Miriam Steinberg lives in Highland Park, Illinois with her husband Mort. For Miriam and Mort, the Sukkot is a time to entertain friends and family. For a week they dine in their 15 x 23-foot collapsible Sukkah, which Mort designed and built in 1982.
Each year, one day between Yom Kippur and Sukkot, the entire family gathers together to assemble the lattice walls of their hut. Outside, the Steinbergs arrange cornstalks; and inside, they decorate with strings of plastic apples, pears, peaches, and grapes, wooden cranberries, and walnuts - all reminders of the harvest period in ancient Israel.
In addition to Miriam's culinary delights, the Steinbergs also produce an extra-rich sacramental Passover wine. At the same time of the year that the Steinbergs build their Sukkah, they press the wine which they label Vin des Deux Morts - a joint effort between Mort and Miriam's father, Mort Bernstein.
Miriam Steinberg


Episode 4, Season 1: Sukkot: The Fall Harvest Festival


Stuffed Cabbage

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