How will this danger be stopped.

As my 14-year-old would say, "Awesome and brilliant!"

I did not give up two years of my life to elect an administration that now tells us we must settle for "incremental change" that's "uniquely American" and that "won't scare anybody." These are nothing more than euphemisms for continuation of corporate control of our health-care system.

The bills before Congress at this moment are not worthy of being named after Sen. Kennedy, who was a tireless champion not just for the most downtrodden among us, but for America's working middle class.

Unless we end up with a strong, viable public option in the final bill, one that will actually make sense for a critical mass of us to sign up for, I propose we name the weak, impotent bill the Status Quo Sanctification & Extension Act, a phrase coined by a conservative I usually disagree with, David Brooks.

It is truly pathetic when I, a proud, patriotic progressive, have more in common with David Brooks at this critical juncture in the health-care debate, than I do with the Obama administration, the DNC, and OFA.

If they give us a bill that will only attract the poorest of the poor to become participants, those who oppose health-care reform will rightly claim that all we are doing is increasing America's welfare state.

Give me a bill that will provide me and my family with a robust option that will entice me to drop my over-priced private insurance that has more exclusions than swiss cheese has holes. Or give it up and prepare for this to be another "Jimmy Carter presidency."

Yes, I would agree with you Mr. Moyers. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. President Obama is doing what he got elected for, to pay back all the corporate companies that donated millions to pave the way for him to become president. Health Care Companies have won their battle, for they will clearly get paid back and will be richer and more powerful. Our democracy is headed for the end game, and if the Supreme Court rules that corporations should be able to speak with no limits in elections, our democracy is surely dead.

With it being so obvious, it is past time to begin calling any health program that involves private insurers "The Corporate Option".

"I am afraid we are going to awaken one morning very soon to hear Rush Limbaugh
announcing that Obama was his man all along and we were all duped."

Good morning, Bernice!


There have been some hopeful signs regarding public discourse lately. Take a look at Al Franken talking to regular folks about health care. I caught it on Huff Post. His demeanor seems to defuse the shout-mongers in the group and he's able to have a civil discussion with these folks. He listens to them and addresses their questions in a simple and direct manner. It's really beautiful. Maybe Minnesotans are just polite by nature. The head-to-head between Tom Ridge and Rachel Maddow was nice too. They didn't resort to the sort of shrill self righteousness that is so in vogue these days. While I had to credit Rachel for not laughing in Mr. Ridge's face, Mr. Ridge himself could have stooped to the current popular style of shouting and hand waving and he didn't. If this sort of give and take could catch on it would serve our country well and the quality of media debate would improve dramatically.

It is amazing how quickly the slogan of "yes we can" has morphed into a "yes, we could have been". The interest of the masses has so effectively been funneled through the barrel of special interests that any attempt to defend President Obama and his failed promises is riddled with disappointment and hopelessness. Thank you Bill Moyers for being a true journalist.

Bill is absolutely correct. President Obama must step up to the plate and go for the high hard one. As it looks now, he's going to bunt a sacrifice out. Not why I supported him.
Bill Clinton was called the first black president, but Obama is about to become the first black Jimmy Carter.
Lyndon Johnson got the Civil Rights Act through by squeezing congress. It was a proud moment in US history.
President Obama needs to stop listening to those old soft-shoe advisors who are dragging him to the "middle." None of them ever won an election and their only "expertise" is losing.
The middle of today is the far, far right of yesterday. Ask a John Bircher - he thinks HE'S the middle.
Quit thinking about a second term. Do it right the first time.
I am astounded by the people who show up to an Obama event with guns strapped to their hips and a rifle slung over the shoulder.
Does anyone believe this is sane behavior?
If someone had tried it during the Bush years - he would be rotting in Moroccan prison getting sunlight mailed to him on alternate years.
Three people in Denver were arrested for having a non-Bush bumper sticker, yet barely a word is said about the gunslingers.
What's next? Showing up at a rally with a pillowcase and a rope?
It's disgusting.
Those people inside the townhall screaming against health care won't change their minds about it either. You can't convince a closed mind.
I think that most of the protestors feel like they have power like never before. They are on TV and reporters are asking THEM questions.
For the first time in their hardscrabble lives - they are important.
They don't see that the same thumb they've been under forever, is now the guiding hand. Once Pharaoh no longer needs them, they'll be right back figuring how to pay the rent.
Hopefully, none of them will become ill. Because if health reform doesn't come - they won't be getting any free passes in the hospital line.

You're the only public voice that is saying what most of the people are privately screaming. I've been writing to President Obama and my Sen. Durbin, trying to get them to fight for a public plan, but everyone seems to be stepping back from the fight. I hope the TV was on in the Whitehouse, to hear your plea. Thanks, and don't stop.

Joseph Kloza, What made you think that Bill Moyers criticism of "crackpots on the right praying for Obama to die and be sent to hell" only included white people?

The person Bill Moyers described as "the creature from the Second Amendment who showed up at the President's rally armed to the teeth" was indeed African-American. When Bill said "He's certainly one of us", he wasn't speaking for white America, he was speaking for ALL Americans. He even went on to say, "Red, white, and blue kooks are as American as apple pie and conspiracy theories." Bill was correct on every point, and on every level.

The fact that the kook in this instance was African-American, doesn't "invalidate the logic" behind Bills opinion one bit, nor does it justify the fear mongering and intimidation tactics of Republican extremists.

Dear Bill: When you finished your comments about health care proposals, and urged Obama to be a fighter, I jumped from my chair, shouted, and clapped!!!!!!! Your forthrightness, your candor, and reasoned observations is like a bell ringing across the country loud and clear. Your words were prophetic. As a doctor with 40 years of experience, you are telling it like it is. Than k you for your courage to speak for those of us who believed what President Obama said in his campaign. Now is the time for honesty in the administration...for honesty, integrity, and for statesmanship.
Marvin E. Blough, M.D. and Mary Blough

Hooray, hooray, hooray, thank heavens, hooray! I was standing on my feet, jumping for joy with your closing comments to Friday's program (Sept 4).
Finally, done with the intellectualizing, the balanced arguments, the equal time. If this is a nation founded on Christian principles then health should be a basic right and not a commodity and we should ALL be sure we are ALL cared for in a manner that supports good health, civil discourse and exemplifies Christian beliefs. I am deeply troubled by the hypocracy, the cruelty, the greed, the egregiously unethical conduct of so many. I am praying for the President to spark our better selves to action NOW for an health care reform that will really provide an option for the ordinary, working soul. If we must compromise with the capitalist beasts at least be sure the shivering masses can survive or who will work for them? I do not know why we are not marching in the streets. Thank you Mr. Moyers for your stirring message!!!

I found this week's journal very informative.I believe any real American would be gravely concerned about the direction events are taking andt the lack of any meaningful response from the Obama administration. I am afraid we are going to awaken one morning very soon to hear Rush Limbaugh
announcing that Obama was his man all along and we were all duped.
This administration demonstrates an astonishing lack of backbone when the chips are down.
The guys in Washington are fully aware of how the public thinks and feels. They poll, poll, poll.
They are evidently too comfortable once they get what they want and the public be damned.
Bill Moyers Journal is a
voice of reason in the middle of insanity. Thank you for all the education you have brought us. I just wish it could have been more frequent and you could have directed us over and over again as to what we need to do to create needed change.
One thing we have to keep in mind is that it would be a terrible mistake, if this bill fails, to vote for the right wing in future campaigns.
What we need is more politicians who believe in the public option sitting in congress.

Bill Moyers’ comment, “Forget what you learned in civics about the Founding Fathers — we're the children of Barnum and Bailey, our founding con men" and Henry Giroux’s description of the"culture of cruelty" are indeed alarming.

Eric Hoffer’s classic, The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements, has great relevance to our times. Hoffer's insight about mass movements was that they are an outlet for people whose individual significance is meager in the eyes of the world and, more important, in their own eyes.

Hoffer said: "The less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready he is to claim all excellence for his nation, his religion, his race or his holy cause."

People who are fulfilled in their own lives and careers are not the ones attracted to mass movements: "A man is likely to mind his own business when it is worth minding," Hoffer said. "When it is not, he takes his mind off his own meaningless affairs by minding other people's business."

What Hoffer was describing was the political busybody, the zealot for a cause — the "true believer," who filled the ranks of ideological movements that created the totalitarian tyrannies of the 20th century. "It is the true believer's ability to shut his eyes and stop his ears to facts which in his own mind deserve never to be seen nor heard which is the source of his unequalled fortitude and consistency." "The proselytizing fanatic strengthens his own faith by converting others. The creed whose legitimacy is most easily challenged is likely to develop the strongest proselytizing impulse."

Hoffer is describing the political busybodies, the zealots for “the cause,” the "true believers," who are filling the ranks of our current crackpot right wing ideological movement.

Hoffer’s words should serve as a warning, “Unless a man has the talents to make something of himself, freedom is an irksome burden...We join a mass movement to escape from individual responsibility, or, in the words of an ardent young Nazi, 'to be free from freedom.' It was not sheer hypocrisy when the rank-and-file Nazis declared themselves not guilty of all the enormities they had committed. They considered themselves cheated and maligned when made to shoulder responsibility for obeying orders. Had they not joined the Nazi movement in order to be free from responsibility?"

Dear Bill Moyers

I just finished watching your Sept. 4th program. As usual, you were right on. Is there any way it - especially your closing remarks - could be hand delivered to President Obama and his advisors? I know I am not alone in emailing President Obama asking him to be a stronger leader. Coming from you, I am sure, would carry more weight. "no more Mr. Nice Guy!" Absolutely right.

I am a long time follower and fan of "you" Bill...I have been with you since the days of Joseph Campbell and continue to believe closely to you. THis latest statement was particularly upfront and I found it refreshing to hear such a strong opinion coming from you on the issue(s). HOWEVER I also am constantly sharing clips, like yours, with right wing friends on Facebook and was particularly disappointed to have them point out the inacurracy of the video you included in the post which showed...not a white man...but a black man at a rally that Pres. Obama was speaking at. It appears that you cloned the video from MSNBC and attributed it to, at least by inference to a white reaction to our President. I am a supporter of the President, of health care for all ! and many other so called "liberal" causes. HOWEVER framing the argument with such an error allows the right to invalidate the logic behind your VERBAL argument / statement. Why did you let it happen Bill?

I fully agree with Bill Moyer and would like to add one more thing: You are right Mr Moyer, no more Mr Nice Guy; and this stands for each and every one of us. We must urgently shake our lethargy and let our president, senators and congressman what we want, which is, we want them to serve our interests, not those of the health care industry.
I wrote this piece that i invite you to send to lawmakers and to spread around you. Or join any of the initiatives going around as we speak, or say it in your own words. Just do it. And then do it again, and again, as your opponents are vociferous and are trying to cover your voice.

