From 1942 to 1945, Eva Young spent time in four concentration camps. Then a young girl, she was forced to participate in a death march in January 1945 as the allies were advancing across Europe. After 10 days walking through the snow without a coat, her feet swollen, Eva believed she was going to die and decided to try to escape. She hid behind a tree and began to walk into the woods and escaped, surviving for 10 days until the region was liberated by the Americans and Soviets. She married Julius Young (a wonderful singer) and raised a delightful family. Eva is a wonderful Hungarian cook and she enjoys sharing food with those close to her. For nearly 30 years, the Youngs have joined a group of Holocaust survivors every summer at their bungalow at Charmed Estate in the Catskills. One says, "We all lost our families in the war. This is our family now."

Eva Young


Episode 2, Season 5: Catskill Memories


Chicken Paprikash


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