Agnes Stern, now of Coral Gables, Florida, comes from a long line of Hungarian bakers. After she survived Auschwitz she returned to Hungary, only to discover that her family had all died. She then moved to Mexico City where she had some relatives.
Every Sunday Agnes Stern makes her Palachinta for her children and eleven grandchildren. Palachinta are the crepes or blintzes of Hungary, and this layered tower of crepes, filled with nuts and jam is one of the jewels of the Hungarian home kitchen.
Today, Mrs. Stern feels that making this crepe cake for her family is an affirmation of love and of the future. Her daughter Lillie, who has absorbed some Mexican culinary influences, often fills individual crepes with jalapeno peppers and a Mexican goat cheese called cajeta a a treat for her family.
Agnes Stern


Episode 5, Season 1: The Dairy Meal: Hold the Pastrami, Please



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