Here it is:
Every single day that real health care reform that provides true universal coverage is being postponed:
• 5.5 billion are spent in health care. 2 billion of this money is wasted in inefficiency, with 500 million dollars wasted on unnecessary administrative expenses alone. On top of that, another 500 million dollars or more are wasted on direct or indirect cost of malpractice lawsuits, malpractice insurance and the practice of defensive medicine to avoid them.
• Close to 100,000 people are denied coverage from their insurance for pre-existing conditions
• Tens of thousands of people are dropped by their insurance because
o They have a catastrophic illness
o They lost their job and cannot afford COBRA – which only last 18 months anyway
o They were covered by their spouses and got divorced
o They have reached their yearly limits or their lifetime limits
o Any other reason fomented by the very creative minds of the health insurance industry
• 1,836 people file for bankruptcy because of health bills they cannot afford; out of these, 1,432 actually have so called “health insurance”
• 50 people actually die, put to death by health’s insurance death panels
It’s all in your hands. You could be next. Do you want to be a statistic? Are you gone fall for the health insurance propaganda and be a proxy fighter for their executives and shareholders? Or are you use your best judgment and stand up to defend your best interests?
The death panels from the health insurance industry are a shame and an abomination and they must be abolished. We cannot let the insurance lobby win again.
In 1993, the health insurance industry was given a chance to reform itself. Since then, health insurance premiums more than doubled and so did the number of uninsured. We cannot let that happen again. At 17% of GDP, health care costs are bankrupting the economy. Without real reform, it will get even worse.
The opponents of public health care (as if Medicare/Medicaid and VA – that these same opponents defend so furiously - were not public) should be consistent with themselves and ask for private firefighters (good luck Scottsdale or Los Angeles suburbs), private police and private army (Atwater anyone?).
Advocates of health care reform must also push for comprehensive tort reform to reign in the malpractice direct and indirect costs.
Only universal health insurance with a public option will reign in the out of control health insurance cartel! A comprehensive tort reform will put out of business the ambulance chasers. Act now! 

Dear Bill Moyers,
Thank you for reporting on healthcare reform. I, too wrote a letter to President Obama asking him fight for all of us who need this so much.
I have been saying all along- Healthcare is a service that some profiteers have turned into a commodity- and make outragous amounts of money off the pain and suffering of millions of americans.
Ps. the teabaggers are being paid to post and name call- oh how I hope they open their eyes to the human condition. How many will die?

Thank you for your thoughtful treatment of the day's issues. I am pleased that some of our less progressive brethren are looking in, judging from their pity remarks. Presently, good health coverage is available to the rich, the elderly, the poor, and government workers. Reform needs to give it to working folk and children, our most precious resources. That is just plain, good sense.

Does anyone want to buy a set of Obama lawn chairs? Never been used.

Dear Mr. Moyers:

Thank you so very much for your closing comments addressed to President Obama on Friday evening. i do not consider myself to part of the left of the left as "unamed White House advisors" are so found of calling those many Americans that support a public option. However, I feel increasing disenfranchised by a government that ignores the best interests of its citizens. I know you won't mind that Molly Ivins remains my favorite Texan (because I know you loved her too), but you are right up there neck and neck with her - speaking the words to power and to politicians that we mere individuals can't seem to get across no matter how many letters and e-mails we write to President Obama and my elected representatives. Unfortunately, I am from San Antonio Texas so it is completely hopeless that either Senators Hutchison or Cornyn or Rep. Lamar Smith will listen or care about what I say. I voted for President Obama, as did a lot of others who I know, because he held out the hope that that he would listen to the voices of compassionate Americans who care about the welfare of our neighbors and the future of this country and the earth for our children and grandchildren.
Sadly, I am disheartened and discouraged by President Obama's lack of leadership on health care reform - I hope he listens to you and takes your words to heart.

Thank you for your weekly program - it gives me hope for the future and helps me to deal with the difficult issues we face. Please don't stop - we need you very much.

Allen D. cummings

Dear Mr Moyers, I just viewed your video Obama's Moment. I am amazed that you indulge so deeply in partisan propoganda.While you are judging talk radio and the right,and all the rest of us,don't forget to add your name to the nut list.If we are making suggestions to the president as to whom he should ask to write his speeches,I would like to suggest that he should ask Van Jones to write his speeches,maybe then we would get a clearer view of what Obama really thinks.

I am amazed at the number of comments that CLAIM Bill Moyers is fair reasonable and balanced. One poster above cited 94% approval of Mr Moyers closing comments at daily Kos... the nation #1 super progressive / left wing web site.

I am a Long time progressive/ Liberal. I loathe crackpots like Sarah Palin and I do NOT what daily Kos to be naything other than a progressive web iste.

But please spare me the BS. Moyers is a REAL and very smart progessive which is WHY we watch him.

and when folks site Molly Ivins as proof that Myers is fair and balanced... I kind of bust out laughing.

Is Medicine (Health Care) for those who can afford it? In many respects, those who can afford health care still harbor the 19th Century attitude of the affluent as depicted by Dickens: “The Sick, Poor and Infirm should die and cease to be a burden on society.” The for-profit health care insurers of our free trade society and modern medicine have betrayed those whom it seeks to serve. Benjamin Franklin made a very astute observation with: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pond of cure.” The For Profit Heath Care Provider says: “Prevention is a limited source of profit, where a cure will produce higher premiums and income through the manipulation test procedures and treatments.” Medicine as defined by the Hippocratic Oath is a humanitarian service that has been undermined by the profit motive. Does a person become a physician to become wealthy or seek to make a contribution to the health and well being of the people whom he or she has been trained to serve? Is it the duty of this nation to provide for the health for wellbeing of its people who support and defend its integrity and freedom? These are not just the military, but the average citizen how pays taxes, votes and expects fair treatment and a return on his or her tax investment in the nation. We are now faced with the decision of to tax or not to tax to provide for health care. Whether it is better to suffer the pain of enduring deficits to placate the affluent or to tax the affluent who can afford to pay end them. A nation that grants the freedom of life liberty and the pursuit of wealth must demand the obligation of responsibility of giving back to that nation for those gifts received. The average citizen of modest means can no longer be the one who shoulders the financial and security burdens of this nation. The affluent must step up to the task of bringing financial stability to this nation by paying their fair share of the tax burden.

Of course we have no money for health care. Let the people just die. We have too many more wars to fight, banks to bailout, corporate welfare to give away...thanks to the stupid Americans who continually submit to this slavery and write comments like the ones you see here.

The cost-benefit analysis of human life. Wonder how many of those claim to be pro-life? Oh, yeah, that's right. You are only pro-life when it is about controlling a woman's body.

We have exactly the world we create.

Thank you Bill for reminding the President about the importance of a just health care program for all Americans. Shame on us when there are thousands who die yearly because they do not have health insurance.

The national debate on healthcare will go on,but I'm afraid we may be deprived of the valued input from Barak Obama and his people because now he has to go out and search for a replacement for Van Jones.Too bad.Finding such an extreme rasist communist lunatic won't be easy.

Thank you Bill for reminding the President about the importance of a just health care program for all Americans. Shame on us when there are thousands who die yearly because they do not have health insurance.

Richard Bergman, "So inciduous is the denial associated with obsessive greed that they would take down a potentially uniquely effective and visionary presidency, just for the sake of their small and narrow desires for wealth and power and to hell with their fellow citizens and the well being of the planet."

The discussion on the cable station calling itself "THE place for politics" was about how to save the "brand" of Obama. So, Mr. Bergman, not even the people behind the curtain BELIEVE that a single human being is "all that"...he was "branded" (packaged and sold) as "all that"...

What is REAL is when IMPERFECT people do the right thing. We all better HOPE that more than one person in the USA is "potentially" COMPETANT and VISIONARY! And that we get to VOTE for those "potential" people to represent our $$$ and labor commitments (ideals and values, right?) in "government". That's what really moves the ball down the field.

Big Giant Heads and "supreme being" totalitarian programming is NOT what is uniquely "american" - never was.

So how did we became the country that sends a billion $$$ a year of tax dollars to countries like Afghanistan to prop up the opium trade? Who's "potential" was that?

Dear Mr. Moyers,

Your courage and oratory luminosity give me strength and great encouragement. When I speak as directly as you have, I am marginalized and have lost many venues of livelihood as as the result of not keeping my work in the realm of "nice." I have always refused to be the Nice Submissive Woman who plays to the middle. I have refused to sell out and my retirement plan is to continue working as a creative provocateur until the day I die. I add your name to the litany I sing in times of struggle.

Thank you,
Magdalena Gomez
Springfield, Massachusetts

Thank you. You got this prescription right!

Thank you, Mr. Moyers, for your video of your thoughts on President Obama and his plan for health reform.

The "culture of cruelty" and "crackpot-ism" has wormed its way into every segment of society and government, including, but not limited to, government agencies, healthcare corporations, insurance companies, and "big media," but in education and housing, as well.

I am on Social Security Disability, which doesn't even come close as being enough to live on, as a direct result of "perceived disability" discrimination, in which the State of Florida destroyed my career based on medical history and past health insurance claims, a case in which I have represented myself Pro Se for over three years, and which I have now appealed to the US Supreme Court, Case No. 09-5443.

Simultaneously, the FL Supreme Court is "sitting on" Petitions for Writs of Mandamus I filed, because to act on them would entail prosecuting 1st District Court of Appeal Chief Judge Paul M. Hawkes, Custodian of Record, for refusing to provide me with copies of case documents filed which opposing counsel refused to provide me with in violation of FL Statutes and Rules of Procedure, and for which my Motion to Expedite has been denied.

As well, the FL Supreme Court transferred another Petition for Writ of Mandamus back down to the same corrupt 1st District Court of Appeal mentioned above, which I filed to hold the FL Commission on Human Relations, Gov. Crist (FCHR Commissioners are all gubernatorial appointees), and Div. of Administrative Hearings accountable for the act of bias of sharing inappropriate documentation with opposing counsel--and there the case "sits," in spite of the fact that the FL Supreme Court has original jurisdiction over FCHR, and par for the course, my requests for case status and "ministerial and procedural information" in accordance with FL Statute 28.215 are ignored, ridiculed, treated with disrespectful disdain, and retaliated against when I express justifiable outrage and request written communications in response to my requests.

In 2008, Ascension Health/Sacred Heart Hospital/Sacred Heart Medical Group/Cardiology Consultants/Pensacola Sleep Disorders Center, attempted to use me to commit Medicaid Fraud, which I refused to go along with, which neither Attorney General Bill McCollum or CFO Alex Sink--both gubernatorial wanna-be's--will prosecute or even investigate. I have filed a civil suit in which I represent myself Pro Se, which is set for Hearing Oct. 13th, as attorneys for these Defendants have filed Motions to Dismiss.

And now, in 2009, the condo in which I've been a tenant since Jan. 2008 is in foreclosure by Deutsch Bank, and the local resident condo association yahoos taped a nasty note to the elevator wall stating all who stay in units with unpaid association fees are "stealing from us" and "not welcome here," immaturely "scapegoating" and "witch-hunting" our society's most vulnerable citizens, and those the law protects the least, for the current housing crisis, rather than having the intelligence to deal with the true perpetrators in this crisis or practice respect, compassion, and sensitivity towards these victims. And so the selfish "culture of cruelty" continues, which is the result of the profit-driven, greed-infested oligarchy which infects our nation.

I've experienced many other injustices not mentioned here, but because of the injustices I've suffered, I'm working on a book entitled Pro Se Can You Plea, which addresses injustices in our judicial system, as well as violations and abuses perpetrated on Pro Se litigators by Clerks of Courts, as well as injustices and "cruelties" perpetrated upon Pro Se Indigent litigants by attorneys and judges, including the role "Risk Managers" and "Counsel(s)" play in these injustices.

