Historical Facts
Sephardic Jews are Ladino-speaking Jews of the Iberian peninsula and the Levant. It was the Sephardic Jews in Newport, New York, Philadelphia, Charleston, and Savannah who set the tone of Judaism in this country, both in the synagogues and in the kitchens.
Because many of their dishes were holiday foods, bound for centuries to tradition, they were the last to go during cultural and culinary assimilation in this country. Allspice or hot pepper might have been added to a fish or meat stew during their sojourn in Brazil or a stopover in the West Indies, but the basic recipes of stewed and dried fish fried in olive oil, beef and bean stews, almond puddings, and egg custards come directly from the Iberian peninsula and represent the most authentic Sephardic foods we know in this country.
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