Historical Facts
A Jewish-Cuban Thanksgiving meal is American in the real melting-pot sense. It includes a roasted turkey as the centerpiece surrounded by cranberry sauce, plantains, rice, black beans, and stuffed derma, with pumpkin pie for dessert. "For Thanksgiving we become Cuban-American," said Sara Kapustin, one of the fifteen thousand Cuban Jews now living in Miami, Florida.
"Cuban-Jewish food is a little Eastern European or Sephardic Jewish and a little Cuban," added Miriam Salazar, also of Miami, who went there from Cuba. Many Eastern Europeans waited in Havana for their visas to the United States between the two world wars, staying on until Fidel Castro came to power, then coming here. "For Friday night we might have chicken soup with kneidlach followed by Cuban chicken and rice. We mix things," she said.
Havana, Cuba
Early Havana

Sabbath in Miami
Sabbath in Miami