Our judicial system is often a last recourse for citizens who have been abused and violated by insurance companies, healthcare corporations, financial institutions, et al., which would not be the case if government agencies were not so corrupt and in the pockets of lobbyists and corporations to begin with. Therein lies much of the problem, and until the stranglehold lobbyists and corporations have on government is broken and forever barred, the "culture of corruption" and "crackpot-ism" will continue to plague our nation until it is poisoned into oblivion.

Carol Tucker, MA
Court Reform-NOW
(I hope to have a website up and running in the near future.)

Louisville, Kentucky Tea Party Hate Talk
I'm a progressive and I had to see what's going on at these Tea Party's for myself. I shot tons of photos and put up 4 short to the point videos, trying to capture the flavor of the event.
Those that take the time to view them will be amazed at what is being said at these events
James Pence

Louisville, Kentucky Tea Party Hate Talk
I'm a progressive and I had to see what's going on at these Tea Party's for myself. I shot tons of photos and put up 4 short to the point videos, trying to capture the flavor of the event.
Those that take the time to view them will be amazed at what is being said at these events
James Pence

I LOVE this comment and the Wendall Potter interview. Please note that there is a pro-health care reform rally being held on the Mall in Washington, D.C. on September 13. The idea was first suggested by Robert Reich and then picked up by Rep Fattah and several health care reform organizations. Please encourage people to come out to support the public option and health care reform. Thanks.

Thank you Mr Moyers,
Your closing comments were so powerful that it prompted me send e-mails to all three of my US Congress members, and President Obama, urging them to view rebroadcasts of your program! The over arching importance of this issue has caught my attention for some time. Your program focused on the reason why there is no bipartisanship, why legislation on healthcare, climate change and investment in infrastructure is so difficult, the culprit is corporate money, power and bribery. Mitch McConnell, Mr. Abrams and the Conservative power structure are all drinking the same ideological koolaid. They try to sell the notion that there is not a dark side to greed and, conservatives since the Reagan/Gingrich revolution, have manipulated the masses, utilizing corporate media to perpetuate the myth that pursuit of greed and the 'unregulated free market' is all virtue and any sense of community is a foray into socialism. This divisive political tactic is as old as union busting. Keep the masses divided and conquer.
These are the final death throws of our democracy with only a very slim chance of rescue. Citizens will have to demand public, voter financing of federal elections. The alternative, with the aid of the Conservative Activist members of the supreme court, will be to cross the event horizon into the black hole of total corporate fascism. Anyone that thinks, as several members of our supreme court think, that the Constitution provides for this type of co opting of this democracy set up for 'we the people' is disingenuous, in denial, delusional, ignorant of our constitutional history or suffering from corporate control megalomania.
We are facing issues so profound that not only is the viability of our democracy at stake but the wellbeing of higher life and civilization hangs in the balance. Instead of trying to enlist the aid of our best science, conservative factions, in their rush to maintain financial support and promote the keystone of their platform above all else, “maintaining a pro-business environment” (code speak for 'democracy is for sale to the highest bidder'), have manipulated the masses for the sake of their agenda with fear and through belief systems fueled by red herring hot button issues such as 'socialized medicine', 'death panels' and 'defensive marriage amendments', ect.
So inciduous is the denial associated with obsessive greed that they would take down a potentially uniquely effective and visionary presidency, just for the sake of their small and narrow desires for wealth and power and to hell with their fellow citizens and the well being of the planet. Conservatives like to wave the flag but their deceptive tactics have made it increasingly obvious where the true internal enemies of our democracy lie.
Conservative fears of leaving a large debt to our successors after the spending of the Bush years is also disingenuous. If we do not address these issues and make investments in society and the environment, government debt will be the very least of the worries for those following us. For years conservatives have blown the collective national paycheck on the latest defense contracts, oil procurement based wars and promoting obscene wealth like a bunch of drunken deadbeat Dads. Now they have forced government to feed our socially neglected national family on borrowed money, with our only hope to curb this hemorrhaging national wealth, also fueled by corporate bribery, through wise, serious social, infrastructure and regulatory investment.

A lot of us are being crushed almost out of existence right now by corporate maximization of profits. I see nothing good coming from given them "free speech".

On Health Care reform. As much as I hate the term "expate" I guess these are the thoughts of an "expate".
I am a 57 year old American who has lived in Europe for the last 35 years. I am a musician. There is nothing glamorous or jet-setty about me, I'm the son of a Brooklyn truck driver and didn't have a cent when I came here in 1972. As passionately as I may have disagreed with US policy in my youth, in no sense did I ever "flee" the United States, although I was directly threatened by the draft. I just lucked out with a high lottery numer and that was that. My reasons were cultural, educational and finally professional. It has never ocurred to me in all that time to change my citizenship, which I could do easily. Somewhere, I was just proud to be American. Over the decades I have noticed that no American living in Europe will ever lack for friends if they are willing to bash the US. Most Americans living abroad will indulge in a fashionable anti-Americanism which makes them very popular here. It identifies you as a "Good American". In recent years I have realized that most Europeans don't need any help from me in disliking the US and I have gone over to defending and explaining US policy, whenever possible. If nothing else it was less boring than simply chiming in with the usual anti-American chorus. Unsurprisingly, this has made me very unpopular. No matter how outrageous America's actions may have seemed, I have always tried to offer rational explanations to counter irrational anti-Americanism. My success has been doubtful, but I had no doubts about the righteousness of my cause. The US was worth defending, I thought.
But now I have doubts! What is surfacing right now in this health care debate makes me very sad. It is, to say the least, very embarassing for me to see America make such a fool of itself before the outside world. I will await the outcome of this health care thing but I am slowly becoming ashamed to be an American. Our democratic institutions, vintage ca. 1800, are cumbersome and quaint in the way they ascertain and execute the public will. They may have seniority over other democratic systems, but other modern post-1945 Western parliamentary democracies have us beat when it comes to efficiency and a well-anchored commitment to social justice. Still, I thought our system functioned and was worth explaining and defending against detractors. The proof that our old Tin-Lizzy democracy still functioned was for me the election of Obama and I pranced around like a proud father that day! But no, in its rampant populism, our system also provides an unbeatable platform for ugly, ignorant mobs and I fear they will prevail in the end, as always. I eagerly await President Obama's speech next week but I am loosing hope. I wouldn't be surprised if he tells us in his speech that he has lost hope too. For the first time in 35 years I am seriously considering giving up my American citizenship. Not for any practical reason, just out of shame. Not to worry, the German health care system will take care of me, as it always has, until I die. I will just be one very disappointed American.

Mr. Moyers,
Regardless of the points of view expressed by Mr.s Abrams and Potter, I deeply appreciate the fact that your program presented this discussion (as always) in a forum that allows for an honest and deliberate exchange of ideas. Truly enlightening.

Summarizing my separate e-mail to Mr. Moyers on the "Citizens United vs. FEC" case to be [re-] heard before U. S. Supreme Court following Labor Day weekend: Having watched the C-SPAN live panel discussion on that topic, I left that viewing opportunity more confused than ever on this issue. HOWEVER, "Bill Moyers' Journal" -- using half the number of participants in a fraction of the time elapsed in C-SPAN -- covered more & far better so I am finally feeling somewhat better informed on this key & timely issue. WELL DONE to all!

This is not a free speech issue, this is a moral issue. The mandate of corporations, by law, is to maximize profit. Despite certain restrictions, the way this plays out is maximize profit regardless of the consequences.

This decision is as significant as the decision to allow single cell organisms (as from the Valdez Oil Spill clean up) to be patented. And this resulting in the patenting of the human genome and human genes.

The corporation remains an artificial entity (think The Terminator, or Total Recall :) following the mandate of corporations.

What an interesting discussion. It was like 3 very informed men talking in private. Thanks for letting us listen in!

Floyd, what would your mother or your favorite Uncle say about this? Please remember the rights of real living American citizens.

Thank you.

Sept. 4th program was an excellent discussion and rather frightening to think that the corporations could have more power in running our lives through politics than they already do. Mr. Abrams is such an absolutist, (or bought off),that he can't hear you!
And bravo on your last comment! Please stay healthy and thanks for your intelligent programs!

PLEASE, PLEASE SEND BILL'S CLOSING REMARKS TO EVERY IMPORTANT NEWSPAPER AS AN OPEN LETTER TO THE EDITOR!! As usual the writing was brilliant, but the passion is what our President needs to hear (read),

PLEASE, PLEASE SEND BILL'S CLOSING REMARKS TO EVERY IMPORTANT NEWSPAPER AS AN OPEN LETTER TO THE EDITOR!! As usual the writing was brilliant, but the passion is what our President needs to hear (read),

Thank you thank you thank you Mr. Moyers. You're absolutly right. It's time for President Obama to fight back and to do what's best for your country. He's a great man and a chance of a life time. The more he will try to avoid the fight, the more the crazy right wing will fuel racism and hate in the country. And then, it will be a very very ugly fight.

Mr. Moyers,
Thank you again for presenting controversial debates in a reasonable and thought-provoking manner. As I listened to the first half with Mr. Abrams, and then the subsequent debate with Mr. Potter, the problem with Mr. Abrams arguments is that his definition of free speech is not how corporations view this particular form of action. Giving huge amounts of money, or any moneys to any candidate, is not considered "speech". It still remains a business transaction, an investment. That's why you can do a tax right off when April 15 comes by. Though individual citizens can give some sums of money, and the candidate promised to do certain things, and then they don't, the candidate is still not beholden to the citizenry in terms of cash, but in terms of votes. When it comes to corporate involvement, these large amounts of money come with contractual obligations: how many times have a candidate, once upon taking such monies ever failed to deliver on their promises to corporations? When he talks about this particular film though, and describes this particular case, I'm not exactly sure why the Supreme Court is listening to this case. It should have been thrown out of court. There's nothing here in regards to this issue of speech, it's about money. But for Abrams to equate the two, as if money and speech were the same thing, I believe that's dangerous. it places a monetary value on free speech.
To me it seems, that those behind this movies are attempting to manufacture a controversy where in the case none exists. Just from previews alone, one gets a sense that the movie itself is just one big dump on Hilary.
If corporations are given more reign in freedom of speech, then we must allow labor as a right. That these corporations no longer have the right to select employees, but must hire everyone.

Another great program in the interest of the masses! Provocative, enlightening, & delivered w/ such clarity. Hopefully it's viewed by Floyd Abrams & Obama before they face their respective audience.

Dear Mr. Moyers,

The president's approach may help us achieve depolarization-essential to national stability. Still, your points are definitely "right on." There's a question here that is incompatible with politics, "What are we willing to believe is possible after all?" I don't have the answer. Was your essay your answer to that question?

Grand slam, Bill!

Sock it TO 'em!

Your brilliant closing essay really DID sock it to 'em, to all of us, & to HIM - our President - too tentative, too cautious, so far; Mr, Change must channge his tactics & manner to zesty, BOLDLY LEADING, forceful yet pleasant, fight-enjoying, because it is necessary joining of our unfortunately polarized battle; no longer losing his vital Demo base by vainly tryng to win over GOPers, except O. Snow & perhaps 1 or 2 other Senators, for a moral, genuine overhaul of our health care & insurance system. This is probably the most important domestic issue-legislation since 1965. Only Demos & sober, knowledgeable Independents will follow him & do the right thing.

