Historical Facts

Theories abound as to the bagel's origin. The word derives from beigen, German for "to bend," and the bagel is a decendent of the pretzel. The first Jewish community in Poland, established by invitation and charter in the thirteenth century, probably brought biscochos with them. The boiled and baked roll with a hole dates possibly from the Roman period. Eventually the bread worked its way to Poland and Russia. Today, in Cracow, where some say the present-day form of the bagel was born, the bagel is alive and well, sold on many street corners.
Although everyone may have made bagels at one time, Jewish bakers became specialists, often using leftover morning roll dough for the evening and snack bagels. Fortunately for us today, many of the bagel bakers came with the mass of Eastern European Jewish immigrants to New York. The hole helped the bagel hawker on the streets of the Lower East Side, as it does today on the streets of Cracow, by enabling him to thread dozens on long sticks.
Bagel Delivery
Bagel Delivery in the old country

Bagel Delivery
Bagel Delivery in the new country