Lively, vibrant, energetic, warm, and wise. While all apply, none of these adjectives adequately describes the amazing June Salander. June is a quintessential Yankee who has lived in Rutland, VT for more than 60 of her 90-plus years. She began life as Gnessah Keller in a small farming village in Poland. When she was 12 her family emigrated to the United States, settling in New York. There, she started a new life in a new country with a new name. During the depression she met Louis Salander. After a six-month courtship he asked for her hand in marriage. Today, June Salander is a vibrant, energetic woman who began playing tennis at age 72 but had to quit at 89 because of a rotator cuff tear. While she may no longer be active on the tennis court, she is still actively sharing food, knowledge, wisdom and love with her neighbors, friends and family.

Anne Rosenzweig


Episode 17, Season 1: Purim, the Holiday of Pastry
Episode 1, Season 2: A Vermont Yankee in King David's Court


Apple Strudel


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