So lead us, Mr. President(!), in this propaganda battle by educating us, with your usual grace & unflappability, visible-on-TV gusto for the task, good humor, funny-true one-liners (a la the quip-laced composed, not harang-sounding, hardball pitching for their causes of winners like FDR, TR, &, gag, RR.). Reform with a public option must win, just as the 1965 Voting Rights Act HAD to pass. Withou boldness & big success now, our President's reputation will suffer permanent damage.

“…we're about to get health care reform that measures human beings only in corporate terms of a cost-benefit analysis. I mean this is topsy-turvy — we should be treating health as a condition, not a commodity.”

What happens when health care becomes a commodity? Inequalities are not the concern of free markets. Denials of care for patients who cannot pay are justified in a free market system where patients are expected to suffer the consequences of their poor choices. Inequities are unfortunate but are not unjust. Some patients are simply losers in the social lottery. There is no room in a free market for the person who can’t buy in – the poor, the uninsured, the uninsurable. The special needs of the chronically ill, the disabled, infirm, aged, and the mentally ill have no valid claims for special attention. Rather, they are the occasion for higher premium, more deductibles, or exclusion from enrollment. There is no economic justification for the extra time required to explain, counsel, comfort, and educate these patients and their families since these cost more than they return in revenue.

Six years ago Paul Farmer in Pathologies of Power wrote, “In the United States, investor-owned health plans have rapidly transformed the way we confront illness. Despite much talk of cost-effectiveness or reform, the primary feature of this transformation has been the consolidation of a major industry with the same goal as other industries: to turn a profit. Emboldened by obscenely large salaries and stock options, the captains of this emerging industry are unselfconscious, almost shameless, about their plans for American medicine.”

Farmer quoted advocates of this soulless trend: “People should be allowed to purchase health care packages that provide limited or less than optimal care. As a matter of justice, they should also be allowed to receive only the health care services that their coverage allows.” “Freedom of choice is valued more highly than equality of outcome, and…our commitments to beneficence are limited, as reflected by the absence of a constitutional right to receive welfare services. These we take to be the broad moral assumptions of American health care policy.”

Farmer quoted the prophetic voice of Howard Waitzkin in The Second Sickness, “As the United States enters the new millennium, it remains the only economically developed country without a national health program that ensures universal access to care…The structures of oppression and the social origin of illness…have emerged as even greater problems as corporate penetration of health care has increased.”

We continue to ignore those prophetic voices. The experiences of the sick and poor, who are often sick because they are poor, beg us to decide whether or not we believe that health care is a basic human right.

Unfortunately, as Matt Taibii writes in the September issue of Rolling Stone, “The bad news is our failed health care system won't get fixed, because it exists entirely within the confines of yet another failed system: the political entity known as the United States of America. Just as we have a medical system that is not really designed to care for the sick, we have a government that is not equipped to fix actual crises. What our government is good at is something else entirely: effecting the appearance of action, while leaving the actual reform behind in a diabolical labyrinth of ingenious legislative maneuvers.”

Taibii summarizes what has happened with health care, “First, they gave away single-payer before a single gavel had fallen, apparently as a bargaining chip to the very insurers mostly responsible for creating the crisis in the first place. Then they watered down the public option so as to make it almost meaningless, while simultaneously beefing up the individual mandate, which would force millions of people now uninsured to buy a product that is no longer certain to be either cheaper or more likely to prevent them from going bankrupt.”

Taibii concludes, “Then again, some of the blame has to go to all of us. It's more than a little conspicuous that the same electorate that poured its heart out last year for the Hallmark-card story line of the Obama campaign has not been seen much in this health care debate. The handful of legislators - the Weiners, Kuciniches, Wydens and Sanderses - who are fighting for something real should be doing so with armies at their back. Instead, all the noise is being made on the other side. Not so stupid after all - they, at least, understand that politics is a fight that does not end with the wearing of a T-shirt in November.”

“Our system is one of detachment – to keep silenced people from asking questions, to keep the judged from judging, to keep solitary people from joining together, and the soul from putting together its pieces.” Eduardo Galeano, Divorces

The Program with Trevor Potter and Floyd Abrams was one of the most interesting you have done.It was civil, thought-provoking, and enlightening. Thank you!

Throughout the discussion the "Freedom of speech" issue was constantly debated as if a corporation is an individual. They have all the rights of an individual, but none of the responsibilities. When convicted of criminal behavior, a fine is paid - - out of corporate funds. In Pfizer's case, how 'bout the judge telling the CEO, that in addition to the fine, he show up at sentencing with the names of 3 officers, 2 directors and 6 stockholders (he can choose them however he wants) to be sentenced to the accompanying prison term ??
Bernie Madoff has 149+ years left and he has to pay back as much as possible ... Why not Mr Pfizer ???

Bill Moyers thank you for a most accurate and passionate focus on the need for tough leadership by President Obama.
Behind our seeming impotence in the face of the eruption of mass rage this August are these myths. (1.) When there is great, massively expressed rage there must be an underlying reason for that rage. And, if we just addressed that "underlying reason" then the rage would disappear. Wrong! There is no underlying basis for the rage; it is deliberately manufactured right now, often by con-artists and entrepreneurs seeking economic gain. (How was it manufactured, on such a mass scale? It was done by the Right using the Obama style of mass mobilization, developed in the 2008 elections.)
(2) When we confront lies, we should expose them. This will stop the lying. Wrong! Exposing a liars' lies does precisely nothing to stop them from continuing to lie. (3) If we just explain our position -- so honorable, so necessary, in our view -- the opposition will see the light and become converted to our view -- or at least a fair portion of them will then be with us. Wrong. We are not dealing with rationality. We are dealing with zealotry occupying a "Closed Moral World" of their own creation.
Having said all this, Bill Moyers is right in demanding a stand, by the President, that avoids these myths and tackles the issue of the need to exercise authority and power.

Bill, we all hope Obama is listening. We'll know Wed night when he speaks to Congress.

Check out this poll on Daily Kos about your comment to Obama. With 2,600 votes so far, results are 94% Strongly Agree with you. You definitely won the Progressives.

Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!

Bill Moyers!: Congratulations on saying we could buy "into Medicare before (we are)65."

What, the right wing doesn't want it? "Puleese no Medicare for me, not another government boondoggle. It will pull the plug on my mother! Rescue us from Medicare yee mighty American health insurance corporations.

I have a deep faith that our beloved insurance companies will do everything in their power, to put a stop to Medicare for all.

With the profoundest Pro Life attitude,
Harriet Jones

Thank you Mr. Moyers!

I couldn't agree more with Bill Moyers essay on September 4th. Hurrah for a real journalist who is outspoken and says what needs to be said with clarity! Thank you for an entertaining and informative hour on Friday nights. I wouldn't miss your show!

You stated eloquently what I have tried to covey to President Obama a number of times. Therefore, I TOO sent the transcript of your MOST EXCELLENT expression of what I feel SHOULD BE in healthcare.

The corporate free speech issue is AS IMPORTANT. I know that in Florida, the corporate entity (a monopoly no less) Progress Energy has BOUGHT the state legislature AND BOUGHT the Public Service Commission TO ALLOW Progress Energy to FORCE ITS VERY OWN CUSTOMERS to pay UPFRONT (year before ground is broken) an investment in a nuclear power plant to which MANY OF THOSE CUSTOMERS will not see one watt of electricity for their investment. Those customers DO NOT receive investment compensation, have no rights to the investment, do NOT get voting rights, nor have ANY control over the costs of construction. The "RIGHTS" OF THE CORPORATION in Florida usurp the rights of the individual.

In this sense, Florida has allowed corporate rights to morph into a "Corporate Feudal System" where the customer is the INDENTURED SERVANT of the corporation. Not only have corporations magically created perceived wealth by "Mark To Market" Profit accounting, the corporation (Progress Energy) has NOW managed to make a profit on "FUTURE CUSTOMER DEBT."

Additional corporate power in the form of extended speech rights directed at the political system will "mushroom" this feudal system into the enslavement of individuals and the loss of individual rights to the corporate greedmongers. We will become enslaved to "The Company Store" AGAIN.

Thank you, your essay was a fresh breath of air in a closed space. For too long the right has been ranting and raving about Obama and healthcare. Finally someone has said 'enough', medical care should be everyones right to obtain whether you have money or's called compassion. Thank you for saying what no one has been saying...keep up the good work.

Thank you, your essay was a fresh breath of air in a closed space. For too long the right has been ranting and raving about Obama and healthcare. Finally someone has said 'enough', medical care should be everyones right to obtain whether you have money or's called compassion. Thank you for saying what no one has been saying...keep up the good work.

I always set aside time to watch your Journal on PBS. Throughout the years, I have admired your fair and unbiased reporting. You have been a voice or reason.
Your essay last night was the greatest ever!
You inspired me to write Pres Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and my state representatives and senators.
I requested the President read or listen to your essay. I do hope he does.
Thank you Mr. Moyers for expressing in such a compelling and rational way the thoughts I share.
Molly Ivins was right, you should have run for President.

Great rap-down at the end Bill!

Can't wax verbose this time as due to a technical problem that will go unnamed I'm at the library writing this. It's a privilege to write here I see more plainly now. Life itself, however, comes back into focus which is a nice spin-off of internet down time. I'm less weary reading too, so I really dug the educ article and Klein article in "Harpers" last night...nice to get out into the world again. Best of all that I came across was Wendell Berry's message in the new "Progressive" [which I purchased [Berry's right about the new modes of entertainment]] and, of course, Bill's message to Obama.

I believe the astroturf can be overcome.

Excellent commentary. Thank you for being a rational voice in the circus delirium. You serve as an example of what responsible journalism sounds like - attainable on either side of the political spectrum. We need you.

Mr. Moyers,

Thank you for your insightful commentary on the healthcare reform debate. I count on you and people like you to cut through the muck and bring crystal clarity to this issue for all americans.

I always look forward to your show and your closing essays.

Thank you

The healthcare topic is only a symtpom of the ill that has taken over this country. If it disappears as a focus any 'next' social initiative will be drowned out by AM talk radio and those who salivate to it.

I used to think that there was never a chance that a true revolution could take root in this country. Mostly because of the wide variance in the backgrounds of those that comprise this great melting pot. I don't believe that any longer as their seems to be a sub-demographic that permeates our population and its numbers are solid.

When I look at the beings that are piling into the town hall buses (and it doesn't matter who put them on the bus) I realize that their revolution is in full force. Along with the fact that they have all been willingly fanned into a fevered frenzy they also seem to have hoarded up most of the weapons and ammunition. Get it straight, if you were uplifted by Mr. Moyers speech then you a firmly in their crosshairs.

What makes this most discouraging is that they have already won. They are part and parcel of the true power in Washington. They are the de-facto army for the special interests.

My only comment to President Obama is this, they are ENEMY COMBATANTS!!!

And thanks Bill, your speech was the most inspiring thing I've seen or heard coming from my TV. My 4 yeard old son was with me. He may not have had a clue of what you were imparting but it felt good to know that your words fell upon his ears.


Thank God for people like Bill....He's part of a diminishing group of true Americans.....Molly Ivins, Tim Russert, Walter Cronkite, and others who dared speak the truth to power and to the 'rabble'.

Why would the President deliberately reduce funding for Medicare? Is it to force Senior Citizens to support his replacement medical care plan?

Thank you, Mr. Moyers.

I hope President Obama and/or his staff hear this thoughtful, insightful commentary and heed your words.

As a marketing representative for a computer company I interacted with customers from many industries. 20 years ago I was working on a sale at a major health insurance company in California. During our discussions the customer mentioned that they, and many other health insurers and hospitals, were changing from not for profit to profit making entities. I wondered how much worst the state of health care would become for the average American as a result. It has turned out to be far worst than I could have ever imagined – enormous deductibles, monthly premiums increasing 20+ percent per year, claim denials and the fear that if you ever have a major illness you will have your policy canceled and left to incur major out-of-pocket expenses. Do we have no other industry left in this great country so that we must turn illness into a profit-making opportunity? We as a nation are in trouble if Wall St. is depending on profits made from health care - I believe it is a clear-cut coflict of interest.

Thanks to Bill Moyers for continuing to cover this topic at such an important time.

I've been watching Bill Moyers on PBS Seattle for many years from my home on Vancouver Island, Canada, and have also read many of his writings. Mr. Moyers is a man I have always admired for his principles, integrity, and fair-mindedness, among other attributes. The closing segment -- OBAMA's MOMENT -- on the Journal of 4th September may well be Bill's Finest Hour, in my humble opinion.

I've been watching Bill Moyers on PBS Seattle for many years from my home on Vancouver Island, Canada, and have also read many of his writings. Mr. Moyers is a man I have always admired for his principles, integrity, and fair-mindedness, among other attributes. The closing segment -- OBAMA's MOMENT -- on the Journal of 4th September may well be Bill's Finest Hour, in my humble opinion.

Dear Bill Moyers,

Like so many have said, Bravo, again. I am going to write the White House/President and urge him to get tough and watch your video.
Thank you for your excellent editorial, S.Hill

Thank you Bill for your message to the President - you took the words right out of my mouth. I watch your show every Friday and am pleased that you continue with your sane insights that help to offset the insanity appearing everywhere in the media. Single payer health insurance is the only way to go. I know because I have it where I live now and without it I would be dead. Again Thank you

Bravo Bill!

You hit the nail on the head (again) regarding "Obaba's Moment". I'd vote for you being nicknamed "The Hammer" were the moniker not tainted by it's previous owner.

In any case, I have been thinking all through August "Come on Mr. President, no more Mr. Nice Guy."

I keep telling myself, "There is a 'give-em-enuff-rope' strategy at work here". I mean, to me, it's been abundantly clear that it would work. Give the Republicans the stage, let them rant and rave, froth and foment, and before long, in their efforts to out-outrage one another, surely they will find a way to put both feet in their collectives mouth.

That's exactly what has happened. Now, it only remains to be seen if the president has the wherewithall to hold them up as a perfect example of why we have the white house and they do not.

I pray that Wednesday will bring a maelstrom of fire and brimstone down on congress that will shatter the yoke of corporate slavery and free the voice of the American people.

We shall see. But I am convince the Obama moment has not yet passed.

What a beacon of insight in the TV news wasteland. Just another top show last night in a great series on the important current events. Don't get this anywhere else. I second all of the positive comments above.

Bob Ackermann

Dear Mr. Moyers,

Last night’s essay was a classic. One of the best things I have heard in a long time. Your closing thought was superb.

Barack Obama entered our lives like a whirlwind and my wife and I had such high hopes for what he would do as President to reverse the Bush disaster.

Unfortunately, I remember being quite surprised by Obama’s appearance in Chicago the night he was declared winner. He seemed to me almost stunned by what had happened and it was a case of ‘Oh my God, I made it – now what do I do know?’ I wondered why I was thinking that way, but I’ve had the same feeling several times now and it gives me grave concern!

We had a very poorly explained Stimulus Package – which I couldn’t defend to his critics, even among my own family - followed by a very poorly explained Health Care Package. With his brilliance and the intellectual back-up of Axelrod and dear knows how many others, why do we not receive better prepared plans. In speeches he will say ‘There has been criticism of our plans so I’m going to explain very clearly what we are proposing’ and at the end of the speech I am no wiser than when he started. He is providing his opponents a heyday.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I think he needs help – maybe lots of it! And you would be one of the very best to give him some. You did it marvelously last night. I hope the President has seen your report and will recognize its seriousness. Please, please let’s have more.

America is lucky to have you around!
Thank You,
Harry McAlister
Tacoma, Washington
206 310 1990

This debate shows the need for a better form of health care...and government! Let us pray!

I think all food, drug and fertilizer companies should have to pay for everyone's health insurance since their products are what cause and/or exacerbate most of the illnesses.

Thank you so much for speaking the truth! I am heartened by your words and hope you continue to offer sanity to our country.

Brilliant! This needs to be uploaded to Youtube.

So, give the federal government more power over our individual freedoms. Turn this capitalist nation, which has been highly successful so far, into an eastern European socialist nation? You think that is a good idea? They say the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Socialism failed in eastern Europe. France tried it and wisely rejected it. Britain has generations born on the dole with no stigma attached. Bigger government? Socialized health care? Its been tried and it has failed. Read your history books Mr. Moyers, and learn from others' mistakes. Then perhaps you won't be asking a great nation to repeat them.

You shall forever be loved and remenbered by the american people for your September 04, 2009 editorial on Health Care in America and your coregeous call to ACTION to president Obama.

Bill - your commentary on health care is the most gutsy, powerful and appropriate advice to the President and all citizens who can see the future of this country.

Thank you Mr. Moyers! While I agreed with Mr. Obama's positions during the elections (and voted for him), my biggest concern was that he wouldn't have the traction to get his policies passed. I have tremendous respect for his contemplative and inclusive approach, but now, Mr. President, is the time for action!

Thank you, Mr Moyers... well said!

Molly was right. We should've drafted you for Prez, Mr. Bill! Is it too late?

Thank you Mr. Moyers.

Your discussion with the Pro (corporate} speech attorney was brilliant. You let him show how dangerous unregulated corporate money is, even as he tried to show it was safe.

You are a voice in the wilderness.

Thank you for fighting against the corporate lies.

I appreciate the opportunity to hear a nuanced debate about the idea of corporate first amendment rights and eagerly await this ruling. This left me reflecting on the implications of this decision for too- gullible, civics deprived consumer-voters. Then you came on with your closing remarks and I was able to rest peacfully knowing that you were still among us eloquently speaking the truth to power and to me. I may not always agree with you but I certainly value hearing your point of view and the ability to evaluate the potential self interest of the person responsible for the language chosen. I'm not sure there will be anyone I can hold responsible if corporations are afforded similar free speech.

Bravo Bill! And thank you yet again for trying so hard to save us from ourselves.

Mr. President, Remember who you are.

For D. Rand Hiller: I had a hard time finding the Giroux essay, too. It's called "Living in a Culture of Cruelty: Democracy as Spectacle." If you google that title with the author's name you will find it in multiple locations. HTH

Bill Moyers and his Blog Cronies, censor those who speak out against him. For Shame on you Bill,

Bill Moyers LIES!!!!!

Once again I commend you on
providing us an authentic journalistic program. Your show has people discussing their differences rather than screaming and ranting. Your editorial from last evening was tough but true. Keep educating those of us who really want to learn what is going on.

I just wish that Obama hears you. He's surrounded by such a Bush/Cheney gang
that proves your point that corporations-
for-profit didn't leave Washington just because the public chose a new leader--
I just wish the public voice could dominate the rest of the government.

Bill, thank you telling us the news that the corporate newspapers (under Burdock) don't--about the Supreme Court case coming up trying to give the moneyed corporation more "free speech" than they already have.

as a member of physicians for national health care program and a doctor in the VA health care system, I thank you for your essay on health care. I have worked in european and american health care systems and the VA is the best I have seen for honest, complete and cost effective care anywhere. I would have hoped that HR676 would have been the bargaining position Obama started with.
david golden md

After listening to the ridiculous accusations from representatives of the far right on CNN (and everywhere else)distort, twist, and inflame, it is always such a relief to listen to intelligent conversations delivered in the sensible format that you host.
While I agree with your encouragement to Obama to get tough, I was most gratified to hear your comments about "hate" radio. That otherwise smart people give credence to the outrageous lies and propaganda of these showmen/women is distressing. I never really understood how citizens of a nation could become inflamed through retoric to ignore the truth and turn on each other. The signs that it could happen here are becoming more obvious.

Thank you for speaking out so clearly.

Thank you for clearly laying out what we need from President Obama on health care. I am not hopeful, but I appreciate your efforts to influence the process.

People are concerned about cost and someone in here suggests putting all the money for premiums into a fund and give it to Medicare, it's about 3 trillion he says. I think it's about two, but then he says it should not cost "much more" to cover everyone. Well Duh, since a single payer system will save you between 30 to 40% I guess there would be enough. More than enough. Everybody gets a raise actually!
This is why when cost concerns come up they don't know what they are talking about. The reason for reform is to SAVE money.

Thank you, Bill! You speak for so many of us who thought we finally again had a voice in Washington with Barak's and the Dem's victories, but who are becoming inreasingly disheartened.

Obama helped awaken the progressive soul
of America with his inspiringly beautiful rhetoric. Now more and more of us suspect those were just empty words, as he caves in to the crazy lunatics who have taken over the other party and to the lobbyists and corporate interests, time after time. We are up the creek with spaghetti for a paddle, indeed. Obama has to decide if he is up to the job. If not he should retire the post; I am sure he would make a great rhetoric teacher at a university somewhere. Til this point all he has done is progressively betray his most loyal supporters, thereby leaving the field wide open to be filled by right-wing lies and hate. Will he turn it around? I guess we'll see on Wednesday, but I don't have much hope left... Yes WE can, Mr President, but apparently no you can't and no you won't.

Thank you, Bill! You speak for so many of us who thought we finally again had a voice in Washington with Barak's and the Dem's victories, but who are becoming inreasingly disheartened.

Obama helped awaken the progressive soul
of America with his inspiringly beautiful rhetoric. Now more and more of us suspect those were just empty words, as he caves in to the crazy lunatics who have taken over the other party and to the lobbyists and corporate interests, time after time. We are up the creek with spaghetti for a paddle, indeed. Obama has to decide if he is up to the job. If not he should retire the post; I am sure he would make a great rhetoric teacher at a university somewhere. Til this point all he has done is progressively betray his most loyal supporters, thereby leaving the field wide open to be filled by right-wing lies and hate. Will he turn it around? I guess we'll see on Wednesday, but I don't have much hope left... Yes WE can, Mr President, but apparently no you can't and no you won't.

Your commentary tonight at the end of your show was one of the most powerful and riveting presentations I've ever seen. Thank you for giving voice to millions of progressives who are worried that President Obama doesn't have the cajones to stand up to the opposition. With all that's at stake in this debate, we need a fighter not Dr. Feelgood. And the problem extends far beyond healthcare. His perceived weakness could spell the beginning of the end for his administration and the entire Democratic/progressive agenda for the next 3 years. Not to mention the possible unraveling of the Democratic coalition...

Thank you Bill, you struck just the right tone, and did not do us the disservice of toning it down.
Peace to you, Mr. Moyers.

What health care options are available to Congress? Public as well as private. So, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander?

It's embarrassing and humiliating to witness the childish behavior of Congress not to mention those who are still hoping for the current administration to fail just so they can say, "I told you so". There's absolutely no arena in life where seeking failure is justifiable.

Mr. O'bama, please get tough. Please.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Bill Moyers...a sane voice in the tangled wilderness of hate, lies, and racism. When I heard your editorial to President Obama I felt that finally someone had beautifully articulated the need for immediate response to a very crazy time. I plan to e-mail the President about your comments. I hope he listens. I have e-mailed him almost daily so far to no avail.Maybe now he will hear us. God bless you.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Bill Moyers...a sane voice in the tangled wilderness of hate, lies, and racism. When I heard your editorial to President Obama I felt that finally someone had beautifully articulated the need for immediate response to a very crazy time. I plan to e-mail the President about your comments. I hope he listens. I have e-mailed him almost daily so far to no avail.Maybe now he will hear us. God bless you.

Bottom line: 1.65 TRILLION is what the Health Insurance Industry made in profits in 2007.

Thank you Mr Moyers for your editorl tonight.I only wish more people could see an hear it. Please keep up the good work.

Great program tonight Bill! As Always. You have one of the few shows left that allow civil discussion. I hope Trevor Potter wins his case. The consequences of Mr. Abrams arguments prevailing are terrible. Mr. Abrams is a paid corporate attorney. Now wonder he is arguing as he is. Great talking points on President Obama too. But, I couldn't find the essay by Henry Giroux on Hate Radio that you said you posted.
D.Rand Hillier

1. Extraordinary commentary this evening. Pointed, direct, compelling. Let's hope the President was watching and listening.This is a truly historic moment and opportunity to make real change could easily be lost in the name of getting something done. It is not losing the good in search of the perfect. It is loss of any real improvement for something. Wonderful use of the platform you use so very well in trying to educate and convince, not brow-beat in a way that is engaging, compelling and never condescending.

2. Thank you also for airing the discussion regarding the true importance of Citizens United v. FEC. The case presents the profound question of the ability of capitalistic enterprise to further manipulate, erode, corrupt and ultimately control political discussion and outcomes. As a lawyer and observer of politics and discussion thereof, I am very close to a first amendment absolutist where content is concerned, but I agree that for-profit corporations are fundamentally different than other "beings" (as compared with the legally technical definition of "persons.") Money ought not provide the means to control discussion; entities designed solely to maximize profit should not be able to buy unlimited amounts of their speech. The issue is qualitative and quantitative. Speech and "how much of it corporations should have"--and, secondly, how much power they can have to manipulate the voting populations are what is being decided. The effects on "democracy" (which in order to meet its potential demands an informed population with opinions founded on actual fact)cannot be overstated.

Imagine the health "debate" if health insurers and drug companies did not even have to go through the fiction of creating PACs and non-profits with names that seem to demonstrate the public interest when the purposes are very private and singular. Predict the effect of a decision by the Court opening this door on upcoming elections on the races of politicians who favor the changes that these industries oppose. If the popular debate is "deranged" now and "informed" by misinformation and outright lies, soon there would be "the Senator from Aetna" or from Pfizer. One step in the march to control, viz, use of communication to create and environment conducive to the desired position would be immaterial when the corporation can simply remind the individual how much has been spent (and will be spent) on "speech" favoring or opposing his or her re-election. The recent news about Pfizer certainly demonstrates its concern for public good and something so fundamental as truthfulness.

Keep it up. Thank goodness, yet again, for public broadcasting and your place in public discourse through it.

Thanks Bill for saying what I've thought about health care reform for some time now.

"President Obama, WWJD!"

That is "What Would Johnson Do!" (But it would easily work the conventional way too.)

If its a question of cost, take a look at the 50+ percent of the budget that goes to the military. If I have to choose between adequate health care for ALL Americans or having military bases in over 100 countries, the choice is easy.

As always, thank you for your intelligent efforts on behalf of the American people.

Wow, Bill. Tonight's plea to President Obama was powerful and right on target. This week I attended two rallies for health care reform. This afternoon I wrote my second letter to Obama regarding the need for him to stand tall. You put the icing on the cake for all of us. Thank you so much.

Dear Bill,
Thank you for coming back out of retirement.....and all the Great Souls who have lived: Albert Einstein, President Kennedy and Ted, Martin Luther King Jr.,etc., etc. were proud and rooting for you tonight.

I hope Obama and/or his Staff were listening to your powerful 'Fatherly words' to our President. He certainly needs to hear these exact words to 'Wake HIm Up', so to speak.

BILL WHO YOU ARE MAKES A DIFFERENCE...AND keeps me from feeling despair over the squabbling childish, bickering minds in men's bodies in the House and Senate....

Blessings on you and your loved ones and your work for us.

Mr. Moyers,

Are you being wilfully ignorant? Or, are you just refusing to acknowledge that those who are opposing the healthcare bill do not want something shoved down their throat that their own representatives do not understand.

Are you living on a different planet? It's been a sore point of contention that none of our representatives read the 1000+ page bill.

Do you want programs or laws passed, which at least one congressman admitted( speaking for himself) needed two lawyers to assist reading and understanding the bill, as it was written, in the few days they had to read it? If so, I fear you and those like you.

It is those who want something for "free" and who insist upon it that will be the last to understand nothing is free. It has to come out of someone's pocket. That pocket is generally that of the middle-class. I don't buy the rich will pay argument; it will trickle down to the middle class, as do all taxes; and, the middle class will be left holding the bag, as usual. The rich have more tax options for keeping their money to themselves.

If all of those who want the healthcare bill passed don't mind being taxed up to 50% (as in the UK) to support it, then fine, push for it. I, for one, do not. I for one understand what such a bill would do. I lived in a country where there was a public option. I would not wish it on anyone. Think the healthcare will be good? The only thing they don't tell you is to never get old.

The other question that no one seems to be able to answer is this: How far in to the future has this been thought out? Scenario: The bill passes and everything is going o.k. the public option has money, then we have another recession (they're cyclical, it'll happen again) and the government doesn't have the funding to run it, having to lay off doctors and nurses (as in the UK several years ago). Who will benefit then?

Please don't give me the argument that private healthcare will still be available. I highly doubt it, especially if companies dump their employees in to the government system in order to save money; I'm sure you already know the government will fine them if the insurance they provide isn't up to government standard.

Thank you, Mr. Moyers, for your appeal to President Obama to become the leader that he promised to be in the drive for healthcare reform. As usual, you were succinct and strong, yet unfailingly civil--more so than I would have been had it been me speaking! I hope that President Obama will take a deep breath and do what he should have done weeks, if not months, ago. He must stop treating this like a game of political footsie: peoples' lives are at stake.

If the question is rhetorical, OK. But if the question suggests that individuals buy into Medicare at any age, there will be the same 45 million of us left out in the cold.

However, the President should note that even Republicans are defending Medicare these days, partly because it works and partly because they've been trying to make us old folks afraid its in danger if the Democrats' reforms pass. They don't want Medicare to change because we like it and they know we don't want to lose it.

So the President and the Democrats should take them up on it. Extend Medicare to everyone. Kick the private insurance companies that constantly deny our coverage, cancel policies, and exclude existing conditions, generally making our lives miserable, out of the system that provides basic health care.

I suggest we convert our premiums and all the other sources of health delivery system revenue into a progressive system of taxes that generates roughly the same amount all sources are paying now and dedicate that revenue to supporting Medicare. All sources of revenue spent on health care now, including private insurance, is almost $3 Trillion. I'll be surprised if we have to spend much more than that. The GOP will accuse Congress and the Administration of raising taxes, but if we aren't paying premiums, aren't having payroll deductions taken from our paychecks to pay for limited insurance coverage, it won't cost most of us anything more than we're paying now. System wide, it should be "revenue neutral." And if, for the money we're paying now, we can cover everyone, cradle to grave, even a little more if present funding in a more efficient system doesn't cover everyone; if it reduces the stress of fighting with the insurance companies who insist on profiting from our misfortune, then it's a bargain.

If any insurance company wants to stay in the health care game, they already write supplementary policies to cover what Medicare doesn't - the potential market for those products will be much larger.

Business shouldn't have to provide our health care except to pay their share of taxes in support of the system that will keep its employees fit to work. Let them eliminate their health benefit staffs and put the money they save back into our paychecks as higher wages and reduce their overall costs so they can compete globally and get back to hiring us.

If this transition has to be done slowly so as to allow the Medicare system to expand in an orderly way, then cover everyone over 55 next year and reduce the qualifying age five years per year thereafter: by the end of a second Obama administration, everyone should be covered by Medicare. In the mean time, children are covered when their parents qualify unless they're already covered by an existing program.

If universal health care through Medicare is adopted, Medicaid goes away and Vets don't need a separate program. As a matter of fact, the only separate health care system needed would be on the battlefield, a system run by the DOD.

Seems simple enough to me.

Excellent show! I especially enjoyed your thoughts on Obama's upcoming health care speech. Fantastic.

Dear Bill,

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

That is exactly what needed to be said...out loud and on the air!!!

I will be sending the text of your editorial to the Congress, to the Senate, to the President and to every person I know! The right wing is only interested in wreaking havoc and I must say they've been doing a fine job in their endeavor. Now if they would just put all that energy into the highest and best for the American People we'd have a healthy nation in more ways than one!!!

It's time to permanently get rid of anyone in our government who is not doing their job. If republicans don't want to work and help our country rather than continuously berate, smear, scream and sandbag those who are earnestly working to turn things around then let's just get rid of all of them.

Big business, their lobbyists, and all the people receiving big business "payola" just don't seem to realize that the people of this country are going down the tubes and that soon there won't be ANYONE able to buy their drugs, borrow from their banks, use their credit cards, pay their big fat taxes that they use for their earmarks. They are shooting themselves in the foot. Why can't they see that??!! Talk about absolute idiocy!!!

Thank you, thank you Bill Moyers for speaking truth to power. Thank you for always saying the right things and saying them so well. If only you could be cloned. maybe we would begin to see the end of corporate-run America and the beginning of real democracy. I do HOPE President Obama is listening!

Mr. Moyers re: Your message to President Obama-Yes! Yes! Yes! and Thank you and Thank you.

Thank you, thank you Bill Moyers for speaking truth to power. Thank you for always saying the right things and saying them so well. If only you could be cloned. maybe we would begin to see the end of corporate-run America and the beginning of real democracy. I do HOPE President Obama is listening!

Thank you, thank you Bill Moyers for speaking truth to power. Thank you for always saying the right things and saying them so well. If only you could be cloned. maybe we would begin to see the end of corporate-run America and the beginning of real democracy. I do HOPE President Obama is listening!

I hope you, or someone is sending a copy of this speech to Obama. There are a lot of us who think Obama needs to stand up for what he said he believed, when he was campaigning. If someone is holding a gun to his head - or to his children's heads, so to speak, in order to get him to back down, he ought to just announce it to the public. Get it out in the open. His wishy washy actions lead us to that kind of speculation.
Thank you, Bill Moyers, for having the guts to keep speaking out about what is decent and right and sane. Bravo!

I second your comments, Bill Moyers..."No More Mr.Nice Guy Mr President, We Need A Fighter".

Thank you Mr. Moyer, you are one of a handful of real humanist left in this country it seems that every one else has lost the sense of charity and morality towards its fellow citizens, they seem to be in a permanent comma.

Thank you bill moyers for your candid, intelligent debate on corporate influence of government. And thanks, even more, for your commentary on health care. I hope and pray that President Obama will see this and take heed.

Thank you. THANK YOU! Your voice of sanity helps me keep faith that I am not watching the decline and fall of the American Corporate Empire, controlled by the military-industrial complex and the medical-pharmaceutical complex, and the best Congress their money could buy.
Whether we have been dumbed down by a deteriorating public school system, or a corporate controlled media market, we need voices like yours to remind us of the Barnum and Bailey idiocies that prevail now, as well as the basic strengths of a remarkable system, as dysfunctional as it may now appear to be.
You are serving this country in the most profound way. Thank you.

Hi Bill

I enjoy your program. President Obama appears to be afraid to make changes. I hope he decides to fight for those of us who elected him and stop worrying about those who never voted for him and want him to fail.

The conscience of America

The conscience of America

Mr Moyer, I had to listen to your message to Obama 3 times.....BRAVO! Lets just Hope he Listens!!!

Thank you Bill, for your insight, your
passion, your grace, vigor and civility.
We cherish it all.

would that President Obama would be inspired to take your closing comments to heart as I more mr niceguy.
''I am the President' I care about your right to be healthy in ourli fetime"

Dear Bill,

I forgot to tell you that I emailed the text of your health care message to The White House. I requested that President please read and heed your advise. Keep up the great work on behalf of the common good and the good of the planet.

The Canyon Wind

I can't help but notice hat none of commentators who objected to Bill's editorial wrote that they thought the health care system is fine the way it is. None of them claimed that the insurance industry wasn't more concerned with profits than with people's health. None of them wrote that it is okay for sick people to lose all their money in order to get treatment. One person complained about medicare when in fact since 1970 medicare spending has lagged behind private insurer spending.

Bill is absolutely right. We have not had a rational debate about health care. All other industrialized countries have either a national health care system or some combination of a public and private health care system, their outcomes are better than ours, and their medical cost are half as much. To me, this says it all.

In response to....
"Once again B Moyers feeds us with more "I hate the Right Wing" fear mongering B.S., He calls insurance companies evil and greedy, though all the while ole Bill takes monies from Omaha insurance, Gosh what crap!"

Omaha insurance can pull their sponsorship of Bill Moyers tomorrow morning. That's their right. I have the right to stop paying premiums to my insurance company if I don't like the limitations of their policy, but what am I left with? My choice is another insurance company that will limit my access to quality care and drop me if I am a high risk or I cannot afford rising premiums and high deductibles.

Bill, your message to President Obama tonight was "right on the money!" Obama needs to stand tall and strong for the common good of ALL Americans, and not kowtow to the wealthy corporations which act mainly in their own profit-centered interests. Ralph Nader is right. America is being "governed" by the interests of big money and big corporations at the expense of the common good and good of the planet.

Dear dear Mr.Moyers,
How grateful I feel right now, tonight, that I live in a country with an open media (PBS) and I can view comments from your show (any given show) that propel me to THINK! I had no idea this argument re: corporate power was coming up before the Supreme Court. I'm sure I would have heard about it AFTER THE FACT-broadcast on the "Corporate" media..Have we all forgotten that the MEDIA is controlled by CORPORATIONS? Mr. Moyers,
Thank you so much for your courage in leading the charge for a intellectual debate of the greatest importance...again.
Keep it up!

I am not an American citizen but very interested about your political debates. Tonight was the best ever debate very professional and very surprising.

The subject matter is not about Obama specifically. Obama’s isn’t the one to change much about the debate the intellectual should ask themselves who pulls the strings.

The debate tonight was an important key subject matter of serious content.

Such debate shows for the first time transparency the soul belief of the Founding Fathers.

I was so surprise to see the openness of yourself about certain hot topics usually taboo.

The attorneys you invited made the debate even more serious.

I rarely listen to American debates on the TV screen but tonight was quiet special first serious debate.

You should be all proud of that debate tonight you where even better then the politician elected.

Your debate tonight sends strong signal and powerful message to all...

Such debates are crucial for the US.

Critical moment in history serious debates will help decision making.


Joseph Eugene Jean Daniel Pepin dit Lachance


excellent job as always...

one item that has been barly discussed in the health care that before the 1970's..the health care services were giving as a non profit ....that giving by socially inspired persons...I am a retired RN,,and the day that they started to call the patient a client,,,we steped into the mess that we are in now...we need to review those days and see what was good and bad about them ASAP

a point missed in the Hilary film debate... corporations...are "a body formed and authorized by law to act as a single person....." so in reality the corp votes or contributes to the political process one time, and then the people in the corp...contribute also...a second time...probably of like minded that is power...

ps. concerning the speech on Wed before congress... BO is a smart man....has it occured to you that this "way of doing things" has been planned... stay out of the picture ... let 'them' hang themselves with their own roap, hopeless situation and then come in with the "solution"...a billiant move..should be interestiong show...on wed..

Thank you Mr. Moyers for your passionate call to President Obama. We are blessed to have you speaking us with your head and heart. I say that because much of what you said I have expressed or thought myself. The time has come for the President to fight for what he promised. So many of us who supported him are waiting for the answer - does he know what to do and is he courageous and tough enough to do it?

excellent job as always...

one item that has been barly discussed in the health care that before the 1970's..the health care services were giving as a non profit ....that giving by socially inspired persons...I am a retired RN,,and the day that they started to call the patient a client,,,we steped into the mess that we are in now...we need to review those days and see what was good and bad about them ASAP

a point missed in the Hilary film debate... corporations...are "a body formed and authorized by law to act as a single person....." so in reality the corp votes or contributes to the political process one time, and then the people in the corp...contribute also...a second time...probably of like minded that is power...

Thank you Bill Moyers, you are right on regarding Health Care and Obama's stance: GET GOING OBAMA - the right is only obstructionist, you can't soften health care reform to please them, they don't want reform, they don't want Medicare, so move on Obama!

Thank you Bill, YOU ROCK!

WOW!!I am so energized from your brave statements!! (I think that it is a sad commentary on our society to have to use the word "brave.") Everything you said (and, ESPECIALLY, the manner in which you said it) in your closing on Sept 4, tonight,ought to lead Obama by example. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! (The simplicity of the question asked by the man on the website you referred to ((TPM???))is a great solution to put on the health care/insurance debate table.

Did you hear that Glenn Beck allegedly raped and murdered a girl in 1990?

Now I don't believe this, but some people are asking questions. This controversy has been raging for nearly a week but still no peep from the MSM who has an interest on covering this story up. Connect the dots people, Glenn Beck is in the mainstream media. These are the questions that Americans want answered. I fear we will not hear an answer from Glenn Beck, so the rumors will continue.

I don't think Glenn Beck did anything wrong, but until we are given definitive proof of his innocence then we have to accept that this could be a possiblity.

Here is a copy of the police report
these things cannot be faked I believe it is a felony in some states to fake documents.

So the evidence is on the table. Do you think Glenn Beck is innocent? You aren't alone, I lean in that direction, although I'd like to see more proof.

*this is satire of logic that Glenn Beck uses everyday.

oh, and Bill Moyers is a God, thank you

Incredible closing comments! Powerful and concise. I hope you're not getting out of the industry or something...

Incredible closing comments! Powerful and concise. I hope you're not getting out of the industry or something...

Thank you, Mr. Moyers for saying again, as you so often do, what so many Americans, myself included, wish we could say but do not have the eloquence to say with such succintness and style. I am totally frustrated with the President's seeming vacillation on health care and wish he would take a firm stand. Hopefully your words were heard by him and will be heeded. Thank you for hosting the best show on television.

Bill Moyers wants Obama to act like the Finger biter. Go right ahead, just remember we bite back!!!

Just watched tonights broadcast and felt that I had to write commending your editorial comments to Pres Obama.I fully agree with your advice to the pres.To much smoke screen has been laid upon the battlefield and now the president has to be the leader that we thought we elected and cut thru the nonsense. He must step-up and lead.There will always be the loonies and windbags critisizing whatever proposals he makes,they must be dealt with by clear direct action not by trying to mollify them.I fervently hope that President Obama watched your show and heard your words.

Mr. Moyers.... thank you for your closing comments tonight and plea for President Obahmma to get tough and fight!!!

Your commentary should be played to the nation repeatedly!!

I've never been so worried about our good nation, what with the ratings oriented news media and talk show antagonists showcasing the radical minority right wing zealots.

Please keep up your very excellent journalism..... America has never needed you more!!!

Afte your show I sent an email to President Obama, not something that I normally do - though I confess I voted for him with unadulteraded glee and hope for our country's future - the email stated the following and I have to admit your final segment and statement tonight drove me to write - great and provocative show!

Dear Mr. President,

I have been wondering for the last few months when the healthcare push would get into high gear. I have a great plan and really have few worries for now – though the ever increasing rates worry me and the lack of adequate healthcare for many of my neighbors (and others) weighs heavily on me. I am a PBS junkie – especially on Friday nights (four kids under 8 will do that to you) and I especially enjoy Bill Moyers – did you catch his show tonight. Great discussion about the 1st amendment and corporate rights and lack thereof – I say if you don’t have a mouth (or hands to write/type or other means for handicapped citizens) then how can you claim a right for free speech and I hope the Supreme Court sticks with previous legislative and judicial findings – it is a citizen's/individual's right not a faceless, mouthless, voteless corporation's.

What led me to take time out of my evening to write you (well whomever may actually read this) is Bill’s statement at the end of his show concerning the ongoing health reform debate – rather than restate his arguments I ask you see them online (or hopefully you were watching too!). I’d like to throw my singular voice and free speech solidly behind Bill’s sentiment – we elected you to lead and take Washington by storm – please take the lead on Healthcare reform and deny the vacuous voices that have sprouted from nowhere and have limited support. We voted you and the democratic majority in with a vengeance and we need action not compromise. In the words of Ted Kennedy (god rest his soul – and I am sure he is), let’s move towards a better tomorrow and make healthcare a right and not a luxury for so many of our fellow citizens.

Best wishes for a successful 8 years!

Just to comment on the gentleman who asked why Mr. Moyers is given a studio. Thank God he has a studio, because he's one of the only journalists who isn't afraid to stand TRUTH to POWER. He isn't afraid to use his voice to protect those who have no voice and are truly vulnerable. All the other journalists march in keeping with the "narrative of the day."

Bill Moyers stood truth to power during the Viet Nam war and he's been standing tall ever since.

Thank you, PBS for your continued broadcasting of this remarkable treasure of a show.

I couldn't agree more with Bill in his editorial requesting President Obama stand up on Wednesday at the joint session of Congress. We need statemen right now, and we only seem to be hearing from the extremeist and people who are not looking out for the people but for themselves. We call ourselves a "Christian" nation and yet are not willing to help "the least of our brethern." I do hope President Obama was listening Bill and will stand up and let the people know what real compassion is and begin to look out for one another rather than for the next election! Thanks, Bill.

I hope you sent a copy of your commentary regarding health care to President Obama. He definitely needs to hear what you said.

It is a pleasure to have someone who has a sense of history,can think, and then can speak in a clear voice with a clairon calling out of the wackos and and telling the president this is his moment to "man up" and get this health care thing done. Elections have consequences....start believing it!

there you go again...:)
your essay will make a lot of people i know very happy. they too want to see the President put his foot down and "get it done." and while you say to use josh marshall of tpm to draft the legislation, i'd advise Mr.Obama use Josh Lyman of the West Wing to get it done.

gotta go...must share...!

I hope that President Obama was listening tonight, Bill. He cannot and should not compromise or split the difference with irrational and ill-informed zealots who compare him to Hitler. He seems to have a fair grounding in history. Perhaps he can come up with an example of a great and lasting change in this country that was born in watered-down values and diluted beliefs. Let Obama stand up for what he once said he believed in. That's what we were voting for - not compromise with Republican diehards. Elections matter, Mr President - and we elected YOU. Get going.

I know I’m now living with Alice in Wonderland …and it’s wonderful to be home.

Stay with me on this. Pfizer committed a crime, paid $1.2 billion in criminal
penalties, $100 million criminal forfeiture, and $1 billion in civil penalties for doing …nothing bad. Is this the corporate version of the “wide stance”, being caught with your pants down, but not really doing anything appalling? It was only allegations, the ultimate fig leaf for someone with money who can afford to make a payoff. But of course, Pfizer is not even a real person, but somehow still a “person” who has a right to lobby, buy public officials, say whatever they want in the media, spend money to oppose health reform, but not a “person” when committing crimes. According to the Justice Department, Pfizer was committing this crime while it was settling three previous crimes for doing the same thing. Hmmm. Who’s going to jail? Pfizer did it, but who’s the Pfizer that really did it? Was it just some ghost who ordered it done, and some other Pfizer poltergeists that carried out the crime? Maybe the ghosts and poltergeists should do hard time! Shouldn’t someone be working in prison industries if a crime were committed? If no one goes to jail, does this mean that no one actually did it (but if no one did it how was a crime committed?), but we’re to assume then that Pfizer (the real or ghostly version) had $2.3 billion in spare change lying around and decided to make a donation to the Federal Government because they’re just such nice make-pretend guys and solid corporate citizens? And what about the three strikes repeat offenders law? This was the ephemeral serial Pfizer’s fourth crime in just the last several years for doing the same thing. Are they free to continue in business because the law reads three strikes and your out, not four strikes? So let me get this straight: No one person committed any of these alleged crimes, only Pfizer did …allegedly. Do two “alleges” zero each other out like two wrongs don’t make a right (which my momma told me, so it’s gotta be true), or like two negatives in the same sentence means a positive?

Let’s see …if I rob a McDonald's, and tell the cop who caught me with the bag of cash register money in my pocket, that I really really didn’t do anything, it must have been a ghost that looked like me (the ubiquitous Pfizer did it!), and that it was only alleged the ghost robbed a McDonald's, and then I gave the cop $200 as payment of a fine to clear my good name for what someone (the cop) alleges a ghost that looked like me did. Seems good to me so far. And after this look-alike Pfizer-like ghost allegedly gets caught for robbing the fourth McDonald's …? Don’t know about you, but I just love “alleges.” It’s like a Get Out Of Jail Free card!

“Alice, I’m home!”

And Alice said, “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?”

Thank you Mr. Moyers - I ask myself how a healthcare system where the young, healthy, and productive americans became pawns in a for profit health insurance business and the elderly, sick, and retired americans became a multi trillion dollar tax payer liability. I wish more americans would ask themselves this question

Awesome job, Bill.

As a Canadian I've never understood how Americans can let each other die due to such a terrible heath care system.

I've never waited in line (my kids saw my doctor today after a 4 min wait)to get care when I/family really need it.

The connection between the 1st ammendment debate and your closing comments is scary and powerful. So many people in your system are asked to fight and die for a government that seems all too willing to reduce their voice or let them bleed to death in a hospital parking lot.

Awesome job, Bill.

As a Canadian I've never understood how Americans can let each other die due to such a terrible heath care system.

I've never waited in line (my kids saw my doctor today after a 4 min wait)to get care when I/family really need it.

The connection between the 1st ammendment debate and your closing comments is scary and powerful. So many people in your system are asked to fight and die for a government that seems all too willing to reduce their voice or let them bleed to death in a hospital parking lot.

The frequent use of the collective "we" in your health care piece made me wonder who in the world you thought you were speaking for. If there is any organization or corporate body greedy for what's in the American pocketbook it is our federal government. Your trust is sorely misplaced. Corporate execs benefit from exaggerated bonuses and politicians are bought heart and soul by lobbyists and special interest. I am uninterested in placing responsibility for more of our economy/industry to the government unless and until they show us that they can dig out of the holes that are medicare, medicaid and social security. Propose and apply changes to the health care programs that the government already controls and let's see if they work. Only then does it make sense to broaden the scope of their responsibility.

I'm not a Republican and not a Democrat and not an Independent...I'm an American. I just turned 65 this March after having spent the past 12 years without ANY health insurance. While walking around with diabetes all those years it was a constant worry of what would I do if I got sick enough to be hospitalized. I own a small business for the past 18 years and could not afford the costs of health insurance so any procedures I had to have done were at my own expense. I try to take care of myself by not smoking, do not drink any alcohol at all, don't do any illegal drugs, etc. I do that because I feel I have a responsibilty to myself to try and stay as healthly as I can. I think more Americans need to pay much more attention as to how they live. I see obese people all around me every where I go stuffing fat into their sytems and then lighting up a cigarete and guzzling a few beers. I think those people should pay more than the people who really try to take care of themselves.
I believe very much what Bill Moyers said tonight and the other night on Bill Maher show. I was particularily struck how he made reference to Teddy Roosevelt who stood up to the large corporations and "was eager to do battle with them". Yes Bill, it IS time for Obama to stand up and be counted. The honeymoon is over, America needs a leader NOW.

Bill just engaged in a anti-republican rant. Why should he be paid and supported with a studio to make this rant?

But say I was a drug company or insurance company and wanted to refute some of insulting claims he leveled on my company during that rant. If Bill gets what he wants in the Supreme Court, my company could not refute him on TV during an election cycle. It would be a crime for my company to even engage Bill in a debate on TV. Why?

Bill hides behind the right of a free press but what makes PBS, NBC or CNN different from Aetna or Pfizer when it comes to corporations voicing their opinions on TV.

Truth is there is no difference. And I think Bill is a huge hypocrite to suggest that a drug company will strong arm the people and a news company will not.

Corporations whether in the business of news media or insurance or drugs should have the right to free speech.

Great commentary Bill, and I agree president Obama needs to get tougher. I also believe people who believe in health care reform need to be more vocal, just like we were when we demanded change. We, who believe in reform, need to speak louder and fight with Obama, and not let him do all the work. I am a Canadian citizen who became US citizen in order to vote in the last election, and have my voice heard. Canadians support their socialized health care, because it is a human right and not a privilege- it's a mark of a great nation- our capacity to help one another. I really do not understand why Americans feel it's alright to spend billions fighting wars in other countries, but not on affordable healthcare. I don't know any Canadian who wants to get rid of their public health care. I am very sad to see what's going on in this country regarding health care reform, and cannot understand for the life of me why would the people of this great nation speak out against health coverage for all.

Once again B Moyers feeds us with more "I hate the Right Wing" fear mongering B.S., He calls insurance companies evil and greedy, though all the while ole Bill takes monies from Omaha insurance, Gosh what crap!

Our primary concern is that the President was listening to what Bill Moyers said at the end of tonight's program!!! We need action! Now!!

Right on, Bill Moyers. President Obama needs to stand up and fight for what is right, a public option. I work in healthcare and see what lack of affordable healthcare does to a human being. Yes, we are talking about human lives here. Perhaps it is time that these so called patriotic Americans look at what they are doing. I get so angry when they use God and the Bible to promote their agenda of hate, when Jesus probably would have said provide healthcare to all. It is time. We can't let the right wing take control of this. No more fear mongering. I understand that 18,000 people die each year in a America because if inadequate healthcare. That is a lot more people than died on 9/11. Think about that America.

Pres. Obama isn't going to fight for health care reform because he doesn't believe in it. I'm not sure anybody in Washington wants to improve access to quality health treatment.

THERE IS NO REAL DEBATE. People with good ideas are left fighting each other while the people who will be making the decisions aren't listening to anyone except lobbyists. When the government want to do something they act first and worry about public opinion later. Where was all this debate when the wanted to give money to big corporations or send money and troops to Afghanistan or Iraq?

On one hand, we the modern equivalent of the philosophical debate over the number of angels that can dance on the head of a needle. People, who have no evidence to base their judgment on, are getting all excited about what they imagine might happen if something else (often just as imaginary) happens.
On the other hand, we won't get any real evidence until after we experiment and nobody seems willing to or understand how to experiment. Our politicians are horrible scientists.

All these proposals and amendments are just a way for these politician to do the only thing they know how to do – campaign. The Republicans want to stuff as much junk in the bill to please the people who will help them get re-elected and the Democrats want to do the exact same thing. The only part of this charade left is to reach the point where enough Republicans, who want the bill to pass, can vote against it while enough Democrats, who don't want it to pass, are forced to vote for it in order for it become law.

Neither the Congress or the Administration seems the have the slightest idea what they are talking about. This wouldn't be a problem if they weren't so busy trying to make their ignorance law. Many of the health care system's current problems were either caused or exacerbated by similar self-serving amendments put in past bills by equally clueless and/or corrupt politicians.

There need to be a simple bill that everyone can to read and understand. No adding pages of “deals” to get people to vote for it. The politicians can either vote for it or against it. Then we can decide whether we vote for or against them.

We need to stop waiting for the politicians to fight for us and take back power to fight for ourselves.

Thank you Bill Moyers, you hit the nail on the head. "No more mister nice guy Mr President, we need a fighter!"
His moment is UP, Will he Make his Stand? Do or Die! Or as I fear he has made it already and it's for the Health Insurance Cartel. One last chance to do the "Right Thing!"
Hope hangs Low. One Final time " Yes Mr President Obama You Can!"

The "nice guy- pretty please" shortcoming Moyers sticks on Obama would also apply well to Moyers Journal on the health care reform debate and other issues. I'm fed up with watching Obama (and the Journal) try to split issues down some imaginary middle that includes corporate personhood. Bill, if you hadn't been so busy trying to appear cultured in a time of crisis and reviewing your friends' books maybe you could have used your one hour a week to help the people who really matter: those who do the necessary work.

In the last little while, as unemployment and dropping out of the workforce has soared, employers have squeezed and stretched out and pressured their remaining workforce politically. (See why so many were willing to board the fascist bus to town meetings?) This is no myth: It is openly reflected in the unprecedented soaring of the "productivity index" so many commentators assume is part of a "recovery." Consumer protection, environmental enforcement, social programs and green infrastructure would be a recovery, but all we see is corporate welfare. How about telling people than Generation X: the Slackers, might have been correct all along. Screw Prudential, and GE and General Dynamics if you care about people. Set (buy) some stock in humanity!

Mr. Moyers is wrong about only one thing. Health care is not subject to cost-benefit analysis. That in fact is what we need. The costs and benefits of treatments need to be considered in order to control our costs. Currently, we don't have cost-benefit analysis, we have profit-loss analysis. That is treatments and other health care decisions are subject to the calculation of generating profits for the health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospital corporations and other for-profit entities. That, as I am sure Mr. Moyers agrees, is what we need to get rid of.

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